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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

This ramen joint just opened their MOA branch last August, and we were thrilled as it is an added choice for our Friday lunch outs.

The restaurant is where Yabu was previously located (as far as I know 128513) As soon as we arrived, we approached the front desk so we can have our seats. The place was full, but there were seats at the ramen bar area. We were asked if we were fine with sitting there, and we were, so we went on.

This wasn't our first time to try Ippudo, so we were already familiar with their menu. But they actually have additional items on the menu, and one of them is the kuro ramen. I was actually intrigued about this flavor that I wanted to give it a try, but sadly I don't like my ramen spicy.

We all had the shiromaru motoaji, my friends just had the basic P385 and tamago P415 choice, while I had the special P490. The server recommended that we have the extra hard noodles, so that's what we chose.

Honestly I'm not sure why there's quite a big difference on the prices of the ramen since they all looked pretty much the same, with just a little bit of additional toppings.

The ramen was delicious. The broth was not too rich but it was great. The tamago was cooked perfectly. The noodles were to my liking. Everything was satisfactory.

Service was fast. Our orders came in less than 10 minutes. Servers were very friendly and attentive. They were quick on our requests and occasionally came by to ask us about our food.

The place looked different from the other branch I've been to. This had brighter ambiance, and I liked it 128522

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Ray G.
4.0 Stars

This branch is better than the one in Robinson's Place Manila. The ramen was better. They also have a new dish: beef tongue over rice (pictured). The tongue was tasty enough although a bit spicy for me. The real negative about it though is the serving size. Its just too small. "Bitin" as we would say in the Philippines. Meals for a couple can send you back P500 or so. Not bad with the much improved taste. I only hope they can maintain it.

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Chachi L.
4.0 Stars

One of the best ramens I've tasted so far. So happy that they have opened a branch near the South. Comparing to their Megamall branch, their place at MoA is well lit and has a more refreshing vibe probably because of the glass windows however I think they have fewer seats.

I got a chance to sit at the Ramen bar. Though I don't get to see how the ramens are made, it somehow gives you a legit vibe that you are in a ramen place. I ordered the Shiromaru Tamago which has ultra thin noodles. I liked my noodles very hard but since these noodles are ultra thin, I think it just became hard or medium. But nevertheless, still good ramen especially because of the soup and their tamago which was soft boiled to perfection.

For those who are first timers, try their pork chop and fried chicken buns as well. They are also very good and tasty 128521

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Elise C.
5.0 Stars

If there is a ramen place I'd recommend to people who do not have any idea about how good ramen can get, Ippudo would be it! I, myself, am a person who usually shies away from ramen, because I don't really understand the hype, and I think they're all the same! But then, maybe it's because I havent found the one, lol!

Ippudo might be pricey, but it sure is worth every penney! My mom usually gets disappointed with ramen, but this time, she actually told me she was enjoying hers!! She got the shiromaru tamago (415php), and boy was it seasoned well! It almost tasted like home. Very mild and yummy to taste!

I got the akamaru chashu (470php), okay so I didnt know this had some spiciness to it but I really liked this!! It had the right amount of spice and homey-ness for me, and the serving was huge! Truly is special.

My sister got the beef ishiyaki rice (495php). This one was good for the fact that the beef they used was the one restaurants use for beef stew. Very tasty! We also had salad (240php), it was okay!

Lastly, we had the matcha creme brulee (160php). This was really good!!! And serving was big.

Forgive me if I cant describe ramen properly, I feel like I'm not giving the food real justice. I promise you, I really enjoyed it! And that's new, coming from me! Haha! Ippudo's menu is very compact, only the best make it to their book! So don't worry. Place is very clean, and the music makes you want to eat faster! Staff were friendly too.

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Marc David M.
5.0 Stars

Was here during breakfast and now I'm back for dinner. 128513 This time with the wifey and the #ramenbaby on tow. 128104128105128103

The staff were attentive enough to offer a high chair without us asking and the manager provided #ramenbaby with plastic utensils and chopsticks for kids. 128077128077128077

10084️Pork Buns! Perfect as always! Don't forget to try this for appetizers. I hope they allow this for takeout. 128513

10084️Karaka Special for me this time! Perfect to nurse away the cold I got. Spicy but quite tolerable still. Crushed some more garlic for more flavor and additional anti-biotic properties. Nasal passages cleared almost instantly. 128514128077

10084️Matcha Creme Brulee! No picture provided as the #ramenbaby did away with it as soon as it was placed on the table. Matakaw eh. 128514 I love how the torched sugar is a bit thicker on this one, enough for everyone to enjoy. I just hope they add more sprigs of mint leaf, I love that surprise burst of freshness.

Supposed to be 4 stars as usual, but with the impeccable service, I'm bumping it to 5. (Disclaimer: We went in past 9pm with no queue)

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Marc David M.
4.0 Stars

Limited Ramen Special


The shredded pork had a sweet note that overpowered the otherwise light tonkotsu broth of Ippudo. The bowl is also very simplistic with not too much ingredients in the mix (which I liked 128513). Not too much of a fan of Menma and "tengang daga" 9996128514.

I had it with Rice + Onsen Egg add-on. What I did was finish off the noodles first then dunk the rice and egg and devoured all of it. No Prisoners. No Mercy!!! 128514

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Janette Rico M.
5.0 Stars

Just opened last 31Aug2016. This is a MUST try. Never fail to amaze me with delicious food. Now with new lovable items in the menu ;)

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