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Hundred Islands
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Vanessa D.
5.0 Stars

If your’s is kilay is life, mine is more islands are life! From the term itself, Hundred Islands composed of a hundred islands and islets! It is located at Alaminos, Pangasinan. There are 4 major developed islands: Governors Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island and Children’s Island. The main activity on Hundred Islands is island hopping and i really love island hopping!

Are you planning on a trip to Hundred Island? Hope my reviews can help you out.

Lets start on how to go to Hundred Islands National Park by bus. Ride a bus bound for Alaminos, Pangasinan, fare is about Php 400 if coming from Manila. Travel time is 6 to 7 hours depending on the speed of the bus. Our travel time when we go there is about 7 hours because the bus runs moderately. Better one if you have a private car instead. It can minimize the time of travel. Once you reach Alaminos, head to Lucap Terminal where tricycles can take you to Lucap Wharf the jump-off point for island hopping, fare is Php 15 per person. Alternatively, you can charter a tricycle all the way to Lucap Wharf but the fare is more than 15 pesos I guess. At Lucas Wharf, you need to register and pay the Hundred Island Park Fees. If you’re only going to do a day tour, fee is only Php 20 while Php 40 for those who plan to stay overnight at any of the islands. Yes they allow overnight stay in the islands just bring your tents and other needs for your overnight stay or you can booked their available rooms in the islands but expect it with the high rates.

Next is what to do in Hundred Islands. If you’re up for more adventures at Hundred Islands National Park, rent a kayak for Php 250 per hour (good for 2 persons) and go canoeing from one island to the next! You can also snorkel and explore the colorful marine life! Snorkeling gears are for rent for Php 100 but I advice you to bring your own snorkeling gears. Other camping supplies like grills, coolers and mats could also be rented out. In our case, since we are more than 29 we rented a two boats from the wharf for our island hopping. Time travel from first stop is about 20 to 25 mins. Our first stop is at Governors Island. We hike to the peak of Governor's island to see an unobstructed view of the other islands. This is the trademark and the picturesque view of our trip! From the top you can see islets and islands. You can take more photos and selfies as you can with the majestic view of other islands. We ate our breakfast in this island, yes we bought our breakfast here to save time and enjoy the view. They have a mini store in this island which you can buy chicha, drinks and etc. but expect the rate is expensive. They also have a zipline here sadly but I am not allowed to ride because it requires 50 up kilos to do this adventure zipline and I am only 48 kilos that time 128514. Island hopping, Snorkeling and kayakin, Beach Bumming and camping, Picnicking, Sunrise and sunset viewing are the few activities you can do in Hundred Islands. We also tried jumping at Imelda Cave in Marcos Island. I was a bit scared but excited at the same time! Imagine you will jump from the top of the cave to the salt sea water and it is high! Not just an ordinary jump off point. You can see the picture i took. I really lived adventure like this so i tried it out and it really feels good! For me it was the highlight of our activities for that day. An adrenaline rush indeed! A must try activity guys! The best promise! 128077 We also tried the banana boat. Fee is 250 per person.

So where to stay? You can stay overnight in the developed islands, there are tents available for rent for Php 400.00 pesos. There are also cottages with rooms and open cottages for you to stay-in. If you decide to just visit on a day tour, you can go back to Alaminos City and find a hotel at the city center. There are many affordable hotel/lodging in the city center. You can book online via booking, agoda or your preferred booking app. For those planning to rough it up, camping at Hundred Islands is recommended. Fee is Php 200 per night. To save on the tent rental fee, bring your own tent. Alternatively, you can do a day tour of the Hundred Islands and find budget hotels in Alaminos instead. We stayed in one of the lodging house at city center. About 20 mins walk from the wharf.

