Hong Kong Master Cook

Seaside Palengke at Paluto, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., Pasay, Metro Manila

Hong Kong Master Cook
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Dell C.
5.0 Stars

This is our staple place whenever we crave for paluto along Macapagal. I heard the chefs are really from Hong Kong you can even see some walking around the resto when its not that busy. You have to try their salted egg crab. This is my comfort food and the best salted egg crab I’ve tried so far. I lick off all the salted eggs from the shell before I eat the insides its really really good. Their tempura is also one of the best puffy and really tasty. Baked oysters took a little while to be served but still delicious. I highly recommend this place to all the seafood lovers out there. 128541128523128521

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Mitzi B.
4.0 Stars

The two times I’ve been here I saw majority of Koreans and Chinese peeps eating. It is a chinese restaurant after all. I find it also a bit pricey than most resto around Dampa. You get a table first then go to the market. They only do paluto so you have to buy everything you want to eat at the market outside and they will weigh everything again and cook it however you want it. It goes also with the fruits like ripe mangoes, watermelon, etc. after weighing in and counting the pieces (like for the mangoes), they will cut and serve it along with your dishes. Their paluto price is more or less the same price as the seafood market price.

We went here because of their Salted Egg Yolk crabs. And ohmahgad ohmygudnez ohmygahd! Finger lickin’ good 128523

*We’re a group of 9pax and we shared all of these:

2 kgs of Shrimp at 400 per kg (1 kilo Sweet Chili and 1 kilo Salt and Pepper)
2kgs of Crabs 450 per kg (Salty Egg Yolk)- FTW!
1 kilo of Oyster 100 per kg (Steamed)
1 kilo of Halaan 150 per kg (Soup)
1 kilo of Scallops (Baked with cheese)- this is so good too. Cheese overload 128523.
1 kilo of Green Mangoes at 120 (salad with bagoong)
Seaweed and tomatoes (salad)

Service is ok. It gets full during meal times (long waiting line around 12-2 and 7-9). They have private rooms you can book ahead for big group.

I’d go here again (and again!) just for that Salted Egg Yolk crabs 128513. I heard nobody cooks it better than them around dampa. I don’t wanna try at baka madisappoint ako sayang money haha.

*We spent 800 per pax for all that food 128522.


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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We had a topic in the group involving dampa, and we automatically planned for us to have a seafood night the following week. This is so favorable to me since I work just across dampa 128516

We chose Hongkong Master Cook since it's a restaurant in dampa that's almost always full (so it must be good?), plus it's a Chinese restaurant any of us haven't tried yet.

It was a Wednesday night the restaurant was jam packed! We settled down and a few of us then headed to the market to purchase the seafood for our dinner. None of us are good at this. It's a good thing that Marc M's wife was there with us.

PRAWNS P380/kg
CRABS P620/3kg
CLAMS P100/kg

This dish was a hit for us on our dampa night. The prawns were tossed in thick, lumpy salted egg sauce best paired with the rice.

I'm always a fan of buttered garlic prawns, and this dish was no different from the others I've had.

Baked scallops topped with generous amounts of cheese and margarine. I loved this one (because I love cheese), but the margarine in it makes it not for those who are watching what they eat.

Their huge bowl of halaan brought back a lot of my childhood memories, as it tasted a lot like what mom used to force us to drink when we were kids.

Saucy, sweet-chili crabs. The spiciness of this dish was tolerable. This was just okay for me since I like eating crabs that don't have too much sauce.

The simplest crab dish available. This just brings out the true flavor of crabs. I'm used to eating this at home, so I found nothing too special in this dish.



Ambiance is a bit chaotic, even if it was a weeknight.

Service wasn't that pleasing. Serving time was about 30mins-1hr. Even the drinks that we ordered took some time and a lot of follow ups before they were handed to us.

I'm getting addicted to seafood and the concept of dampa, but I'm afraid that I still have to keep looking for my favorite restaurant in the area.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
4.0 Stars

On some weekends and selected holidays, my friends and I plan out a food trip. Last Sunday after church it was fresh seafood and a dessert in a relax location. Upon coming in here, we knew it will be a lengthy lunch. The restaurant despite occupying a big space was really full at past 1PM.

