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Most Recent Reviews

5.0 Stars

This is not my first time to try Ilustrado restaurant located at Intramuros, Manila. I’ve been to Ilustrado when we had a business lunch with my colleagues way back 6 months ago. I was fascinated with the beautiful set-up of the place it really jives with Intramuros. It has 3 division. They have a casual dining when you want to dine alone. At the other side, it’s a fine dining, that really looks romantic, good for dating. And the last part, the garden and 2nd level of the restaurant where you can celebrate your special occasions and events.

We were seated at the Fine Dining part of Ilustrado Restaurant, as the management launched Christmas Tienda 2017 and let us try the following amazing dishes:

127876Bread Basket with Ilustrado Dips - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Baked Eggplant with Filo Pastry - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

“Both appetizers were really good the bread basket blends well with the Cheese Pimiento, Liver Pate and Cream Cheese Dip of Ilustrado. The eggplant was so lite and flavorful, it’s a good start.”

127876Paella Ilustrado - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Stuffed Chicken Relleno - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Callos Madrilena - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Twice Cooked Angus Beef Shortplate - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Pasta Espanyola - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

“All the mains were really flavorful and tasty. My favorites were Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka pairing with plain rice enhances the flavor of the dish and Paella Ilustrado, what can I say? everythings on it - seafood, chicken, vegetables and rice. Yum!”128523

127876Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies - 110881108811088️ 3/5
127876Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127876Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Baked Cheesecake - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127876Chocolate Fudge Cake - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

“I really love the BAKED CHEESECAKE, the Best Cheesecake so far...

If there’s something to improve, maybe they could add more matcha flavor in their Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies.”

Overall, our lunch was filled with fun and generosity. The staff provided excellent service too. Good job! Definitely, I will be back again.

Thank you Ilustrado for having us.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Too lazy or no time to prepare for Christmas eve dinner? Time to go to ilustrado restaurant and have a look at their Christmas Tienda!

This event was sponsored by ilustrado restaurant. This Christmas season, they are offering their Christmas Tienda, a roster of food items that’s apt for the season. Available for dine, this can also be for order, just simply fill out the order form (available at all their branches)— try my recommendations, actually, there was not a dull dish ilustrado has offered us that day.

128204 Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka @1500PhP
Bagnet in talangka sauce? Really sinful. Super savory you will have to have more rice!

128204 Callos Madrilena @1380PhP
Super thick sauce. Since i have started eating callos (thanks to cafe enye), i think this one is more tastier, but dont get me wrong, i still like CE’s.

128204128525 Twice cooked angus beef shortplate @2220PhP
Yummy. This can be enjoyed with or without rice. Since it’s twice cooked, it’s super tender as well.

128204128525 Paella Ilustrado @1295PhP
The best paella that i have tasted by far! You can really taste the shrimp in the paella, this is a complete meal already. I love how the rice is not so mushy.

128204Pasta Espanyola @1210PhP
Spicy sardines with pesto and tomato. It was okay i think.

128204128525 Chicken Relleno ala Ilustrado @1650PhP
Also, one of my top three! This boneless chicken is stuff with savory relleno that also goes well with the savory gravy! There’s also bananas to go with it.

128204128525 Baked Cheesecake @1250PhP
Best baked cheesecake! I cant believe it was even baked because it was super moist! It looks plain but wait till you try it.

128204 Chocolate Fudge Cake @1250PhP
This one looks really good. It’s super moist as well, i just think it’s too plain. I suggest thay add some dark chocolate something.

BROWNIES (box of 15)
128204128525 Peanut Butter Brownies @145PhP
128204 Smores Brownies @145PhP
128204 Salted Caramel Pretzel Brownies @145PhP

128204128525 Banana Walnut @65PhP
128204 Double Chocolate Coconut @80PhP
128204 Matcha Walnut @80PhP
128204128525 Red Velvet White Chocolate Crinkles @80PhP

128204128525 Boursin Cheese 4oz @165PhP
This is your cream cheese with some garlic or chive taste.
128204 Cheese Pimiento Spread 4oz @175PhP
128204 Spicy Cheeseball 4oz @220PhP
128204128525 Chimichurri 8oz @190PhP
Good for plain pork and chicken dishes! It gives the dish some sour kick.

