Ili-Likha Artist Village

Assumption Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Ili-Likha Artist Village
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Mark T.
4.0 Stars

A new friend bring us here, saying this place looks weird and so the food. This place looks old but art and passion here is in every corner of the place. The food is great. Definitely visit this place again.

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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Ili-likha Artist Village was our last stop before we left Baguio. It was not my first time to visit the place, but it was otherwise my first time to actually dine there.

This is a treehouse and a multi-level food community -- also known as Kiwing na Kahoy Food Kommunity. It was chock-full of miscellaneous recycled pieces like mosaic tiles, rusty iron works, old bottles and salvaged wood which are ingeniously installed to make this place a junk art paradise, with a strong Cordillera folk art influence, of course. Out of a concept by the renowned director Kidlat Tahimik (I want to watch "Perfumed Nightmare" again, in full this time -- all I've seen are clips so far), Ili-likha Artist Village is one big conversation piece.

I was like in a fantasy world, once again, marveling at the different kinds of wonderful art elements that will surely spark anyone's curiosity.

The art sanctuary/food hub offers healthy, organic, MSG- and preservative-free meals.

Once settled, we went to have our late lunch:

◼ Bellychon rice meal with soup (₱160) - From Balbacua food vendor. I liked the lechon pieces, and the skin was crunchy enough. The fat was relatively minimal but the pork, overall, was otherwise tasty enough. I also liked the dipping condiments in the meal including the vinegar. However, I wasn't too keen on the soup -- there was some "heat" to it but tasted kind of watery.

It was served with red rice. Fortunately, I also eat brown rice on occasion, so I was sure I was going to like red rice, which I really did. However, (somewhat regretfully) I didn't get to finish the meal because the red rice had made me full already -- man, I thought it was definitely heavier than brown rice!

◼ Garlic Tofu (₱75) - From Balbacua also. This was a richly-flavored meatless dish! The braised tofu had the right amount of sweetness, saltiness and some hints of pungency from the garlic. It was also served with red rice.

◼ Burger Steak Rice Meal - From Brrr Grrr food vendor, which is famous for its huge, huge burgers! This was my youngest sister's meal, and she let me have it. I loved this one -- it was quite buttery, making this dish more rich. The beef patty was smothered superfluously with yummy gravy. Sorry, no picture of it.

◼ Bullet-Proof Coffee (₱105) - From Balbacua, again. It seems some of the weirdest-tasting coffee drinks I've had are in Baguio. On my first visit in the city, I had the Ruins Coffee from Cafe at the Ruins Dua. It had cardamom in it, which made the drink tasting almost like an disagreeably bitter pill. But since learning of the health benefits of cardamom, I was forced to drink the coffee (with pinched nose, that is).

And now this one -- Bullet-Proof Coffee -- turned out to be even more nauseating. Funnily, this was the first thing on the menu that I wanted to try because I was curious by the concoction, as ingredients like butter and extra-virgin coconut oil were also incorporated. When the coffee was served to our table, there was the beckoning aroma of cinnamon -- so it smelled promising.

But the moment I took my first sip of it later on (which would be the last, btw), I instantly flinched -- that was enough for me! Di na ako umulit. Hahahaha. 128556128514

This coffee tasted like soap -- it was probably because of the coconut oil in particular. Yeeecchh...

But this beverage confirmed something to me: that I am a boring coffee drinker. Hahahaha. Well, the Bullet-Proof Coffee may not be everyone's cup of... coffee. So if you're more of an adventurous caffeine connoisseur, you may want to try this one! If there's anything that Bullet Proof Coffee managed to satisfy, I think it was my curiosity... but at least I commended Balbacua for applying creativity in their beverages. Hehehe. 128513

Overall, it was a satisfying lunch, enough to arm us for a long ride back to Manila. If I were to go back to Ili-likha Artist Village, I won't order that Bullet-Proof Coffee again for sure hahaha. There are also more food kiosks to try like Lihim ni Maria, Keso, Balay Amani, etc.

Ili-likha Artist Village is also a haven for vegetarians as it offers meat-free dishes -- I sampled only the tofu one, which was yummy, so that piqued my interest to try their other veggie meals the next time we'd go back to Baguio.