These are my few reminder for the trip.
127754 The best time to visit is during the dry months of November to April. But for me, as long as there is no typhoon in the area, it is safe to go on island hopping.
127754 The ideal time to leave Manila is at 12 midnight to reach Alaminos at around 5:00 AM and start the island hopping early in the morning.
127754 Bring your own food. You may also buy food (cooked and uncooked) at the mini market near the tourism office. Other items such as grills, coolers, cooking pans, plates and utensils can also be rented.
127754 Snorkeling set is not included in the boat rental fee. But you can rent one for 100 pesos per day. Just ask your boatman, but i advice you to bring your own.
127754 Be a responsible traveler. Bring all your trash back to the mainland. Don’t just throw your garbage somewhere in the island or on the sea.
127754 Select a budget wise hotel or lodging house to make more tipid on your trip. Minimize your expenses.
127754 Do the cave jumping! The best to promise! 128077
127754 Lastly, have fun and enjoy your adventure! 🏖128675🏽‍♀️9973

More dora mode to come!! 128514128525128077🏖127946🏻9973️🛶128079

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SherieAnn O.
5.0 Stars

Hundred Islands is located in Alaminos City,Pangasinan, 4 to 5 hours drive from Manila. Upon reaching the city proper proceed to Brgy Lucap and there you'll find hotels and transient homes fit for your budget. Walking in hotels and transient homes/guesthouses wasn't a problem for us, you'll find one in every block.

Before starting with the tour, people go to the tourism office to settle the fees and rent a boat. If you're alone or 2 you could go with bigger groups and rent a big motor boat or you could rent a small boat for your self. We paid around 400 pesos for the fees and thats good for 6 pax already (3 adults,1 sr citizen,2 kids below 7) And since we are a big group we got our own medium-sized boat which our landlady fixed for us to avoid hassle of lining up. Our boat costs 2K which covers the whole day tour and out snorkelling sets cost 200 each.

We admire how their payment system is super organize. Yes you needed to line up but you could be accomodated in no time since they have folks who can assist the tourists well. They were also able to maintain the place so clean and made it to a beautiful park. All the tiangges where you could buy pasalubong, food court, parking area, and recreation area are in one place so it's really neat to look at. Good job to their LGU's.

To start off with our island hopping, we wore our life vests on and left the wharf past 9am. we plan to take the whole day tour until 530pm hence started a bit early. Unfortunately as our energy wears out, we were only able to visit 6 islands. Governors Island, Marcos Island, Quezon Island, Romulo's Island, Lopez Island and Children's Island- and that's in chronological order.

Governor's island will always be the tourists first stop. They offer a lot for the tourists like ziplining, experience their floating bridge, and trek to reach their view point to see the entire hundred islands. You'll be amazed with how clear the waters are, the place is also clean despite crowd, the view is just breathtaking once you reach the top. You could literally take a picture of everything in this place, anywhere.

Marcos, Romulo and lopez island almost the same. you could swim,snorkel and go to their caves here and take insta worthy pictures. No filter/minimal filter needed as this whole nature triping will hand you over amazing shots in a silver platter.

Quezon Island was the most crowded, i think this is also the biggest among the 6 we visited. This is where we ate lunch. They have stores where you could buy lunch but i recommend that you get your own food during the entire island hopping adventure because the goods are super pricey. They have a sandbar where again you could take pictures, their docks are big, you could swim and snorkel even the kids can and they also offer ziplining activities,jetski and banana boat.

Last stop was our favorite children's island. The waters are super clear, calm and shallow so its the perfect spots for kids and for people whose afraid of deep waters.. 128512 You could kayak, snorkel and swim all you want in this place.

After our children island stop, we decided to go home. That was around 3pm. The whole experience was tiring but worth every sweat. Nature adventure at it's finest. I love everything in this place. My kids has also enjoyed this experience and will want to go back again sometime.

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Marvel T.
5.0 Stars

Since when I was a student I really wanted to go to this place but I wasn't given the chance since there alot of priorities like School but on January 2017, Finally...

We rent a van to visit the place. At exactly 10am we arrive at the place.
Before starting the tour, you will need to visit the tourism office to pay for the following fairly price fees:
Entrance fee: 40php
Environmental fee: 30php
Insurance fee: 10php

And you will never have a hard time finding a boatmen since the Tourism office will provide you and your group. (Hassle free)

Here are the fees:

Boating Service:
1 Day / 2 Days

1,400php/3,000php max of 5 persons

1,800php/3,800php max of 10 persons

2,000php/4,000php max of 20 persons

*You can travel to all the islands that are available up until 5:30pm so I recommend that you visit the place at an early time.