There will be three (3) days lead time for all Tienda orders. A minimum of 5000PhP per day per destination is required plus a 50% deposit based on total price. Ilustrado accepts credit card transactions except in the ATC branch.

Ambience: very good! Since intramuros is a semi tourist spot, you could see some foreigners on weekdays. It’s a good time to go here on a weekend actually. The place could accommodate around 100 pax.

The place opens 9-2pm for brunch then 6-10pm for dinner. While the small cafe beside it closes earlier.

Parking: park as many cars as you want! Kidding, the place could accommodate around 15 cars!

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Ilustrado is a fine dining restaurant operating since 1989 situated in one of the most famous tourist spots in Manila - Intramuros. Ilustrado serves Filipino Spanish Cuisine which really brings out a familiar phase in our identity as Filipinos. When we were colonized by the Spaniards we were influenced heavily in many aspects of our way of life from religion, politics, culture and even down to our food. Ilustrado is one of the many restaurants in the country which serves high quality and word class Filipino dishes worth trying for!

Team Kaladkarin invited me to this intimate eat up with fellow food bloggers and we were welcomed by the owners of Ilustrado, Bea and Bernice Pimentel. I love how both of them are passionate about everything that is Filipino and their vision to reach out to the younger generations to showcase the best of what the Filipino Cuisine has to offer.

The ambiance of Ilustrado gives you a trip to the past. The place has a lot of elegant embellishments, vintage furniture and antique design which gives it a very historical vibe. I just love how cozy it is and feels familiar, homey.

Ilustrado can be very intimidating by how it looks because it feels like you have to be formal or wear the proper attire when dining here. Everything seems proper, the place is quiet and doesn't look any modern at all. Good thing they have these other branches such as the Pasteleria Ilustrado in Alabang, Solstice by Ilustrado in Rockwell and Cafe Ilustrado in Makati which is less thematic making it more attractive to a wider group of audience.

First thing, we were served in-house dips (Boursin Cheese, Cheese Pimiento, Butter, Liver Pate, Spicy Cheeseball) paired with toast bread and biscuits. All of them were good but Boursin Cheese was my favorite!
These dips can be bought in mini jar containers and are the perfect Christmas gifts this holiday season!

The second dish that was serve was the Eggplant in Filo.
It's baked grilled eggplant wrapped in Filo Pastry. What I liked about this was the Feta Cheese and Cream Cheese inside that made it really exciting to eat. It reminds me of eating an unassuming Xiao Long Bao that usually looks dull on the outside but will surprise you when you munch on the inside.

11088Paella Ilustrado
This is Paella done the Ilustrado way!
It has chicken, chorizo, prawns, clam, squid, tomatoes and many more
This is my 2nd favorite dish that was served during the night. I love how they cooked the rice. It's soft, moist and flavorful. There's zero umay factor so it's a must try for rice lovers like me! The seafood were cooked well and the serving is definitely good for sharing.

Stuffed Chicken Relleno
Chicken fillet topped with cheddar pan gravy. Yuuuum!
I love how this is overflowing with sauce and best paired with plain rice. Filipinos love gravy so much that some U.S. fast food chains in the country would eve offer unli gravy due to public demand. Haha!
Not everything goes well with Paella to be honest and a dish as tasty and flavorful on its own like this could be enjoyed already with just a hot plain rice.

11088Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka
Ilustrado's very own version of the Philippine National Dish.
This is tender pork belly simmered in soy-vinegar & spices making it even more rich with crab fat. The pork skin is really crispy af and the taba ng talangka sauce complements the dish well.
Sinfully good! I would give this 10 stars if 5 isn't enough.

Callos Madrillena
A savory ox tripe stew made with garbanzos, Chorizo de Bilbao, Pimienton, and Bacon Slab. The ox tripe melts in the mouth making you want to beg for more!

