Holy Smokes BBQ

Matilde St. cor. Jacobo St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Holy Smokes BBQ
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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Okay, taking advantage of the holidays to deal with my restaurant reviews backlog, before I completely forget everything...

As I have said time and again, I am not a fan of barbecued meats in general. It's not something that I crave for when it's not there, and I have always used to think that there are better ways to cook a slab of meat than to place it directly over burning wood or charcoal. But when I do have the chance to try some really good smoked meats? Oh heck, not only do I honestly enjoy them, I will even tell you where you can find them.

It's at Holy Smokes BBQ. They know how not to waste those beautiful meats and poultry, moreover turning them into masterpieces from the grill to the table.

Holy Smokes BBQ is tucked away at a more hidden enclave in Makati's Poblacion area. Being not familiar with Poblacion, I felt like a lab rat going through a maze, as the area was mostly residential mixed with some inconspicuous-looking commercial establishments.

I thought the place used to be a residential property because of the immediate homey feel that it exuded as I was stepping into the premises. At the far end of the porch there was a nice stack of wood at the outdoor dining area, so it added a rustic feel to it (and I was happy to learn that they smoke their meats outside the building, and that's how a barbecue should really be). Truly a hidden gem in Makati. I was fortunate to be invited to this |ooloo rendezvoos last month as it allowed me to what Holy Smokes BBQ had to offer.

Handsome and high-quality meats were thoroughly and painstakingly smoked in American-style BBQ in the course of over 12 hours. They really put all their energy and love into all their efforts, and result was delicious, tender smoked masterpieces that were also well-balanced in terms of flavor. The sides were stars as well.

| Smoked meats, poultry and fish:

🔸Beef brisket - I thought this was Holy Smokes BBQ's "piece de resistance" and it was a top favorite of mine. Holy Smokes BBQ showed us how a perfectly smoked meat was done -- gorgeously blackened crust on the outside, nice and uniform rosy pinkness on the inside, juicy, extremely tender and with a right amount of melts-in-your-mouth fat. Might be a bit too salty to my taste buds, but I could balance it with their milder-flavored sides to offset some of the saltiness.

🔸Pork ribs - I liked the shape of the cuts, as they were not the usual spareribs that you can find from the major supermarkets. These were big ribs. They were juicy, not dry, not too bland nor too salty (unlike the beef brisket), not exactly fall-off-the-bones tender as I had expected but the tenderness was otherwise spot-on.

🔸Chicken - I was surprised at the size of the chicken. The portions were unusually big and the chicken itself was plump -- I thought they were a bit too plump to me that I initially had doubts whether they would render themselves tasteless because of the size. But another surprise -- nope, they were in fact quite flavorful. Really nice and tender too.

🔸Bacon - Who doesn't love bacon? Holy Smokes' slabs of bacon were mouthwatering at first look. Fat and meat were well-balanced and the flavors were on the mark.

🔸Grilled Mahi-Mahi with Grilled Pineapple Salsa - This was also one of my most favorites there. In addition to pineapple salsa, it also came with a cilantro lime cream sauce. My first time to try mahi-mahi -- it was light, flaky, smoky, soft and flavorful. I sprinkled my portion with some lemon zest (as I like my fish to have some fruity sourness to it, like kalamansi zest to my fried galunggong or tilapia).

Part of the reason why I'm not a fan of BBQ'd meats is the sweet sauces that are traditionally paired with it. Fortunately, Holy Smokes BBQ offered other sauce options like the spicy and tangy in addition to sweet. I liked the tangy one the most, second was the spicy and the least favorite was the sweet.

| Sides:

🔹Jalapeno Poppers - It was an unfortunate time for me to eat spicy things like this because I was on the verge of having a sore throat, and I was already coughing a lot (I was a bit of an embarrassment at the time). Too bad I like spicy things. So I was able to eat only morsels of these japaleno poppers which were really, really good.

🔹Onion rings - They were not like the other fried onion rings I have tried, wherein the fried batter coating would come apart from the onion rings themselves, and they usually end up soggy. With Holy Smokes' onion rings, the coating itself was soild but crunchy and crusty, and so, so flavorful. The rings were not soggy too, they remained crispy throughout. No wonder this was the crowd favorite, and they were finished within seconds even before they were brought to our table.

🔹Sweet potato tater tots - They were also a favorite of mine. The coating used for the tater tots was the same they used for the onion rings. I thought they did not alter the natural sweetness of the "kamote", which was a good thing, but the flavorful coating added an "oomph" to it.

