Hulugan Falls

San Salvador, Luisiana, Laguna

Hulugan Falls
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Nica S.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Rio F.
4.0 Stars

**APRIL OF 2016

Hulugan Falls is now very famous next to Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna. Going to this booming place has long been overdue so when I was given a chance I grabbed it. We rented a van at Southstation in Alabang which was not the original plan (most of us are from South). We were originally planning to take public transpo (bus, jeep, tric) just like what others did when they visited Hulugan falls. Good thing kuya Rolly, a van driver approached us as we were heading to the bus terminal and offered us 4K all in deal. My travel buddies were able to haggle the rate at P3,800. We were a group of 12. We did the math if we take bus, jeep and tricycle versus renting a van. Fares would almost be the same or even cheaper, less the hassle. We left for Hulugan Falls at around 4:30am.

For me it wasn't really the Hulugan Falls that made this unforgettable but the "getting there" experience. I did a little research and it was said that we will be passing by Talay Falls going to Hulugan. But what we were not expecting was another falls! This is where I started to feel the true fun and excitement of our adventure. It brought out my sporty, athletic side.

So the other waterfalls as what the locals call it is the Hidden Falls. The reason for its name is very obvious. In order to reach Hidden Falls, we needed to do rock climbing. It was physically challenging but very exhilarating. Hidden Falls is on the top of Talay Falls. It was beeeautiful . My brother and his girl even did a death defying pose on Hidden Falls by carrying Ruby on his shoulder. It was dangerous and risky but one-of-a-kind-pose. I bet they are the first ones who did this.

When we reached Hulugan Falls, it was crowded because it was a Sunday. The flow of the water was not strong unlike what I saw online. Maybe because it's already summer. It was hard to do selfies with Hulugan Falls as the backdrop because there were people everywhere and it was noisy. There was this one group that was always shouting in chorus. It's just disappointing that there are some tourists who's not considerate about the place and other people around them. People visit these kind of places to get away from the city and the noisy environment. The crowd is tolerable than the noise.

There are two routes going to Hulugan Falls. The easy but longer route and the difficult but shorter route. The former took us 2 hours because of our stop overs in Talay and Hidden Falls. We took the latter goin' back. It took us around 20-30 minutes to climb the very steep route to reach the road. No wonder taking children is not advisable. We were thankful that there was a popsicle vendor after we reached the top so we can refresh while resting. Upon reaching the now cemented road, we did another 15 to 20 minutes walk to reach Kapitan's house (registration area). There is no public transpo around but I think you can request for a motorbike to pick you up by asking your tour guide if you don't feel like walking for another 20 minutes anymore because your legs are aching or you're too exhausted. If you're a climber it won't be as hard for you. If you don't want to check out Talay and Hidden falls, I guess you can request your tour guide to take the shorter way. We were thankful we made the right decision of renting a van instead. On our way home, it was very traffic in Laguna, maybe it was in Sta. Rosa. Plus our driver made several stopovers, i was told. I was asleep the whole time (thankful ).

We were very lucky because our assigned tourist guide was kuya Roderick. He was very accommodating, patient and kind. He helped us all the way. He was very patient and helpful with us especially during rock climbing times. He didn't make us feel that we needed to hurry. He let us take our time, take a rest if we are tired. Since there's no fixed rate yet for the tour guide, the group agreed on giving him 600 pesos, 50 pesos per person. But after how he did, some of us gave him extra tip with a total collection of 900 pesos.

You wouldn't want to miss their very famous bibingka made of rice, buko, malagkit, milk, cheese and margarine also topped with margarine and cheese. It's a must-try. It's very tasty, very delicious. It's being sold for 3/100pesos, a cute hand woven basket made of coconut leaves included. Very ideal for pasalubong.

Our adventure overall was very exhausting and yet super fun filled experience.

Rates and Fees:
Van - P3,800/12 (P317/person) *roundtrip (Southstation Alabang - Hulugan Falls)
Entrance/Registration fee: P15
Tour guide: No fixed rate
Bibingka: 3 for P100

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Rian K.
4.0 Stars

"Why do we chase love? If we could chase waterfalls." 10084️ Pak!

