Industriya Marikina

23 MA Roxas St., Calumpang, Marikina, Metro Manila

Industriya Marikina
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Herl C.
4.0 Stars

Since we were looking for a place for our company's Christmas Party, we stumbled upon this rustic resto and event place in Calumpang, Marikina.

Because we were really excited to see if the place is actually good in person, my officemate and I went there immediately after office hour.

Industriya is actually a shoe-factory turned into a classic theme restaurant. There are big function rooms, parking, alfresco area, and mini rooms for meetings. The interior was beautifully displayed, perfect even for romantic dinner and family gatherings.


Truffle Cream Pasta
This one tasted really good!!! I must say that it was created perfectly. The creamy sauce is just right for the tenderness of the pasta! Yum yum! The portion was meant for 1 person but we shared it.

Chilli Wings
There's nothing really special about this aside from its perfect combination with the pasta. Because I have tasted buffalo wings from other restaurants, I didn't find this really special.

Dalandan Juice
I would still go for Gerry's Grill dalandan juice any time of the day. Tasted like powdered one.

They have ongoing 25% Off on all of their menus. Grab it before the end of November.

Crews were polite and attentive. They served popcorn as an appetizer.

PS: I miss sharing reviews here in looloo! Will definitely write more soon 128154

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Joshua G.
5.0 Stars

Complete selection of food, coupled with a homey, rustic ambiance! A little pricey, but worth your buck!

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Jeffrey L.
1.0 Stars

A lot of things went wrong today:

1. They said they only accept cash.
2. They said 30 mins is the waiting time for the food.
3. Food came after more than an hour.
4. Crispy Pata came- SUPER COLD. We asked why it was super cold. Waiters didn't have a single reply. Just looked at us and walked away.
5. the other orders did not arrive.
6. Asked for the bill for just the orders that actually came.
7. They said sorry and said 2 cooks we absent.



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Monarica M.
4.0 Stars

1108811088110881108811088 for the ambiance (an old shoe factory turned into a resto)

11088110881108811088 marinara pasta is 128523 love the sweetness of the shrimp and fish. It really brought out the flavor of the sauce ... or maybe vice versa. 128522

110881108811088 pesto pasta. Al dente and flavorful but overall it's a bit dry.

110881108811088 lava cake. Pwedeeee! Though the chocolate didn't ooze out from the cake. It looked more of an ice ala mode.

Value for money :💲💲💲
(a bit pricey, but the ambiance is nice and it makes a good impression for first dates. Parang pinaghandaan 128521)

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Zobee A.
3.0 Stars

I went to this place last year of the same month. My partner's mom liked their salpicao so we decided to visit again. However, they changed the menu and the salpicao is nowhere to be found. 128557 but here's a summary of what i have tried so far.

128525 truffle pasta (P298) - I like that the taste of the truffle is not too strong. The consistency of the sauce is just right, not too creamy. Love it!

128077🏼 the all meat (P298) which consists of ham and bacon is good but they could have added other kinds of meat like ground beef

128077🏼the Industriya pizza (P298) which consists of cured salmon, arugula and blue cheese based from the menu but it doesn't have arugula when it got to our table. the server apologized for not informing us that they ran out of arugula (but i love arugula, boohoo!)

128077🏼the Industriya salad (P288), consists of mixed greens, dried cranberries, candied walnut and blue cheese

128545 the kare-kare (P498), it's too soupy, it has bits of peanuts, if i am to close my eyes and try the dish I won't be able to recognize that it's kare-kare 128586

128078🏼 roasted porkloin (P298), the meat is dry

128077🏼 i like the ambiance, the interior is industrial (just as it's name)

128077🏼 there is a parking but it can be too jampacked that your car will be blocked by others cars taking it too long for you to get out

Overall: i'm not very sure if i will go back any time soon

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Sandro V.
4.0 Stars

This restaurant was once the American Golden Shoes factory of the early 1940s. Another great example of commercial adaptive re-use. Check it out!

