Hokkaido Takoyaki

NS Amoranto Sr. St., Retiro, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Hokkaido Takoyaki
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Marianne P.
5.0 Stars

Not your ordinary takoyaki!!! Texture is soft and smooth the right term is "melt in your mouth" vibe. We choose the original flavor then kani and mozarella 128525 12pcs for around php190-199. Pork yakisoba has this balance taste of sweet and salty. Toast has this sinful whipped cream🤗

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Tan M.
4.0 Stars

The place was small but not that crowded. I had the typical takoyaki and wow twas better than I expected. Thumbs up128077

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Steffhanie S.
3.0 Stars

It was such a tiring week because of the crazy Christmas traffic combined with all those company, friends, and family gatherings and parties. Nevertheless, we're all still blessed because despite the physical tiredness, I am certain we're all having so much fun in all these events that we attend to.

So, the other day, I commuted for like 3 hours than my usual 1 1/2-2 hours. I was feeling so gloomy and hopeless so I decided to feed myself with something that I consider quite a part of my favorites list.

I saw Hokkaido Takoyaki and it will be my first time to try it! I've learned to like Takoyakis since my college days. I loved its texture and yes, the surprising fillings inside as well as the variety of flakes that can be placed on top of each.

Hokkaido's Takoyakis were big and filled with what tasted and looked like pancake dough. The fillings weren't that much, I actually saw a little cabbage and didn't taste much squid. Good thing they generously put some flakes and sauce on top of the Takoyakis.

And yes, these can be a good snack for those who usually get stuck in traffic!

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

My love for this restaurant is extremely waning. Although this is just my second visit, maybe there's nothing more to get excited with revisiting. This is the second time again that their dumplings got out of stock.
So we tried all their takoyaki flavors.
And just to avoid wasting time, all tasted generally the same. The taste of the batter of takoyaki becomes redundant. The fish flakes salty, the japanese mayo kinda creamy, and the barbecue sauce salty-spicy
128204Octupus - this one for sire you ill notice. Big chunk of 128025.
128204Bacon - adds a bit saltiness to the general taste... Imagine... Super salty.
128204Scallop - seriously, where was the scallop?
128204Kani and mozzarella - this one two.. Taste mixed well with the general taste
.. The cheese made a good camouflage with the mayo and batter..

We also ordered their newest
128204Okonomiyaki (japanese omelette daw)
Seriously, this one tastes the same as the rest the takoyaki!!! So disappointed 128547

The yakisoba is a bit different though... But generally salty.. I think we were quite dehydrated...
Thanks to some drinks

128204hokkaido and pearl
128204okinawa with coffee jelly
The two tastes alike. Sinkers lang pinagkaiba. Sweet.

128204Matcha with nata sweet as well nevertheless some matcha flavor is there; light and milky.

128204special hokkaido drink
Such a life saver.. Finally out with sweet and salty. Thos one's sour. This one is made of combination of strawbery and orange jiuce plus their secret ingredient daw.. Pero mukang yoghurt lng nmn infused with jiuce... Kaya hindi mag mix well....  Pero really a palate saver.. My palate almost died because of those redundant stuff.
Fast service
Cool place
But definitely not japanese ambiance... Because of the music again.. Rock and roll b nmn..

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

This quaint japanese snackhouse house along ns amoranto (retiro) caught my attention as i was driving by. Legit interior kasi. Space could accomodate upto 30 pax. The most attractive space is at the back after the CR.

Cool chilling place. Bagay for catching up moments with friends. The sounds were kinda off the theme.

They offer yakisoba, toasts, jiuces, gyozas and of course takoyaki.
Fast service (coz am the only one here right now)

5 choices of takoyaki. I had the 128025 (original) and kani and mozarella flavor.
The original flavor is tastier than the kani mozarella. The previous has some ginger kasi. The octopus in it was quite small pero ok nmn. The later i couldnt taste the kani.. Only cheesy. But i guarantee you that this is better than octoboy!

I also ordered kani yakisoba... Big serving (good for two) i really like the combination of japanese mayonaise and crab meat. The noodle were moist so yeah it's not dry.128539 i just feel na kulang ang serving ng mayonaise niya.. I'd like to get theor supply of mayo and place it at my side for my tasting pleasure... Pero yeah, good narin.. I couldnt actually find a similar taste of the yakisoba that i ate here.. So be back here for more!

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