Ichiba Japanese Market

2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Ichiba Japanese Market
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Most Recent Reviews

Marijoe D.
5.0 Stars

Went here several times with friends. The place is full especially on weekends. Love the place where you can choose the seafoods and let the chef cook it the way u want it. Ordered ramen set, ramen paitan with gyoza or karaage and chicken teriyaki don. Food was really great. The place is nice ~ there's Japanese feels, and the servers are accomodating. Prices are pretty affordable.

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Wiljohn M.
3.0 Stars

The place reminded me of Gonpachi (Kill Bill restaurant) in Tokyo albeit the same was smaller and well lit. It was like dining in an old Japanese village with all the signages and banners hanging there.

I tried the mix yakitori platter. It had 8 sticks of several varieties of yakitori (pork, chicken, quail egg and beef). I loved the beef skewerd because it was tender, juicy and it almost melted in your mouth.

I also had sukiyaki, tempura and kani salad which were all just average tasting for me. Nothing really special about it.

My wife said that the kamameshi rice was good. Too bad I was not able to taste it because I came a bit late for lunch. That good thing is that I have something to look forward to when I go back there.

Ichiba is worth your visit for the experience.

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Love B.
4.0 Stars

when my bf and I went here, we didnt have any expectations in mind. I was just craving for Uni and he wanted a set of Takoyaki. And guess what, we enjoyed the food so much. Although we heard that the food here is MEH lang pero during that time, everything was delicious from the rice bowl up to the matcha soft served icecream. 10084️ depende talaga din sa expectations no? hehe

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Jaff M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Ichiba: Japanese Market🇯🇵 Arigato Gozaimasu

The only Japanese Seafood Market and Japanese Food Hall in the Philippines. Located at the Plaza of Resorts World Manila, 2F New Port Mall.

This is where we celebrated our NYE dinner Countdown. I was really curious to try this cool concept Japanese resto plus the fact that mom loves Japanese food that's why we choose Ichiban for our New Years Eve dinner.

Ichiba is where you go for delicious and affordable Japanese food. 127843127857127844

We went there for early dinner and they don't accept reservation that day as it was peak season, first come first serve that's why I make sure will be there early and we're just in time, only few people when we arrived. When we went inside it feels like your in Japan.🇯🇵

Then we seated on our table and ordered our food.

🇯🇵 Chicken Karaage - (245)
Deep fried chicken battered in pieces

🇯🇵 Tonkatsu set 127857 (350)
Deep fried breaded tender pork cutlet with tenkatsu sauce

🇯🇵 Steamed Japanese rice 127834 (35)

🇯🇵 California roll 127843 165
Crab stick , avocado and cucumber oil

🇯🇵 Ebi Tempura/Prawn Tempura127844 5pcs (385)

🇯🇵 Basic Gyoza 6pcs (135)
Japanese pot stickers

🇯🇵127836 Ramen Set with Tempura 127844
Half Paitan ramen plus two pcs of shrimp tempura

All of the dishes were fresh and so delicious. Tasted like an authentic Japanese food. The price was worth it, you get what you pay for and find it affordable as the food have generous serving compare to other Japanese restaurant. We're really full that night. Very very satisfied . We're supposed to order matcha ice cream but we still have other plans to dine so maybe next time.

Here at Ichiba, they have function rooms to celebrate occasions and kids can even fish for free. How fun can that get? When you catch it, it's yours free. Plus kids can get free Ichiba Fishing adventure badge, cool right 128031

I swear , you will totally enjoy the food like we do. Crazy, rich, appetizing , basically blissfully yummy! 128523

And to make it more fun dining experience , we were able to have fun group family photo ops at Ichiban wearing those cute seafood creatures headgears, totally seamazing128051128032🦀 under the sea family photo on our NYE dinner celebration.


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Michelle A.
4.0 Stars

Like their Yakitori. Must try are: pork belly, beef tenderloin, baby octopus and quail eggs. Good with Asahi beer. Ramen is also good

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

Since we rarely go to Resortsworld, I researched in advanced where to dine after watching "Annie" and I found this new Japanese restaurant. There have been mixed reviews for this joint for quite some time now, but my visit was absolutely excellent. 128568
We arrived here around 7:00 PM and even though the place was packed, we were seated after a decent wait of 10 minutes. The ambiance of the place was just amazing. My parents have been to Japan already, and my mom couldn't stop raving about how the place really resembled a legit Japanese Market. I take this as a really good sign.

