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Nikki C.
5.0 Stars

Crème brûlé is 100841008410084

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Nathan Glenn Z.
1.0 Stars

I am dissapointed,so much. Food was too salty..
I spend my money for nothing.According to them the food comes with truffled oil.Yes. I know whats the taste profile of truffled oil and it is supposed to be more add flavor and to be more delicous exact even the smell is not good. Nobody's suggest to replaced or do something.

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5.0 Stars

Did you know that Italianni's Restaurant is now serving breakfast in selected branches nationwide? And they are open as early as 7 'o clock in the morning.

I went to BGC branch last Thursday morning to try their breakfast and I got the following morning favorites:

Velluto Rosso Pancake for Php320.00 (three-layered red velvet button pancakes topped with whipped cream, blueberries, and powdered sugar with mixed fruits on the side) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"I like the fluffiness of the red velvet pancakes. The pancakes with blueberries taste good but I like it more with whipped cream and powdered sugar."

Primera Tapa for Php395.00 (Thin slices of premium beef cured in old-style tapa marination. Served with adobo fried rice and egg on top) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"This is not your ordinary "tapsilog" that you can buy anywhere and anytime. They used premium quality and imported beef and I might say one of the best tapa I ever tasted."

Three Meat Delight for Php395.00 (Platter of chicken longganisa, beef tapa and pork tocino) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"The platter will satisfy your breakfast cravings, all of the three meats I've tasted was superb! I'm so "bitin" with one cup of rice and got another cup for these delicious and quality tocino, tapa and longganisa."

Shiitake Mushroom and Bacon Omelette for Php295.00 (Applewood smoked bacon with shiitake mushrooms and mozzarella cheese) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
"Shiitake mushrooms blend with scrambled eggs, smoked bacon and mozzarella cheese. Grabe! Ang sarap!"

Other branch of Italianni's serving breakfast is Greenbelt Makati branch.

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Italianni's has recently launched new breakfast dishes! From salads to french toasts, pancakes to sandwiches, each dish comes with a complimentary coffee or tea.

Not really a morning person so when we had breakfast here, I needed to I start off right away with a warm cup of Cafe Mocha. Served in a tall glass with gorgeous layers of chocolate, milk and coffee at the very top. Mix it well and enjoy while warm. This was just okay. Too milky and sweet, coffee not too strong.

Then we started our breakfast with three kinds of salads. Who would have thought that salad would be a good idea for a filling breakfast? I have never really considered a healthy and leafy bowl to start my day. Italianni's changed my mind.

> Mela Verde Salad for 245Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 320Php Regular

A refreshing and light salad that's loaded with fruits! I love honey balsamic dressing so I automatically loved this one. A bowl of fresh and crisp romaine lettuce and arugula with mandarin orange, watermelon and peach cubes, dried cranberries and slices of green apple. The combination of sweet and tangy was lovely!

> Avocado e L'uovo Salad for 265Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 340Php Regular

I liked this one too! Fresh mix of romaine and arugula, avocado slices, goat cheese cubes, crispy fried pancetta and Parmesan cheese in a light balsamic Caesar dressing. It's also topped with soft boiled egg. I love goat cheese and avocados so this was an instant hit. The avocado added richness and creaminess to this salad. The pancetta and cheese gave the much needed saltiness.

> Pollo e L'uovo Salad for 245Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 320Php Regular

A combination of romaine and arugula, ham slices and chicken flakes, some corn kernels and paprika in a balsamic Caesar dressing, this was my least favorite. This salad also came with a runny poached egg and a toast on the side. It was bland for me. There was enough dressing but it lacked in flavor. Also, you would't even notice the ham slices because there was too little.

> Pollo Zenzero for 295Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 380Php Regular

We also tried a rice meal - Pollo Zensero. This was like a leveled up Adobo. Tapa rice was so good you can eat it on it's own. The chicken pieces had this sweet and salty teriyaki flavor and subtle notes of anise. Served with sunny side-up egg, I'm sure that the Filipino in you will love this!

