Islas de Gigantes

Carles, Iloilo

Islas de Gigantes
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Ariel P.
4.0 Stars

Something out of Indiana Jones. Jagged Karst Cliffs and caves. A natural salt water lagoon and all the scallops that you can eat. I visited back in 2009. Yes , way before all the tourist came. Definitely a must visit. They have to do something about the plastic problem though

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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Isla de Gigantes is one of my bucket lists way back years ago but it took me so looong to finally visit this place. With an ultimate planning, I decided to spend days here and not just a short span of time to see what's the best this place can offer.

Almost same like Palawan, Isla de Gigantes is also an ultimate destination that boasts with natural beauty - pristine white beaches, amazing rock formations, and a beautiful lagoon. This place has been so popular with travelers because it's very accesible and everything is almost cheap: tour, homestay/accommodation, and fooood!

127807Getting there:
Our flight started in Roxas City, Capiz which is actually nearer than traveling from Iloilo City. So here's what we did:
1. From Roxas City Airport, ride a tricycle going to Roxas Integrated Terminal in Pueblo de Panay. (Fare: P200.00)
2. From there, ride a van bound to Balasan drop off. (Fare: P65.00)
3. Alight in Balasan drop off and ride a tricycle going to Bancal Port. (Fare: P200.00)
4. From there, you can rent either rent a private boat for tour or you may opt to stay in one of the islands in Isla de Gigantes. (Joiner Fee: P999/ Boat Fare to North Gigantes where we stayed: P100.00)

Since we got package tour from our accommodation, it's actually the best way to enjoy your stay in Isla de Gigantes. It's hassle free without thinking of anything during your visit. Our package includes glamping, private tour, and full board meals.

128262 Islands to visit:
▫️Tanke Saltwater Lagoon
▫️Cabugao Gamay
▫️Antonia Beach
▫️Bantigue Island
▫️Tinagong Baybay

I fell inlove with Isla de Gigantes not just because it's actually pretty but how hospitable the people are. They were heartwarming and treated us like family. Aside from that, the fooood were really sumptous! Lahat ng seafoods, fresh! And scallops are really really cheap like P1.00 per piece. I literally ate less than hundred.

Thank you Isla de Gigantes for the amazing getaway that we had! You are awesome. ♥️

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

This will just be a collective review of the places we went to in gigantes group of islands which were Cabugao Island, a sandbar and another island which is an extension of hideaway inn.
It was our first time island hopping in the Visayan region (except for bora) and I must say that the water is much choppier compared to Palawan. Our tour was actually cut short because of the waves. The islands are definitely nice and pretty BUT nothing that will make you say WOW IMHO. Truthfully, I feel that the 2 hr road trip and the 1.5 boat ride to get to isla gigantes (not counting the plane ride) isn't exactly worth it. I feel that if you've seen Coron and el Nido then this is just OK, it's nice to see and experience but it doesn't come close.
I guess it would be a good idea to visit this region only if you're already exploring the neighboring Islands like Bacolod, Dumaguete etc but i don't think it's worth a trip in itself 9996🏼

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Yua D.
5.0 Stars

Cabugao Island - must climb the top to see this view! 128153

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Yua D.
5.0 Stars

Bantigue Sandbar - is one of the destinations of the Isla Gigantes Island hopping tour. It was insanely magical seeing waves crash along the sandbar.

We were well taken care of Gigantes Hideaway Inn's guides.

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Chariz R.
5.0 Stars

Luckily, my boyfriend went home to their province in Carles, Iloilo with me and include me in his budget 128522
So for us to make sulit our 1week stay in Iloilo, we include ISLAS DE GIGANTES in our Itinerary.
It's a beautiful sunny sunday morning when we went for an Island Hopping. Boat starts at Bancal Port where the Fishersman's are busy packing and selling their newly-catched fresh and big fishes. 128561
It's about a 45mins to 1hour boat ride to our first destination which is the Tangke, Lagoon. It was perfect sea-salt water lagoon with a fascinating sky blue water and worth captured rock formations.
Second destination was the most famous Island at Carles today, the Cabugao Island (Gamay), for me it is the most beautiful Island of all (Islas De Gigantes). It has the perfect top view, super fine shelly white sands. 128076🏻🏝
Third destination was the Antonia Beach Resort, we stayed there for about 1hour for swimming. It has also a long sandbar. 128513
Fourth destination was the Bantigue Sandbar, it has a small cave where we tried to enter but suddenly we went out for some reasons 128513128514 I'm afraid of what's inside actually! I hate the feeling of being inside of a very dark and narrow area. But the Sandbar at Bantigue is amazing.
All in all it was very tiring but worth it because of the 4 beautiful islands I've got to experience just for a day. 128522

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

After landing at Roxas airport, we rode a tricycle to the bus terminal going to Estancia. The travel would take around 3-4 hours. Upon arriving at the Estancia Feeder Port, you can ride a chartered boat or wait for the only boat that goes to Isla de Gigantes that leaves at 2PM. I suggest getting a package so you won't need to wait very long.

Packages cost around 2-2.5k for an overnight stay with full board meals and a tour of the Bakwitan Cave, Lighthouse and an island hopping tour.

I really enjoyed Gigantes especially talking to the locals who were really hospitable. Electricity is only from 3 or 4pm until 12mn only if I remember it right then the source will be switched to a generator. Don't expect very cold drinks and we were not able to find any tindahan that sells ice.

