Isdaan Floating Restaurant

National Highway, Calauan, Laguna

Isdaan Floating Restaurant
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Jam C.
3.0 Stars

We went here to celebrate my sister's birthday. We decided to go on an early weekday morning. Best time for me i think. No traffic and less people on the floating restaurant. We rode a bus going to Laguna on Cubao. It took us if i remember
It right, an hour to get here. It was kind of easy to know when you are near since you will be seeing it directly on the side of the road.

The place was huge so we decided to tour around first a little bit and have some picture taking before we look for a sit and order from their menu. We were amazed by the look and feel of the whole floating restaurant as you will think that you are in a different country when you are touring inside. There are still some renovations when we go around some part. I just don't know if until now it is not finish.

After we get tired from touring we decided to eat and order from their long list of menu. Having no idea of what to order, we asked for their best seller and they suggested that we order the titanic boat that's good for us 5.

We waited for some time for our order then when it was served, wow the food's a lot. I think it's not for 5 persons, but more. We were happily eating when my boyfriend seems to notice something in their food. It was a fly inside the meat of the pork. We told them about it. And they are very kind naman and sorry of what happened. They also told us they are going to replace the food that we are eating for no additional cost.

It was a fun experience lalo na for the kids. Although nawalan na kami ng gana to eat. We decided to just take home the food na lang that they told us that they are going to replace.

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Kirstie Mel V.
4.0 Stars

Last February, we wanted to go somewhere with a different concept than the usual restaurants and where we can take photos, millions of photos, that is. So we has a Thai-styled anniversary in Isdaan Floating Restaurant. At first I thought it was only in Tarlac where they have this restaurant with Tacsiyapo Wall. After doing some research, I've found that they have it closer to Manila, in Laguna.

We took the bus going to Sta. Cruz, Isdaan is along the highway, so no problem. We got there just in time for lunch. The food choices are very Filipino, ginataan, inihaw, all locals. They were good for sharing, though crab rice was more than what two people can consume. They were a bit pricey though.

There was the usual guitar playing guy who sang acoustic versions, and for groups, they can occupy a kubo with a band serenading them. They are enjoyable to listen to in a way, and grant requests too. They also have mascots (Disney characters) for kids to take pictures with.

Once we were full with lunch, we went ahead with strolling the area for photos with the different statues. We first took the boat ride along their man-made river, this one is free but you need to give a tip to the bangkero. The view was the usual we see.

After that, we went ahead and took photos with the king kong statues, the Buddhas, the Obama replicas, elephants, and others. It took us three hours to roam and take photos. The most promising is the white Buddha that we had to climb to sit on its lap.

When millions of photos were finally taken (I'm exaggerating) we went to the Tacsiyapo wall area. We did not try though, we were not really stressed that time.

Overall, place is fun. I can imagine the volume of customers during weekends. It's an interesting venue for reunions, too. They are opening another branch in Nueva Ecija, in addition to this one in Calauan and in Tarlac. Isdaan is a sister company of Barrio Fiesta. :)

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Faye A.
5.0 Stars

A good place to celebrate any occasion, mapa birthday, anniversary, monthsary, weeksary, kahit daysary pa! A complete package of good food, entertainment, attraction and nature.

Good food— this place is under Barrio Fiesta so the food was authentically delicious. The sinampalukang Manok was cooked inside the kawayan and transfer it from kawayan to bowl right in front of us, it costs 300 something for a big bowl of seven cuts chicken.
Then the adobong kangkong, urgh! Panalo! That was out favorite! Not your typical adobong kangkong, this one is sooooo malasa and garlicky,then may chunks pa of lechong kawali.
Next is the inihaw na tilapia which is I think is mahal since it costs 200+ for 2pcs tilapia, nothing special with the taste just your typical inihaw na tilapia.
Lastly, the rice was serve in a cute small kaldero ng kanin hahahah nakakabitin lang since dumating kaming gutom.