> Velluto Rosso Pancake for 245Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 320Php Regular

Then came in the pretty Red Velvet Pancake - Velluto Rosso Pancake. A stack of three pretty red pancakes, layered with cream cheese, finished off with whipped cream, blueberry sauce and dusted with powdered sugar. This was served with mixed fruits on the side. This pancake was a let down. Needs more vanilla, should have some chocolate for that rich velvety kick and more cream cheese please. I wanted to like it but nah.

We also tried their French Toasts - French Toast Cannella de Crema and French Toast ala Suzette.

> French Toast Cannella de Crema for 245Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 320Php Regular

I liked the Cannella de Crema more. I loved that each toast was thick, moist, buttery and milky. It was coated with just the right amount of cinnamon sugar and drizzled with just enough cream cheese. Served with two pieces of crispy bacon and sunny side up egg, this was a great deal!

> French Toast ala Suzette for 245Php Bistro Premier Exclusive | 320Php Regular

This is the French Toast version of the popular crepe - Crepe Suzette that is known for it's sweet and citrusy flavor. Tangerine or orange is the magic ingredient. Italianni's French Toast version was so-so. The thick french toast had a sweet glaze with a very subtle hint of orange. As you take a bite, you'll be able to get that citrus flavor but it kinda disappears right away leaving you with just your plain french toast. Served with two pieces of crispy bacon and sunny side up egg, this could have been good if they added more orange glaze in it.

I honestly enjoyed our Italianni's breakfast. I was so full but didn't feel bloated. It was a well balanced breakfast after all - protein, carbs, fruits, veggies! It's a great breakfast stop, to shy away from the usual oily and fried dishes offered by other restaurants.

By the way, Italianni's offer their breakfast menu in two branches only - Bonifacio High Street and Greenbelt, from 7AM to 10:30AM daily.

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Marco P.
4.0 Stars

Surprise good food ... Became our favorite place to eat after vabenepastadeli !!! 128077services

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Monarica M.
3.0 Stars

First time to eat breakfast here.

I was craving for french toasts so i asked the waitress if the "Rise n Shine" was really served with 2pcs french toast. She said "french bread po yan" so i repeated "so 2 french toasts just like in the picture?" She said "yes"

I added spam on the side. (2 slices for less than a hundered)

Then we also ordered "Pork Adobo"

Then the choco pancake topped with orange.

They served us with 2pc complimentary bread while waiting. 128522

Waited for atleast 15mins....

Orders came...
They served the Adobo 11088110881108811088
Which i must say tasted better than the picture. 128513

Then the rise n shine came.
I was expecting 2pc french toasts.
But my order came with a pancake. 128528
I asked "i thought this was supposed to be served with french toasts?"
The lady said "ah yes ma'am pag nirequest."
Huwwaaat??? (Yung feeling na gutom ka gutom ka na and inexpect mo na yung kakainin mo pero iba yung dumating)
"I specifically asked for french toasts" i said.
"Ay ganun po ba. Wala pong nakasulat sa order"
(Nagrepeat order pa si ate kanina. Inulit ulit ko pa yung french toast)

Well, i don't want to wait for another 15 to 20 mins for the french toasts so I just ate what they served me.

It was 110881108811088 (Rise n Shine)

The choco pancakes looked and tasted better in the pictures than in real life. 128513

The lady server "Sarah" made it up to by making small conversations. I like her. 128522
we asked for a water refill from other staff 3 times but somehow the water didn't make it to our table.... 128542128542128542

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Ian V.
5.0 Stars

No picture because we devoured everything before we realized we were not able to take photos. Oops. I guess we were that hungry. 128514

We ordered their Rustico and their Fettuccine Tartufo e Prosciutto. Everything was divine. I love how flavorful the pasta is because of the creamy truffle sauce. And then the prosciutto gives an amazing contrast to it and elevates the whole dish. The Rustico seems to be a new addition to their menu and we were glad to try it out.

The best part that I like about Italianni's? It's the free bread! 128514

We definitely came out of that restaurant with happy tummies. 128516

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Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

After a long movie night, my boyfriend and I went here to have dinner because we can't think of anywhere else that's less crowded plus we haven't tried eating here so yeah..

