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IHOP Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Lavanya R.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I decided to use my Ihop GCs from |ooloo one Saturday morning.

While waiting for my friends to arrive, I ordered one cup of hot chocolate (75php) and Monster Mozza Sticks (245php). The hot chocolate is good though it taste kind of familiar. The mozzarella sticks were huge and filling, not to mention that they were sooooo cheesy. It came with marinara sauce which balanced the taste of these monster sticks.

After a few minutes, my friends arrived and ordered the following.

** Breakfast Sampler (395php)
Two eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links, 2 pieces of ham, hash brown, and 2 buttermilk pancakes.

I loved the hash brown and sausage. The bacon strips were too crispy. The scrambled egg was okay, and the pancake was meh.

** Broccoli Cheese Omelette (225php)
Made with broccoli, cheese sauce, and shredded cheddar cheese, this omelette was so good. It was not too salty, and had the consistency that I like. As per the menu, one order of their omelette comes with a free side dish. Options are 2 buttermilk pancakes, hash brown, mixed fruit, and toast. I picked 2 flavored pancakes and added 75php. I had their New York Cheesecake pancake. These were good! I could order this next time.

The service was slow during this visit due to a lot of diners – mostly families. It took so long to get our bill. Good thing the servers were accommodating and kind even I asked them to take countless group photos. 10024128514

P.S. If you want to charge your phone, you can ask the staff. They will plug it in the counter.

P.S.S. Cindy S also ordered Never Empty Coffee Pot (95php). As the name suggests, unlimited coffeeeeee.

Thanks | for the GCs! 128539

  • No. of Comments: 3
Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Breakfast would always be my most favorite part of the day and my most favorite meal. So when Ony visited me one time, I suggested we eat here in IHOP. 128155

Ony ordered Chicken while I ordered Omelette. Instead of having my omelette with buttermilk pancakes, I decided to get toasted wheat bread. Said this before but I just don't like their pancakes, it tastes weird! 128517128518 If you don't like wheat bread, you can also have fruits, hasbrown, or white bread. Oh, chocolate pancakes as well but for an additional fee.

Ony's: chicken was just okay, it was fried well and breading wasn't that thick. Not oily and salty. Pwede na but the tomato sauce was weird. Too sour, there was nothing to like about it and it did not made the dish better. We should have asked for the sauce on the side or should have ordered chicken & waffles instead. I'm not eating fries that much anymore so I was not able to try it but Ony said the fries were just okay. Pwede na.

Ruth's: I'm biased because egg 128155 and I LOVE EGGS!! So I liked this one. Walang kokontra!! 128541 Fluffy egg + lots of melted cheese + broccoli. It's my first time trying an egg with broccoli and it was not weird or anything. Hmm, well it's not as good (and fun to eat) as a ham & cheese omelette but hey, this is healthier! 128518 But given a choice, I'll just have scrambled eggs or a cheese omelette. (Sorry IHOP, I still like Pancake House's version. 128513) Also, according to Ony, there's nothing really special about my order. He said it's overpriced. Plus he thinks that adding broccoli is weird and he was surprised that there's no meat or anything. Haha sad daw! 128517

Service was good though. The servers were all very nice and not that hard to call. Plus service was fast. Place is quiet and clean, too. 128077🏼

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Edison A.
4.0 Stars

The Go-To place for Millenials working on the graveyard shift on a weekday!

At 10 in the morning, expect the place to be already packed with people. Me and my friend Norman ordered the Original buttermilk pancakes (2pcs) PhP145, Monster Mozza Sticks  PhP245, and Broccoli Cheese Omelette  PhP225.

Of course the famous pancake syrups are just perfect for our hot pancakes, the mozzarella sticks are fresh and delicious, the Broccoli Cheese Omelette is great but something tasted odd. True enough it did sent me back and forth to the CR for 3 days and I swear I can still see the Broccoli (sorry to spoil your appetite).

I'd still go back to this place regardless of what happened, it could have just been an ingredient that went bad. And the service is a little 'meh' like what you should expect from a full house.

4/5 stars!