Twice Cooked Angus Beef Shortplate on hot plate
Angus beef lathered with wild mushrooms, roasted vegetables, pesto, marbles potatoes and brown sauce. Most of us liked this dish but it wasn't so special to me. It wasn't hot anymore when I ate maybe because I was busy taking photos haha so the beef was a little saggy and the sauce already dried up. Texture wise though it was still good and the beef was so tender!

One of the things I didn't expect that I will love at Ilustrado would be their desserts.
The owners spoiled us so much and served us overflowing sweets on the table. 10084

Assorted Cookies and Sweets
(Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies, Banana Wallnut Chocolate Chips Cookies, Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies, Fuge Brownie, Tres Leches)

It is very sweet, light and creamy. It has the right amount of sweetness and will make you want to eat more.
If you are looking for a quality cheesecake to be given as a gift, THIS IS IT. This is the cake that will make all the ladies say YES without having to pop the question!128141if you haven't tried this, you're seriously missing a lot in life. I swear!

The quality and consistency of the food that they serve is what makes Ilustrado stand out among the rest. The owners are very hospitable and all the servers were really attentive to our needs. I believe that Ilustrado will continue its success because of their vision to serve high quality food, timeless dishes and give each and everyone who will dine here an unforgettable cultural experience.

Ps. Ilustrado also does catering, events, venue rental and styling.
Thanks EJ B for the invite 128522
I will definitely be back in the future!

  • No. of Comments: 4
Gene G.
4.0 Stars

Ilustrado is a fine dining restaurant tucked in the hidden walls of Intramuros. This fine dining restaurant serves Spanish-Filipino dishes. Since 1989, they make sure to serve food that is top-notch and can pass as world-class.

The ambiance of Ilustrado brings you back to the past. It is evident through the architectural design of the place and its setup. The place will make you feel like you’ve experienced what it is like to be in during our grandparent’s time. They can also cater to your events. With that said, it is perfect not only for tourists but also for those who enjoys food and culture.

All of the bloggers who attended this event got the chance to meet the owners, Bea and Bernice Pimentel.Their goal is to introduce Ilustrado to the millennial market since it is usually our parents and grandparents who knows about Ilustrado. Since Christmas is around the corner, Chef Bernice (their head chef) whipped out a course menu that is perfect for a festive celebration.

To start off, we had a bread basket with a few of their specialty dips. Among all the dips served, my favorite would have to be their Boursin Cheese (165php, 4oz)

For our appetizer, we had the Baked Eggplant in Filo Pastry. It consists of eggplant, white cheese, olive and sun dried tomato. I enjoyed this dish because it consists two of my favorite food which are eggplant and white cheese.

After the appetizer came the main entrée. These were the Paella Ilustrado, Stuffed Chicken Relleno, Adobong Bagnet w/ Taba ng Talangka, Callos Madrilena, Twice Cooked Angus Beef Shortplate and Pasta Espanyola.

Among all the main dishes served, I would have to go for their Paella Ilustrado (Php 1,295) and Stuffed Chicken Relleno. Their Paella Ilustrado consists of the ingredients for a typical paella but they added local annato for a twist. I would definitely get Ilustrado’s Paella over Barcino. Their Stuffed Chicken Relleno consists of chicken relleno with tomatoes and banana on it. The way the chicken was cooked was splendid. I could still remember the taste of the chicken on my mouth.

Lastly, we had our dessert which consists of Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies, Baked Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge Cake.

What I love about their cookies is that it’s not too sweet nor sugary. Improvements can be done on the Matcha Cookie. I was trying to look for the actual taste and look of the matcha cookie. With their cakes, I would have to go for their Baked Cheesecake. I am not exactly fond of cakes but there’s something about this cheesecake that would make me want to get another serving. I highly recommend their Baked Cheesecake.

Thank you Christina R. and EJ B. for the invite :D

  • No. of Comments: 5
Charlzz C.
5.0 Stars

Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka-glorious ,a creative progressive spin on the national dish the ADOBO and the indigenous Ilocano pride the BAGNET smeared with the wickedly delicious taba ng talangka.Wonderfully done .

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

This December they are offering several dishes and desserts perfect for the season. Ready for some scrumptious dishes you can share with family and friends.