So last march 2016 (Sorry late post) I invited my highschool friend to join me on my trip to Hulugan Falls. I've been longing to see this beautiful falls 128557 We rode a bus to Sta.Cruz, Laguna and the travel time is more than 3hours because of the horrible traffic in EDSA. Kaloka bes! When we drop off to Sta.Cruz there was no jeepney to Hulugan falls. We asked some tricycle drivers if they can give us a ride to hulugan but they insist that it's way too far from there. We're losing hope so we just had lunch first.

It was 1pm already when we started googling ways to get to the falls. So we ride a tricycle to Pagsanjan church just 15mins away from sta.cruz then ride a jeepney to Hulugan falls, by the way the sign board of the jeepney is "Lumban". After almost an hour of travel, we finally got to Hulugan Falls! Hooray! it's already 2pm when we got there.

- First you need to register your names and pay the Php 25.00 fee. Then they'll assign a tour guide for you. There was no fixed price for the tour guide.
- Trek for about 30-40mins depends on the phasing. But i must say that the trek makes you sweat! Because it was downward trek! Pagod bes! Pawisan lang ang peg.
- After trekking, tadaaaaa! You'll see the beautiful hulugan falls!!! 100841008410084️ Definitely worth the sweat!

- The falls is so magestic! Kaso nga lang medyo mahina yung falls pagpunta namin pero unti unti naman lumalakas.
- Don't go there on weekends! You'll end up dissapointed. 128542 There was so many people!! As in! You can't take photos! Kailangan mo pa humanap ng angle. Kaya di na din kami nag swim.
- The queue in the bus station is too long! We don't have choice so we're standing on the bus for almost 3hours traffic pa sa los banos! Dami pa manyak sa bus wtf 128148
- But it's okay it is part of every experience we had in Hulugan Falls! 🤘🏻


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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

128663 PARKING - When you get to the registration booth for the Hulugan falls, there's an open space there for parking.

128221 REGISTRATION - P20 per head! There are also restrooms there (but don't expect too much. This is a province) and a sari-sari store.

🏍 TRIKE - To get to the starting area of our journey to the falls, we road a tricycle from the registration area. The trip took around 5 minutes, really short, and P10 per person.

⛰ HIKE - before going there, our friend researched about the place and found out that there is a longcut and a shortcut going to the falls. The shortcut is a steep and narrow 20 minute hike to Hulugan. The longcut is apparently an easier 1 hour hike to Hulugan. We took the shortcut. We had a hard time but we made it, so I think you guys can, too! 128522

127828 LUNCH - Make sure to bring lunch or snacks and water to the falls. We arrived the falls itself at around 12nn, so after our photoshoot, we sat down and ate our lunch there.

128586 EXPERIENCE - What I loved about this trip was the time we had sitting under the falls. It feels relaxing there, so even though the water doesn't seem too clean, make sure you swim to that part of the falls. It's also good if you have an underwater camera, since the rock formation there is amazing. There's also a life buoy (salbabida) with a rope attached to it for easier access to that part of the falls. (Water is deeper there, but I don't know how to swim yet I got there!)

127939🏻 TOUR GUIDE - No fixed price. Up to you on how much you're going to give him.

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Marjorie S.
5.0 Stars

Ang tunay na Luisianahin nakapunta na dito! Hahah sa totoo lang naunahan pa ko ng mga kaibigan kong taga Manila na makapunta dito.

Kung gusto nyo ng mura at masayang trip, try Hulugan Falls! 9786128076🏼

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Jen F.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Huwana B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jacky J.
5.0 Stars

I was here last holy week, Holy Wednesday (yata)

Meeting place was at San Pablo City. We hired a private van. I was sleeping through out the trip so dont ask me where our route was (hehe). We left at past 9 and we arrived at the jump off at around past 11. We had our lunch first at the van since we are all hungry already. We registered first before hiking/walking and for parking fee. So hiking already begun, the heat was killing us that time since it was already almost lunch time. Very hot! I have my cap but I forgot my arm sleeves. We reached the falls after more than 1 hour. Grabe, the view was very worth it! The heat, pawis, pagod was very worth it. The falls was majestic. I thought I can only see something like this in the internet but I was wrong. This is very true. We stayed long there and took a lot of photos and swam so much too ( I really like swimming). I really enjoyed our stay there. The water, the hike and view. This is perfect for summer getaway!!