  • No. of Comments: 3
Anne R.
5.0 Stars

I kind of like working in BGC because you have all these restaurants and food joints accessible to you. Truth to be told, I did not have a really good experience with IHOP in Alabang (though they closed down already) so it wasn't really my prime choice for a brekkie/catch up date with Yan B. But the plus side, it's very near my office and I have GCs I won from Looloo a while back! (Thank you Peanut D!)

We spent more than three hours and I actually enjoyed it. I ordered the Broccoli Cheese Omelet which comes with a choice of one side (either 2 Buttermilk pancakes, Toast, Hash browns or Mixed Fruits).

Of course, I went for the Buttermilk Pancakes. I've been alternating between the omelet and the pancake. Thinking that I won't get full but it's actually pretty heavy and I didn't even finished it. 128529

The pancakes were delicious and they are not what I remembered it to be. Paired with their syrup, you will really enjoy your breakfast fare.

The staff were nice because they even accommodated Yan B's request to charge her phone. 128517

Oh and I also ordered the Splashberry which is refillable. I thought that when you ask for a refill, they will just fill your old glass up but they would actually serve you a new one. 128513 I loved it! Nothing beats catching up with a friend and eating a hearty breakfast!

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Anna d.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Mark L.
2.0 Stars

weekly saturday dinner..
corned beef hash 128077128077128077128077128077
waffle 128077128077128077 i ordered crispy, it wasn't and it was cold already. i didn't return it because their service is super slow
buttermilk pancakes 128077 taste like carton. super dry. it was cold too
appetizer platter 128077128077 it was served cold
caesar salad 128077128077128077

the air conditioning was very warm 128078
free wifi was kinda slow
the service was super slow 128078 we were waiting for our receipt for 5 minutes and we just left it together with our change (so they deserve a P9.00 tip). the place had few customers last night. maybe 4-5 tables only

  • No. of Comments: 1
Joseph C.
5.0 Stars

the perfect pokemon breakfast place128521 chicken waffle, blueberry pancakes, different syrups and a giant omelet , classic local beef tapa all good for sharing. Coffee pot unli refill. if you want to fast track leveling up.🖐

  • No. of Comments: 7
Yna N.
4.0 Stars

Food is good but I still stick to pancake house..pricey128563

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

Ihop is always an option fir good breakfast. Special thanks to looloo for sending a GC of ihop i have a reason to review this branch.

128204strawberry banana french toast @265
This is their original french toast with glazed strawberries with slices of banana. Just add another 100php and you'll get 2 eggs, hashbrown and choice of either bacon or sausage links. I chose the bacon. Their hash is quite unique. I thought it was something like okoy or cheese at first sight. The bottom of the hash was oily.

128204strawberry banana shake
Plain ordinary

I should have ordered pancakes, at the end. Their french toast were not outstanding.

There's a CR, gender specific, at the staircase just before going ti the second floor. The second floor is really spacious. The first floor is not a good place to stay. Wifi is not functioning because there are a lot of customers (8am) at that time. Customers are usually joggers and some lolo and lola.

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Cara B.
4.0 Stars

Tried ihops porckchop thingy :) i liked it but the salsa not too much.

I haven't tried their breakfast yet but will try it really soon 128514128514128514

They have great menus to choose from. And really, its hard to choose what to eat. I want to taste them all but but some are too pricey for me hahahah 128514128514128514

Over all i like the place and their food. And will try em all soon 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Clarissa P.
2.0 Stars

Today, IHOP broke my heart. Despite all the backlogs that I need to review, I am doing this now because of frustration.

I was set to have dinner with the hubby at IHOP because I was seriously craving for some good plain waffle. I remembered the PNOY waffle that I got to try when we had our rendezvoos in IHOP and can’t stop thinking about it. I talked hubby through it and told him to try their Southern Fried Chicken with Country Gravy. Can’t forget about the bacon fat infused gravy and I knew he will like it too.

Went to IHOP around 930PM and the place was almost empty. We were ushered to a table and there was only one server in their second floor dining area. She gave us their menu and we ordered. Our orders took a long time before they were served but that was okay.

