Industrie Food Loft

2/F City Golf Plaza, Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

Industrie Food Loft
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Denise J.
5.0 Stars

Rich desserts don't really sit well with my tummy but I'd endure a few hours of discomfort all over again for another cup of Manila Creamery's Salted Egg Cheesecake Gelato. SO. GOOD. I. CRY. 128514

I wasn't expecting the flavor of the salted egg to shine through but it really did. It was there in every bite, balancing out the sweetness of the gelato. Easily the best P120 I've ever spent! 128076

Note: This review is for the Manila Creamery inside Industrie Loft.

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Mei O.
4.0 Stars


Angus Belly

> Amongst the three sticks, the Angus Belly is the least likely to be ordered again. Since it's belly, you get the chance that you get a fatty slice. And we got a fatty slice. :( At almost Php30 per cube, the wagyu stick is the winner. Order it with rice (Php35) and you get a small serving of salad with sesame flavor. You can also opt to have fried rice with it, but we've been ordering only plain rice at this time and we've never wanted more. You have the option for different sauces or even plain salt and pepper but why. Be careful though, this is best eaten while hot because you'll get all the sebo on a plate if you're too shy to get the dyahe piece and let the meat just stay there waiting for someone to pick it up. One thing though, we thought it would be grilled but it was torched instead which I think is not the same thing. 🤔


Chicken Cheese Teriyaki Rice
> The chicken teriyaki cheese rice lacks teriyaki taste which should be important?! It has cheese that is not QuickMelt so props to that but it lacks the teriyaki taste and the rice is probably old? I mean the rice is already hard it's probably cooked during lunch time and they tried to mask it with the melted cheese.

Spicy Salmon Roll
> Torched salmon with spicy mayo and ebi crumbs. This one is good! At Php275 this one is a steal and enough for your Japanese cravings especially when it's past 10pm and you can't find any other store in the area. I'll definitely order this one again.

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Donald Francis D.
3.0 Stars

Wasn't at all blown away or even impressed by the food selection. Left this place feeling a little cheated and still hungry.

The Pullet - TRUFFLE FRIES (120) were good since everything tastes better with truffle oil, but the thinly cut spuds and small serving size were almost like a regular order from Mickey D's or Jollibee 1108811088

Noonchi - the CRAB SUB (210) were three regular crab meatballs in a black hotdog bun. Presentation was IG worthy and the sweet chili was good, but not at all filling 1108811088

Prime Shack Manila - the ROCKEFELLER OYSTERS (280) were SALTY, almost like they were dipped into the salt tray they were served with. The pepper overpowered both the oysters and Parmesan cheese, which is quite a feat in itself. The RIBEYE STEAK (280) was delicious though, a fist-sized piece of meaty goodness 110881108811088

Loklok Asian Streetfood - the FRIED SCALLOPS (58) was a slight redeeming item, two large pieces split into two each per stick 11088110881108811088

Buns and Bros - THE ASSASSIN (215, pictured) absolutely killed it though, a burger with a slight hint of wasabi that complemented the juicy patty. Like the other review said, this would probably be the only stall I'd come back here for 1108811088110881108811088

On the Rocks - the ice teas are good except these cost 60 pesos for a 250mL glass 110881108811088

OVERALL VERDICT: Price-wise, though just a bit more expensive than most other food parks, this place is not at all unreasonable. Would come back to try the other stalls like the Broken Oven (can't go wrong with sisig and roasted pork belly) and Epster's (I've a soft spot for Negrese cooking). But the PHP1,300 we spent could've been better off at Frankie's, Uncle MO's AND Lo De Alberto at the first floor.

19 11088️'s over six stalls, average of 3 11088️'s

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Sandy V.
5.0 Stars

Great place to hang out, good food selection 10084

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Kwokie K.
4.0 Stars

Joining the latest food craze these days is Industrie Food Loft by City Golf in Pasig. While City Golf has practically been synonymous to Uncle Moe's, the only other place that clicked there was Frankie's Wings as far as the restaurant scene is concerned. Being the brainchild of the owners of City Golf itself, I think it's a very nice idea since the 2nd floor of the loft finally got its 'food traffic' - a way better idea than the old internet gaming casino!

On to the review!

What I like with these food parks is definitely the selection - it's like going to a buffet but with a newer vibe! The nice thing going with this particular one is it seems that they curated the choices you get, while still having the "complete set" of cuisines for every palate.

These are your choices: (with my generic classification)
1. The Pullet - Fried Chicken & Fries
2. Niku Niku - Meat Sticks
3. Tornado - Roast Chicks & Ribs
4. Hoka - Maki, sushi & Donburi
5. Opsters - Negrense Cuisine
6. The Broken Oven - Pork Belly & Sisig Rice Balls
7. Krates - Coffee & Milk Tea or "Teh Tarik"
8. Loklok Asian Streetfood - Balls from SG, SG, TW & KL
9. Buns & Bros - Curated Burgers
10. Noonchi - Korean Rice bowls
11. Prime Shack Manila - Steak & Shrimps
12. Manila Creamery - Gelato & Milkshakes

Then the house controls the drinks for everyone!

To be upfront, I didn't get to try all of the stalls - as tummy space is limited. 128521 But we tried to fit as much as we can, so here's the run down of what we've had -

We tried the fried chicken and the smoked bacon cheese fries from The Pullet, from Lok Lok, a selection of balls, the sisig balls from The Broken Oven, meat sticks from Niku Niku, The Assassin Burger from Buns & Bros, and the gelato from the Manila Creamery. (We'll try to go back for the others soon!)

The chicken, fried similarly to Bad Bird, was good but of course the original is still better for me. The bacon cheese fries, while good, was still nothing spectacular.

From Lok Lok, the mozza balls, TW sausage, squid balls and the meatballs - all of them are boiled / steamed except for the sausage which was grilled. All of these we're used to having them in shabu-shabu more often than not, what's different here is you get different types of sauces to go with them. Our choice of sauce though was the peanut sauce!

On to the sisig balls, this really reminds me of the sisig shots that Bistro Filipino served before in BGC. Sisig is flavorful but I wish the sisig inside the rice ball was chopped more finely.

From Niku Niku, we went with having each type of meat stick, with one of the four types of seasoning they do - so one flavor per stick for the wagyu cubes, the flank steak cuts, the angus beef and the tenderloin. There's kare, (curry) tare, (teriyaki) shio, (or salt & pepper) and the house sauce. (which they only identify as 'the special sauce') - but I personally still prefer the original of salt & pepper as it should still be about the taste & tenderness of the meat!

The Assassin I'd like to take special mention since it's the most original for me for the whole loft - it's a juicy cheese burger on a charcoal flavored bun mixed with a wasabi dressing. Something that I've never had anywhere else before! That's definitely something to go back for!

To finish it off, you do get to have a gelato with different flavor choices! I went with kinder bueno. 128556

In summary -
• really great food selection!
• price is pretty decent for the quality of food that you get
• drinks which the house takes care of can be spiked with your favorite alcoholic shots
• tables both indoor & outdoor (but sadly not enough seats in my opinion)
• parking in City Golf is always a pain (but valet at night does take care of that)
• be prepared to smell of food after!

Finally, another spot nearby which we can regularly go back to - not just for a few nights but far more for sure with the selection!

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