Mercedes Ave. cor. A. Sandoval Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

…I need my energy, olympic energy! I need my Milo today, that’s what I need to last a day… a Milo a day. Milo… Milo everyday! I wonder how many |ooloo-ers can relate to this awesome commercial jingle. I used to jump around, do some high kicks and (terrible and lame) gymnast moves whenever I hear it. Exhausted, I reward myself with a glass of cold Milo. (No, I do not work for Nestle.)

I am in love with Milo but it dwindled a bit ever since they changed its formula making it not as sweet and chocolatey. But my love for Milo Dinosaur remained strong. Anyone capable of falling out of love with 3/4 Milo 1/4 Milk is not human… or a chocolate lover.

A friend of mine was crazy over Infinitea’s Milo Dinosaur. I have to admit, it made me curious but since I’m far from any of its branches, I never got to try it until after one family reunion.

The restaurant we visited is beside an Infinitea branch and I took advantage of the opportunity to drop by the milk tea place to give its Milo Dinosaur a try.

I got the largest one which was a bit over PHP100. It wasn’t so bad as its price point is at par with Happy Lemon’s Milo Dinosaur. My drink was served in less than 5 minutes as I was the only customer then.

It was indeed lovely! It was so chocolatey! Each sip was packed with Milo goodness and I loved that they sprinkled some Milo powder on top of my drink too.

The drink seems simple to recreate though so I’ll try to make one at home sans the whipped cream since I’m not fond of the white topping. 128523

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Tfd Chris A.
5.0 Stars

My favorite

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Justin T.
3.0 Stars

Great flavors but nothing special about it. Also no food available just milk tea

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Kenneth D.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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