G/F Garden Area, TriNoma, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Benjie G.
3.0 Stars

Took my wife and youngest son for dinner. We ordered the lechon belly, escabetche tanique, pork sisig, garlic cheese scallops, watermelon aqua fresca and halo halomazing.

Place. 11088110881108811088
Food. 110881108811088
Price. 11088110881108811088️ P2200 for 3pax. Lechon belly 1/4 kl P315
Service 1108811088110881108811088️ great

Those who like unli rice this is the place. Filipino food cuisine.

This is owed by Gerald Anderson. He was dinning here.

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Abbie June M.
3.0 Stars

Lechon = putok batok experience 128514

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May B.
3.0 Stars

Service was slow... even getting the bill took us a long time.
Anyway, we tried the lechon belly, crispy dinuguan, adobong kangkong, green mango with bagoong. The only thing I liked (surprisingly) was the kangkong. Oh, and the watermelon drink was good, too. Rice was good as well, and it's unli!!!

I really didn't find the lechon belly special... not my taste at all! wish we ordered the Bantayan oysters (was it oysters?).

But we are most likely not eating here again. :(

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Abbey A.
2.0 Stars

I wanted to try Hukad immediately after seeing it on Facebook! A new Cebuano restaurant in Trinoma with Lechon Belly and unlimited rice! 128525

I made reservations right away for my friends and I, but I was late... so it may have been my fault why they ran out of Lechon Belly to serve to us.. but also could be my friends' fault for not ordering it right away when they already got there ahead. Sweet friends because they waited for me but I really wish they didn't so we might have tried pa the Belly. Haha I said nalang we'll come back to try that, but after trying their other dishes, maybe not anymore.

We had Pritchon, Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali and Bantayan Scallops instead.

The Pritchon was super dry! I dunno if that's how it was supposed to be but it was like adobo flakes and I didn't really like it.

The Lechon Kawali made up for the lack of juiciness from the Pritchon, but it was all fat naman. Kakahilo. 128584

The Kare-Kara would've been okay because it had a lot of laman, twalya, and veg, but it wasn't hot.

The only thing I really enjoyed were the scallops with cheese and the super soft and steamy hot unlimited rice. 🤗 the scallops were sulit cause it came in 10 pieces per order, I ate like 6 pieces haha

Service is weird. Some servers are very accommodating, but others seemed to forgot to get back to us with our requests.. or like delayed reaction. Maybe it's cause they're relatively new, but I really think it's not worth the hassle!

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Sun M.
4.0 Stars

After mass at Trinoma, I was craving for something new for dinner. My bro mentioned almost every restaurant and still I didn't feel like going back to any of those. I'm finding it hard to dine lately at Trinoma. Anyhow, we were almost about to go to Merkanto until I saw this HUKAD outside the garden area.

Decided to go for it because I saw a lechon from their menu. 128513 Been missing Cebu lately so I gave in. Haha. Inside smelled like a grilling place 'til such time we got immune. Haha. I immediately ordered their Cebu Lechon Belly (Php259 per 1/4 kg) for the fear that they may ran out of stock. Lol. I skipped calamari and ordered their famous Baked-Bantayan Scallops instead. Brother ordered Tinola (Php250) while boyfie ordered Pork Sisig(Php190).

Surprised that they have unlimited rice for only Php45! You can opt for garlic for the same price, but refill will be the plain price. Otherwise, youll have to pay another Php45.

Maaan, I often just eat the skin on lechon, except for this one. It was served hot and fresh and you can actually see a whole slab at the counter as if lurring everyone to order. Even without condiments or Mang Tomas, this one's a winner!!! The skin was so crunchy and tasty!!! You could see the layers of meat and fat in each slices that I ate almost half of it. 128514128514128514

The Baked Scallop was buttery but not cheesy enough, and I think the serving was small. Though it was served in around 10-12 pcs. I liked it, but I've tried better. Still, I think I ate around 8 pcs of it. Haha.

The Tinola was a little bland according to boyfie. The Sisig I didn't like because it was soggy for me. It was not crunchy as expected. We also had a pitcher of Iced Tea for drink.

I just realized that this is the pioneer branch here in Manila when I was about to write my review. When I saw the branches, most of them are in Visayas and Mindanao and other branches are called HUKAD sa Golden Cowrie. I searched the meaning of Hukad and found out that it's a bisaya word that means 'to serve food on one's plate' or could also mean Sandok. Now I know why they use Bao in their sandok when refilling rice. I loved that they you get to eat on a banana leaf. They'll put it on top of your plate.

The staff were very attentive that they put 2 Pork Sisigs in our bill. Lol. Good thing my brother noticed. Mistakes happen so I didn't mind at all. Plus, this Filipino Restaurant has a very affordable menu! We paid around Php1100 only. I could say the price, taste, and serving are worth the price.

I'd definitely go back for my lechon cravings. Would also want to try their palabok and calamares on my next visit!


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