The lunch and dinner includes scallops, pusit and crabs kaya lubusin na! I also loved the wasay-wasay! 128076🏻 Super seafood overload!

Gigantes was a great way to start our Visayas backpacking trip!

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Chloe S.
5.0 Stars

It was about an hour of plane ride, 2 hours on the road and another 2 hours of bumpy bangka ride that led us to our first island in Islas de Gigantes (this, with just about 2-3 hours of sleep). Nobody expected anything because honestly, none of us are familiar with the place, except for 2 from our group who grew up in Iloilo.

What I loved most about the place is that it's almost deserted and garbage is not yet in their vocabulary. Fresh seafood, like alimasag, is too cheap we had at least a whole crab each for just 250 pesos and wasay-wasay (similar to an oyster) is also as cheap as 50 pesos a sack. We also got to try diwal or angel wings clam, which is rare.

Modes of transportation are only by boat or motorcycle taxi (habal-habal). It may sound limited, but activities like trekking, caving, island hopping and water sports can all be done in this group of islands that I would prefer finding and discovering places like this over those that people are familiar of.

Photo: Bantigue Island Sandbar


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Ria B.
5.0 Stars

Spectacular view! 128516 127796127754 I believe you'll have to pay an entrance fee to go to this specific place to take a pic, I think it was 50php.

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Isla de Gigantes is actually what this group of islands found in the northern most tip of Iloilo is called.128510 To get there from the city, you’ll take a 3 hour car ride zzzz and then a 2 hour boat ride. It sounds like a really long time, because it is... but super worth the travel and since we left at 3am I just slept through it. Hehehe

So, since we knew someone from there, we first had what you can call brunch in the house of the kagawad in one of the islands. Grabe! It was my firs time to have that much seafood at that time of the day. And the freshest pa! We had scallops, what this place is known for. We had 2 kalderos of that. Plus crab, squid – giant ones, and one each pa! Waaah and 2 kinds of fish. White rice… bring it! I didn’t care na. I was looking forward to taking the perfect bikini pics but wala eh.. CRABS>ABS happy tummy!!!! 9786

Because we had so much food, we had to just take the leftovers with us for our island hopping. And eating the food on the boat was the best experience ever! Nothing compares. Missing those very moments now, standing up on the boat and eating. Plus also when we ate the scallops as pulutan. Huhuhu take me back! 128557128557

Aside from the food… Yup! There’s more! Hahaha the 4 islands we went to were heaven! #Iloilostinparadise was our hashtag. Each of the 4 islands had their own special thing. Like, for the first, it had amazing rock formations in its pristine, crystal clear water. Picturesque, as seen in the photo. 128525 The second had nice sand and was nice to wade in. The third had a wonderful view from the top of both sides of the island. 128064 And the fourth had some sort of lagoon, called Tangke, where you can just float away. I loved every moment of this day. 128149

Everyone we encountered was so nice. I will definitely go back and maybe next time to camp, not just for a day trip, so I can eat scallops till I can’t eat scallops no more! 128523128523

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Mara R.
5.0 Stars

Looking for a different kind of beach adventure that not a lot of people know about? Can you rough it up? Islas de Gigantes promises you these and so much more! 128516 It is a small group of pristine, quiet and immaculate islands North of Iloilo. 128510🏝

A refreshing experience for those who just want to momentarily drop everything and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

When visiting Islas de Gigantes, contact Joel Decano (09184685006 / 09155796612), Tourism Officer of Carles where the beaches are located. You will love him because his tour is CHEAP (2,500php) and HASSLE-FREE. 128134🏼

Tour Inclusions (3 Days/ 2 Nights):

1. Passenger boat fare 2way
2. Private boat for island hopping with local island guide
3. Island and cave entrance fees
4. 5 Meals (Family style)
– SCALLOP ISLAND, you will be served all ways to cook scallops, its GLORIOUS!!! 128515
5. Motor bike fare (Habal-habal)
– Only means of transportation around the island 🏍
6. Gigantes Hideaway Tourist Resort (2 nights)
– Non aircon rooms but you can ask to upgrade, no private bathroom

DESTINATION: Manila-Estancia, Iloilo (Port to Islas)-Islas de Gigantes


From ILOILO (Around 6hrs) – Route I took, DON’T!!! 128513 Spent around 300php

1. Iloilo Airport
– 1 Hr
2. Travel to Tabak Terminal, Jaro
– 20 Mins

Transpo Options to Tabak Terminal:
A. Shuttle to SM City Iloilo/ Jeepney to Tabak Terminal
B. Cab to Tabak Terminal

3. Travel to Estancia via UV Express Van
– 3-4 Hrs
SIDE TRIP: Netong's Original Lapaz Batchoy

4. Estancia to Estancia Feeder Port via Tricycle
– 10 Mins
5. Estancia to Brgy Asluman (Islas) via Boat
– 2 Hrs

From ROXAS (Around 4 Hrs) - Travel to Estancia via UV Express Van
– 2 Hrs


1. Tangke (Natural Lagoon)
2. Cabugao Island (Twin Beaches)
3. Bantigue Island (Sandbar)
4. Century Old Spanish Lighthouse (Parola)


1. Bring insect repellent, lots of mosquitos in the caves
2. Mobile networks are not available in the island
3. Electricity is only turned on late in the afternoon until 11pm then it switches to power generator.
4. Bring your own supply of mineral/distilled water.
5. Bring your own snorkeling gear
6. You will need a vacation from this vacation! Hahaha 128514

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