Ice Flower Snow Falling Korean Dessert Cafe

2/F The Block, SM City North EDSA, EDSA cor. North Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

Ice Flower Snow Falling Korean Dessert Cafe
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Minette c.
4.0 Stars

Because kids. 128522

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Judie Ann Princess M.
5.0 Stars

Finally!!! After ages. I got the time to make a review again. And after the stressful month end dues in the office, I wanted to treat my sweet tooth. Thanks to my friend and partner on food hopping, for insisting this Bingsoo place. Yay! 128588

I just really wanted to try Hobing but as she persuaded me to try Ice Flower, I said OK. We'll give it a try. Then when we were at the entrance, it wowed me! AS IN WOW!! I couldn't imagine a Korean dessert shop as wide and huge as this place!!! And so colorful!!! 127752🦄 I really felt that I am in those korean coffee shops in a korean film 128513

When we entered, of course. I really looked for the price range 128176128184 Haha! To my surprise, all the pictures of their Bingsoo-s are posted on the wall with prices! Prices differs from the flavor you want to order. And they serve hot drinks and I think I saw someone who ordered milkshake. 128521

On the other hand, They displayed the bowls they are using because they only have 2 sizes for their bingsoo. The Solo and Double. Believe in me when I say that their Solo size could feed me, my friend and my sister. The serving was sooooo huge! How much more the double size. Right? 128513 I really told myself that they are using those ramen bowls I can see on Japanese restaurants. 128514

By the way. Too much of my chitchat, we Ordered one of their bestsellers. The;

127847Choco Cheese Oreo Php350.00/Solo Php540.00/Double they will give you the disc buzzer to inform you that your order is ready to pick up. Much smaller than Chatime has.
I thank God for giving me a friend that is so makulit who brought me here!! The first time I took it I was shookt! Nyeeeeeeeam! Then we were curious of how the milk will add flavor and how will it taste. Then we mixed all of it together and gaaahhhhd! It tastes even awesome! 128525127752128147 the cheese & the cocoa balances the sweetness of the ice cream and the oreo. It even has a Pepero stick as toppings. It was so deliciously creamy 128523 128525

By the way. Before I forgot. There is 1 thing I notice on the pictures posted on their walls. It is how to eat Ice Flower's Bingsoo;

10052 1st, rather than mixing up the bingsoo, have a scoop of the snow powder and the toppings.
10052 Pouring a bit (or all) of the condensed milk to 5he bingsoo will offer more taste.
10052 We (they) recommend you to have the bingsoo on time as it is likely to melt (easily)

And I think, that even before I got the chance to read those instructions I got it right. 128514

They also have a little snowy wonderland inside! Where you can play and I didn't missed playing inside especially when it is hot outside like today. Lol! The ice that falls from the shaver on the ceiling. It makes a real snow effect! 128521🌨

Too much of my chitchat. I never imagined myself staying on a dessert shop for 2 hours and left the place happy and satisfied as ever 128517128521127752


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Ruth D.
3.0 Stars

I liked the fruits on our mango and blueberry bingsoo but that's it. The ice, though really fine, was not milky as they claim. It was just shaved ice. They only provide the condensed milk separately. They also have a ridiculous rule that you can't ask for extra small bowls if you only ordered the single sized bingsoo.

The ice room was nice to look at. The chairs were colorful. But, those didn't really make up for the vacant spaces that made the place look weird.

Oh, and the prices were a little steep.
Na-ICE-sahan lang ako sa mahal.128184128184128184


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