There are alot of activities in those various islands like zipline(250php/jump on Governor's island/ 100php/jump on Quezon's island) banana boat ride 250php/person, helment diving 400php/dive for 20minutes, snorkeling 250ph/set gear rental, jetski 1,000php/15 mins., parasailing 2,000php/soloride for 15mins / 1,500php/person (2-3pax), kayaking 25/hour, and cliff diving etc.

There is a tent space/pitching fee if you would to stay for overning for only 200hp.

I really enjoyed touring or island hopping in this national park. There's alot of people during weekends so the best time to visit this place is during weekdays.
I tried snorkelling but I'm not good at swimming so didn't enjoyed that much but still [✔️] Bucketlist

Islands to visit:
Old Scout
Quezon (My fave island)

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Jovin B.
4.0 Stars

Hundred Islands in Alamnos is a lot better than I thought.

When I was younger I always heard about the hundred islands but never really understood what it was or got a chance to visit. So, since my wife and I are on a year long honeymoon to travel as much as we can I thought to mysef this is my chance to visit the hundred islands and find out what all the hoopla is about. The hundred islands are exactly what they sound like, about a hundred little islands scattered in the body of water between the Tambac bay and the Lingayen gulf. You can visit these islands by small outrigger boat which you can rent from the pier. The boats will take to whatever island you want as long as it is open to the public. Some islands have already been bought so these are private properties. THere are three islands that have been developed for tourism. On these islands you can find food, drinks and even outdoor activities like ziplines over water. Even if your not one to buy food or zipline over water simply choosing an island and laying on the beach is reason enough to visit.

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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

The Hundred Islands can be found in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The name is a nod to over 124 islands dispersed over the Lingayen Gulf, covering a total area of 16.76 square kilometers. Sometime in June this year, I went on a 6-hour trip to discover this well-known national park that is the pride of the Pangasinense.

How to get there
From Pasay or Cubao, take the Five-Star or Victory Liner bus that goes to Dagupan; fare is PHP 371 (USD 7.70). From Dagupan, take another bus that goes to Alaminos, fare is PHP 68 (USD 1.41), then take a tricycle to Lucap Wharf for PHP 15 (USD 0.31) per head. All in all, travel time takes 5 to 6 hours, with consideration to the traffic.

Where to Stay?
There are a number of accommodation in Alaminos and Lingayen to choose from, hotels, inns, and guesthouse. If you are on a budget, you can find accommodation for as low as PHP 144 (USD 3).

But if you are feeling adventurous, bring a tent and set up camp on one of the islands (Governor's Island, Quezon Island, Scout Island, or Lopez Island). There is a camping rate of only PHP 200 (USD 4.15). You can also stay at the Big Brothers lodge on the Governor's Island, rate is PHP 10,000 per night (USD 206.42).

Island-hopping tour
Go straight to the Tourism Office when you reach Lucap Wharf. This is where you can avail of the boat tours to the islands. The island-hopping tour rates are fixed but I suggest that you go with a group because it can be expensive. If you're alone or you came with a small group, make friends and share a boat with the other tourists. This is perfectly okay and will help you save money. The following shows the r rates for 1-day tour:

Small boat (1-5 pax) PHP 1,400 (USD 29.05)
Medium boat (6-10 pax) PHP 1,800 (USD 37.36)
Large boat (11-15 pax) PHP 2,000 (USD 41.51)

Additionally, you have to pay for the entrance fee - PHP 40 (USD 0.83) and environmental fee - PHP 30 (USD 0.62).

There are 124 islands (123 when it's high-tide) so do not expect to see them all in a day. Some of them are so small (more like giant rocks protruding from the water) you wouldn't mistake them for an island. It's interesting to note that some of the islands are named after the former presidents of the Philippines, such as Romulo Island, Marcos Island, Macapagal Island, and Quezon Island. Here are some of the islands that you might see or visit during the tour:

Cathedral Island - Not all islands are accessible to the public and can only be appreciated from afar like the Cathedral Island named so because it shaped like a cathedral. There is a hollow space in the middle of this island that hides a grotto, with a figure of the Virgin Mary.

Crocodile Island and Turtle Island - These islands look just like the animals they are named after.

