Inflatable Island

Half Moon Beach, National Highway, Olongapo, Zambales

Inflatable Island
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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

We went here on a weekday expecting it to be less crowded so we could enjoy our stay.

We availed the afternoon SPRAY pass which is from 2pm to 5:50pm. This time limit is for the inflatable area only so if you arrive early you can still access the beach area, have a quick dip, or chill at their Bali-inspired lounge.

15 minutes before our time, we had a short orientation about the rules and regulations. Everyone’s required to wear a life jacket before going to the inflatable area. Jewelries, clothing with zippers, and long selfie sticks are not allowed.

I had so much fun trying the obstacles. Human launcher (with my head hitting the water first lol sobrang sakit but I had helmet naman), monkey vines, high balance, and sunny slide to name a few. There are lifeguards scattered in the play zone to help you in case you need assistance.

2pm to 5:50pm is more than enough to try all the obstacles because by the time we finished we thought it was already 5pm. We checked the time and found out that it was only 3:30pm. We were all exhausted given that we are not physically active lol.

Waking up with my whole body aching and bruised the following day was worth it naman 128514

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Maye D.
3.0 Stars

We went on a Saturday and got a 2-hr pass for playing (but access to the beach lounge is for the entire day). I like how systematic they are. Playing time includes a short orientation and to be safe, no one can enter the play area without a life vest. You also cant overstay in the play area if you didnt get an all day pass, since wrist tags are color coded and life guards are instructed on which colors should remain in the play area.

At first we thought 2 hours was too short but an hour into playing, we were already exhausted, wounded and bruised (not exaggerating... ok maybe a little). But really the obstacles were challenging esp for people who don’t exercise much. Somehow, we got cuts and bruises even when the surfaces seemed soft. It must have been from the solid stuff floating on water. I got wounded when a driftwood carried by waves slammed into my shin. That’s the worst thing about this place. The water is murky. It was brown, almost mud-like with random stuff floating. It would really make you do everything not to fall into the water. But it’s futile because you would fall eventually.

Best thing i guess is the Bali-inspired lounge area. I love how there are enough tables as well where you can stay all day. There’s a decent selection of food in the resort and I absolutely loved the spicy wings.

Overall, it was okay.

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Marili Anne M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Foodcrawl P.
2.0 Stars

We visited during the opening day by availing 2-hour pass online. It was a strategic option to travel the night before and book an overnight stay in a nearby hotel. The duration of our pass is from 8:00am-10:00am avoiding exhaustion of summer heat. We get to go back to our hotel for quick naps and shower before lunch.

MISS: Subic waters is not as clean.

The shower areas and cabanas inside the resort is at the sand area, it is better to book hotels outside if prefers to stay overnight.

HITS: safety measures are presented at the beginning of the session. Life vests are provided.

Inflatable obstacles can be really challenging, it's best to wear action-ready swimwear. All-day pass will work for adventure seekers and athletic ones otherwise, 2-hour access is fine.

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Lolo P.
1.0 Stars

Ok na sana kung maganda yung tubig. may makikita kang langis. 128532 Hindi kabalik-balik.

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

The inflatable island

Glad to have visited asia's largest inflatable playground at subic. With over 3400sqm, your strength and endurance will surely be tested!

2 hr pass -699PhP
Half day pass -999PhP
Wholeday pass -1399PhP

Those prices suggests in the inflatable playground only! That goes to say you can enjoy the whole day at the beach naman!

We tried the half day pass. I was already freakin tired consuming only 2 hours.

No zippers on the shorts. Rush guards are suggested, and no two piece for ladies
Baka magkaroon ng wardrobe malfunction. Do the orientation, sign the waiver, get a lifevest thrn off you go to the playground!
YES. You may bring your gadgets.

128204 jumping pillows
This requires 2 people. One going to jump from a higher ground, one resting on the pillow. There are three sizes, we only got to try the medium size. Just make sure you jump in the middle of the pillow so you launch the other person nicely.

128204rock climbing
There's an "iceberg" shaped inflatable where your rock climbing skills can be tested. At the top awaits a slide

128204128525 giant tarzan swing
I loved this one. Just make sure when you swing, dont jump, just glide and let the force swing you to the top then let go!

Truly nakakapagod

128204jungle bars
By this time your hands are already tired from all the grips that you did!

128204hamster wheel
Power of coordination!

128204more obstacle course!

No food? No worries! There are some food stalls. Enjoy rice meals and fruit shakes!!

The Bali inspired beach
Colorful beanbags by the beach?? Say what?! It's a very nice place to stay especially in the evening. There's a sunset party where there are fire dancers to entertain you. Later in the evening more fun as there are a lot of people and junkies-- beer pong!

There are also cottages to rent. There's power outlet sa roof ng cottage.

It was a tiring yet fun day staying at the inflatable island

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Haidee C.
4.0 Stars

Place was ok however water got some trash floating

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John S.
2.0 Stars

Don't go here unprepared, or else you'll have lots of time being wasted. Happened to us, since we went in blind, lol. Anyway, ok na sana kaso it was just not that fun when you're there. Sure the playground is alright but that's about it, everything else needs improvement.

1. The place stinks - That big bathroom in the middle of the beach just sends this bad smell towards the dining area..YES, imagine sitting down ready to eat, then boom ang baho!
2. No ushers to help noobs - We went in and just went straight to the beach... cause they told us to. Meron palang step 1(orientation) step 2 (waiver), step 3 (lifevest). We wasted 30mins cause we got lost.
3. They let people in kahit lagpas na sa start time, don't go, it will take at least 30mins to get to eh beach after doing steps 1 to 3. Better wait for the next batch or just come in early.
4. Nothing else to do after swimming, food is overpriced, The bali inspired hangout is too hot and full of people... and yun nga it smells lol.

I recommend arriving at 8am in full beach attire, go swim/jump/slide, shower, leave lol.

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