Two pieces of fried chicken with rice and gravy – brown gravy that is. But of course I tried it and it was their regular gravy. I called the attention of the server and asked if that was really the gravy that’s supposed to come with the fried chicken and she answered with a confident yes. I told her that the last time, we were served with a creamy white gravy infused with bacon fat – the country gravy. She said that it’s not available since they run out of it recently. I WAS SO PISSED. I told her that she could have told me because the fired chicken that we ordered will never be what it’s supposed to be without that specific gravy! She simply said that it’s not available so they replaced it with the regular gravy and asked if we needed anything else. Can you believe that? Husband was so dismayed because though the fried chicken was juicy, there was nothing extra ordinary about it and 295Php for two pieces with that kind of gravy was OVER PRICED. He wished he had McDo or KFC chicken instead.

I ordered for a plain waffle and though I liked it, it wasn’t as crispy as I remembered it during the rendezvoos. I wasn’t able to finish it and just asked for more iced tea.

Good thing I checked my bag and I was able to bring my vouchers. Imagine paying for 595 Php for food that left us looking for something else to eat. I gave my 500Php voucher and added 100Php cash. Whiw!

  • No. of Comments: 5
Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been itching to go back to IHOP after attending the fun looloo rendezvous there last month. I knew that IHOP is in Manila but ever since my not so nice dining experience in its US counterpart, I snubbed the idea of paying the local branch a visit. But after a wonderful brunch with awesome foodies, I regretted missing out on all these delectable dishes. And so… I bugged R.

Hello, IHOP! I’m back!

I was surprised that the place was packed on a Sunday night. We arrived a bit past 9 p.m. and very few tables were available for taking.

R and I were famished so we ordered Appetizer Sampler (PHP475), Specialty Fiesta Chicken Wrap (PHP295), Pick-A-Pancake Combo (PHP385), Soft Tacos (PHP195, 2 pieces) and Bottomless Iced Tea (PHP75).

The Appetizer Sampler and our drinks arrived first and R was delighted by the size of the sampler. He enjoyed the chicken tenders with the honey mustard sauce while I liked it more with the marinara sauce. It had a nice crispy batter while the chicken breast remained tender and juicy. I let R eat all the mozzarella sticks as I didn’t enjoy it during my first visit. We split the onion rings though as we both love onion rings. R was also amazed by how big it was.

The combo of two eggs, hash browns, sausage links and New York Cheesecake pancake was served next and it was when we realized that we ordered too much.

I was not in the mood for sausages so I let R eat both links. I had one of the eggs though and ate some hash browns. We decided to have the pancakes for later as our dessert.

While R was busy eating his meal, I started to munch on the chicken wrap.

The combination of tender grilled chicken breast with melted Cheddar and Jack cheeses, sautéed corn, salsa, ranch dressing and lettuce brought so much joy to my tastebuds. The lovely contrast of flavors and textures was addicting. The only thing that stopped me from finishing it was my tummy. I was too full from the steak we had for lunch (which was a whopping 20 oz steak)!

We didn’t touch the tacos anymore and had it to go and just focused on the pancakes.

The fluffy pancakes was a nice way to cap our meal. I drizzled mine with the original maple sauce while R tried the blueberry syrup. He was looking for strawberry syrup but it seemed that IHOP ran out when we visited.

Overall, it was a filling dinner and the best part was that I only spent a bit over PHP600 for everything because of the gift certificates I got from the past looloo rendezvoos. |ooloo, you’re the best! 10084

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

Another fun looloo rendezvoos during day time and brunch was sponsored by the International House of Pancakes! 9728️ I was actually curious as to how it would turn out given the reviews with low ratings I've been seeing on looloo. But I was pleasantly surprised. Aside from their already extensive menu, they also have other items that are offered for a limited time.

This rendezvoos was also a little unique as they let us order what we want from their menu aside from the dishes they're set to serve us.

🔹Splashberry. This beverage was suggested and it's what I had. This drink, lemon-lime soda with orange juice and strawberries, is perfect together with their heavy meals. All drinks are unlimited, even their coffee.

🔹Corned Beef Hash. This dish was good and tasty but it's really heavy. I ordered this as well.

🔹Appetizer Sampler. Generous serving of Mozzarella Sticks, Onion Rings, and Chicken Strips. Everything was good and the batter was crunchy. Probably the best mozzarella stick and chicken strip I've had in a while.