Bat Island - As the name implies, is home to millions of fruit bats. The bats, which were unusually big, can be seen hanging from the rocks and trees.
Quezon Island - People usually stop here for lunch because it has a restaurant, cottages, and picnic tables. Food here is pricey so I suggest you bring your own food especially if you are running on a budget. Interestingly, this island has a zip line, which you can try if you want to do another activity.

Governor's Island - This island became famous because of Pinoy Big Brothers (PBB). This is where you can find the lodge that I mentioned earlier, the one that you can rent for PHP10,000 a night. This lodge was used by the said TV show.

Governor's has a view deck that offers a spectacular view of the other islands. Another unique feature of this island is the floating bridge that connects to the Virgin Island.

Cuenco Tunnel - Another island made famous by a TV show (Marina) is Cuenco Tunnel also known as Dugong Island. It has a cave in which you can enter, which leads to an open area, a restaurant of some sort perched on stilts.

The Hundred Islands reminded me of the islands and the surrounding islets in Coron, Palawan. If you haven't been to both, I recommend that you begin with the Hundred Islands. Having been to Coron, where the islands and the sea are the thing of sweet dreams, I was not able to thoroughly enjoy Hundred Islands the way I did Coron. But this opinion is of my own and may not necessarily reflect those who have also been to these two provinces.

But I am not going to deny that Hundred Islands hold a certain charm. There is something fascinating about seeing a place in the flesh that was once upon a time just an image on a book.

Estimated budget for the entire trip is around 2,000 to 3,000 pesos (USD 41.46 - 62.19) including accommodation and food.

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Sopia S.
5.0 Stars

A quick countdown for your 7,107 islands checklist. Hundred Islands as we all know in our elementary textbook is one of the most famous tourist attraction in the Philippines.

127807How to get there:
Ride a bus going to Alaminos (P325.00) then a tricycle going to Lucap Wharf (P60.00)

-Island hopping (My fave island is Romulo Island. It has the clearest water)
-Cliff diving
-Helmet diving (P400.00)
-Zip line (P200.00)

-Boat (P1400, 4-5pax; P1800, 7-8pax; P2000, 10-12pax)
-Snorkel, life vest, slippers (P250.00)

Be sure to bring your food because food at the islands is overpriced. Rest assured, trip to Hundred Islands is worth the money!

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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

Late Post:

I love the beach. It makes me anxious not to see one in a loooong time. The last time I was on the beach was in Dahican, Davao Oriental. That was back in May. 128553

And so, 2 weeks ago, I decided to look up for group tours on Facebook and found a post about a Hundred Islands day tour. I have only been to Bolinao, but not on this side of Pangasinan, so I got in touch with the tour coordinator and reserved my spot. This is now my 2nd time to go on a tour with a bunch of strangers and it’s actually fun! 128522

If you're frugal and hates the hassle of organizing a travel plan, going on group tours will surely save you money, time and hassle. All you need to do is pay your share and bring your stuff. That's it. 128513

We did a LOT of activities that day despite the gloomy day (it was raining HARD on our way there). Island hopping, snorkeling, cliff diving, spelunking, and riding a zip line. Super sulit yung 1.4K! 128522

I particularly loved the cliff jump. It was inside a cave! And damn, it's high! Probably, 20 feet? I think I was falling for 3-4 seconds before plunging into the water. It was freakin' scary at first, especially when you're on the edge. Took me a while before jumping. Hahaha! 128513 Super tiring lang yung pag-swimming pabalik ng shore. We had to swim around the island because the shore is on the other side. We were wearing life vests naman, so it's safe. 128522

Aside from the activities, you get to wallow in the beauty of all those islands around you. 128525 Each island has a name, and everyone's favorite is the Lopez Island. The view, the super fine sand, and of course the water! 128525


* For this particular tour, the food was not part of what we paid for. The tour includes all environmental and entrance fees, life vests, boat rental, driver fee, toll fees, and gas. I suggest you eat a heavy breakfast (like we did) before going on island hopping. Although there are small stores in some islands, but they only have snacks, not meals. I brought my own goggles, but they also offer snorkeling gear rentals (not included in the tour fee).

* Bring a waterproof bag and put your gadgets inside a ziplock because there will be water EVERYWHERE.

* Do not jump without a life vest even if you know how to swim. They will not allow you, anyway. Safety first. 128077

* Bring at least a liter of water for each person. Bringing of snacks is also recommended.

