16 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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₱50 - ₱120

Most Recent Reviews

Kuya J.
4.0 Stars

an different authentic milk tea experience :)

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Fay Sam N.
1.0 Stars

seriously? avoid this place and dont even try their best seller Tomato Yakult its really not good. 1 sip and then we threw it already. they also have a branch in gateway.

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Shari N.
1.0 Stars

Usually, when I try a new milk tea place, I try to go for the basic. I tried the caramel milk tea and so far this is the worst milk tea I have ever tried. Threw mine away. Would not bother drinking this even if it is P59 only.

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Kiko G.
3.0 Stars

We found this place accidentally. We ordered one best seller and something that's not usual.

-Pearl Milk Tea
-Tomato Yakult

I cannot describe the Taste of the Milk Tea but I did not like it. I gave three stars for three reasons,

(1) they're on promo, P59 for each
(2) first sip of Yakult Tomato was icky. Minutes passed, it actually tasted weirdly good. Ratio is 1 is to 20 though, for every 20 people who will be disgusted by it, one will find it strangely favorable.
(3) the guy on the counter was accommodating and honest. Total bill was only P118 pesos and unknowingly I gave P1,020. Nakakalito kasi ang bagong pera. So he gave the 1000 bill back and asked if I have P100. 128077

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Gia L.
3.0 Stars

I usually come here for the Pepper Chicken chops (which i am having for dinner now) because, well.. It's good but you have to ask for it to be well done, otherwise, it would be gross inside, trust me.

However for the drinks, which they should be making better has been a consistent miss for me.

The pearls are either mushy and soggy or not cooked well, sometimes clumped together.

The drinks inconsistently sweetened.
Pwede ba yun? Normal sugar pero sobrang tamis tas minsan naman extra sugar na wala ka pa rin malasahan.

My belly is full, my taste buds are hushed for an OK visit, but that's it.

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Denise Q.
4.0 Stars

Looloo finally added this place (thanks for granting my request!) 128077

I've heard about this new milktea place from a colleague who treated us with their bestseller - pearl milk tea! The milk tea's OK, but I found the pearls hard to chew haha!

They are offering a promo for P100 or below worth of drinks - at only P59. They come in one size - approx same as the large ones from Serenitea. Hooray! Try it now while they're at a cheaper price! The promo runs until Sept., I think. 128521

We tried their Wintermelon Latte - drink blended with milk, I found it too sweet for my taste but good thing, we ordered another - Assam Milk Tea at 50% sugar level, that made the sweetness tolerable with its bitter tea taste. My mom preferred this one over the latte because of its roasted flavor.

Their Taro Milk Tea's okay too - I did not taste much of a difference with Serenitea's.

They also offer the Milk Lid Mango Green Tea and in other flavors. This did not pass my standards but my brother found this drink interesting with the Mango flavor on top, making it like the rocksalt and cheese flavor of Happy Lemon.

They have a variety of snacks as well, so I might come back for these and conduct a taste test, ha ha! 128513

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