Ice Giants

Mamay Rd., Damosa Gateway, Davao City, Davao del Sur

Ice Giants
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Stenylle P.
5.0 Stars

They have very fine ice crystals and delicious halo halo flavors to choose from.

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Michelle E.
5.0 Stars

For frozen delights, this is the best place! They had wide arrays of amazing cold desserts you will surely love! I would highly recommend their Chocolate Titans best shared especially if you will take your kids with you they will surely love it. For this I only had their Black Forest Parfait and I soooo love it! Best paired with their sausage snacks and crisscut fries. 128521

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Peach L.
5.0 Stars

When you think of a stinky food that is utterly delicious, what pops in your head?

Mine is durian. 128541128539

But I don't like everything durian. I only like the real fruit and the ice cream... so far. 128513

Once upon a time I wrote here about the durian ice cream cups that you can easily get in one of the stalls in the airport and I loved it.

Now, to cap our Davao vacay, our gracious hosts brought us to Ice Giants. At first glance, when I saw the logo, what I instantly thought of was, it was a spin-off of Ice Monster. When I checked the menu, it had a large selection and reminded me of Iceberg's menu. But one item caught my eye and it had the "premium" logo ---- Durian Delight it said.

So without thinking of anything else, I chose it.

The size of the ice-based treat was more than enough for one (depends on your sweet tooth). I thought it was big for me. The base was a really soft, white, shaved ice. So soft that it could pass up as sorbet. It also had a few chunks of fresh and creamy durian, durian ice cream, pinipig, whipped cream, and of course, with a nice glossy cherry on top. 128522

I tasted first the ice cream because durian. Then mixed everything and surprisingly (which only happens very seldom), I finished it all off. 128522 It wasn't too sweet, it was just right. The simplicity of the dessert made it even more delightful for me. 128522

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Jude N.
5.0 Stars

Para sa mainit na panahon.. desserts!
They also offer food.. 128522
Try their mango ice cream..
The price are not that bad though.

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Amarella D.
5.0 Stars

Saba langkaaaaa 127848127847

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Minerva D.
5.0 Stars

Last week, my mom and I went to Davao. Of course, being in Davao means having to eat durian or anything that has durian in it because, well, I was in Davao.
So I googled famous ice cream shops in Davao and found Ice Giants.
They serve different sorts of icy desserts and also burgers, pizza, pasta eklever.
I chose their famous Durian Delight. It has fresh durian slices, rice crispies, milk and vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top.
It tasted durianny (duh) but then the sweetness of milk and vanilla ice cream tempered the pungent taste and made it taste awfully delicious.
Like seriously.

You might burp durian until the next morning.

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Gee M.
5.0 Stars

For ice cream lovers, this is a great place for a binge out. They also have a selection of other snack foods like sandwiches and burgers and fries.

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April V.
5.0 Stars

I always thought Ice Monsters have the best shaved ice... but after trying this, OH MY GOSH! Taob ang Ice Monsters! 128517

It was really fine but didn't melt quickly. 128077128077

Anyway, my cousin ordered the halo-halo, my sister got the berry something while I had the saba and langka. The saba was dry, it was weird... but it didn't matter because the ice still made it perfect. HAHAHA! 128539

I'm serious, I agree with Kim A... I would love to have this in Manila! 10084

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Kim A.
5.0 Stars

I loved this place. very affordable. 128077

i loved the sweet corn something (sorry i forgot the name) the ice was finely crushed (very soft texture) and the vanilla ice cream was soooo yuummy!!! 128557128513128077 i think its either bigscoop or magnolia. all ingredients mixed up with sweet corn equals heaven!!!! 128513

sana magkabranch sa manila. 128553

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