* The shower area will be at the port. Bring extra clothes, towel, and toiletries. Surprisingly, it's clean. 128522

A little trivia:

We were told that there are just 99 islands left here because 1 island is now underneath the water. Climate change? No one knows. Sad. 128542

With all those activities that we did, expect a sore body the next day. 128557

But hey, it's damn worth it. 10084️ I really enjoyed my trip here. 128522

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Brian Joseph A.
3.0 Stars

it would be nice to visit Hundred Islands National Park if you will travel in groups to save more on boat fee for the island hopping..

the beach and water is fine but can never be compared to El Nido. 128522

and.. BRING FOODS! 128516

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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

A spur of the moment early summer trip to onet of the famous tourist spots of the Philippines. It is a very affordable travel destination with a lot of activities. Read on as I summarize to you the rates and fun things you can do on this escapade.

By the way, there is a video at my site.

Hundred Islands, located in Alaminos, Pangasinan are small groups of islands (totaling 124 at low tide and 123 at high tide to be exact) scattered along Lingayen gulf. Getting there is pretty easy.


I am not sure if there is a straight trip from Manila to Alaminos, but you can never go wrong when you start from Dagupan. The van ride only takes around one (1) hour to an hour 15-30 minutes in total to Alaminos City. From Alaminos, take a tricycle to Lucap Wharf, The fare is only Sixty (60.00) Pesos as of this March 2015.

Once you get to Lucap Wharf, head straight to the Tourism Office in order to get the official rates. They have flyers with the prices stated in black and white. Here's a scan. Note that prices are subject to change.

For the accommodation, there are lots of transients/hostels online or little hotels in the city. But I would suggest staying on an island. You can rent a tent, in various sizes, and camp on the major islands. The most famous island we stayed on was Quezon Island. There is a strip of beach between two islands where you can put up your tents. You may bring your own, or you could rent from your boatman. These already include pillows, a banig and comforter / blanket. There are cottages and guest houses in the island you can rent.

We sailed late in the afternoon and arrived at the island before sunset.

Now, for food, I would advice you to buy your food in Alaminos before heading to the islands. You can go to Savemore, a small supermarket to grab items for cooking. As for cooking utensils, these can be rented out as well from your boatman. The only island with a 24 hour store is at Quezon Island. They also cook meals for you, but it is a bit pricey. If you're the outdoorsy type, why not cook your own meal over a grill. If you're more into comfort, you can buy local take out like grilled chicken or meals from Jollibee and bring it with you to the island. If you feel like you prefer buying your food in the island, well, as long as it's not peak season, you're good. Otherwise, be prepared to wait for your order as you shell out around 200-400 Pesos per dish.

Anyhow, the islands don't have a corkage fee so we bought our food for the night and hotdogs to grill for breakfast, as well as hard liquor!

We spent the night stargazing, eating along the beach, drinking and bonding till the early hours in the morning and until we felt warm enough to go night swimming. It truly felt like you were bonding with nature as you listen to the waves crashing into the shore in front and behind you, the swish of the trees in the wind and bask in the light of the moon. If there weren't so many people, I would even invite the girls to skinny dip with me! By the way, there is no fresh water in the islands, but you can buy 20 gallons of water for 75 Pesos. Estimate how much you and your group need, because this must be carried along the boat with you before you head out. Our boatmen were kind enough to head back to the mainland to get another jug of water and some ice for us.

The next day, we woke up to the sound of people preparing meals way before dawn. And if you plan on island hopping, it's best to wake up early as well as the sun still isn't too hot. We started a fire and grilled our meals for the day, had breakfast, then packed our things and tent.

Our guides took us to Bat Island, where the trees in the island are filled with these huge bats. It's sad, because we saw poachers trying to catch these creatures and sell them in the black market. I wonder why no one is patrolling the area.

We also saw the Cathedral Island. It is called so, because there is a triangular opening shaped like how cathedral windows would, and they placed a statue of the virgin Mary and angels inside it.

Next stop was heading to the snorkeling and helmet diving spots. This is just behind Quezon Island. There are activities in Quezon Island that you can do, like kayaking, rock climbing, riding a banana boat and of course, swimming. So you may want to stay there first and do all those, or visit it last.

