Inumart Convenience Bar

49 Tomas Morato Ave., Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Inumart Convenience Bar
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Judie Ann Princess M.
4.0 Stars

Kuha - bayad - pwesto

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Inumart, as the name suggest is a Convenience Store and Bar, rolled into one. The Country's first and only concept bar patterned this way, they enjoy a steady stream of customers who are on the look out for a pre or post night out drink. Situated in an old, dilapidated building along the busy Tomas Morato Avenue, near Kamuning, the charm is in the refurbished and upcycled tables and chairs. They have breathed new life to old doors, air conditioning units, cotton candy machines by reusing it as tables and seats.

The al fresco dining area is unkempt, downbeaten and messy, splashed on the walls are larger than life murals that showcases Filipino sights and sounds. At the far end is a stage for live bands to play in during late nights. On the other side is the convenience store where one can buy drinks and snacks. They also offer 'paluto' on street food items such as squid and fish balls, kropek and sisig. If you fancy a pack of instant noodles with a fresh cracked egg, they can also cook it for you for a minimal fee.

For drinks, you can create your own mix. Buy from the store the essentials and mix it in a tower which you can rent out. Ice? They also have it. Everything is self service for that maximum 'bahay inumam' feels. Recommended if you want something different for a Saturday or pre-weekend gimik night.

Disclaimer: Sponsored dining by Inumart.

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Jaja R.
4.0 Stars

Got an invitation from EJ B last April 28 for an afternoon meet up at Inumart. It is your friendly neighbor convenience bar. Yes you read that right! Convenience BAR. It is the first of its kind in the country! Conceptualized by the Padi’s Point Group. Other bars included in this family are Padi’s Point, Chill Bar and Chill Top.

Inumart gives you that flexibility to get whatever you want from the store and have it prepared by their staff if need to, with a minimal fee, while you and your friend stays at the designated hangout area! I honestly think that the whole idea is brilliant! The place is IG-worthy too and it’s open for 24 hours!

The rules are simple.


You can choose from a variety of drinks ranging from local to foreign beers, hard liquor and even juices. They also have different kind of chips, canned goods and anything else that you can pair up with your booze.


Tower Mo, Diskarte Mo!

You can go for your usual mix but if you’re not too sure what to get. They have a suggested mix for Gin Tower, Flavored Gin Tower, Rhum Tower, Rhum + Beer Tower

Pahiram Tower – P20
Pahiram Pitsel – P10

Rule #3: PALUTO

It’s the first time I heard about this Silog, but it actually make sense! 9786

Delata + Sinangag + Itlog = DELATSILOG

If you and your friends are the undecided types, you may also choose from their Tsibog/Tuhog : Pork of Chicken Isaw, Siomai, Pork BBQ, Chicken Wings, Hotdog, Dynamite, Tokwa just to name a few. Or a bowl of Ramen might help too!

There is also a band playing EVERY night starting at 7pm. You are also encouraged to wear white when you hangbout because they use black lights at night.

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Manila E.
4.0 Stars

28 April 2018
Saturday, 3:00PM

Kanya-Kanyang Kuha or simply follow:

1 Kuha: Get the good stuff.
2 Bayad: Pay what you want.
3 Pwesto: Find your spot.

Time off muna from all the busy hustling and bustling of the city and chill at this newly opened establishment in Quezon City. Open 24/7, this is indeed your absolute tambayan anytime of the day. Nothing fancy, just the right dose of chill and good vibes with friends, officemate or family.

Served with:
Beef Pares P49
Chicken Isaw P16
Pork BBQ P39
Pork Isaw P22
Chicken Gizzard P22
Talong wih bacon wrap P39
Kwek-Kwek P22
Dynamite P39
Kikiam P11
Tonkatsu Ramen P99

Flavored Gin Tower

Mica told us there are band performers every 7PM so make sure to drop by! You can even have your favorite snacks be prepared for you when choosing which one to munch on paired with your favorite drink. I had 1 can of san mig beer on top of the mixed gin tower served for us which made our day even more exciting. What I like best with this establishment is the Filipino touch and overall concept. From the paluto options, I have to say I like their bbq best since it captures the sweet and salty taste every Filipino is after. I have to say I will definitely be back soon with friends or family to experience local delicacies and chug on my favorite alcoholic beverage.

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5.0 Stars

Inumart Convenience Bar is the new concept of Padi’s Point Group. The team behind the success of Padi’s Point, Chill Bar, and Chill Top.

Convenience Bar?

Yes, it is. Operating 24-Hours. Actually, it’s like a convenience store, the only difference is that you can get a sit, drink and chill with your friends right away after you bought your favourites in the store.


Kanya-Kanyang Kuha (KKK)

It’s a self service. First you need to go inside the convenience store and choose from the wide selections of beverages, snacks, instant noodles, canned goods, etc.

Inumart also offers affordable pulutan like BBQ, Fish Balls, Hotdogs, and Paluto-with a minimum charge of Php20.00.


127842Beef Pares served with rice for Php99.00
127842Pork Liempo for Php49.00
127842Garlic Liempo for Php44.00
127842Chix Wings for Php82.00
127842Chix Fillet BBQ for Php49.00
127842Fried Chix for Php39.00
127842Pork BBQ for Php39.00
127842Chix Leg & Thigh for Php82.00
127842Hotdog for Php39.00
127842Chix Isaw for Php16.00
127842Pork Isaw for Php22.00
127842Siomai for Php39.00
127842Dynamite for Php39.00
127842Tokwa for Php27.00
127842Kwek-kwek for Php22.00
127842Kikiam for Php11.00
127842Chix Balls for Php16.00
127842Squid Balls for Php16.00
127842Fish Balls for Php16.00
127842Talong in Bacon Wrap for Php39.00
127842Kamatis in Bacon Wrap for Php39.00
127842Chix Gizzard for Php33.00

You can also Mixed and Make Your Own Tower.

Pahiram ng Tower cost is Php20.00, “may mataas na lalagyanan ka na” and Bucket of Ice for Php10.00

Cocktail Suggestion:

127864Gin Tower - Gin + Pomelo Juice + 2 Buckets of Ice

127864Flavored Gin Tower - Flavored Gin + Gatorade + Soda + Pineapple Juice + 2 Buckets of Ice

127864Rhum Tower - Rhum + Grape Juice + 2 Buckets of Ice

127864Rhum-Beer Tower - Rhum + Strong Beer + Soda + 2 Buckets of Ice.

Btw, KKK too for the glasses, plates and utensils.

Bayad Bago Enjoy

After choosing your favourite drink and pulutan, all you have to do is pay it to the counter.

Kain. Inom. Selfie.

After paying your order... Time to sit and enjoy your food and drink while you listen to the band or music of the convenience bar.

It was a good concept of buying first in the convenience bar before consuming it. I really enjoy picking my favourite snacks paired with some beer or any mixed drink we want to do. The prices of the food and beverages were reasonable enough to satisfy us.

Btw, the interior is mostly made of junk and old furniture from Fun Ranch in Ortigas Center. The management recycled it to be useful. Nice idea and blends well with the colorful Pinoy wall murals.

Absolutely, I will recommend this place to my friends.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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