A friend of ours who is a regular here made this experience so much better. He knew where to buy the fresh catch and the must try preparations. We just observed and ate. We had almost 10 types of dishes and we were just 7.

The ambiance is not that pleasant nor clean. It even looks ran down already. That was forgivable with their food and service. One wait staff even took out the stubborn shells of the shrimps for me. I gladly gave her a tip for it.

Everything was delicious. My favorites include the Salted Egg Crab, Steamed Lapu Lapu and the Fresh Clams soup. The flavors were heightened, really tasty. I think I gained five pounds trying to shovel as much food in our almost two hour feast.

Hong Kong Master Cook is by the far the best place in Seaside. I’ve been to five others! Try it yourself and let me know what you think.

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Melody T.
1.0 Stars

Avoid this place like a plague! Where oh where do I start??

First, the place - it was rowdy, suuuper noisy, and the waiting was for hours!!

Second, the food - for a place that's super popular you'd at least expect they cook good food but the baked scallops (which I was sooo looking forward to) were inedible. They just threw in super thick cheap cheddar cheese on top we couldn't eat them. The Halaan Soup was muddy, and tasteless literally tasted like they just boiled the clams.

Third and last, the price - since it was paluto I expected prices to be lower, wish I just spent my money at Ocean Seaside (Banawe st) for delicious (and fresher) seafood dishes.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Had seafoodtrip with the kaladkarin last night in Seaside Dampa in macapagal. I frequently visit dampa but my dad always opted for Hueying. So I'm excited to try Hong Kong Master Cook since almost all chinese/korean/japanese tourist choose this place.

The place itself is very noisy and got the dampa feel of a disorganize and dirty looking. But among the places in dampa this might be one of the most neat and organize.

First agenda was to go to the market to buy the seafoods. Thankfully Marc M wife is a master in tawaran in the market. Hands down she's an expert haha. Total market expense for a load of seafoods was around 3K+.

Next stop was to ask HK Master Cook to do the cooking. We waited for almost 45min-1hr for the dishes but it was worth the wait. Here are the dishes that we had.

128026Clam soup- a great starter to warm up us up. Love the mustasa and tofu in this soup.

🦀Steamed Crab-a classic simple kind of carb dish that bring out the true flavor of the crab. This is the type of crab dish that I grew up eating. So it was a hit for me.

🦀Singaporean Chili Crab-another crab dish but this time a bit saucy. I love the flavorful sweetchili sauce. It was mild and tasted great.

🦐Salted Egg Prawn-wow this one is my fave! The salted egg sauces is a perfect combo to the rice. Dipped any of our dish to this sauce it would comeout tasting even better. The big prawn was a perfect combination to this uber delicious salted egg sauce.128077🏻

🦐Butter Garlic Shrimp-a classic dish when in dampa. The sauce was also delicious but I find the shrimp a bit not too fresh but the sauce itself was delicious.

128026Baked Scallop-another fave of mine. The scallops here in dampa market are big and taste really good. I love the cheesiness and the scallop was yummy!

Overall I love the cooking here HK. What I didn't like was the waiter was always busy with something. They were always looking somewhere else when you are calling for their attention. But overall the food was thumbs up good! 128077🏻

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Seafood night and i thought it was my first time visiting here. But i remember we were seated inside one of their VIP rooms located at the back of the restaurant.
Anyway, it's my first time to really enjoy the food here since we were up for a meeting when i first went here.

Opt for the market because you really can haggle and end up spending less. Here's what we got from the market thanks to Marc M and his wife and Dennis O for the tourista approach.
128073🏻 3kgs of crabs app 600PhP/kg
128073🏻 1 kg shrimps app 400PhP/kg
128073🏻 1 kg prawns app 500PhP/kg
128073🏻 1 kg scallops app 400PhP/kg
128073🏻 1 kg clams app 100PhP/kg
Total: app 3500PhP

128204 tofu and mustardleaf soup
Clams/ halaan in hot ginger tasting soup good as pampainit. This was a hit with us because this was the first one to be served. Cooking time here was very long about 30-45 minutes.