DIP: My favorite was boursin cheese but the rest are still good and perfect for gift or giveaway.
Spicy cheeseball (Php 220, 4oz), Duck & chicken liver pate, Boursin cheese (Php 165, 4oz), Cheese pimiento spread (Php 175, 4oz) & Butter.

Paella Ilustrado (Php 1,295) one of the best paellas I've ever tried. It was flavorful and moist that it was just a meal on it's own. Seafood was perfectly cooked and seasoned.

Twice Cooked Angus Beef Shortplate (Php 2,200) my 2nd favorite savory dish. It was flavorsome, juicy and tender. I enjoyed every bite.

Adobong Bagnet with Taba ng Talangka (Php 1,500) you can taste the talangka and the crunchiness of bagnet worked well with each other.

Callos Madrilena (Php 1,380) flavorful dish that reminds me of my grandma’s cooking.

CHEESECAKE! (Price kindly ask them) Ibang klase cream cheese na cream cheese. They used the best quality ingredients and it's highly recommended. It's the best cheesecake i've tried also.

BROWNIES are for sale box of 15. It was so soft and moist. Just divine. Sarap din!
Peanut Butter (Php 145)
S'mores Brownies, Salted Caramel Pretzel Brownies or Trio Assorted (Php 125)

COOKIES for 3 oz cookies.
It was all good. I could munch on them all day long. But the matcha taste on their Matcha Chocolate chip walnut cookies wasn't noticeable.
Banana Walnut Chocolate chip cookies & Chocolate chip Appledoodles (Php 65)
Double Chocolate coconut cookies, Matcha Chocolate chip walnut cookies & Red Velvet white chocolate chip crinkles (Php 80 per flavor)

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Karyl Hannah V.
3.0 Stars

I LOVE WEDDINGS. They make you feel all fuzzy and warm in the belly even if you don't even know the couple getting hitched-- yep, that's right. I just recently attended a wedding of 2 beautiful lovers whom I've never met.

The boyfriend insisted I become his plus one to his highschool friends' wedding. I've never met them before the actual wedding day since they all went to highschool together in a Filipino school in Saudi. Nonetheless, seeing two lovebirds tie the knot is a beautiful thing.

The reception is another thing. I also love receptions. Who doesnt? C'mon, free buffet anyone? HAHAHA

Kidding aside, Ilustrado is apparently, one of the most sought after reception venue for newlyweds. Being able to attend this one made me see why: Ilustrado has this beautiful rustic garden with an aisle covered with vines and lined with wooden furniture that will excite the hipster Instagram photographer in you. The garden is very thematic and dramatic, almost like some Spaniard's backyard. It felt like I was in Vigan at that time. Even the facade of the restaurant looked like one of those historical Spanish houses in Vigan.

Going there though is a tough one. It's located in a narrow alley in Intramuros and is kinda hard to find especially at night. It's facade is not located along the alley, rather it is tucked in between 2 other buildings. You'll know you've reached your destination only through the placard that says "Ilustrado" that is peeping throgh the 2 buildings.

Why only 3 stars? I wasn't happy with the food. They had dry pasta and only a small selection for the buffet. But I'm still giving them 3 stars because of the ambience and fee of the place. It's perfect as a post-wedding ceremony intimate get-together venue. 🦄

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Jose Ruben A.
5.0 Stars

Spanish Filipino cuisine done really well. Ambience brings you back to the classic dining scene, something you won't see anymore with the number of modern restaurants in the market. This is also perfect for quiet dates and big functions.

Loved the liver pate especially the lengua and callos!

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Kristine M.
4.0 Stars

Chicken Arroz Caldo with Tokwa't Baboy: a little less than Php200. Huge bowl of Arroz caldo with chicken chunks and mushroom. Arroz caldo was a bit bland but easily fixed with a bit of fish sauce and calamansi.