Our orders:
•Crispy Pork Ribs - very succulent. It is served with garlic rice, vegetables and pepper sauce. The pork ribs are deep-fried and marinated in Italian herbs/spices. The meat's tender 128077🏼 Easy to chew. Very refreshing to eat because it's not the typical crispy pork dish. Maybe the herbs/spices they put in it gives it a unique flavor. Perfect with the garlic rice! Mmmmyummyy 128523 I was not able to finish everything in my plate because they give generous servings haha! This meal made me feel bloated.

•Chicken Milanese - loved this one, too! Grilled chicken breasts with spinach gorgonzola cream sauce (from their menu) and are topped with tomato balsamic relish. I really liked it, very creamy and rich in flavor. Too delicious to resist!

The staff are very attentive, approachable and fast. I can see that they are well-coordinated with the help of their manager roaming around the restaurant to check if everything's okay. Good job, Italliani's! 128077🏼

It's nice having dinner with this kind of restaurant together with the special one! 128524128150

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Bhem B.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Marijoe D.
4.0 Stars

One of my fave italian resto.
Indulge in their foccacia bread dipped in a mix of olive oil and balsamic vinegar with some grated parmesan. I love their Quattro formaggi and lasagna and Sicilian Chicken Salad.
Their Panacotta is divine. A must try.
We love Bistro Group, I always renew my premiere card that entitles the holder with various discounts and vouchers! 128522

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Marco P.
2.0 Stars

We eat
1steak : at first was to row , we ask for medium
They bring back to the Kichen and cook in the micro way and over cook !!! Same part very hard 128549128549128549
2 chicken parmigiana with spaghetti pomodoro
Pasta very salty !!!!
The remanning dish where ok 128521128521128521

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

Pardon me with the sablay photo (hunger much na kasi kanina)

First applause is their complimentary bread, sarap 128077128077128077

Second applause is the new brekkie menu, damj options and natuwa ako sa yum yum level ng bacon and rice ko 128077128077128077

Third applause is mga mababait na staffs hehe 128077128077128077

Shall come back again next time 100841008410084

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5.0 Stars

Love everything here now, I remember hating dining here after a couple of bad experiences before; thankfully, they've proven me something better every time I went back as I really want to find out why people love it here.

So, we ordered the italianni's chicken something that was liked oven baked which was so good! I kind of imagined trying to make one at home but sort of know already it won't end up the same no matter how simple it may seem. It's really good you wanna make it avail at home. Then the pizza was perfectly thin and crispy with generous amount of toppings. Pasta was al dente as usual and creamy. As for the truffled potato, it's a little too oily but I can't tell if it's from the truffle oil or not. The dip was amazing though, it's so good you won't care if you can feel the calories in every dip too haha

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Renz O.
5.0 Stars

If you're not sure what to order. Then It's best to just order the Spaghetti and meatballs because it's really good and it satisfies the craving for some pasta feeling! Haha 128513

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Jude N.
5.0 Stars

Spinach artichoke is love..
Try it.. you'll love it. 128522

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Mom suggested we eat here for lunch since she needs to buy something in High Street after. I agreed coz I remembered I still need to claim a freebie from my BPI Amore Card. Sayang rin yun. Hahaha! 128522

I haven't been back since the looloo food tour which was about three months ago, I think. Not sure what I wanted to order plus my mind was too sleepy to function so I just let my parents decide.

Mom ordered the Country Classic Bundle (P1400+) which consist of the following:

127744 Aglio Olio Pasta - I liked that it was garlicky but it was too salty for my liking.

127744 Herb Roasted Chicken - 4 pieces roasted chicken with Italian herbs. The skin was golden and crispy, while the meat remained tender, moist and juicy. Even the flavor seeped through the meat. I like this!

127744 Braised Beef
Slow roasted short plate served with creamy mushroom sauce. I'd skip this next time. It tasted okay. Presentation didn't look that appetizing as well.