🔹7-Layered Nachos - Good for eight people. Those were some of the most loaded nachos I have ever seen. Chili con carne, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, cheese sauce, jalapenos and beef brisket spread between layers of corn chips. Good with beer (okay, I don't drink beer, but still...)

🔹Chili con carne - ground beef, kidney beans and cheese on a chili sauce. This was good, and being at home with dishes with "heat," I enjoyed it.

🔹Elote-style steamed corn - This Mexican-style dish's main ingredient was the grilled corn shredded from the cob, mixed with mayonnaise or cream, chili powder and other ingredients. Add it with a lime zest for an additional kick!

🔹Blue Cheese Coleslaw - I make no secret about my hate towards blue cheese -- they taste like old socks to me (sorry, not a gourmet diner). But fortunately, this coleslaw had only subtle hints of the blue cheese they craftily enhanced this dish with other flavorings.

🔹Mac N' Cheese - classic mac n' cheese.

| Desserts:

🔸Turtle pie - while it was a favorite of the majority, to me it was just okay. In fact, I found the crust a bit too hard to the bite (I even found the turtle pie from a local cafe, Uggy Cafe, even better than this).

🔸Corn donuts - My most favorite of the desserts bunch. I may not know what the others were comparing the donuts to, but they were good. They came with an unusual partner -- the salted egg dip -- I am not a fan of anything with salted egg, but this turned out to be very good. A must try.

Holy Smokes BBQ location is well away from the more bustling areas in Makati. To those who want to genuinely enjoy good food while avoiding the crowds, Holy Smokes BBQ is the perfect place. Plus, the place is just beside Joe's Brewery and we were in fact served with some of their craft beers (I don't drink beer though, I only had a glass of red wine).

Thank you to the owners of Holy Smokes BBQ and to |ooloo for this sponsored event!

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Will C.
5.0 Stars

One of the few rendezvoos that i went home with a happy tummy. Tucked somewhere on Poblacion wherein its not a mainstream place but full with hidden gems like Holy Smokes Bbq.

Defintely one of the best restaurant here at makati that serves really good meats. You gotta love everything from facade to interiors that reminds me of cozy chill restaurant place.

Onion rings, Chili con carne and blue cheese coleslaw - were a very welcome appetizer.

Smoked Meats:
Suprisingly the chicken here were juicy and were bigger than the normal sized chicken. Never thought i would like a chicken from a meat joint.

Brisket - one of the main eventer that is a must here. Terderlen, juicy with the right fat portion.

Pork ribs - It was not the usual cut of a pork ribs that youll see at the market that makes it quite unique.

Bacon - prbably the best meat that night.

These comes in several sauce: Sweet, Tangy, Spicy.

Layers of cocoa, pecans, which i believe were really good for desserts.

Definitely my goto place for a slow cooked meat and if i wanted to be away from the crowd.

Thank you to the friendly owners and looloo for the sponsored event.

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Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

Holy Smokes a place in the recessed fragment of Poblacon Makati but once you find it ,it's like finding a diamond in a haystack.

When I first saw the facade ,I said to myself hmmm...I kind the like this place ,a love at first sight ,seeing those stack of chopped firewood outside is a sign,a sign that something good will come out this place with great music playlist hearing both "Real Hero " by the band College and Electric Youth and "Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai while waiting for fellow reviewers was a big plus. The first impression on the interior is simple but with that simplicity ,their food will be the focal point,and food is my purpose of getting here as I've emphasized in my previous reviews ambiance is not my basis on reviewing restaurant as being inspired and taught by my Singaporean and French American mentors on reviewing food spots.

Now the concept ,a place inspired by the owners' travels in the mainland America,an overlap of both of the Southwest as well as the Southeast region in the states or simplified as Texas and the Carolinas.An interesting fact is that one of the shareholders and pitmaster was inspired to put up this because of being an advocate of the food network and the Texas episode of Tony Bourdain's No Reservations featuring Franklin BBQ in Austin.

Everything here are done in an American Smoked and BBQ way,from the rub,cuts of high grade meat ,sauce up to the wood used,they used the star apple and santol wood as alternative to the apple,cherry and hickory wood which is not available here in Southeast Asia.They painstakingly slow cooked the meats for 12 hours,wow that's passion!

Sides and Starters:

Elote Cream style- great idea of shaving or I might say shredding it from the cob easier to munch on,the cayenne pepper,paprika ,lime and the binding cream works very well.