Entertainment— the place is packed with entertainment, there's these singing gentlemen that will serenade you while you were eating, mascots of mickey mouse, donald duck and gooffy, jogglers and unicyclers (feels like we're on a carnival themed fiesta) the "mahahabang tao" (I don't know what to call them haha) musicians, dancers and many more. The whole band was marching in the whole place to entertain everyone,

Attraction and Nature— you'll surely enjoy the breathtaking thai inspired theme of Isdaan floating restaurant, this place was full of buddha replicas and statues. It was like a theme park with giant statues of buddha (there are three huge buddhas Red, White and Gold) giant statues of monkey, Elephants and other animals. The place was a Man-made floating restaurants that was connected with kawayan bridges. You can choose kung saan kang kubo, either sa taas with the giant buddhas to enjoy the whole view below or sa baba with the rivers, entertainers and more.

Plus!!— there's this TACSIYAPO wall where you can throw and break things like plates, mugs, wall clock and even T.V.!! It's a good way to release stress, heartaches etc.
after here you can go straight to Calamba Laguna. (Dikit dikit ang hot springs don hehe)

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Eric A.
4.0 Stars

This has been my 3rd Visit in this restaurant. They have very nice and lively place. Great food. The place is very accessible too.

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Rosey D.
4.0 Stars

Late lunch with the family on our way back to Manila from Quezon province. Saw a post of this of my friend on her IG and thought she was out of the country hahaha

Anyway, here is what I thought of the place.

Parking - spacious naman kaya lang dami di sya sementado. So be careful na lang sa mga naka heels 128513

Entrance - you may want to take a selfie right away as there are a lot of statues. Also, since it was Sunday yesterday, que was quite long. Have to wait for 15-20 mins before you can have your seat.

Price - a bit expensive. Good for group of people para mas masaya mas madaming ka share.

Ambiance - feeling mo sa Thailand ka. Daming pwedeng magpa pic. Too bad, umuulan kahapon so sa entrance lang kami nakapagpa pic

Food that we ordered - inihaw na tilapia half, sisig boat, lumpiang ubod, 2 small caldero of rice. Not bad for P1,300 pesos kase may discount si Mother sa Senior. 128522

It was a great experience but would probably recommend if you will come here with a balikbayan relatives who is craving for Pinoy food. Or group of friends. There are also some activities which you can enjoy while waiting for your orders. 128522

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

Went here for dinner last Saturday after our hikes to Hulugan and Aliw falls. My friend is from Laguna, so she knows this place. But for us who don't, we really got attracted to it, since there are a lot of HUUUGE statues outside.

The place itself, like its numerous statues, is huge! I felt like I was gonna get lost in the place! Seats are and will never be a problem.

There were also a lot of activities in this restaurant, but some of it were closed when we visited. There was also a band, and mascots. It's like a fiesta in here.

We got to try one activity: plate throwing. There's this area where you can pay to throw stuff at the wall. Perfect way to get your frustrations out of your system. Prices range from P18 (medium plate) to P2,000 (Old TV).

We asked to be seated in a floating kubo. Well, not really "floating" per se since the kubo is stable, but there's water underneath. The floors of walkways were made of bamboo (kawayan).

We ordered the boodle fight good for 4 people, but it seemed like it was good for 6 people. The meal had rice, bangus, liempo, chicken, eggplant, soup and fresh lumpia. The food was just okay, nothing special, but satisfying. My favorite was the tender liempo.

Service was good. The food came fast! It was served around 10 minutes after ordering. We didn't even get to finish our photo sessions. Hahaha!

Overall, the experience was unforgettable. I think I'd go there again for the experience itself, the food is just a bonus (good thing it isn't bad!)

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Chels M.
1.0 Stars

I was so disappointed. Very disappointed!

Pinilit ko pa kumain dito yung family ko kahit malayo at mahal ang pagkain dahil natuwa ako nung unang punta ko dito.

That was 3rd day of april 2016.

8am from manila to laguna to attend burial of my uncle.

3pm we went to this restaurant. Tired. Very hungry. Since d pa kami ng breakfast lunch so eto ung pinakakain namin sa nung araw na un.

Place was not full. Plenty of staff.

* place is not advisable for senior citizen na mahirap na maglakad. Kawayan kasi ung lalakaran sobrang nahirapan lola ko e. Nalula sya.

Maganda ung place. Great for selfies. Many attraction kaya hindi namin napansin ung bagal ng service.

But it was tooo much!

We ask for water, 30 minutes to 1hr.

Table is not yet clean when we arrived.