My friends were able to go on the fun helmet diving experience. Snorkeling was also a lot of fun as you can already see the colorful corals, big clams and various fishes under the sea. That took most of our time and when we did head out, we wanted to try the cliff diving inside the cave of Marcos Island, but the tide was still too low to do the activity. It is best to do it on a high tide, so the depth of the water is deeper and you won't hurt yourself hitting the seabed inside the cave. However, we didn't have enough time nor gas to go back there for the high tide. We just ate/drank halo-halo while our friends explored the cliff diving cave. Moving on...

They brought us to Cave Island or Cuevo Cave instead for the similar experience. It's typically just a small cave with two openings. On the other side, they made a ramp where you can jump off and have a feel for cliff diving, then just climbing up the ladder. It's not as high as the cliff dive in Marcos island, but you get the same feeling.

Afterwards, we decided to go to Governor's Island for our last stop, because it was the farthest. The activity that is a must do here is the island to island Zipline. Around 400+ feet above water, you hang for your life as you are strapped on to a sturdy steel line to another island. This is also where you can climb to the view deck/viewpoint and view the whole Hundred Islands. It takes around 100+ steps but the good thing about it now is, they renovated the path and the steps are concrete made, wider and there are rest areas if you're not that a tough climber.

The experience is exhilarating as you held on to your dear life, but once done, you would definitely want to try it again!

That sums up our little adventure. On the way back, you can take another tricycle ride to the UV Express terminal or Victory Liner terminal and head home. Don't forget to buy their specialty -- Alaminos longganissa. The market is just behind Nepo Mart (you can also ride the van in the front parking space of Nepo Mart).

In summary, the projected expenses for a group of 4 are:

Fare from Dagupan - Alaminos *UV Express Van -- 60.00/head
Tricycle to SM Savemore -- 40.00 Pesos
Groceries -- 200/head
Chicken from Chooks to Go -- 199
Rice -- 10.00/cup
Tricycle fr. town to Lucap -- 60.00 Pesos
Boat Rental fee (overnight) -- 3000.00 Pesos (good for a max of 5 people)
Environmental and other Fees - 120/head Tent Pitching Fee -- 200/tent
Tent Rental (medium tent with 3 pillows, a blanket and banig) -- 750.00
Snorkel Gear Set (snorkel, life vest and aqua shoes) -- 300/set
Zipline -- 250/head
Tricycle (Lucap to terminal) -- 60.00
Longanisa (1 dozen large) -- 120.00
Van to Dagupan - 60.00/head

Average per head is at 2,100 Pesos only for a group of 4 people!

Here's the link if you cannot load it here :

You can also ask or follow me on



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Jasmin S.
5.0 Stars

Following my previous post about nature, I was inspired to share my thought being a wanderlust myself. Many people already heard Hundred Island, it was really famous around the north people in the Philippines. Who could have imagine how lucky we are to witness God's amazing creation. Just like the waves crushing through the sands, I can't wait for the day that life makes sense, some days I understand why certain things happened and others I’m not so sure, but all I know is that somehow we’ll connect the dots and someday we’ll complete the puzzle, until then, we have to learn how to live our lives without trying to understand it and we have to learn how to be comfortable with the irony and uncertainty of life, otherwise we’ll lose our common sense trying to make sense of the life we’re living. So make the most out of it, of every travel, because you'll never know what can life brings you. #HenrysInstaxGiveAway 📸128154

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Jomar L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Lyka B.
5.0 Stars

My first and definitely not the last time that i will visit hundred island's.

I visited this place last april 9, we were only 3 so we rent the smallest boat that can accomodate (1-5pax) for the whole day excluding the entrance and environmental fee that cost 240 for the 3 of us (80per person). We start the island hopping at exactly 7 in the morning (it's the best time to start tho). Our "bangkero" is very friendly so we really enjoy the whole ride. The islands comes with different charm like for example there's rocky, sandy, green,blue and clear water and also some caves.

My only concern is that they should have a tour guide that can say some facts about the island's but overall i enjoyed it.


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Jacqui T.
5.0 Stars

Our trip to Pangasinan wouldn't be complete without seeing Hundred Islands. We rented 2 boats for 2000 pesos since one boat can't accommodate our group.

