Il Fiore Gelato Lab

4740 Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

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Il Fiore Gelato Lab
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Most Recent Reviews

Mae A.
5.0 Stars

Their Cashew Cream Gelato (P140 for a cup) was one of their bestsellers. We were able to taste the other flavors (free spoon taste) but this was simply a must-try. It was very creamy with that cashew taste just shining through. I was surprised that this was my choice for I never imagined eating cashew gelato. They have other interesting flavors too such as Mango Dragonfruit (yes, the dangerously fuschia gelato), Mascarpone and vegan gelato made from coconut cream. Aside from those gelato choices, they have other dishes too that are perfect for vegans.

This was fairly new from the time we visited. Too bad we just dropped by for their gelatos which they’re known for. Conveniently situated across Century Mall, a 2nd try that includes their dishes will definitely be in my list soon. 128521

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

This is the real deal 128525 love the interior and logo of this gelato place, it's a local brand also - makes me love it even more!!

I got pistachio flan and matcha - both were really delicious. The gelato was dense and i couldn't finish the whole serving by myself. At php140, this is really value for money! 128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

I'm such a sucker for anything frozen,  nope not the movie,  we're talking about food.  Case in point my affinity with ice cream.  I'd like to think that i am a connoisseur of sorts.  A couple of years back,  I'd usually ignore gelato for reasons i cant even remember.  The Italian frozen treat captured my heart via Bono Gelato.  Bono is my default choice when I wany a lil piece of Italy.  Unfortunately, there are times wherein temptation is too darn strong,  it pushes me to commit Gelato Adultery. 

Exhibit A.   How it started

Gelato is the Italian word for "ice cream", derived from the Latin word gelātus (meaning "frozen"). In English this word commonly refers to varieties of ice cream made in an Italian style.

Compared to today's American-style ice cream, gelato has less fat in the base and less air churned into it during the freezing process.

I dont usually try new restaurants at a snap of a finger.  I am a natural born pragmatist,  the odds of me being disappointed is high when i venture into uncharted territory.   Il Fiore sounds too darn sexy though.  Any foreign sounding word sounds sexy to me,  I picture Gael Garcia Bernal saying Il Fiore in his sexy accent. 

Il Fiore. Gelato. This i have to try. 

Exhibit B.  The Act.  

I didn't have a hard time looking for Il Fiore as their establishment has the brightest light and the most eye-catching colors.   And it is 10x beautiful inside.  Pastels are predominant and they have excellent lighting.  The walls are adorned with pastel decor in myriad shapes and sizes.  Even the floor has pastel in it.  What i like about the interior is that they didn't go overboard with the girly colors and went minimal with the furniture. 

The counter is inviting and showcases colorful frozen treats.  Man,  it looks really appetising.  The lady behind the counter is nice enough to comply with our requests.  I think i tried almost everything.

¶ Pumpkin Pecan Pie
¶ Black Sesame
¶ Greek Yoghurt with Honey
¶ Fior de Latte

I have this habit of picking one flavor i tried and one that i havent.  First choice was Matcha (for obvious reasons) and the the wildcard is Hazelnut Straciatella. 

¶ Matcha.  A lil too sweet for my liking but it was good nonetheless.  One thing i noticed is the smooth and creamy texture.   I guess this has something to do with the churning technique and the ingredients they used.  And yes,  it tastes like KitKat Matcha. 

¶ Hazelnut Stracciatella.  A gamble that paid off.  I just died and went to gelato heaven.  The gelato is smooth as velvet and not overly sweet.  It works well with the matcha as it creates a wonderful flavor contrast - milk,  chocolate,  matcha.  And explosion of gelato goodness in my mouth.  

Did you know that....

Stracciatella is Italy's answer to American chocolate chip ice cream.  It is a concoction of milk-based ice cream filled with fine, irregular shavings of chocolate. 

Exhibit C.  The Aftermath.

I feel no guilt.  I am willing to break the rules and cross boundaries for Il Fiore.  As Sheryl Crow would put it...

"You're my favorite mistake. "

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