Albeit that I have never been to Japan, I have always loved Japanese cuisine, so I was very excited to dine here despite the mixed reviews of this place. Thankfully, it did not disappoint either. 128568

To start of, we ordered a plate of their Salmon Sashimi 127843 (Php 295 for 5 pcs.). This is mainly for my dad and it looked really fresh. He enjoyed it very much.

We then shared an order of their Hokkaido Roll 127843 (Php 290 for 6 pieces) which is a Shrimp Tempura roll topped with spicy sweet shrimp and ponzu sauce. I particularly loved the ponzu sauce with the roll! It was absolutely delicious!

My mom wanted a soup dish so we went for their Tonkotsu Miso Chashu 127836 (Php 360). This is Miso Ramen with Chashu slices. The noodles was cooked very well and the broth was very tasteful as well. The chashu was also very tender and had just the right amount of fat. I really liked this dish!

We also ordered the Station Sampler 127857 (Php 1,299), which included a number of items from the different stations in the market. This platter is super sulit and is highly recommended to a party of 4 to 5. It's so filling, plus you typically get to try most of their best sellers. 128571 The platter consists of the following:

127845 6 pcs. Takoyaki - Very tasty and served hot and fresh, I really enjoyed this dish. I really like the sauce and I was so happy that they didn't scrimp on Bonito Flakes and Japanese mayonnaise.

127832 6 pcs. Gyoza - Delicious! The wrapper was a tad thick, but the meat was really nice and tender. It was very well seasoned and the sauce that went with it balanced the flavors out.

127842 2 sticks Torimoro - This was delicious! The chicken was very tender, cooked really nicely and it was very flavorful. It had a hint of Teriyaki sauce but it was still generally dry. 128077🏼

127842 2 sticks Pork Belly - Also delicious! It was not too greasy and was just cooked right. The meat was very tender as well. 128077🏼

127844 5 pcs Ebi Tempura - You really can't go wrong with Ebi Tempura so yeah! Theirs was really good with just the right amount of batter and it was cooked nicely as well, not at all greasy and served with a well seasoned sauce.

127831 3 pcs. Chicken Karaage - It looked a little weird for me because it was so round but taste-wise, it was actually really good. They put it tiny pieces of ginger which gave the fried chicken more flavor. It was delicious with the Japanese mayo!

127843 6 slices Ichiba Roll - I'm all for all out Japanese makis so this one was one of my favorites of the night! The Ichiba Roll had tempura, tamago, mango amd salmon skin and it was topped with crunchy crabstick and mayo. Wild sa sarap! I loved this make so much! 128571

We weren't done yet. Hahaha 128569 We also ordered their Assorted Yakotori Platter 127842 (Php 550). This was also a good buy for a hungry family! We went for Tare because we all like the sweet-salty flavor of Teriyaki. The platter had the following:

2 sticks Negima (Negi and Chicken Thigh)
2 sticks Quail Egg
2 sticks Pork Belly
2 sticks Beef Gyukushi (Grilled beef tenderloin)

They were all so great too! 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼

All in all, we enjoyed our dinner here so much! There's so much to try in this joint so come in groups so you get to try more. The fresh seafood dishes look promising to come back for too, but they were expensive. Of course, even their regular items are great already, so I'm guessing they have more items for us Japanese cuisine lovers to enjoy! Looking forward to my next visit! 128571128571128571

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Midz S.
3.0 Stars

We just finished watching Annie at RWM and decided to have dinner at Ichiba! The place was packed when we got there, but they had seats available so we really didn't have to wait.

I've seen lots of pictures of the place all over social media when it opened, and it was one of the reasons why I wanted to try it. Just having the chance to eat in a setting like the Japanese market really adds some excitement! Sadly, it wasn't as I hoped it to be. The place lacked the vibe I was expecting.

After settling down, some of us looked around and checked the live seafood selection. They came with a lot of choices, but also with huge price tags. We scrapped the idea of having some seafood cooked even if that was our original plan.

We ordered 1 yakitori platter, 1 basic gyoza, 2 grilled salmon, 1 spicy tiger roll, 2 ebi tempura and 1 kani mango salad instead.