128204128525 salted egg prawns
Our favorite! The rich salted egg sauce taste with the orawn head = ecstacy!

128204 garlic butter shrimps
While bithe the prawns and shrimps were overcooked i had a hard time with the shrimps because the shell
Was already sticking with the meat. The salty garlicky butter taste is as well appetizing. Bagay na bagay sa rice.

128204128525 singapore style chili crab
Saktong chili lang naman siya, not too spicy. The key ingredient is your crab. If you bought small ones, you would not enjoy any crab dish.

128204128525 buttered scallops
I really loved this dish as well! The cheese and butter combination were just overwhelming. The scallops were just thereto tease you to eat more 128518

128204128525garlic broccoli
The only greens that we had that night. Surprisingly good. We did not buy this from the market but seemingly included with the steamed crab paluto

The pricing for paluto is separate from your market expense. Too bad i did not have the receipt to show you but it was about another PhP3500

Dont worry about the cooking time, they served ALL dishes simultaneously.

The service was not so good but it is expected in such busy places. Mejo pahirapan magtawag ng waiter. When one waiter nears your table, they seemingly look down to the floor or look away from you to avoid contact with your table. Haha

Nonethless i like the food (or cooking?) here. There's a washroom beside theVIP rooms. It's a
Mustto use yourhands to fully enjoy the meal. SossyChristina R opted for gloves. Hahaha.

Parking? No problem. 25Pesos.

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Jeffrey C.
1.0 Stars

This place has the worst customer service. Waiters and waitresses were not attentive at all, to think only a few tables were occupied when we ate here. Their house tea has no color and taste. When we opened the teapot, there was only a small teabag dipped in hot water. Even after several minutes, the tea still tasted like hot water and was almost colorless. The food was nothing special except for the crabs in salted egg yolk which was quite good. Their oysters in their oyster cake were not fresh at all, I had to go to the CR to spit it out. Their grilled squid had no flavor and was dry and chewy. Their prices are very expensive too. Now comes the worst part, we could see their head chef/cook smoking a cigarette while cooking in the kitchen. I won't be returning to this place ever again!!!

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Alex O.
5.0 Stars

If you are going to eat in Dampa Macapagal or Seaside Paluto, this is the only restaurant you should go to. Located behind facing the bay, it is a large airconditioned (yes!) Chinese restaurant with a Master Cook from Hong Kong named Master Cook Sam. Buy your seafood first then go back to the restaurant and have it cooked your way. They charge a cooking fee for each dish according to the weight.

I recommend the Salted Duck Crab (buy the big female crabs with eggs) , Prawn Tempura (buy the big prawns not shrimps please!), Steamed fish (buy the Lapu Lapu Señorita for the softest meat), and Yang Chow fried rice. Wow, one of the best Chinese meal I have had. It is simple meals like this that I enjoy the most. The best and freshest ingredients cooked simply.

I was lucky to be with someone who was an expert in seafood, so marketing for our seafood was a breeze. It was amazing to see what you can buy in the adjacent market stalls. The aquariums in expensive Chinese restaurants don't even come close with the freshness, variety, abundance and quality of the seafood here. In one visit, I have seen the biggest prawn, crab, lobster and geoduck in my entire life! Watch out on the scale and haggle when buying though.

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

Had our dinner here..i really love the shrimp tempura..the steam fish with soy sauce is supposed to be fine but #petpeeves number 1 (see looloo insight's 5 pet peeves in restos) really put me down..I got really disappointed with what I found , a dead fly 128586 128584128162128162 and with that I also removed all the fish i put in my plate.. i tried their buttered shrimp too and it's ok ..same as the salted crab and ensalada that consist of green dice mango, onion, sea weeds and others..and I chose blue lemonade for drink (it's supposed to be Ice tea but they don't have it)..

My rating is just for the shrimp tempura!!! That's all..

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Marc M.
5.0 Stars

I love Seaside Dampa and our go to place is the original Aling Tonya's. But this time around it's a secret farewell treat by Ninong Chef Hann Furn Chen of Mandarin Oriental. This is his go to place in Seaside Dampa because, well, the Chef is a friend of his and is also a Chinese Chef. Which is a suprise because all the while I thought all of the Dampa Restos had local cooks.