🔹Southern Fried Chicken. This is one of the dishes they have for a limited time only (LTO). It's a southern-style juicy chicken battered and fried to a golden brown crisp. It was good without any gravy and I liked it that way. The others loved it more with the smoky gravy. This item is available in 1 piece or 2 pieces. 127831127831

🔹Tacos. Another LTO dish. I loved this. The ground beef was well-marinated and went perfectly with the shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese. Even better is it's available in both soft or hard taco shell. This is also available in single or double. You can opt to have both soft and hard shells in a double order. 🌮🌯

Thanks |ooloo and IHOP! As usual, it was fun seeing other loolooers during the rendezvoos and the after-rendezvoos. 9786️ Reich T Clarissa P Jairus d Sandra Y Mary Love S JP G Mark L Abe C Odell R Peanut D

  • No. of Comments: 5
Abe C.
4.0 Stars

#DejaVu all over again! 3 years between my first looloo Rendezvoos, I returned to the scene of the crime at IHOP BGC. This time, sponsored lunch by Ihop so we can try their LTO (limited time offer) Comfort Food Dishes...

1) Southern Fried Chicken - Uber crunchy skin, salty savory goodness with juicy chicken inside. Served with country gravy (which is a creamier type of gravy) which works too, along with plain rice (P195 for 1 piece and P295 for 2 pc). 4/5
2) Tacos - get 'em soft or hard (P125 for 1 pc and P195 for a double). I got my taco soft. Very juicy and generous portions of marinated beef. And I loved that it didn't have beans, it's got diced tomatoes, onions, lettuce shreds, and grated cheese. Excellent! Rating 4.5/5 considering I don't eat Mexican all the time.

The 3rd limited time Comfort Food Favorites is the Spaghetti Bolognese (P195) which I didn't order. It's not for me.

Among the classics I tried for the first time,
3) Corned Beef Hash - P275 this dish was recommended by none other than Peanut D, so of course I had to try it. Boy was it good. The hash brown made some parts crunchy and I liked the saltiness of the Corned beef, so it was so enjoyable to eat. The serving is pretty heavy already. It was my 2nd breakfast meal for the day, having just had a breakfast meeting at UCC, but nonetheless, I enjoyed it. 4/5
4) Belgian Waffle - cooked the way P-Noy prefers it, according to the Marketing person of IHOP, Pat. Golden brown and a bit of a crunch outside. Quite good. Crunchy outside but soft inside. It's still thick for my taste. 3/5
5) Appetizer Sampler - decent mozzarella stick, onion ring and Chicken tender bunched in one. 3/5

Service was pretty good, thank to Marlon and the crew. Thanks, Pat. It was a nice sponsored looloo lunch. Seeing many families faces and a few unfamiliar faces ones. Nice to meet Sandra Y and Mark L while meeting up again with Jairus d, Reich T, Clarissa P, JP G, Mary Love S and of course, looloo's own Odell R and Peanut.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

Friday night,  while i was waiting for Sandman,  i received an email from Peanut D.. Lo and behold!  An invite for a sponsored brunch at IHOP.  Yes,  |oo|oo Rendezvoos baby!

I had to make last minute changes to my weekend.  You can't say no to Peanut.  No is not even in the |oo|oo dictionary.  Think of it as a court appearance,  attendance is a must.  Say no and you'll be held in contempt. 

Pat from IHOP Philippines joined us for lunch.  A couple of minutes after and we were privy to some insider information about IHOP - a new branch in the QC area,  new concepts and new items on the menu.  

LTO's.  These are the limited time offer items on their menu. 

|Southern Style Fried Chicken.
Comfort food at its finest.  The chicken is cooked perfectly,  moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside.  The gravy is the best one I've tasted!  According to Chef Ryan,  they use Bacon Fat!!!!  It is soooo goood!  I even said that the gravy goes well with anything -  sausages,  fries,  drizzle on top of rice,  any type of grilled meat...

|Tacos.  This was okay for me.  I am not a fan of Mexican Food.  The only taco that i liked is the one from Silantro.  I liked that the filling is semi spicy,  reminiscent of chili con carne sans beans.   This would be a hit for Mexican Food Aficionados.

