House Manila

B Remington Hotel, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

House Manila
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Karissa M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Clarisse D.
3.0 Stars

We joined a KD Event and the event was held in this club... Which made me aware of how things are going at night in a club.
Entering the vicinity, I was talking to myself "shet virgin pa ko sa mga ganitong bagay makalabas sana akong buhay". What really drove me to attend this event is the "freeeee drinks" (because my friends thought im really into drinking but no 128557128557) and the company of friends who had been party animals in each debuts. I actually thought I'm ready for the happenings in a real club because of what I have witnessed with my friends' 18th birthday celebrations.
So yeah, we entered the vicinity at around 8PM and i'm laughing my lungs out because it just came to me that the night is too young at 8PM in a club. It was like we were there and it was empty. So we just sat there and wait for the place to get packed with people.
10 PM and the event formally started, but daaaanggg, the place is full of smoke i need like ten more pairs of lungs! Shameful truth, I tried smoking, but not like my lungs are gonna burst with dark clouds and deadly gases like what these people do. My gash, we really wanted to go out and breathe and breathe and breathe. Marlboro girls were even approaching us and asking us if we smoke lol no girls, no. As the midnight approaches, we just stood there and tried to ignore the volume of smoke and give the place and its crowd the party it deserves.
We were enjoying, nodding our heads like yeah, moving our hips like yeah, raising our hands like yeah... It was all fun, and then these gigantic men and women with acrylic glowing in the dark paints on their body came...
It was all "whooo" "oh yeaaah" when the ladies do their dance... But during the men's time... My gaddd, the abs, the biceps, oooh lala feeling ko di na ko 18 years old! Pero nung nandun na ko sa peys, oh... I'm too young for this. They were macho dancing and everything and i dont know what to feel. I was paralyzed in my position and asking myself why am i even here? I should be at home sleeping or reading a Ned Vizzini book... But i'm here what am i doing with my life. Then suddenly this macho americano grabbed a girl (WHO WAS STANDING IN FRONT OF ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME DAMN IT I KEEP THANKING MY GUARDIAN ANGELS FOR KEEPING ME SAFE IN THE DANCE FLOOR) by her shoulders and brought her up to the stage. Then the macho americanos did their thing. The three cornered this poor lady who, according to her movements, doesn't really enjoy what's happening in her life at that moment. It was a solid one minute for her, i would have died if that was me.
That was very creepy, as in. As in nasabi ko sa sarili ko "di na ko babalik dito, it was a very tragic night".
I don't know if I'm really too young to be in clubs or am i too nerd to choose to be in a library or coffee shop instead of partying... Me and my friends were traumatized by what happened lol. About the free drinks... It was hahahaha juice colored. Ayoko na. I mean yung tigsasampung pisong baso ng ice scramble, nandun ung drinks tapos wala lang, ang tabang talaga. Jägermeister pa ung choice ko but the sprite overpowered it! HAHAHA but i know too much drinking's bad for me hays. I felt like a rebel teenager that night although I did not really mean to be there. I was just looking for fun time with friends... I guess clubs are not really for us, restaurants, boardgames cafe and coffee shops are our thing hahaha. The very reason why we attended that event is because one of my friends is working there and she needs her guests, so yeah, we were her choice.
For the party goers, no offense meant. Hehe

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