Service was kinda slow. Plus points: with decent wifi.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

such a fine dining filipino place :) so love the food, ambiance, and the service :)

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Tricia L.
4.0 Stars

Ilustrado's ambiance will take you back to days of the old Intramuros. The concept of antique house and furnitures gives you a glimpse of old Philippines. Ilustrado operates from Mon-Sat 11:30am-9:30pm and on Sundays from 9:00am-5:30pm as per reservation officer of the day. No dress codes when dining. Friendly staff. Complimentary breads with butter and liver patè were served. We ordered Norwegian Smoked Salmon for starters, for the entrées Blue Marlin Steak and one of their house specialty the Adobong Bagnet with Prawn and Taba ng Talangka or "please be careful with my heart" obviously because it's high in protein and fat. Foods were good but I'm a bit disappointed by the serving time. Had to wait for 30 minutes. I've been to fine dining restaurants before and it didn't took that long. Serving sizes were ok.. Probably will come back again to try their paella. 128522

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Jan M.
4.0 Stars

Good restaurant in nice setting (love the art gallery next door ...). Service was OK, could have been a little more friendly. Had two green mango shakes (always a treat), followed by a Cesar Salad (quite good, a little heavy on the dressing) and a chicken on risotto (not the best choice, chicken was a bit dry and risotto a bit salty) together with Morcon Plaridel (yummy sauce).

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Grace I.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jasper S.
4.0 Stars

We had dealgrocer again. We dined here last week actually. We had paella ilustrado (seafood), mushroom in garlic, gambas, ham and sangria for drinks.

We like the paella here. It tastes more spanish compared to dulcinea's. The crab claw and the shrimp however were dry and overcooked. We only liked how the rice tasted and the toasted part at the bottom.

The appetizers were okay. The gambas tasted better the first time we ate here. The mushroom was good also but we can easily cook that at home. The ham as well is good. It's your typical slice of ham.

The sangria is on the mild side. There's less alcohol in it and more fruits and water.

Overall, it was just average but the place is quite nice and peaceful.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jules L.
5.0 Stars

We ordered the Wild Mushrooms en Croute or wild mushroom soup with pastry crust. The taste was just right and i love the pastry crust its crunchy outside but soft on the inside. Perfect pair for the soup. We also got the Paella Marinara. It was so yummy! Just the right combination flavors. It took about 30 minutes for the paella to be served. But the wait was worth it. We also tried the Chateaubriand Bearnaise which is a grilled beef tenderloin steak with truffle mashed potato and asparagus. Steak was cooked to perfection (medium rare). Mashed potato was under seasoned.
Ambience and service was excellent!

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Ana S.
5.0 Stars

I have been here thrice the past two months and have enjoyed all my visits. Breakfast here is nice and quiet...and delicious! Vigan longganisa is perfect. The brewed coffee is good and the fresh Dalandan juice so refreshing! I haven't tried the postres and will do so next time I come back.

It is a nice getaway from busy Manila because you can enjoy peace as quiet as well as it's garden and the history of it all.

Looking forward to more breakfasts here.

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4.0 Stars

Rustic and cozy at the same time, definitely a date place. Everything from the appetizers to dessert was delicious except for the salmon (twas a but bland). The twist of the black peppercorn is a must try for pepper lovers. Take note that you have to put a bit of effort to call for assistance, not sure if the lack of staff was due to us being there at lunch but the food made up for the lack of service.

Duet of Norweigan Salmon Fillet and Cajun Scallops with Sea Urchin, Belgian Chocolate Tart with Cracked Black Pepper Ice Cream, Deconstructed Cheesecake with Double Chocolate Biscotti, Tapa Meat Platter, Australian Lamb Au Pesto, and Roast US Beef Tenderloin with Mancheco Croquette and Duxelle of Shitake & Shallots

  • No. of Comments: 1
Lance H.
3.0 Stars

Nothing spectacular. Food is pricey. My lengua taste better. Not that worth it especially going here. Its fine dining alright.

  • No. of Comments: 2
John L.
3.0 Stars

Was brought to this after our "Walk This Way" Intramuros tour which ended near the San Agustin Church.

We came few minutes before lunch and we we're the first ones in the restaurant. The look and feel of the restaurant gives you an impression that they do sell good food at probably a higher price point.

Some of the food I would recommend:

Serving is good for two. However price point quite high. Kare kare good for two is around 450. But if you split the bill, I guess it becomes more acceptable at around 225 per pax.

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