The sea was calm and we didn't encounter any problem seeing the islands. According to our boatman, there are 124 islands during low tide and 123 during high tide. I was curious about that one island that disappear. We were able to visit Governor Island, Quezon Island, Marcos Island and Imelda Cave.

We reached Governor Island and it was hard as you need to climb 123 steps under the heat of the sun to reach the viewing deck. The picturesque view was so surreal. Our efforts were well rewarded. We were amazed by the beauty of nature lying in front of us and no words can describe it. (See the posted picture)

Our next stop was Marcos Island. Another breath taking view when we climbed the hill. The end of the path was a big hole which is the entrance of Imelda Cave. I can't breath. Literally! I can't jump to that cave, even with a life vest, I just can't after watching the movie "Sanctum". Ralph didn't force me and he had no choice but to walk with me back to the beach.

We passed by Children's Island and went straight to Quezon Island. A lot of tourists stay here to rest and have a swim before ending the Island Hopping as it is the largest and most developed island. So wear your best two-piece bikini if you're planning to have an Island hopping because you can flaunt it here. Lol! The island also has a wooden connecting bridge great for photo op - the Quezon Bridge.

It was a tiring yet great vacation with my college buddies.

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Rian K.
5.0 Stars

A part of our Pangasinan trip is to go island hopping in Hundred Islands, Alaminos. We rent a small boat for Php 1,000 good for 5 pax (It has only major islands to visit the governors island, childrens island and quezon island) if you want to have a small service boat it cost Php 1,300 so you could visit all the islands. We had lunch at the lucap wharp because it's just beside the registration area for island hopping. Our first stop is the Governors Island where the inter-island is located. You'll need to take the 140 steps going up for this view and another 20 steps to zipline. Unfortunately, we weren't able to try it because of the wind. I'm so sad about it but like what my boyfriend says "there's always a next time". Our 2nd island is the childrens island where you can rent to snorkeling gear and kayaks. The 3rd one is the quezon island it also have a zipline but i don't like to try because i really want the zipline in governor's island. 128514 We just added Php 200 to visit marcos island, it is where you can dive inside the cave 20ft. One of my joys in travelling is being able to explore new places. The possibility of finding something new and unique always thrills me. 128149 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Chelann F.
4.0 Stars

Indeed, "kapag may tiyaga, may nilaga!!" 128514128514128514 After painfully climbing up that staircase in Governor's Island, I don't know how many stairs was that, 100+ i assume... there's a perfect spot to see the beautiful panoramic view of the islands.

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France D.
5.0 Stars

I'm sure to return here to check out the new developments in the other islands! Great adventure for families, barkadas, colleagues and everybody else!

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Nat F.
5.0 Stars

I like the serenity of the islands. If you want to take a cool off from the hustling bustling of the city, these islands are the best! We were here 2 years ago. Had an island hopping, and camping on an island(I forgot what it is called). 128522128521

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Livi B.
4.0 Stars

One of the beautiful places up north. Travel time is about 4-5 hours from Quezon City. Don't go here on a weekend since foot traffic may be a burden. Budget isn't too big also, all you have to do is rent a motorboat starting at 800, which is already good for 5 people. 128513 Prepare to witness scenic views as you go island hopping.

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Romer G.
5.0 Stars

Hundred Islands is a great place for a weekend beach getaway on a budget.

Be sure to drop off Governor's Island to climb the view deck where you can have the scenic view of the archipelago. The island also have a zipline where you the other end of the cable is on its neighboring island.

Also, make sure to head to Marcos Island to experience cliff diving on a lagoon called Imelda Cave. The cliff is at least 20 feet high and the water is at least 7 feet (on low tide).

We also headed to Cuenca Island. It has a cave sandwiched by two beaches. One of those beaches has a terrace made of bamboo where you can jump freely into the sea.

Lastly, we headed to the giant clam sanctuary somewhere in the middle of the sea. Be sure to tuck in your life vest as you need to swim to the sanctuary from the boat parking area.

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Ibongreys D.
5.0 Stars

I love going to beaches because it makes me feel so relaxed and away from the busy streets in Manila.

We went here for a vacation since this is where my mom grew up.

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