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Apollo A.
4.0 Stars

So much heard about this place, i think its time to try it. The place is unique itself its a ex shoe plant convertef into a events place. The food here are fantastic we ordered sinigang sa miso, binagoongan bagnet , roast beef and my favorite sugpo sa aligue which is to die for as in literal to die for hehehe. We ordered lava cake a delicious one. Few comments serving is not generous for a price like that quite expensive. Looking forwatd for next visit. #12Days

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Mike L.
4.0 Stars

I just had coffee and dessert at this IG worthy cafe so I can't say much about the food but just for the place alone, I suggest you do take the trip to Marikina. The place is so unique - it used to be an old shoe factory that the owners converted into this industrial luxe cafe. A treat for the senses! Skimmed through the menu and they serve hmm international cuisine aka Filipino with Japanese dishes. Will def come back to try the food.

Oh and the truffle choco is 128076🏽

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Jaymie P.
3.0 Stars

Very inviting resto. Beautiful and inviting Interior. I tried their desserts for my birthday. So-so. It can still be improved. Will come back to give their food a try.

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Engelbert U.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Tei A.
4.0 Stars

This was the last stop of our Marikina foodcrawl. We were too full to have dinner so we just had dessert.

Sans Rival
Buko Pandan
Choco Lava Cake

Good ambience and prompt service.

Will go back here to try their other dishes.

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Jane M.
3.0 Stars

Nice interior and ambiance! Perfect dating place kase tahimik pero down side lng, the food is pricey tas ang liit lng ng serving though masarap nmn yung food.

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Tim May M.
4.0 Stars

Finally got to try this place with who else?.. Family. I read a review about this place and got curious on what it offers. The place is within a residential area in the city of Marikina. The place has a very homily and inviting ambience. Their dishes are fusion of japanese, filipino and italian.

On our plate
Lengua Estofado - very tender that it melts in your mouth. Sauce is a bit small but you cn always ask for additional lengua sauce.

Sinigang sa miso salmon head - very good as well.. According to my hubby's taste buds, just like how we do it at home!

Bagnet pakbet - bagnet itself is crispylicious.. And yes its bagnet...

We also had their wild mushroom soup.

Their desserts are equally mouth watering. We had the berries cheesecake and choco lava cake both are surprisingly delicious!!

This place is a must try amongst the many places to try in Marikina. They also had a huge ballroom very good for big parties.

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Noelle A.
3.0 Stars

Industriya Marikina offers a vast variety of cuisines – Japanese, Italian, and Filipino, just to name a few. It's no wonder that their menu consists of an overwhelming 12 pages! It was interesting to know that Industriya Marikina was a shoe factory before it was turned into restaurant. Remnants of the space's former purpose are still present!

My boyfriend and I ordered the Truffle Wedges as our appetizer. We didn't taste a hint of truffle oil in it. For our main course, we ordered Lasagna and Pizza Bianca. The Lasagna was filling, but its taste wasn't anything extraordinary. The Pizza Bianca was served thin crust. The top tasted great, but unfortunately, you could also taste how burnt it was. Overall, we commend the restaurant's service, interiors, and ambiance. However, we think that their menu's too ambitious. They offer too many things! Also, their food preparation and execution need to be improved.

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Miles L.
2.0 Stars

When I saw the place I was expecting that the food tastes as good as the restaurant looks. I was highly disappointed.
1. Most of the waiting staff looked lost and it was kind of hard to call their attention. There were some who were very attentive though and alert.
2. The menu was like a smorgasbord of some sort. Indeed they offered Japanese, American, Italian and Filipino but I felt like it was hit or miss. It's like they were not sure what they are good at that's why they threw them all in so they could find out what the popular choice was or they could something for everyone. Huli ka!
3. So we chose salmon sashimi which gave me the usual disappointment that I get when eating in a non-Japanese specialty restaurant. It was not that fresh anymore because you can tell it was kinda limp. The serving was also insufficient with regards to getting your money's worth.
4. The California Maki which my son downed looked okay but the tamago wrapped around the roll didn't look very fresh to me. My son had to ask for more Japanese Mayonnaise as there was only a smear of the mayo on the side of the plate.
5. The Caesar's Salad is good but nothing great.
6. The Chicharon Bulaklak was good but the middle parts were a little chewy. I'd still choose Barrio Fiesta if I am craving for one.
7. The Kare-kare lacked some nuttiness that we are so accustomed to and they could've added some more veggies if they will sting on the tripe and meat.
8. The biggest disappointment of all is the Butterflied Tilapia. It was a Tilapia who didn't know if it was daing or some dried fried fish. Poor fish. This really needs major improvement.
9. The buko Pandan was forgettable although the presentation was good.
10. The decadent truffle chocolate cake was dry and kind of hard or spongy. I couldn't make it out. I just know it's not moist and it lacked some more chocolatey taste. Chocolate chips in the cake could've solved it.