Items from the menu

|Banana Nutella Crepe.  This was good,  considering i am not a Nutella fan.  They didn't go cray-cray with the hazelnut spread.  Not too sweet as the whipped cream neutralises the sweetness of Nutella.  A lil dose of Potassium and we got ourselves a winning dish. 

|Steak Omelette.  One of my favourites.  Hash browns,  meat encased in a perfectly cooked scrambled egg.  I'd consider this dish as a heavyweight.  Filling and best eaten when you are really starving and has plans to join a triathlon.

|Corned Beef.   This is just okay.  What sets it apart from other corned beef dishes is the crispy shoestring potatoes. 

|Appetizer Sampler.  The chicken fingers is cooked well,  and they used the breast part.  Albeit that,  the meat is flavorful and moist.  The downside of using white meat is that it tends to lean to the dry side if not cooked properly.  The onion rings needs a lil improvement,  i would have preferred the batter to be extra crispy.  

|Split Decision.  I got the other piece of the bacon.  I looove bacon!

|Splashberry.  A concoction of lemon-lime soda,  orange juice and strawberries.  Lesser evil version of a regular soda,  a fraction of vitamin C makes the drink less evil.  I liked this,  the contrasting flavors of the juice and the soda makes the drink refreshing.  Perfect for the sweltering heat.

I didn't try the other dishes as i was too full.  Based on the othet reviews,  they seem (they - ang mga ninja mag-review,  the fastest of them all) to like what was served, nothing but praises.

It was nice seeing familiar faces and meeting fellow foodies. Nice meeting you Mark L The man behind the awesome photos - JP G, another fellow kaladkarin Sandra Y

Ruth D - Bakeet mo kami iniwan? Nyahahaha. Charaught lang, Dai!

Mary Love S Clarissa P Abe C Jairus d - Morato Food Crawl on Saturday, bet?

Thanks for the invite Peanut D and Odell R

Let's raise the roof for IHOP's generosity and the wonderful people from |oo|oo

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Sandra Y.
4.0 Stars

An unexpected invitation at around 8pm from Peanut D last Friday. And it happened to be my first "rendezvoos" after few years reviewing in Looloo. I was excited because we'll be in a breakfast serving place.. IHOP! And of course, I get to meet some reviewers. After 1 hour and 9 minutes travel via UBER all the way from far far Lagro ( thank God! Walang traffic!) I arrived at exactly 11:15am. I have been in Ihop in BGC before and I find the place spacious, has good airconditioning and conducive for chatting. This time ibang level, we literally talk about food places we've been into and the best food we tried.

As I mentioned, I love breakfast meals, simply because most of it are my comfort food. So I started by ordering my preferred drink. And I was the only one who braved for "hot" coffee. And its refillable ( this is what I love in this place). I also highly recommended the Splashberry which everyone in the table ordered.. That I decide to have at the middle of our our brunch. It is a mixture of lemon lime soda and orange juice with fresh strawberries at the bottom.. Its yummy amd refreshing!

I enjoyed the Appetizer Sampler - Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Onion Rings and Chicken Strips. Its all fried golden brown and its crunchy. It comes along with 2 dips: honey mustard and marinara dips.

Since I have not been in this place for a while, didn't know about their LTO (Limited Time Offer). I get to try their Southern Fried Chicken. Its so good that you can just eat it even without gravy. Take note, comes along with this white gravy... Yeah its good because we learned that it has bacon fat. Its a must try. Another noteworthy it their Tacos. I thought its the usual tacos that I have. We tried the hard and soft shell. Its simply a marinated ground beed, diced tomatoes,onions, lettuce shreds and grated cheese. The meat is flavorful with a hint of sweet taste. 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼 but I preferred the soft shell 128513

Chicken Fajita Omellete is superb. Made with grilled fajita seasoned chicken breast strips, fresh green peppers and onions with a blend of cheeses and salsa. Topped with sour cream. That creamy taste is just so perfect! Also get to taste Big Steak Omellete, it has steak strips, cheddar cheese and hash browns with green peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes. Served with salsa. For me all mixture are crunchy and fresh, but its just bland.