I am sorry I don't know about the expenses since sabit lang ako this was my tita's and friends outing 128514

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Phoebe N.
4.0 Stars

A 2-3hours travel time from Manila, Hulugan Falls at San Salvador, Luisiana will amaze you.

Short trekking also adds to the adventure of this trip.

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Jindra D.
5.0 Stars

A view that's worth an hour or so of hiking! 128525 Although the water coming from the falls is not that strong during the time we visited, we still enjoyed the waters. The trail is not that difficult except for some steep points. An hour away from Hulugan falls is another falls, the Talay falls. After the hike, we enjoyed pancit habhab and fresh buko juice sold by the natives. Really yummy! 128523 #50ksummergiveaway

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Powell A.
5.0 Stars

I was supposedly meeting someone in Los Baños but it didn't pushed through, so I have just looked for something adventurous to do. That was when reviews for Hulugan Falls popped into the view. And just like that, I went solo to Luisiana to chase Hulugan Falls.

To get there from Cubao, ride HM or DLTB bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Laguna and get off at Pagsawitan (fare P140). From Pagsawitan, ride the jumbo jeep bound to Lucban and alight at San Salvador (fare P30). You will see an arc on the right side of the road once you are in Brgy. San Salvador. Go to the information desk and they'll be assigning a mandatory guide for you. Take a tricycle (fare P10) towards the registration area (reg fee P15/head). Guide fee have no fixed rate, and depends on you. I gave P200 to my guide.

The trail starts from the road that is undergoing construction, followed by a loamy trail. The final and challenging part was the steep descent on the muddy trail with several protruding rocks. If you are an average outdoor junkie, you can reach the falls in 30 minutes. Extend that if you're not.

Exploring during weekdays has its perks: less photobombers and more intimate encounter with nature. However, Hulugan Falls made sure its presence was felt that day. The volume of water cascading down was so large, that it's impact creates a mini storm gust. I couldn't even get closer. If you've read any review saying Hulugan Falls is synonymous to majestic, it's true. It is one of the highest waterfalls in the country that will leave you in awe because of its grandeur. Better see it for yourself because the short trek is worth it.

To reduce impact on overcrowding, try to visit during weekdays. Also, always ensure the Leave-No-Trace policy is implemented.

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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

Asked a lot of my friends to come to Hulugan Falls. But I was only able to persuade one good friend to go with me.

Even if I was alone, I'd still do the trip since I heard a lot of great things about Hulugan Falls. We left Quezon City at around 3:30AM. Obviously, there was no traffic on EDSA. But the flyover going to NAIA was already packed at around 4:00AM.

We got to Brgy. San Salvador at around 5:30AM. We were one of the few people who were already there. We were assigned a guide when we got in the area. Adrian, our super kind and awesome guide, told us some stuff about the area. I didn't know that Hulugan Falls was just opened to the public last August 2015.

After parking our car in one of the vacant parking slots and after the registration at the captain's house, my friend and I thought of it as a race. We told ourselves, "we must arrive early so that we can have the whole area to ourselves!". So we hurried and asked the guide to keep walking. And he did! For the record, I didn't see that guy sweat. The hike was way too easy for him. lol

The trail was steep and muddy. Good thing they installed bamboo rails so that you'll have something to hold on to while you make your way down the trail.

Our guide said that it usually takes 45-60 min. But we finished the hike under 30 min. And I'm glad we did. We were the first people to reach Hulugan Falls! :)

The place was really awesome. Almost alien-like to me since I've only been to a couple of waterfalls in the country. And for the others I've been to, I had to share the area with strangers and noisy people.

We had plenty of time taking pictures, swimming, and scaling the boulders. It was a really great experience! :)

The only thing that I didn't like about it was the trip back home. We left at around 10AM and got home (QC) at around 2PM. Crazy traffic in Laguna especially in Los Baños. It was also traffic entering the Skyway (northbound) and when we hopped on EDSA.