We ordered 1 party bilao. ( sorry i forgot the menu ), 4 rice 1 bulalo.

4:45 food arrived. (3:30pm kami dumating dun)


Staff? Lakad kwento lakad kwento.....

Manager? Mr JEREMY GABITO, kaupo lang kwento din.

So ayun i made a scene. Sorry sa sarili ko pero galit tlga ko dahil almost 2hrs n kami nagaantay. Realtalk? Nanginginig ako nun sa gutom bukod sa galit. Nasigawan ko tlga sila.

2mins set up n daw lahat. Wala padin so umalis na lang kami.

Manager offered to eat for free ( complimentary )

Sir? Hindi po lahat ng nagccomplain naghhangad ng libre. I also write reviews pero wala naman din kapalit un. Magandang service lang po sana since nagbabayad din naman kami at ngbyahe pa kami. Thanks for the offer by the way.

Nakakagalit lang dahil ung apologies and explanation nya ay sablay.

* on our side : 9 tables. 3 staff
2 tables are occupied that time.
2 staff on break
1 staff left right? So ano mahirap dun kung dalawang table lang ang occupied at madami iba staff wala ginagawa?

* kasabay lang namin dumating un mas marami silang order. Nauna pa cla taposna sila kumain nghhugas na sila ng kamay kami wala parin food? 128563

Sorry pero nakakapanginit lang talaga. 128557

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Angelique G.
4.0 Stars

Nice place

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Aly B.
3.0 Stars

We went here yesterday, I was with my family and some of our relatives from the States. My Tita recommend this place because according to her, their food is good and it had a park, so they thought that my younger siblings would enjoy it; well for me, I didn't enjoy the place.

We travelled for about 2 hours from Batangas and the road going there was medyo sketchy. However, it was really easy to find the place kasi there was a big signboard and you'd notice that they have a really big space for parking. So we entered and noticed that there were a lot of people. We were third in line and I swear, the music annoyed me. Huhuhu. For me kasi I expected it to be a chill place na tahimik kasi nga it's like in the middle of nowhere pero no. The music really bothered me. Anyway, going back. The place was fine. You'd be amused by the big statues pero di masyado namaintain yung cleanliness ng place. It would be better if they repainted some parts of the place and cleaned the parang river thing they have. Hahahaha

Food. So sa food naman medyo annoying kasi ang layo ng tinravel namin and we were all hungry tapos biglang when we were about to order na they gave us the menu and a small paper which listed their available food. Sobrang onti lang niya, and lahat sila pusit, bangus & tilapia lang kasi according to them, naubos daw yung food kahapon (Christmas) and di daw nakapagdeliver yung supplier nila. Imagine, they didn't even have garlic. Medyo cute yung serving nila tho. Rice was served in small calderos and the food tasted fine, nothing special. Medyo overpriced din. Pero I really recommend their Sinigang na Bangus, it was my favorite among all the other food that we ordered. 128522

Staff were accommodating & kind din. Btw, there's a free boatride, just give the bangkeros a tip! 128513

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Ben N.
3.0 Stars

One good place to eat after visiting Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna.
We had our dinner here and celebrated my mother's birthday.

the place is nice, except from those areas that's not well maintained were some statues are placed on the side.
it is actually pretty big, and as a habit i went around took photos of everything that's interesting for me. there are so many parts that's picture perfect, maybe it is because of the so many statues around. there's Tacsiyapo also, where you could throw plates, mugs, even televisions to release your anger(it's a better way to release stress than to punch someone in their face).

the place is full of lively staffs which is a very very good plus factor for me. there are singers that roam around the restaurant to serenade their customers.
also we are lucky enough that there's a show on a Saturday night where their best singers(staff) and some circus acts performed on their stage.

now, let's go to their food.
we ordered the Boodle Fight: Round 2 which has sinigang, liempo, lumpiang bukid, tacsiyapong gulay, tilapia and their famous lechon tinupig. lechon tinupig is a chicken cooked on coconut milk and then grilled. I'm actually expecting something special from the taste of the chicken since it was their best seller, but my tastebuds couldn't remember any distinct taste from it, though the chicken's texture is good.
for the price it is very affordable, fair enough for the quality of food that they serve.

will i go back again?
yes, because of their good service. 128077🏼


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Jaevonne P.
3.0 Stars

The experience was FUN but OVERPRICED!