While waiting for our orders, they served us some complimentary bread with balsamic vinaigrette and olive oil. I really love this! I look forward to this everytime we'd eat here before. I prefer the herb bread than the plain roll. I would've wanted to ask for refill but I'm not sure if they give second servings of the bread. 128514

I also claimed a free Lunch portion of Spinach and Artichoke Formaggio (thank you, BPI!). Spinach, mushrooms, artichokes and a blend of cheeses served with garlic bread. It was delicious!! 128513 I've been obsessed with the spinach-artichoke-cheese combo lately. I enjoyed slathering it on top of the bread, and even adding it on the pasta and chicken. Just makes everything taste better! The garlic bread seemed overly toasted so I had to remove the charred portions before I ate it.

Their customer service guy was able to convince my mom to avail of the Bistro Card for P2,500. 128517 We were able to use the card right away (and they honored mom's SC discount) so our bill went down to P600+. They even gave my parents two cups of coffee for free. 128514

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Jairus d.
3.0 Stars

Met Geena M after my Bacolod Trip. I wanted to try Bulgogi Brothers but they were already closed. Our options were limited since it's already 11pm. Itallianis was still open so we gave it a try.

Luppe is a classic italian vegetable
soup with basil, pesto, maccheroni pasta and parmesan cheese. It's what it said on the menu. Weird coz the first thing I tasted was tomato but it didn't say anything on the desciption. This was okay.

Herb Roasted Chicken had italian herbs, chicken sauce and vegetables. It reminded me of how tinola is before adding water. Nothing great.

The Sicilian Salad is what I liked
the most. Romaine, mangoes, red grapes and walnuts in anchovy dressing made this salad enjoyable.

Madam Geena ordered lechong kawali. It was above okay.

So yeah, it was just an okay dinner but I'm happy I get to catch up with Madam. Next time will be a different restaurant tho.

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

Overdue review (so sorry BG, Peanut D and Odell R) 128517

At the |ooloo food tour, we were served their Shareable Combos (still available! P945/combo) plus a margherita pizza, a 4 cheese pizza, and an additional platter of bolognese. This was our THIRD stop btw. Imagine how full most, if not all, of us were by this time. Mind you, they also served us 3 flavors of panna cotta and a tiramisu!

Let me breakdown the Shareable Combos here:

|Combo 1 "Ribs and Fish Combo":
-Baby back ribs in honey bbq (yum! And fall off the bone as all Bistro Group ribs are 128521128523)
-Parmesan crusted fish fillet (mehh... It was ok. Not bad but not great. Dory with sauce. That's it)
-Special pesto rice (wasnt able to taste this bec I was so full already haha!)

|Combo 2 "Pork and Chicken Combo":
-Pork chop (wasnt able to taste this cos I ate a lot of free bread 128546 awesome grill marks tho!)
-Chicken parmigiana (this tasted like the parmesan crusted fish. Uhm... Typical fried breaded chicken breast with parmesan hence the name chicken parmigiana haha)
-Spaghetti aglio olio (did not attempt to eat any more carbs. Tummy was reaching max capacity)

Didnt try their Margherita pizza bec I always order this when my bf and I dine in at their GB branch so Im familiar with how twas going to taste. This is a staple order of mine bec it's really yummy!

Bolognese, Ive tried this before and found it bland so I didnt bother trying this during the tour.

It was my first time to try their four cheese pizza (ya i know i said i didnt want carbs anymore but how could a Cheesehead resist cheese?? Make that FOUR kinds of cheese!) No "ragrets"! After my first bite I fell in love with the strong blue cheese taste of their 4 cheese pizza. Yummy! Probably another staple order from now own. I think I can order a half and half pizza tho like half 4 cheese and half margherita. You guys can try this and hit me up if it's possible! Hehe!

Tiramisu... Hmm... Let's just put this as Italianni's Tiramisu is not a Tiramisu. Hehe. There was also a hint of alcohol in it which I disliked. 128541

Also tried their blueberry and honey with walnuts panna cotta. Both flavors were yummy! 128077🏼 (the mango flavored panna cotta was too far from where I was sitting 128532)

Thank you JP G and Jairus d for helping me get this shot (I was too short to do a top view shot of this bunch) haha!