Overall the food is very forgettable. It's not something that I would crave for in the middle of the night when my Jetlag strikes.

The only upside of the dinner is the ambience. What a great interior they have. Such a waste.

Maybe I could go there again just to hang out.

Oh! The brewed coffee was good. Although they could've added more class if they served fresh milk with it or at least evaporated milk instead of cream in a sachet.

There is still hope for this place if the management will listen to the customers. Just like how me and my friends tried Buffet 101 on their soft opening and didn't like it. Well look at them now!

Will I return to this place? If you'll treat me why not?

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Camille P.
5.0 Stars

I would like everyone to check this place out.128077it's a shoe factory turned to resto-Events place. They maintained the shoe vibes by putting artsy shoe model/moulding. The interiors are great very cozy,pleasant and beautiful.they really thought of the place well.128076 they have massive list of menu tho it got me wondering why they have Japanese cuisine. The food was okay,i think it needs to be improved.

Over all i would recommend this place to everyone to check it ou.128522

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Rica J.
3.0 Stars

Burger was a little undercooked.
Chocolate cake was a little too dry.

The only upside of this visit was the novelty of the place, and the company. This would probably be a good venue for drinking parties, or events where guests don't require much attention.

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Kevin T.
1.0 Stars

A word of warning to those who would choose this restaurant as the reception for their child's baptism or any important event.

We had our daughter baptized last March 29, 2015 and we chose indistruya since there were great reviews of the place and it is relatively new(a hot place to visit in marikina).

We took their 2nd flr function room for 60 persons. At the time we arrived on the room, it was hot. The waiters explained that it is because there are only 2 of 3 AC's running. We asked for a workaround, a set of electric fans perhaps however one waiter was rude enough to tell our guests "wala po kami electric fan".

The food was great, it was tasty and everyone liked it. However the rice was served only fit for a princess. There were just half of cup rice served per plate during the controlled buffet, we have asked for another roud of rice but it took 25mins for the rice to be served, by that time our guests were already done eating. It was later revealed to us during settling of bill that rice is refillable, however the waiters served it good for a toddler's tummy would fill.

Last thing I hated was the professionalism of their crew, most of their waiters were rude to our guests who were complaining of the temperature, one waiter even told our customers to wait for a glass of water to be served because they are still clearing the tables. The event orgnizer whom we had this booking reserved didn't even bother to climb up the 2nd floor and see how we are doing, we were left upstairs to finish our food while we are dripping with sweat and not getting what we havr paid for.

To sum it up, considering how pricey their package could get. We are regretful that we have chosen Industriya Marikina for our event. As I have said to their crew, their food was great, the place is nice however the service is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT.

Definitely an events place to skip, else MAPAPAHIYA lang kayo sa guests niyo. 128078128078128078

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Samantha Rae S.
5.0 Stars

This resto was before an old shoe factory owned by Dra (I forgot the name). You can expect a spacious / hotel like ambiance. Excellent and Well designed interiors. Good food and the crew was really nice. Their chocolate molten cake tastes like chillis but with affordable price of 99pesos per serving. A must try! They also have a 2nd floor which caters for group reservations and even debut. They have this room called "red room". They also have a bedroom for the debutants to rest and secret passages. You might want to check up stairs too if you happen to eat in industriya. So if you are looking for good ambiance and food, you might want to try visiting this resto.

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Aileen L.
4.0 Stars

After my 35th Bday breakfast celebration with my dad last Feb 20, I had my bday lunch all by myself at the newly opened resto in Marikina, Industriya.

The place was huge and elegant , you won't believe that there will be a place like this in Marikina. The Interior was really nice and of course you can see some shoe decors on the resto, of course your at the shoe capital.

I took their seafood ramen, it cost around 300 plus. The serving was huge and can't finish them all because I was in a hurry for I was about to watch That Thing Called Tadhana at SM Marikina. The ramen was good and looks nutritious. It doesn't only have seafood but veggie as well. Different from other ramen .

Service was fast and they have wifi too. They have a veranda too if you want to eat outside . This is a must try in Marikina. You can held special occasions here too like birthdays or business meeting . The place was serene too

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