Isla Reta

Talicud Island, Samal, Davao del Norte

Isla Reta
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Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

Isla Reta in Talicud, Island Garden City of Samal is a small and serene beach resort with white sands and pristine blue waters. It’s one of our destinations during our Davao—Samal trip.

The beach itself is clean and very well maintained. I love that it is not too crowded that you can freely enjoy swimming at the beach. There’s an entrance fee of 150php per head for a day tour visit. But there are also cottages and tents available for rent if you plan on staying longer. Plus a canteen where you can buy food.

There’s a part of the beach where the sand is powderlike while there is also a part where it’s a bit rough with plenty of pebbles and broken corals. Broken corals because according to our local tour guide, beneath all that crystal clear water are lots of corals and thriving marine life. Due to this, Isla Reta is also known as a diving destination in Samal.

My friends and I just opted to lounge at the beach and take lots of pictures (for the ‘gram yo!) than go diving because we were already exhausted from that day’s island hopping activities.

If ever you’re going to Samal, make sure to add this beauty to your list of destinations! 🏝

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a secluded beach with powdery white sand? Tho Isla Reta is already known, they have maintained the cleanliness and natutal resources of the island. A lot of people visit Isla Reta during weekends and holidays, so you better go on a weekday so you could have the beach all to yourself.

Isla Reta is an hour and 30mins boat ride from Sta. Ana Wharf to Talicud Island. They have scheduled trips to and from Davao City. Make sure to bring all your necessities and food for "sugba" as it is always better to eat grilled pork, grilled fish or barbeque by the beach. You can buy vegetables, charcoal and other important ingredients outside the resort.

They also have a canteen that offers variety of food at around Php 180-220 like garlic/buttered chicken, pancit, grilled pork, sinabawang isda and a lot more. If you have enougg budget and don't want to cook, you can just order from their canteen.

When swimming in the resort, be sure to bring your snorkeling gears to see the beauty beneath the ocean. Isla Reta is also a Dugong Sanctuary but they usually show up early in the morning or if you're lucky, you might swim with one of them during midday.
Reminder: NEVER SWIM ALONE. Always swim with a buddy. Make sure to always bring a vest/swimming ring in case you tired.

If you don't want to swim, you can relax by the shoreline or under the talisay tree to just enjoy the view 128026

They also have accommodation available (fan room only) or you can rent a tent.

Specific details in the photos 9996🏼

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Shareen B.
5.0 Stars

Ahh! The best place to be! On this hot summer day, Isla Reta is the best place enjoy the sun and cold, crystal-blue waters. White sand and naturally clear, blue waters. It takes an hour and a half to reach Talicud Island from Davao City. It may be tiring but once you reach Isla Reta, it will seriously take your breath away. Always in awe everytime I go there 127946🏻128675🏻127754

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Kim A.
5.0 Stars

from sta.ana wharf it is 1hr boat ride to isla reta. 128675

boats has schedule so better be on time! isla reta boats will charge you P80 (i heared other boats charges cheaper fare).128077

the place was definitely breath taking. fine white sand, crystal clear sea water, talisay trees near the shore which gives the guests protection from the sun. 127774 you can snorkel and see school of fish swimming near the shore. 128032

entrance fee is P75/day tour and P150/overnight.

what to bring:
•ihaw ihaw (hotdogs,liempo,bangus they don't have this at the island)
•camera (better if water proof)
•baon (but you can order at their canteen) •goggles (you can rent for P100-P150)
•life vest/floaters

the place is not yet commercialized to dont expect too much about their accomodation. we just rented a tent for P400 while there are rooms P700 native room, P800 concrete room.

❗they charge corkage fee for every beverage you bring.
❗last trip of boat for day tour guests is 3pm

i love the everything about the place except for their shower room. they use salt water so don't expect your soap to bubble. 128514

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