Breakfast Sampler, is served with 2 eggs, bacon strips,ham, & hashbrowns. This is a staple breakfast that I can order regularly. #solidbreakfast.

New York Cheesecake, looking at it when served excites me. The buttermilk pancakes has cheesecake bites! And strawberry glazed topping is awesome. While eating, we had number of stories connected to food. One thing is the Belgian Waffle, which PNoy usually orders. I also take a bite of it. You can never go wrong with this perfectly cooked waffle, that compliments my coffee.

To sum it all up, I loved everything that is served, though most meals are quite pricey since 90% of the ingredients are sourced abroad. But its worth it, its a place you can go back, and feel good 128055

So happy to meet my fellow looloo reviewers Reich T, Clarissa P, Mark L, Abe C,Odell R, JP G, Ruth D, Mary Love S, and again Peanut D. Also, thankful for Jairus d.. Ibang entertainment, may concert pa sa car 128540

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Dang Q.
1.0 Stars

Overrrated. Pancakes are dry, service is slow, meat isn't fab.
You're safer eating at a local cafe or Granny's a few blocks from here.

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Clarissa P.
5.0 Stars

IHOP is a regular thing for my small family. My daughter loves pancakes and IHOP has the right pancake for her and she always asks us to go back. They have this "Funny Face" pancake that my daughter loves. They're also pretty friendly with kids. That's why A |ooloo rendezvoos at IHOP was an instant yes for me because it was a chance to try some of their menu items that I haven't tried yet 128518

11AM call time on a hot Saturday for a sponsored pig out. Pat, from IHOP, joined us with their chef Ryan. They introduced their LTO (limited time offer) items to us - Spaghetti Bolognese, Southern Fried Chicken and IHOP Tacos. These dishes were created to give customers that ultimate comfort food experience, assuring satisfaction with these all time Favorites. We got to try the tacos and the chicken. They were also very generous to let us order whatever we wanted to try from their menu.

To start off, we were asked for our preferred beverage and since I've tried their Splashers before, I settled for an Iced Mocha since I needed the caffeine boost.

Onto the food, let me give you a drill down of what we've tried --

Appetizer Sampler - Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Onion Rings and Chicken Strips - all fried to golden brown perfection. The sampler came in with honey mustard and marinara dips. All were tasty and had crunchy coating. Great start for a full meal ahead!

Southern Fried Chicken - there wasn't too much of complication with this chicken. It was plain and straight forward, juicy and tasty. The chicken parts were marinated with buttermilk then coated with flour that has some salt and pepper. What I liked about this though was the country gravy! It was knock out good! Made from milk, flour, black pepper and BACON FAT! Oh heavens! The bacon flavor was so distinct and according to Chef Ryan, they used double smoked bacon.

IHOP Tacos - we tried the hard and soft shell version and I would say that I liked the soft one more because it held the meat better. If you're getting the hard shell, better consume right away so that it won't get soggy. The meat was pretty good. It was more like chili con carne without the heat and the beans. It also had diced tomatoes, onions, lettuce and lots of cheddar cheese!

Banana Nutella Crepe - it was my first time to try this and I would say that it's super good! I mean Nutella with banana, how can you go wrong? It had generous serving of Nutella, slices of fresh banana, dusted with powdered sugar and topped with whipped cream. The crepe layers were a little thick though so an order of this is really filling.

It was also my first time to try the P-Noy favorite waffle and I must admit that it was good on its own. I didn't smother it with butter nor drown it with syrup but it was pretty good. Warm and crunchy outside but soft inside. I think I'll order this next time.

Got to try their corned beef, which I tried years ago, and was reminded that it was just okay for me.

I didn't try the other dishes coz they're already our family favorites in IHOP like the Steak Omelette which hubby and I would always order and upgrade the buttermilk pancake that it comes with (you can also opt for hash brown but we always skip this coz the omelette has one serving of this wrapped inside) to my all time IHOP favorite pancake - New York Cheesecake. Oh this one I highly recommend because it has generous chunks of cheesecake cubes inside!

The group also ordered some breakfast samplers which I've also tried before so I skipped them.