Chili Con Carne beans ,minced meat and cheese on a chili sauce,loved the subdued distinct smoky flavor of the chili sauce that made me eat more.

Blue Cheese Cole slaw an astute idea by not making it sweet then throwing a hint,yes a hint of blue cheese.As a non fan of Blue Cheese not only delicious but also luxurious.

Jalapeno Poppers for years I stopped eating Jalapeno because of heartburn,the reason is most of the Jalapeno peppers here are canned ,brined and soaked in vinegar.I don't know what they have done but it's amazingly very good without the feeling of an acid reflux,a marvel indeed.
Onion Rings

Onion rings everyone went gaga over this simple deep fried coated onions dusted with nice flavoring.

Garlic Cilantro rice,Cajun rice,Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes served as carbs ,Mac and cheese and the mash are my picks.

Smoked Meats:

Brisket- the main eventer ,good dark smoky crust on the rind,an apparent pink ring after the crust an indicator of how good the quality and process that it went through.Forceful not over the top flavors melts in the mouth tenderness and texture.

Pork Ribs I'm a lover of everything pork ,great rub on the outer layer,smoky ,not fall off the bone yet the tenderness is on the mark.

Chicken one of the tastiest roast chicken in the metro,the white meat is still moist and flavorful .The portions are big.

Bacon their version is different from the usual which is charming in my humble opinion.Its thicker on the usual machine cut breakfast bacon.The flavors permeated nicely on the meat and charred to perfection.Bacon is always heavenly.

Grilled Mahi Mahi with salsa- one of my favourite edible fishes on the planet the Mahi Mahi,also known as Dorado in local markets or palengke.Well done,nice crisscrossed grilled marks,smoky rind,nice firm flaky and mildly sweet meat.Great with a splash of lime or lemon.

All of these great smoked meats can be eaten with their homemade BBQ sauces of Sweet ,Spicy and Tangy.My personal preference is the tangy mixed with some wickedly good habanero sauce.

**Sauces are for sale for a reasonable price of ₱195 per bottle**


Turtle Cake layers of cocoa,pecans and caramel formed as a cake.Ladies favourite.

Cornbread I like this ,a diverse dessert you can dip it in sweet caramel sauce or if you want to be a bit edgy you can dip it in chili con carne.In this case I like the latter more than the former.

I might say this maybe be one of my top three restaurant reviews of the year or top one.Very cordial ,generous and friendly owners ,staff are efficient and knowledgeable.In my book best in the country when it comes to slow cooked meats and will give their giant competitors a run for their money.Phenomenal one of the best meal of 2018.

Super thanks to Holy Smokes #bestof2018 and the Looloo team #ibatalagalooloo for this fantastic experience.


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Benjie G.
5.0 Stars

Beef Brisket was perfect‼️ we want to try the wagyu and premium beef but run out of stock.
Every thing is pricey but good quality.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

Seldom do you find a good smoked meat here in the metro. One of the place I usually hear when I ask for recommendation for a good smoked meat has always include Holy Smokes. Tried a few times to try it out but failed to find it and saw other restaurants along the way that detoured our plan haha. So finally thanks to Jessica G. invite for a looloorendezvoos in Holy Smokes. There is no more escaping in trying out this hidden gem of Poblacion.

Located in Poblacion, Kalayaan Ave area along Matilde St. You'll find it as it standout among the homey community in the area. The area got me the feel of maginhawa area when it was just starting before. The place got alfresco area and a homey chill kind of place inside. A place that I want to hangout away from the crowd. Like a hideout place for barkada.

So for the food we started out with some appetizers like the 7 Layered Nachos, Jalapeno Poppers, Sweet Potato Tots and Onion Rings. The 7 layered nachos was good bites with beer. Love the layer of generous shredded beef. The Jalapeno Poppers was spicy good! For the sweet potato and onion rings, was one of the surprising dish for the night. The BBQ powder that they use on both of this appetizer was a real winner.

For the meats, I love that they smoked their meats just outside of the restaurant. Maintaining the quality of the meat. My fave is the beef brisket. The meat was smoked really well while still maintaining that juiciness. Next is the Pork ribs, love this one combined with their tangy sauce. Giving it a smokey and vinegar taste. The bacon was so simple looking yet so good. Another fave of mine for this night is their huge chicken. It was so good and flavorful. Ask for some of their habanero sauce to give a spicy punch. Really goes well with the chicken. For the people on diet the Grilled Mahi-Mahi is the one for you.