I think there's nothing to elaborate about the food as I found its taste typical. What I can say is that everything wasn't cheap. We all had to pay P500+ per person for the meal (and we were six in the group) and it wasn't even too heavy. Even the girls needed more food! (So we just decided on having some dessert outside Ichiba)

I guess if you really want to have the best time, you must be ready to shell out some cash (and hope that it'd be worth it 128514)

Overall, it was a good experience, and I can't say that I'm not coming back. Perhaps their sashimi is something else. Perhaps the seafood is to die for. Perhaps their ramen (which I really wanted to try) has what it takes to draw more customers in. In short, I won't know for sure unless I try.

So, see you again, Ichiba.

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Star V.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Camille R.
5.0 Stars

One factor I consider for a good restaurant is ambience, and Ichiba did not disappoint! I love the interior and the experience while dining in. (Props for photo ops corner!)

The taste and quality of their food is commendable. Definitely worth the trip! (From qc to pasay!)

My new favorite Japanese resto! :)

  • No. of Comments: 7
Marjorie S.
5.0 Stars

Parang dinala sa Pilipinas ang Japan! 🇯🇵
The takoyaki in the photo looks and tastes exactly the same as the takoyaki we ate at Ichiba Market in Osaka. 128025

Plus I was able to buy UCC latte, ung nasa cute na bottle na sa Japan ko lang nabili at wala sa Daiso or sa Japan Homes. 128077🏻


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Hazel B.
5.0 Stars

Food is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!! Everything I tried in this restaurant was fresh, deliciously cooked and authentic Japanese. Ambience is cozy. Service is good too. I super love Ichiba!!!

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Meg M.
2.0 Stars

This is the first time I'll post something like this. Definitely NOT worth my parent's hard-earned money. 128563 Service was slow. Plus I caught the guy touching out gyoza with his bare hands. 128078🏼 Oyster was okay na rin pero it doesn't taste like it's fresh. The spicy tiger roll was not crunchy. Mama's teriyaki don is okay na rin since the chicken was so tender plus it's Japanese rice. 128530

Mukang sad rin yung takoyaki. Mas masarap pa ako gumawa at mas magaling pa ata ako bumilog! 9996🏼️9996🏼9996🏼 KIDDING hahahaa (We have a takoyaki maker at home. Hahaha)

Sobrang sayang the 1,300! My Mom was so disappointed na inaaya niya ako pumunta sa isa pang Japanese restaurant. GANON LEVEL.

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Mischele R.
5.0 Stars

Loooove this Japanese Resto! 128525

Quaint place! You'll definitely feel that you really are eating japanese food haha! Clean, no funny smell and perfect for pictures 128514

If the Katsudon and Grilled Chicken teriyaki tastes good, then I give them a 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼 Ive tasted the majority of the jap resto here in manila and some katsudon and teriyaki is BLEH, but this resto you know that they spend time in preparing your meal hence the food is filling! 128523 MUST TRY Is the ICHIBAN ROLL. It was actually recommended to us by the server, and good thing we listened! 128522

P 400+ per person. Not bad! You'll get a rice bowl and a sushi on the side!128522

Very attentive but not over attentive haha! They'll just make sure everything taken care of or orders are served already! 128522

First time to try this resto and sure glad we did!

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Keiji N.
3.0 Stars

There are many choices of japanese food.

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Milags M.
4.0 Stars

Loved the ichiba roll and uni 128525

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Rachel T.
3.0 Stars

My friends and i planned to visit this restaurant out of curiosity and at the same time to do some catching up. We met up early as to make sure we get to eat on time by lunch. My friend arrived early and there wasn't any line yet. That was around 1030 as he even arrived earlier our meet up time which was 11 am.

We ordered the ff:
*Egg roll - i noticed the eggs were not layered thinly. It looked more like a block of cheese. I guess this is the new style of cooking this dish

*spicy tuna sashimi - i didn't quite enjoy this as all i can taste was the spicy paste wrapping the tuna slices, too little tempura crumbs, but i did like the fresh vegetable with it.

*sukiyaki - this was delicious. Prior serving this, they even asked us if we want to put the egg or they will put the egg. The sukiyaki was served hot and it wasn't too sweet. I like how perfect the noodle and the soup was. Serving size was not too big but the whole bowl was filled properly

*Spicy Salmon roll - the rolls were not very big but it was delicious. The salmon was not like cut into cubes, it was like thinly sliced salmon then placed all together.