Overall, it was a great dining experience. Pat also shared that they're about to open a branch in Eastwood, just in front of McDonalds. They're also set to open a grab and go kind of store in SM North EDSA which will have a limited menu and a small space for those who opt to dine in.

Also, I would have to commend our server - Marlon. He's the best! According to Pat, even with regular customers, Marlon is able to establish good rapport. He was just excellent and so proactive! I would definitely look for him when my family goes back to IHOP!

It was nice to meet you Sandra Y and it was great to see familiar faces - Mark L and Mary Love S (see you on Sat?). And of course, it's always a great time with you guys - Jairus d, Reich T, Ruth D, JP G & Abe C 128516128516128516

MEGA THANKS again Peanut D and Odell R 128522

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Jairus d.
4.0 Stars

Saturday rendezvoos at IHOP woot woot!

I had to wake up early to catch the sponsored brunch of IHOP. I left my hometown at 8:30 am to ensure I reach the place on time but heavy traffic prevailed. Good thing the food sesh was just starting when I joined the group.

Stepping into their BGC branch brought mixed feelings. I was iffy to try IHOP again leaving unsatisfied. Prolly because of the reviews and talks I had with fellow foodies before.

At the same time, I was supper giddy. Nostalgia all around. After all, IHOP BGC was the first rendezvoos I attended on Looloo. There's no amount equivalent to the feelings I experienced three years ago:

|My face flushed with excitement and my hands trembled after getting "The email invite".128563128582🏻128525

|That star-struck moment of meeting Peanut and EJ. (Oo, nangyari yan P!128514).

|Having a blast with fellow loolooers who shares the same passion with food and kalokohan!.

|Submitted my first gay-lingo review and everyone went nuts about it! (or so i think)128517

|The last but most important.. eating FREE FOOD! #Charaught 128514

Okay, enough of the past! Let me go back to my IHOP review.128517 Our group was assisted by Patricia Malong, IHOP's brand officer. The invite happened to promote their brand new limited time comfort food favorites. We've tried two of them:

1278312 PC SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN (P195, 1 piece; P295; 2 pieces) - It comes with white rice and gravy. The chicken was flavorful and crunchy. It hits the crunchy skin while being juicy in the inside. Surprisingly, the star of the dish goes to the gravy. Flour, pepper, milk cooked in.. Wait for it.. BACON FAT! It's thick and creamy, the bacon fat taste envelops the gravy and blends perfectly with their fried chicken. Soo good!

128131🏼IHOP TACOS (P125, single; P195, double) - Ground beef, diced tomatoes, onion, lettuce shreds, cheese in a taco shell. You have the option to get the shell in soft or crunchy shell. This was just an okay dish. Prolly because of the ground beef's acidity from the tomatoes. Others liked their tacos.

The following were also served:

127815SPLASHBERRY (P175) - Strawberries, lemon-lime soda and orange juice. Quite pricy but the good thing is - it's refillable. The delish blend of flavors was supposed to be refreshing! I don't like soda of any sort so this was just okay too.

128046128020🧀APPETIZER SAMPLER (P425) - Huge mozzarella sticks, chicken strips and onion rings. It comes with marinara and honey dip. I loved every pieces. The sauces are also on point.

127830BIG STEAK OMELETTE (P395) - It comes with steak, cheddar cheese, hash brown with green peppers, onions, mushroom and tomatoes. The salsa sauce is not needed IMO as the dish was already flavorful and heavy.

127830SPLIT DECISION BREAKFAST (P325) - Two eggs, 2 bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links, 2 slices of french toasts and two buttermilk pancakes. I asked for sunny side up eggs which was done perfectly as the yolks are runny. The bacon strips were crunchy and honey cured twice. Perfection! Get this if your really famished and in need of full blast tummy refilling.

Overall, I liked everything that was served earlier. I would go back just for the fried chicken and its awesome gravy. Kudos to Marlon for the awesome customer service.

Thank you chef Ryan and Pat! IHOP Pak!128513

Mary Love S Mark L JP G Abe C Sandra Y Ruth D Clarissa P Reich T - Great hanging out with you guys! Hi to Mark and Mary Love! It was nice seeing new faces on |oo|oo. Till our next rendezvoos!128522

Peanut D Odell R - Thanks again for the invite!128582🏻

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