Next stop is dessert. The corn donuts and turtle pie. The corn donuts at first looks remind me of beignet but a bite of it bring back memories of Oishi Manju/Moshi Manju. To people not familiar with Oishi Manju it is a stall usually inside SM malls that serve good korean pancakes hehe. Thankfully Raisa R. knows what I'm talking about haha. Go #TeamSMFairview. So back to the corn donuts this is a must try love it and tried dipping in the chilli con carne. Yum yum. Next the turtle pie just got a few bite of this since I still have sore throat. But this is a cake that I want to come back for. Simot sarap kay Aira A. hahaha.

Plus point for the place is that you can cross order some Joe's Brew draft beer from the brewery besides them. Go for the beer flight for a taste of 4 different craft beer in one order.

Overall this is a true hidden gem of Poblacion. Love that its the kind of chillax I'm looking for in Poblacion away from the crowd and loud music. Quality smoked meat that I've been looking for.

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Aira A.
4.0 Stars

I was so excited to finally be able to try out holy smokes in poblacion. I've been curious about their meats as they spend tremendous hours and efforts cooking their meats. In fact, they are open only starting at 5pm since they have to prepare and cook the meats almost the entire day, from morning til late afternoon, so it's safe to say that they really take their meats seriously and we get a great tasting, great quality meats on our table.
We were able to try the following:
Beef brisket - the star of holy smokes. Very tender, flavorful and juicy slabs of beef brisket welcomed us. Literally melts in your mouth type of tenderness, no need to put in sauce although they have prepared three types for their customers. I love this!
Bacon - another star of this restaurant. Easily landed on my top three in holy smokes. Their bacon slab is really so so good! The fat and lean meat in their bacon is well proportionate, flavor wasn't too sweet but smoky, tender and juicy. Yummy! Literally bacon is life because of this dish.
Roast chicken - their version of roast chicken came in as a surprise. I didn't expect that they'd be able to come up with a roast chicken better than what we know commercially. It was so flavorful, not dry and really good. This was also hailed as one of the crowd favorite in our table.
Pork spareribs - this was also good, tender and flavorful. I'm amazed that all their meats were really flavorful and not bland, juicy and not dry given the long hours of cooking involved.
For appetizers, i really love their onion rings! I'm generally not a fan of onion rings but this one is an exception. It wasn't oily, it was intact and not soggy, the breading was flavorful as it was coated with some powder. Another crowd favorite!
For the sides, I love their blue cheese coleslaw. Again, I'm not a fan of coleslaw but this one is an exception. The blue cheese was not too strong but you can feel its presence in this dish. Amazed how they have wonderfully done and complemented everything together. Another one is their shredded corn with melted cheese on top. You can literally snack on this as you can't feel you're already finishing the dish haha.
Lastly, for desserts, we've had their corn doughnuts with salted egg dip and turtle pie and i love both! It wasn't super sweet but was good enough to cleanse my pallet after indulging all those meats.

Generally satisfied as almost all we've had were really good and exceeded expectation. I love that they were so tender, tasty and juicy. Plus, their price points are not bad given they've spent so much time and effort preparing these meats. Definitely going back! Thank you so much to Holy smokes for hosting us and to looloo and Jessica G for inviting me over for my second looloo rendezvoos. It was really a fun filled enjoyable night meeting new friends and spending time with other foodies 128525

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Surprised, Pleased, Excited, Holy Smoke! Happy to have discovered this hidden gem in Poblacion.

Holy Smokes BBQ is located at 5834 Matilde St. cor. Jacobo St., 1210 Makati

Food 1108811088110881108811088
Price 1108811088110881108811088
Service & Ambience 1108811088110881108811088

🔵 Note: This is a sponsored event c/o looloo and of course thank you to Jessica G for the invite

What we tried...

Smoked Meats: Their meats are cooked for 14 hours using wood (santol or kaymito/star apple)

My favorites would be their beef brisket and bacon 10084

➡️Beef Brisket P320/ 100g
➡️Pork Ribs P220/ 100g
➡️Bacon P220/ 100g

➡️Chicken P350 half/ P680 whole- The chicken was really good, it was huge, full of flavors. It tasted well even without the sauce

Snacks- They use the same flavoring Potato corner uses 128561

➡️Onion Rings P200- I love this. Its less oily than 8 cuts and bigger. Might have found my new favorite onion rings
➡️Sweet Potato Tots P160/P320- one of my favorites! I can eat this all day. It doesn't even tastes like sweet potato

Sides ranges from P90- P180
- They have Garlic cilantro rice, cajun rice, mashed potato, coleslaw, blue cheese coleslaw, chili con carne, elote style steamed corn, mac & cheese

Try also their platters- Budget Platter, Family Platter or the Table Breaker

For seafood lovers try their Grilled Mahi-Mahi with grilled pineapple salsa- P400

Oh don't forget to try their satisfying desserts. Diba Aira A?
- Turtle Pie P180
- Corn Donuts P220- I can eat this everyday and the salted egg dip was amazing!