*Takoyaki - delicious, served hot and flavorful

Service was also great, they respond immediately if you call for them and they check the food being served if it is plaved correctly on the right table. They also clean up the table for empty plates immediately. The price of the food was also not very expensive although from the dishes we order there wasn't anything special or notable either. It's just like the usual regular japanese restaurants here in manila. Although the ambiance or the feel of the restaurant was like you are in a japanese "dampa"/market. Fresh seafoods are available in their aquariums. Maybe next time I'll try their "dampa" style as i was only able to order what are readily available in the menu.

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

We were half curious & half dreading to try this place out after reading some dismal reviews here 128513 After some hemming & hawing, we finally decided to give it a go & went last Saturday, We thought that with most people out of the metro & on vacation, the line would probably be short... 🙄 BUT the line was really long 128557 wait time would be about an hour & since we were there already, we decided to just wait it out....

While waiting, most people entertained themselves with the various sea creature headgears they have and I was no exception 128514 It sure made for a few laughs and made waiting tolerable... After about 45 minutes, we finally got a table 128517

Here's what we tried from their fresh market section:

Scallops128070🏼 - cooked in "special sauce" - pretty good but super expensive @500 per piece + cooking charge

Shrimp with buttered garlic - good but very typical, font remember how much this one was

From the ala carte menu :

Chirashi Don @435+ - expensive for such a small amount of food served in a huge bowl 128533 3 slices of tuna, salmon, eel & some uni... Not really worth it.

Ichiba Roll @285+ - this one was a winner, reallly good!

Gyu Saikoro @380 - another winner! beef cubes with yakiniku sauce served with togue on the side.

Hotate Sashimi @350 - 5 pcs of scallops sashimi...really fresh & served chilled with lemon 128523

Overall, it was a satisfactory meal, the prices for the ala carte are pretty standard... The fresh market though is quite expensive and made more so when you add the cooking charges...loved the decors and service was really really good even if the place was packed (150 seater) Our server was very courteous, attentive & friendly. A lot of shouting from the staff every time someone orders from the fresh market so the place can be really noisy 128517 A nice & fun experience for first timers!

600th review! Yay 127881

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5.0 Stars

HAPPY EASTER! 128048128048128048 Before watching Batman V Superman movie at Newport Mall, we decided to try the new Japanese restaurant located at the lobby of the mall. 128515

Long lines and number 13 in the waiting list. 128553

Looking around while waiting to be seated makes you feel like you're in another place. Ichiba Japanese Market brings you to the real Japanese Market experience in the Philippines. It's like DAMPA with Japan-japan touch 128514 - The aquarium, the PALUTO, affordable price... Etc. 128025128031128032🦀128020128055128046

After 15 minutes, the staff assisted us to our table and handed the menu. We ordered Vegetable Tempura 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5 and Wagyu Stick 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5 for starters. 128046127814 And complimentary tea 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5 was also served. 127862 For the main course we had Oyakodon 11088️11088️11088️11088️ 4/5 and Tori-Teri Don 11088️11088️11088️11088️11088️ 5/5 128020

And before heading to the cinema, I went to their take-out shop to take a selfie using the props and check their Japanese products for sale. 🤑

#ilovetoeat #ichibaph #ichibajapanesemarket 12851510084️

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Mark L.
3.0 Stars

too loud clapping when a special order is served. in our case it was the lobsters (pictured). I think the loud clapping is better than if it's quiet.

chicken skin yakitori 128077128077128077 bland taste
chicken thigh yakitori 128077128077128077 bland taste
ichiba roll 128077128077128077128077
spicy tuna salad 128077128077128077128077128077 i told myself not to eat raw food anymore since i always get lbm. but last night I accidentally got a spoonful and ate it. since it was good, i still chewed and swallowed it
lobster with noodles sate style 128077128077128077128077128077 a bit spicy but it was good
lobster in lemon butter sauce 128077128077128077128077 lacked something. maybe the taste of butter or the lemon or both 128513
ebi tempura 128077128077128077 too little sauce and only 1 small cup for all of us.
gyoza 128077128077128077 nothing special

there's more food (sashimi, sukiyaki, etc) ordered but I forgot what they were because I didn't eat them.

service is ok to bad. waiters didn't know where to place the food. what i mean is for example we ordered 5 salmon sashimis, they'd put it all (5 plates) together in one part of the table instead of spreading it out to all the diners. we told them to spread it out and what they understood was to put all (5 plates) of them on another part of the table.

oh yeah, the japanese chef was a bitch (excuse my French). he didn't want to take an order because he was busy.

bring your rwm card (not sure with the green card, we used a gold card) to get a 10% discount.

total bill P13,970 for 10 people.

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