This place offers good, healthy and filling meals which do not make a big dent to your pocket, plus you also get to feast your eyes on the wonderful art all around. 128522

Rating: 3.5/5 (rounded off to 4).

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Mc S.
5.0 Stars

Ili-Likha Artist Village

I have never imagined such a very artistic place in Baguio. A cafe with free Movies. They have built the establishment with scrap materials and came up with a homy and serene place to dine and relax. The chairs inside the theatre were made of driftwoods. And the walls were made of empty bottles of wines, liquors which made it colourful. They serve organic food especially vegetables. They also have burgers and Pastas. They serve coffee and other hot beverages. I haven’t had the chance to dine because it was raining hard. But i had the opportunity to watch a European film which i had enjoyed a lot. I will be back next time to try their Menu.


Nunca me he imaginado un lugar tan muy artístico en Baguio. Un café con películas gratuitas. Han construido el establecimiento con materiales des desecho y surgió un lugar homy y sereno para cenar y relajarse. Se realizaron las sillas dentro del teatro de driftwoods. Y las paredes fueron hechas de botellas vacías de vinos, licores que hace colorido. Sirven alimentos orgánicos especialmente de verduras. También tienen hamburguesas y Pastas. Sirven café y otras bebidas calientes. No he tenido la oportunidad de cenar porque estaba lloviendo duro. Pero tuve la oportunidad de ver una película europea que había disfrutado mucho. Regresaré la próxima vez a probar su menú

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Foodcrawl P.
5.0 Stars

Nestled at the urban part of Baguio, entering this sanctuary is like being in an entirely different world. My morning walk at Session Road led me to discover Ili-likha right in the middle of Assumption Road. I was actually looking for a breakfast place and lucky enough, it opens at 7:00 in the morning.

The facade will instantly generate interest. It appears to be an unconventional multi-level treehouse. Art pieces are placed together in harmony. To simply put it: "Ili" means village and "Likha" means to create. Everything draws inspiration from everywhere: mosaic windows, recycled bottles on walls, carved woods, rainbow-colored stairs, and painted floors. Even the seats and tables are installed like a contemporary art.

The village is also a habitat for healthy eating. It houses different food stalls that serves unique dishes. I ordered Bannoffee Shake and Waffle at Cafe Cueva. The catch is: I only paid Php 100! I also tried the homegrown dish, Balbacua at Urban Camote. It's a soup based meal for only Php60. It's worth adding to your next Baguio itinerary. 10084

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Marya D.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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YowHans S.
4.0 Stars

Great place to eat! If you're looking for a quiet place to chill and dine, this is highly recommendable. Artisan food court in Baguio, where most of the food offerings will make you a bit curious like the Tuna Crepe and Lemon Strawberry drink at Cafe Cueva! Worth the try and the price is just right128076 On top of it is the artistic design of the place, the inside is like a maze, leading you to different food stalls inside. Everything just works; love the ambiance, people are nice, good music, and great food choices!

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Jen O.
5.0 Stars

Situated along assumption road and just a few establishment away from session road, you'll see a unique artistic spot that will capture your eyes. Definitely fell inlove and amazed with this eco-architectural place. They showcase the rich culture of the cordillera. Sadly wasn't able to try the food here because we are already full. We just took some photos inside.

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Sheryl Anne B.
4.0 Stars

Glad we ended up in this place on our last day in Baguio. Ili Likha is a mini food community along Assumption Road. It seemed to be a makeshift treehouse to me - patched wooden pallets and metal scraps that make up a huge nice piece of art. (Hence, the 'Artistic Village' name.) It sucks bc I wasn't able to take a photo of the interiors, gomen.

Onto the food: Balbacua (P40) + organic burger patty with egg and red rice (P140) + chia lemon juice = perfect merienda for the rainy weather!

I looooved how flavorful the balbacua was. If I remember clearly, it originated in Mindanao - they simmer the meat for about 6 hours in its flavorful broth. You can pair it with either noodles or rice. In my case, I paired it with the organic burger patty with egg and rice meal. 10084

The chia lemon juice was the bomb. It's perfect most especially if you're feeling under the weather. As we all know, chia is a superfood. Adding chia seeds to your drink makes it an instant energizer.

Will definitely add this in my itinerary once I visit Baguio again. 128522

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