The only thing preventing me from going back is the traffic. :(

More detailed info:

1. Entrance / tourism fee is Php15 per person.

2. Guide fee - whatever you want. We gave our guide Php300 since we only spent around an hour in Hulugan Falls.

3. Don't start the trek too early. I learned from our guide that there was a group that arrived at 5AM. But they had to wait until 6AM because there were no trail guides yet. Adrian, our guide said that most trail guides arrive at around 6AM.

4. Shower room costs Php15 per head - unlimited buckets!

5. A lot of the houses at the jump-off site offer silogs and pancit for around Php60.

6. Wear trekking sandals. Get the ones from Sandugo (the ones with the toe strap). The trail's really slippery and muddy. Wearing shoes would only give you a hard time getting rid of the mud.

7. The water near the catch basin of the falls is really deep. Be cautious!

8. Be very careful when you hold on to the bamboo rails while hiking. Some of the edges are sharp.

9. The road going to Luisiana is a bit crazy. Be very careful when driving on the zigzag part of the road. But good thing the entire road was well-paved. My small car survived the trip!

Hulugan Falls should be on your "Must See Waterfalls" list. :)

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Kevinross B.
5.0 Stars

It took forever for me to write a review for this! So to celebrate my 100th review here on looloo, I decided to make a complementary video of our trip! 128522

All I can say is, It's nature's interpretation of éclat. Hulugan falls was amazing! The fun starts at the beginning of the trip. If you're the one who loves roadtrips and trekking, then consider visiting Hulugan Falls.

Here some key points:
1. Travel time from Manila to Brgy. San Salvador is about 2.5 - 3 hrs.
2. There's a tourism fee of 15 pesos per head that you'll be paying at the Brgy. Captain's house upon registration. There, you'll be assigned with a tour guide.
3. There are small stalls that sell pancit habhab. Really good food after trekking! 128077🏼
4. Invest in a good type of trekking sandals. The trail can get really slippery because of the mud and moss.
5. The fee for the tour guides will depend on how much you want to pay them. (Although I think their going to standardize the fees) To give you an idea, we paid the tour guide 500 bucks.
6. Trek would take 30-45 mins until you reach Hulugan, but it took us about 2 hours since we had a side trip to the nearby 3 tiered Talay falls.
7. You could take a shower for a small fee after trekking once you go back to the start point.

The only downfall is that it can get very crowded especially on holidays/weekends.

So that's it! The link to my video is also in my bio. Go check it out (and watch in HD)! 128513

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Michael Angelo R.
4.0 Stars

Hulugan falls is one of the majestic falls that we have near the metro. It is very relaxing.

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Jon-erik P.
5.0 Stars

I've always seen posts from social networking sites about this falls. Having good reviews and pictures, I decided to put this on my itinerary before ending year 2015. Told it to some friends and they wanna experience it too. But on the night before the adventure, everybody else cancelled because they can't make it. My best friend backed out also since he don't want himself to be sunburned. 128514. This is bad since I've been wantinf to go.

Upon waking up the next day. It was a Sunday. The weather is weather is good. Got clear skies and the sun shines brightly. Adventure is calling me. Without hesitation, I quickly packed my things. Just my gopro, clothes to change on. This will be my first solo backpacking adventure.
Rode the LRT going to Buendia to catch the bus going to Sta. Cruz Laguna. Either you can choose Jac Liner or DLTB. Bus fare is Php 140.

Upon arrival in Sta. Cruz, ride a jeepney with a signage going to Lucban. If you ride DLTB, the jeepney terminal is just across the highway from the bus terminal. Just tell the conductor to drop you off at Brgy. San Salvador. Fare is Php 30.

The trip takes you around 20-30 minutes. At Brgy. San Salvador, guides will approach you and will lead you to Kapitan's house where you will pay Php 15 as entry fee and Php 10 for the motorbike ride.

There is NO FIXED GUIDE FEE. It's up to you how much you'll gonna pay your guide.

The trek to the falls is under construction. Soon it will be paved. There are two trails going to Hulugan Falls, the long and easy route and the short and steep route. I choose the steep descent. Good thing, the trail is not muddy that time. It could be really slippery on a rainy day. Just be in your good trekking shoes or slippers.

