Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm

National Rd., Iwahig, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm
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Shayne B.
4.0 Stars

I was surprised when my friend told me this place is a prison. 128563 Everyone seemed so... FREE. You will know that it's a prisoner you're talking to when they are wearing this brownish shirt. 128522

Don't worry, the prisoners are harmless. They farm, make fences, make handicrafts, play football, and more. They sell their handicrafts too!

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars


A prison and a tourist spot, why not? 128588

This is a prison and also a small community on Puerto Princesa. Upon entering the small village, you'll be surprised that you'll see a lot of small houses and it's just like the villages you see in the metro, only thing is; the families in here are related to the prisoners.

And then you'll enter into their recreational hall which you can buy their handicrafts (made by them) and an entertainment from them. 128521 Some of them are really talented, tho. 128516

The prisoners who will welcome you are the ones that are most likely to go out. Kumbaga, 'yung medyo mababait na. If you'll ask their cases, some are murderers, killers and the like. Medyo creepy, but don't be afraid because they are harmless now compared to what are them before. 128522

You'll be awed by their super artsy handicrafts. It's a bit pricey tho.

PS Be mindful of what you wear; dont be like me who wore a mini skirt. 128586

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Rina Joy J.
4.0 Stars

Yes this is a prison. Well known for being a prison with no walls.

It's open for tourists and it is a very humbling visit.

The Prison is a self-sustaining prison. The medium to low sentence prisoners are here working as farmers and able to build their own homes. Some reformed ones even have their families. Their guards are just there to keep an eye on their work. I asked the guide how the facility worked. It seems that even if they did escape, the lack of food in the jungle would kill them, if not malaria. And even if they did manage to cross the mountain, China sea is there to greet them.

The maximum sentence prisoners are the ones kept in confinement. Phew.

They have a souvenir shop that the prisoners manage and where their handcrafted works are sold. And they even perform a dance for you with a Justin Bieber song (of course asking for a donation afterwards).

The prison looks like an OK place compared to what you usually see in movies. Most of the released prisoners remain and stay in Palawan since they find their lives changed here. Plus they get to work.

I was terrified getting in here. But you get to realize that these prisoners are people too. And this place for most of them have given them a second chance in life. 128522

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