Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park, Covelandia Rd., Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite

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Clarissa P.
2.0 Stars

We were in Island Cove about 2 weeks ago for a wedding of hubby's dear friend. Since the prep place and reception was there, we decided to checkin so the kids can enjoy swimming while we go to the wedding. Plus, less hassle in dressing up etc. It's a weekend and the kids have been asking for us to go swim so it was the perfect time.

We checked in and since it was so hot that day we opted to eat lunch in ICafe since it was just located in the Hotel lobby. Their menu was limited to pasta, sandwiches, coffee and some other coolers plus cakes and pastries on display. That was okay since we weren't looking for heavy meal.

We got 3 orders of Beef Lasagna, an order of a kiddie set and drinks.

The Beef Lasagna tasted like ummmm tomato sauce! Sour, and salty, there wasn't anything good about it. Worst part? It was re-heated, probably in a microwave so the top part and the sauce were hot but inside it was freakin cold!!!!! The pasta was soggy, the beef didn't taste like there was beef in there. I mean, I wondered how long they've been keeping their lasagna in their ref! One order, good for one person, was around 300Php EXCLUSIVE of tax and service charge! OH MY! You don't serve that kind of food with that price range.

The order of my daughter came in after several follow-ups. It was just spaghetti and chicken. The server said that they needed to order it from another restaurant. When it was served, the spaghetti was so messy and the chicken was plain fried chicken. 260Php for that exclusive of tax and service charge.

My daughter also ordered a glass of fresh milk for 100php and it was a small glass. I got an iced chocolate tablea drink for 150php and it tasted like ordinary chocolate drink. Hubby got a can of Coke.

My golly! Our bill was around 1700php and it was so hard to shell out that money for the quality of food we had. I mean, it's okay for me to pay even more as long as we get the value for what we're paying for. This dining experience is the worst that I've had in a while. I understand that hotel food prices can get steep but come on, they usually serve quality food.

I'm being generous with my two stars because the servers were nice. I just didn't have time to complain because of the kids, the other wedding guests and the wedding. We were somewhat in a hurry. I wasn't even able to take pictures of the food. But I'm telling you, skip this cafe if you're in Island Cove.


There was a survey form when we checked out and I complained about ICafe because of the food. Not sure if they take these surveys seriously though but I hope they do.

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