Seeing Hulugan Falls gives you the wow expression. The 95 meter high falls is a beauty. The mist that touches your skin refreshes you. Prepare to get wet with its cool waters. One of my favorite spot in the area (see picture), gives you the illusion your inside a big cave with the waterfalls as a backdrop. You can also have your natural shower by just sitting on its cascading falls at the lower part. After taking some time enjoying the falls, I asked my guide to take me to the top. We took the longer route going up. When we arrived, I asked my guide why it's called Hulugan. He said "marami kasi nahuhulog na kalabaw at baboy dati, kaya naging hulugan ang tawag". That makes sense hahaha. There are also nearby falls where you can add it to your itinerary. One is Talay Falls and Aliw Falls. Hulugan Falls is one of the most beautiful I've seen in the Philippines. Definitely worth your adventure. And it is near Metro Manila.

Just like what the saying goes: It is better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times.

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BerryFaithy C.
5.0 Stars

Me and hubby went to this amazing falls located in Brgy San Salvador Luisiana, Laguna. We started our travel from Tagaytay. It took us about 2 hours going there. We used waze to go there but the gps app pointed us to Luisiana proper.

On the right side from the main road, you will see a big tarpaulin with a picture of Hulugan Falls ( after Pagsanjan Cavinti ). There are lots of people there, they will guide you to Kapitan's house to register ( Php 15.00 each). Also, they will give you a guide going down to the falls.

The trail going to the falls was slippery (muddy) and steep. Almost an hour walk from the drop point to the falls. It was a very challenging trip for us. But all the hardship going down will fade away when you see the falls itself. You will hear yourself saying 'wow' by the time you see the jaw-dropping view of Hulugan Falls. We suggest to go there early in the morning. To avoid many tourist and to take solo pictures of the place (without photobombers 128540). But Kuya Rommel, our guide told us there's a rainbow in the afternoon. Whichever is your preference, I know you will enjoy the adventure of Hulugan Falls.

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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Wanna see a hidden gem in Laguna for less than 1000 pesos budget? Come and witness one of God’s amazing creations here in our country. That’s Hulugan Falls in San Salvador, Lusiana, Laguna. I am not a hiker. The last time I went hiking was when I was in high school in Mt. Makiling so please bear with me.

How to get there –

128073 Take a van that will lead you to Sta. Cruz Laguna. You can also take a bus, but we opted to ride a van for more comfortable and quicker travel time.

128073 In Sta Cruz, look for a big Jeepney to San Salvador Lusiana. (Signboard: Lucban)

128073 From Lusiana, take a tricycle to Kapitan’s House. Your assigned tour guide will accompany you to Kapitan’s house.

128073 Register and sign in. The registration fee is 15 pesos each.

128073 You can now start your adventure to Hulugan Falls.

9:37 am – start of our trek. It was raining when we reached Kapitan’s house, but it did not stop us from reaching 2 falls in a day. We first found our way to the smaller falls – Talay Falls. The trail was not easy. It was muddy, slippery and very steep. I slipped several times since it was raining and it made the mud thick and slippery. Our bags were already wet and muddy same as our things in our bags so make sure to water-proof everything.

P.S. Do wear comfortable shoes or trekking sandals as you will be crossing the waters on your way to the falls.

It was 10:22 am when we finally reached Talay Falls. I was amazed by the beauty of the small falls. It was just a small falls hidden inside the almost cave-look rock formation. Our tour guide let us take our few snaps and rest before leading us to the main attraction.

10:34 am and we started walking again. We bumped into some hikers and greeted us “Good Morning”. Yes, it was indeed a great morning after seeing Talay falls. By the way, there were bamboo handles in some trails so you don’t have to worry. You just need a strong grip and strong legs.

11:01 am – We can now hear the gushing sound of Hulugan Falls. Took a few more steps and OMG! It was so surreal. My eyes cannot believe that I am looking at the real falls. A God’s creation, formed naturally by nature. Worth every sweat. Go and take the best angle to capture the captivating beauty of Hulugan Falls. The water was soooo cold, even the mist from the falls. The cold strong winds will also force you to hold your hair or simply tie it so you can capture great photos of yourself.