I also heard they are planning to open a branch in BGC March of next year. I am so excited!!! Hope to see you again Charlzz C Dennis O Aira A Will C Nievs G Marti M

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Raisa R.
5.0 Stars

Medyo mahal pero masarap naman! Try niyo yung onion rings at fried sweet potato! Solid siya! Masarap din yung smoked ribs, chicken and fish nila. Malasa siya. Di na kailangan ng sauce. Legit siya kalasa niya yung natikman ko sa States

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Dell C.
4.0 Stars

Tried Holy Smokes last weekend and I will definitely be back. Ordered their beef wagyu and beef ribs which are both very tender and really tasty even without the sauce. Really soft and chewy off the bone kind of ribs. The sides are also yummy. Mac and cheese and the bleu cheese coleslaw are just superb. Quite pricey for the size of my order. 400 pesos / 100g for the wagyu and the beef ribs but with my small appetite, I got full even with that small serving of meat, I guess the sides did the trick.

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Nic S.
5.0 Stars

Checked out Holy Smokes for dinner last night - for the first time! Before heading out I read a lot of reviews and most of them made the place sound ultra-promising so I was very excited. Parking is a bit difficult in the Poblacion area but Holy Smokes is located in the more residential part of it so as long as they aren’t packed - the chances of you getting a slot to park in outside the restaurant or along the street are high.

The place is simple, there’s a good number of tables and chairs plus they have a second floor. I could imagine big groups dining here as their tables and chairs seem easy to move around. It’s also one of those pay as you order type places and I really appreciate that especially when dining with a group because it’s easier to order for yourself and it’s easy to just pay for your own order instead of cracking your brains at math to split the bill at the end of the meal HAHA sorry, me and math = nevermind. Hahaha.

Onto the food! The food is bombbbb! I’m a huge fan of Mighty Quinn’s but it’s crazy expensive and their sides are not good AT ALL. Sorry, just want to be honest here. Holy Smokes has good meat, even better sides and the prices aren’t crazy! I got a 100g serving of Pulled Pork which was only 160 pesos! It was really good paired with their original barbecue sauce. Aside from that, I also ordered a small-sized serving of Mac and Cheese. It tasted like it was made with real parmesan cheese - so good! That costs only 70 pesos. They have these ready-made set meals composed of a type of meat and a side. For example, 150g brisket with a side of your choice. That would set you back 500 pesos so it would be better to just order their meats by the minimum of a hundred grams and just add a side. You’ll save more and get to try more as well!

If you haven’t, do check out Holy Smokes. Service is really good too. No complaints here 9786

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Ginny B.
4.0 Stars

150grams beef brisket + 1 side of potatoes for php500. It's mighty meaty and delicious! Just wished their spicy bbq sauce was a lot spicier. It didn't have much of a kick. Also got turtle pie for dessert, php180 per slice. It was just so-so.

All in all, it's a good place for meat loving people! Place is very laidback and you get your orders in an instant. 128077

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Eboy D.
5.0 Stars

Had the chance to try out Holy Smokes during the media launch of Fox Movies at McKinley, Makati. They had a small pop up with no less than the owners manning the booth. They had enough smoked meat to go around the huge crowd for the entire night. Was able to sample a sizeable amount of meat and it was heavenly soft. Melt in your mouth kind. It was nicely paired with BBQ sauce. I had a small talk with them and was very gracious to pose for a photo. Thank you for the delicious food.

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Holy Smokes is another of our favorite establishments in Poblacion, Makati. All the meats are so smoky good. Get some sides too!

Parking is difficult unless you come over before they open at 5pm. So, just Uber or Grab. Or book a food crawl with Food Society! (Instagram: @foodsocietyph) 128521

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Lizanne S.
3.0 Stars

Good quality barbecue. That's something I haven't had in a while here in Manila ever since Cue (remember that wonderful place?) closed down.

