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123 National Highway, Olongapo, Zambales

iCove Hotel
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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

Days sure pass by fast and with a blink of an eye and summer was already over when we finally decided to go to the beach. It was already the end of July when R and I finally pushed through with our plans to head North and chase summer. We chose our accommodation a week before heading out and after browsing through Agoda for half an hour, we settled with iCove Beach Hotel.

Hello, iCove Beach Hotel.

This hotel is one of the newest beach front hotels in Zambales. Quite small compared to the ones you’d find in bigger and busier cities but this is considered as one of the nicest accommodations within the area. It was drizzling when we visited and we were so glad that we got to the hotel early and were able to score parking in front of the hotel.

We arrived half an hour earlier than our check-in time and unfortunately, our room wasn’t ready then so we had to wait till the original check-in time which is 2 p.m.. We were also bummed to see the published room rates of the hotel. It was cheaper compared to the one we got through Agoda! The place though was fully booked when we went so it was also a gamble if we tried book on the same day. At exactly 2 p.m., we were assisted to our room.

We got a deluxe 19 square meter room with a queen sized bed, cable television, small fridge and private bathroom. We do not have a view as our balcony was facing the pathway to the pool. Wi-fi connection was decent and fast enough for us to browse the internet or play games.

After a short nap, R and I decided to walk by the beach and take advantage of the relatively clear sky. But we quickly realized that it was a very bad idea. The shore was so stinky because of the garbage washed ashore. After two minutes or so, we decided to head back and just lounge around the pool.

The pool is quite small and 5 guests could make it feel crowded. Luckily, no one opted to take a dip when we were there. We spent about 2 hours circling around the pool while thinking about life.

We walked around the neighborhood after swimming and got back quite late. Tired from our walk, we fell asleep right away. But our sweet slumber was cut short when the kids in the next room and the guests from the second floor woke up. It was as if the walls were paper thin. You could hear the footsteps and chatter.

We were then forced to wake up early and head to the pool area again to claim our free breakfast. I got Tocino (PHP270) while R ordered Corned Beef (PHP320). Service was quick and our food were served in less than 10 minutes.

Both were simple and quite overpriced dishes. I could have easily recreated these dishes with frozen tocino and canned corned beef that you could get from any supermarket. The orange juice that comes with each meal tasted like watered down Eight O’Clock.

Check-out was very smooth. We were cleared as soon as I handed the key to the receptionist.

Overall, it was still an okay experience. Our room was clean and the staff members were courteous. The hotel also had ample parking space. I’d just bring earplugs if I do decide to spend the night here again.

P.S. Make sure you call the hotel as well for its rates to ensure that you get the best deal!

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Billy Ray B.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Arnold E.
4.0 Stars

Totally new opened in April Rooms are modern design all digital lighting, power controlled by room key card only (no using other cards) Pool is very nice strict about non swim wear. Has kitchen next to bar only pool side dining. Hotel didnt have credit card setup cash only.

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Anrey C.
5.0 Stars

Our first place of stay on our 2 day outing which ended yesterday.. It's a good hotel, staff are nice ., the pool is well maintained.. Dude my first time to wear a proper swimsuit haha..usually I don't wear one..bec. They are strict that you really need to wear a proper swimsuit..do I have a choice 128527128517128524128524128513 there's also a beach near it..your choice., you swim to the pool or to the beach and us,. We swam both..hilig sa swimming hihi 12854012808912774497289728 sulitin ang summer..

One of the best hotel to stay in subic I guess...

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