You might also want to bring plenty of water and energy pack. If you're planning to bring foods, please be responsible enough to carry your trash bag. Let's maintain and preserve the beauty of the place.


100 pesos -Van from Alabang (South Station) to Sta. Cruz Laguna

35 pesos - Jeep to Lusiana

20 pesos - Tricycle to Kapitan’s house

15 pesos - Registration Fee

500 pesos - Tour guide fee (FYI: They don’t have a fixed rate yet for the tour guide. The 650 pesos fee is NOT true. You can give them any amount depending on the number of pax. Just be fair to your tour guide. Keep in mind that you cannot reach that surreal place without their assistance.

15 pesos - Use of bathroom to wash up.

It was a tiring but great experience that you do not want to miss! Enjoy life and travel while you can!

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John S.
4.0 Stars

Sana falls ka nalang at lupa ako para kahit ano ang mangyari sa akin ka babagsak. It is my second time na nakapunta sa Falls the first one is sa Pongas Falls in Sagada then ito na Hulugan Falls located at Bryg.San Salvador Luisiana, Laguna. Almost 3 hrs lang ang byahe from Manila makakakita ka na ng ganitong view which is very relaxing.Tip lang na you go on a Weekdays kasi kapag weekends super dami tao and lalo na Holiday.

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5.0 Stars

Feels likes raining when you get here and don't need to get in the water. We just spread our arms and feel the water like rain. 128525

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Yla Gracelle Benze C.
5.0 Stars

I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone when I say that a 9-5 job is physically and emotionally draining for an old & adventurous soul that most of us are. As for me, weekdays are dragging and I could only survive by daydreaming about the places I'd go (if I only have the luxury of time and money!) in between short breaks while in the office. However, it was on November 19 that I was finally able to live one of my many, many dreams: visiting Hulugan Falls.

It was on an early Saturday morning when I woke up feeling excited about an adventure I've longed so much to happen.

Hulugan Falls is the new hidden darling of Laguna. Like most wonders of our country, it demands a lot of your time and full effort before you can actually witness its beauty.

My friends (Hi Sofie, Kyrielle, and Bea), Chloe, and I, agreed to meet at Mcdonalds just beside the Jac Liner Terminal at Buendia. After a little talking while eating breakfast, we boarded the bus bound for Sta. Cruz, Laguna.

We were seated comfortably inside, waited a couple more minutes for more passengers, and when the bus started to leave, I then knew that it was going to be a meaningful day. I grinned.

It was a long commute to Laguna. After more than two hours of trying-to-sleep-but-ended-up-watching-a-movie-instead, we finally reached Sta. Cruz! Tip: Ask the kundoktor to drop you off at the jeepney terminal bound for Luisiana.

The jeepneys of Sta. Cruz are so huge compared to what we commonly have in Manila. It can actually accommodate 30-40 people inside and the floor space? Far from cramped, it's the best! You can even stretch your legs without discomforting the passenger seated across you.

The fare is just 30 pesos and it took us 30 minutes to get to Brgy. San Salvador. Just like our bus situation earlier, always let the kundoktor know where you're intended to go and ask them if they can kindly drop you off. The locals are very friendly so you need not worry!

Upon enetering San Salvador (which you will recognize because of an arc), we were greeted by the locals and were ask about how many of us are trekking. Soon after, the tricycle driver took us to Kap's House and we were assigned a guide, Kuya Jimmy, who is also a tanod of the barangay.

Afterwards, we prepared ourselves for the long trek. I suggest you take your time freshening up, stocking on water and food, before beginning the trek. You don't have to worry because they have everything at Kap's House - comfort rooms, karinderya, sari-sari store, simple lounge space, even uhm cats!

In a few minutes, everyone was sure and ready to go.

The beginning of the hike was fairly easy, plus there was a mountain dog that was following-leading us, thus making the trek a little light and bearable. We noticed signs of construction going on some of the areas and kuya Jimmy told us that the barangay is really working on improving the road to Hulugan Falls for those who'd like to visit. Hopefully, the construction will be finished by next year.