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

3rd stop and I don't know how I would be able to fit in all the food they prepared for us. It was A LOT! Pizzas, pastas, meat, rice and bread! 128552 This would be super cool if we haven't eaten anything before this. 128529

I was not able to try everything because... 128546 Hello, empacho! 128529128529

The fish fillet was bland and dry. There wasn't enough sauce to give life to the fish. 128531

The four cheese pizza, though not that warm anymore was still good! It's my first time to try this and would love to order it again next time! 128513

The ribs were goooood! Super tasty and tender! 128076🏼

I was also able to taste two pastas -- bolognese and the one with sausage and chorizo. Simple yet very flavorful and oh soo gooooooood!! 127837

What I loved the most was their dalandan juice!! It was very light and refreshing and the perfect drink to wash all the umay!! 9786128513

They also served us with 2 desserts: Panna Cotta and Creme Brulee. I liked the Creme Brulee more because of its creamy rich texture plus it's not too sweet. The fresh sweet mangoes, whipped cream and walnuts made it even better! 128076🏼

I would love to come back again to try their shareable combos. 128513

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Just when I though that I've had enough food for the night, we moved on to our third stop for the epic looloo Food Tour. Village Tavern - TGI Friday's - Italianni's. This restaurant has been a favorite here in our country when it comes to Italian cuisine. They have been offering delectable Italian food for years now. They have an extensive menu and during the food tour, we were served with a lot of dishes, including desserts! Whiw!

Three kinds of Pasta Dishes were served - Peperoncino and Chorizo, Bolognese and Aglio Olio. I wasn't able to try the Peperoncino and Chorizo but my friends said that it was good. Oil based pasta using Olive Oil, tossed with bacon chorizo and olives. The Bolognese was just okay and did not appeal much to me. This could be because I am not a fan of sour tomato based sauce. But one thing was notable, the flavor of fresh tomatoes was there. I liked the Aglio Olio more. It was simple but had strong garlic flavor coupled with just the right level of spiciness.

We also had two kinds of pizzas - Quattro Formaggio and Margherita.

Their Quattro Formaggio is definitely one of the best in the market! This is a must when in Italianni's. One bite and I knew that it has either blue cheese or goat cheese. Gorgonzola, goat cheese, mozzarella and taleggio - gosh this was so good. There is something addicting about goat cheese and I just cant get enough of it. The Margherita, on the other hand, was just okay. It was sour, with fresh tomatoes, and it wasn't something that appealed to me.

Then they introduced their Shareable Combos. For 945Php each, use of Bistro Card not applicable, you'll be able to choose from these two combos --

Ribs and Fish with Baby Back Ribs in honey mustard bbq sauce, Parmesan Crusted Fish Fillet and Pesto Rice. From this combo, only the pesto rice reached our part of the table. It was just okay. Could have been better if it had a stronger pesto taste.

Pork and Chicken Combo with Pork Chops, Chicken Parmigiana and Spaghetti Aglio Olio, as described above. The pork chops had nice grill marks and were tasty but the meat wasn't as tender. Didn't get to try their Chicken Parmigiana though.

Personally, I would say that the combos provide value for money. Two types of meat dish and pasta or rice is not bad at all. Each combo is ideal for 2 or a group of 3.

Then there was dessert. Lovely! They had us try their Panna Cotta and Creme Brulee. Oh I loved all of them! The Creme Brulee was rich and creamy and the crackly caramelized sugar topping gave texture and sweetness to it. Not only that, it was topped with whipped cream, fresh ripe mango cubes and walnuts! Such a delight with every spoonful and I must say, I can finish one order all by myself.

The Panna Cotta was great too. They had us try the honey and mango flavors though the server said that they will also have us try the blueberry one but it never happened. Anyhow, I am a fan of Panna Cotta and even made some before as dessert for my daughter's birthday party. It's a simple, cream based dessert that is so versatile that it'll go well with almost any topping that you can think of! Italianni's version was thick and creamy and not too sweet which was the way it was supposed to be. Served in small jars, honey or mango puree lined the bottom. Then more of the honey and mango were served in a separate container just in case you want to indulge a little more with sweetness.

Servers were knowledgeable of the dishes, always ready to answer our questions, move the dishes elsewhere for better lighting and very patient in attending to our requests.

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