The interior is fairly clean. You'll also notice the abundance of foreigners in this particular resto.

The food was superb! The Chili Crab is a must! So is their signature Clam Soup, it doesn't have the "lansa" of the clam. The buttered prawns in garlic are so good you can eat it without ever peeling the shell.

As for the price, I didn't have the chance to check. But I would presume it would be more expensive than the usual paluto. Do try it nonetheless. 128077128077128077

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Rachel C.
5.0 Stars

I really don't care about my allergy with seafoods when it comes to Crabs. Hong Kong Master Cook is the best place to visit if you love to indulge with seafoods! 128525 yes it is! the hefty serving of salted egg Crabs is a Must try! 128525128515127860128077128077128077

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Anrey C.
4.0 Stars

Had our lunch here a while ago.,sarap ng mga luto lalo na yung tempura my favorite, I also like their recipe in veggie also the squid, I didn't taste the crab cooked in salted egg and butter., messy kasi kainan mapapakamay ka talaga and I don't really like eating in bare hands in restos, ok din yung buttered shrimp nila.., what I really don't like here is the flying flies around the food na iba yung malaking flies pa, but the rest is ok..
eversince I had looloo in my phone, honestly medyo napraning ako,. lingon ako ng lingon lagi all around sa lahat ng resto na pinupuntahan ko, well hoping I might see one of my looloo friends around..addict eh noh hahaha 128514128514128514128513
..medyo sumakit lang tyan ko after eating kasi nalipasan ng gutom, didn't had a breakfast kasi magseserve pko sa mass..

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Had our lunch here after station of the cross... Syempre puro seafoods since bawal ang meat today...satisfied..sory guys no photos on the foods, just the batang makukulit with me haha...nakikiusyoso sa pinapakunggan nilang frozen story telling sa ipad 128514128517while waiting for the food..

Iba talaga pag seafoods at chinese style recipes..

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

we went here after my niece graduation from nursery last month..
sarap ng luto nila promise..I taste a little in their crab recipe because I really don't like eating crab in restos ..it's messy..kya yung prawn nlng yung sunod kong kinain tsaka yung calamares at konting seaweeds...

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Kenneth C.
5.0 Stars

Try their salted egg crab, steamed suahe, halaan soup, sweet and sour pork, garlic butter prawns, garlic fried rice! Grabe!

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Abi J.
4.0 Stars

This isn't my first time at dampa but this is definitely my first to try this restaurant. We heard they serve great chinese seafood. Which I won't argue because the whole place was full that sunday.

We ordered their best seller which is the "pating" (pidgeon). The pidgeon was suprisingly very fat, so i had to peel the fat along with the skin, but very juicy and delicious! Best pidgeon I've had so far. (Estimated around P400 per pidgeon.)

Thr waitress recommended our crab to be cooked in singaporean chili style! Really delicious, not that spicy and great sauce! Actually, this is the first dish that was finished in our table

As usual the suahe was steamed and dipped in their sauce. The sauce was too salty for me so I used black vinegar instead.

We also had scallops cooked in two ways. The first batch of callops were steamed with garlic. It was soft, cooked right and the garlic didn't overpower the dish. The 2nd batch were baked with cheese, I'm not a fan of this one. I found the cheese to be too salty. And the flavors were just ok.

We also bought oysters because my uncle was craving for them. We had it blanched, the oysters were kinda bland, but It's not their fault, it's the oysters! It was raining a lot this week, what do you expect. Haha

Plus they have really great service! Very attentive staffs! :)

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Matthew L.
4.0 Stars

Located along Seaside market Macapagal avenue, you'll find a place called "dampa" that has several restaurants offering "paluto" style of dishes.

If you have seafoods and want someone to cook them for you at your preferred style, this is absolutely your place! I have tried a number of restos there and I can say that Hongkong Masterchef produces good dishes. Ambience wise not that relaxing.

You are cooked with seafoods the right way making them reveal the taste. I'm not much of a crab love but I liked there Salted Egg Crabs though.

P.S. A big thank you to the looloo team for the prompt response in adding this restaurant. You guys certainly rock! Such an awesome team and app!

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