20 minutes to the trek and everyone was still doing fine despite the 12 noon heat, but as we cautiously descended on slippery and muddy trails, the mood went from ecstatic to challenged, and to just laughing so much because we knew we were spending so much time in trekking just whining and ranting -- it's hilarious.

After a good 1.5 hours, we arrived on one of the small falls where a place nearby is located for eating and resting. We stayed, relaxed there for almost an hour, and shared our lunch food that we bought from Kap's House, even if it's not enough for everyone.

After a while, we cleaned up and started trekking to Hulugan Falls.

While on the way, we stopped by a wide space where campers assemble their tents for the night. It was a very pleasant sight, because of the coconut trees standing tall, providing abundant shade to anyone who wishes a break from the heat.

There were still more muddy slopes waiting for us on the way to Hulugan Falls and we welcomed all of it via clinging on to plants & walking on the mud barefooted.

By around 2pm, we heard the sound of the falls' gushing waters. It definitely made us a lot more excited and giddy when suddenly...

"Ayun oh!" Kuya Jimmy exclaimed. (Bet he was super excited for us)

There it was -- the majestic and truly beautiful Hulugan Falls.

We were greeted by the impressive falls, grandiosely framed by the trees and mountains around it. With a 235 feet drop, its cascading waters flow elegantly and drop powerfully into a big but shallow basin beneath it where visitors like us could cautiously swim.

I stood there, humbled and in admiration of how wonderful it really is!

Make sure that you bring waterproof protection for your gadgets and valuables. It was very kind of my colleague, Bea, to give me one of her Ziplocs so I could store my phone and take photos without it getting soaked in mist.

It would be however, very convenient, if you bring your action camera along so you wouldn't have to think of any hazards concerning your gadgets.

Holding my zip locked phone, we carefully walked on big rocks so we can go and settle on a spot where we can just stare at the falls, relax, and take a dip.

There's this spot where we stood and the wind + water caused by the powerful drop of water, continuously (and rapidly!) sprayed on us. It's really overwhelming! Is there even a word for that? The water spraying mightily on us was too much that we couldn't even open our eyes. All we could do was to just squint and wish that all these wouldn't stop. To add to the euphoria, nature gave us a gift from the hard work we went through just to be able to go there-- a rainbow. A rainbow at the foot of the waterfalls.

I bravely took a picture and since then, it has been my favorite photo of this adventure so far. I almost cried out of joy!

After more than an hour, we had to say goodbye to Hulugan Falls. We took the difficult trail going back (mostly steep ascends, almost like wall climbing) and it took us roughly 30 minutes only. We arrived at Kap's House around 4pm I think, and we had all the time we needed to take a well deserved bath.


* You can pay any amount for your tour guide. We chipped in 100 pesos each for Kuya Jimmy. He was very nice and approachable and I think, even for most of the tour guides of Hulugan Falls, they deserve more.

* To our fellow adventurers, please leave no trace. Bring your trash with you; put it inside your bag- whatever. The mountains can't eat our trash.

* Be respectful to nature. Don't shout or sing loudly.

* Bring lots of water.

* Don't wear your new rubber/hiking shoes. I advise you to wear trekking sandals since the influx of visitors makes the trail more slippery over time, especially because it's the rainy season.

* Waterproof your gadgets!

* Enjoy the whole experience.

I could go on forever ranting about the mundane city life, but at the end of that day, I didn't have the energy to do it. What I brought home with me were my tired legs, hilarious stories of the day, and a full and happy heart.

Every struggle always makes sense when we reach a goal, right? That's what I felt when I saw Hulugan Falls for the first time. And I think it's the feeling I would gladly want to feel again for as long as I live.

I know work and stress will consume me in the next couple of days, but I'll try to not mind it so much because it's too trivial. I wouldn't stress over the city traffic because even on the worst times, there's always something nice about it like, maybe more time to play Sims on my phone? Or extra minutes on napping? I'd just remember that once I walked barefoot on a muddy trail, slipped most of the time, but had so much fun and was gifted with the most beautiful waterfall I've ever seen in my life. This adventure reminded me of perspective, and I am so humbled to have realized that now.


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