I, along with my officemates, had our boodle lunch here one time and we were all giddy having to try this experience. I mean who wouldn't? Eating on banana leaves with your bare hands while inside a hut situated on a floating restaurant - must be good. Plus, the place is just photogenic capturing that asian vibe by incorporating bamboos and the humongous pieces of buddhas and other asian art pieces.

Then comes the bill and the whole floating resto thing almost sank with the instaneous dropping of jaws. Kidding! haha. But really, considering both quantity and quality, it was just over the top pricey. We payed for it anyway:)

We just skirted the whole place and enjoyed the activities. They have circus performers, some traditional pinoy games, challenges and ofcourse my favorite - tacsiyapo!!! Now try guessing which specific writing I hit with that breakable mug on hand;)

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Brendz R.
4.0 Stars

you'll enjoy taking pictures of the diff life sized buddha's....foods too expensive 128530 konti ang serving waaaa...bawe na lang sa pagpapa picture sa mala thailand na place hehe..128523

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Renelle Louise V.
3.0 Stars

We went to this place during the lunch hour rush so I guess we got what we deserve... Which was horrible service. The staff were all nice and courteous. If what you wanted was within reach, they'd easily give it to you. The awful part was that there were just so many customers so they weren't able to pay attention to all of us. They were busy running orders. During the heavy lunch and dinner hours, I can say that the place becomes understaffed.

We ordered the liempo and chicken tinupig where the former was what I loved. Pancit de lechon, hilabos na hipon, and two orders of rice (the one good for 2-3 people) were the rest of our orders. The food was good but nothing to die for. I found the food to be pretty expensive though!! Each serving is good for about 3-4 people but man, the price is really something!! The cheapest appetizing meaty viand that I saw was around 350+ and the usuals being 500+. Not worth it, imho.

We waited for more than an hour for our food which was honestly quite bad service. Can management do something about this? I don't think this is a major staff problem. Good thing I had a book with me to pass the time. We arrived at 12 and left at 3. I honestly don't get why there so many people here.

I loved the tacsiyapo wall though. I let off some steam. I honestly wouldn't come back here if I came with people but if I had just one patient person then I would. Service, please improve!

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Annix B.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Jean M.
2.0 Stars

I visited twice and during both times, I was not impressed. The food was so-so and very expensive for the amount and quality. I think we pay for the over-the-top extravaganza of the place, which is not my cup of tea to be honest.

If you want good Filipino food, don't go here.

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Aicor T.
4.0 Stars

Accessibility127775127775127775 Place 127775127775127775127775127775 food 127775127775127775 Service: 127775127775127775Price 127775127775

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Adriel S.
2.0 Stars

Expensive food, it's more like you're paying for the performers than the food.

Service is bad, probably because of the large place.

No credit card.

Food is okay but really it's not worth it. There are far more delicious food with cheaper price.

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Ma P.
5.0 Stars

2nd time to be in this place, amazing view para kang asa thailand lol. I love there Pinaputok na Baboy and Sisig.

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Kristian P.
4.0 Stars

Good Food. Good Place. Good Vibes

We went to Isdaan last July 25th, it's an easy ride coming from Manila this place will caught your attention because of it's huge statue in front, it's cool.

We are group of 18 persons, good thing we spoke to one of the staff day before going there, even ask him if dog is allowed good thing it is. We've got this table inch away from stage where the acrobats,magician etc. performs.

I even tried to catch fish and gladly we caught three "hito" that they cooked for us! They fried it, i'm not sure if they can cook it other way but i preferred fry.

Can't remember all of what we ordered, i like the kare-kare and the sisig served in this tiny boat and the pork dish served in a bamboo it's a bit pricey specially the rice, but considering the ambiance and the fun it will give i think it's worth it!

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Maria V.
4.0 Stars

I love going to this place especially when i have vistors from Manila or balikbayan friends. I know i can never go wrong when i bring them here. Food is good. I always order bulalo and crispy pata for my friends. I so love their pusit na sugbo cooked in a bamboo and wrapped in banana leaf. Place is a bit far as it is located in Calauan Lagina, but trip is definitely worth it as you can go visit other places as well and buy your favorite pasalubong.

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