Good thing there's this place, serving some fine tasty meat. The beef brisket was quite lean, so was the pork brisket. While the wagyu brisket was really tender. As for the bacon, it was good too. But a bit on the overcooked side.

Parking can be a challenge as with all restaurants this side of Makati, but if it's meat you want, it's worth visiting. Just try to be early or get a reservation since it can get packed.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Hands down, the best pulled pork and beef brisket, imo! The pulled pork was very tasty and the beef brisket, oh so tender. Both were cooked perfectly. Also, even without any sauce, the pork and beef are very tasty already. For our side, we got the POTATO something topped w bacon bits and it was AWESOME. Really good, as well. 128525128077🏼

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April V.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Trizha A.
3.0 Stars

*This is a late post/ review*

I love a good smoked meat!

The first thing you should do when you get to Holy Smokes is to snag a table. A mistake we made instantly coz we weren't informed. Seating is limited so you don't want to be standing with a tray of food waiting for people to vacate their table

Meat selection is pretty good. I chose to get pork ribs, beef brisket, and was planning to grab a sausage but they ran out. The meat is measured per grams and the menu will indicate what the minimum weight is per order.

For sidings we picked bleu cheese slaw, potato salad {buttered marbles potatoes topped with bacon bits} not pictured are the crack pie, turtle pie, mac n cheese, and a grilled cheese Bbq ribs sandwich.

The Pros:

The meats were all cooked nice and tender, salted and smoked perfectly. On its own it can be salty but that's why you grab some Bbq sauce. My friend's sandwich was really good and filling.

Sidings were all lovely and perfect for sharing. The pies are a crowd pleaser and are a must if you have a sweet tooth.

The Cons:

Still on soft opening so I supposed they still need to work on their service. It's a little slow, and they seem understaffed. The food isn't cheap. For two people and for the items we got, bill was around 2,000php. So if you're on a budget pick menu items that are good for sharing or pregame {i.e. grab a burger from Mickey D's first if you have a huge appetite}.

I'd recommend the place if you're a carnivore with the cash to spare.

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Cez Y.
5.0 Stars

We went there at 5pm for my birthday dinner and it was oh so good. Staff was nice.. place is cozy.. and food was great. Especially the Beef Ribs. Surprisingly, both my brother and i didnt like the Wagyu that much.

If you are looking for a place for some superb bbq... this is the place to go. No need for an elaborate explaination.. a must try if ur a bbq lover like us.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Holy smokes. Best place to satisfy all of your pork ribs, bacon, beef brisket and all things meat-y cravings. After our Tilde Stop, we went straight here for dinner. Please see picture for the items we tried! 128517

Everything was good. Really. Tasty, juicy, and oh so tender. They have sauces available - plain or spicy. But honestly, you don't need the sauce anymore because the meat were all flavorful! 128076🏼

The sides were all yummy, as well. Our favorite was the potatoes. Thanks Reich for insisting we get the patatas despite the fact that we've been eating patatas all day already. 128514128514

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Maria Carmila M.
4.0 Stars

If you have money, you're craving barbecue, and you're already in the area, then this place is THE BOMB. I'm so sorry I didn't take pictures of the food.

First time to try this place and I'm very happy with the experience.

I'm giving them 4 stars because I find the side dishes expensive. Check out the menu. The big portion of cilantro rice is P130 and it's less than 2 cups (!). We also ordered cornbread, creamed corn, and blue cheese coleslaw. Loved the cornbread, and actually I also liked the creamed corn except I found it too watery. The blue cheese coleslaw was also ok, but it sounded better than it tasted.

With that out of the way, let me get to the star of their menu - their BARBECUE. We tried the BEEF BRISKET, the PULLED PORK, and the PORK SPARERIBS. They were all juicy, pull-apart tender (you won't need a fork) and full of that rich, mouth-watering smokiness. The pulled pork would probably be best in sandwich form. It was sort of redundant given that we also ordered the spareribs. But don't get me wrong - I have no regrets!

The sauces came in three flavors: SPICY, SWEET AND TANGY, and SMOKY. I recommend combining all three and balancing them out na lang according to your preference.

For dessert, my friend ordered the turtle pie because unfortunately they ran out of crack pie. It was good, but just a tad too sweet. One portion is good for sharing though.

I suggest you bring wipes because they don't give you any. They only have paper napkins which are very flimsy. I suggest PAPER TOWELS, Holy Smokes, and an extra couple of sinks so guests don't have to go to the toilets to wash their hands.

I will definitely go back for your barbecue - HOPE YOU KEEP THAT UP!!


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