Izakaya Beppinkan

280 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Izakaya Beppinkan
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Most Recent Reviews

Joshua T.
5.0 Stars

Great food and ambiance.. At first i thought its a Japanese resto which serves the usual sushi, maki, ramen and stuff.. But it turned out to be a fusion of Japanese and Korean which made me so happy! Japanese and Korean dishes are on my top 3 foriegn dishes.

I like how the spiciness of Korean dishes are mellowed down here.. To be honest i was not a fan of spicy dishes until I learned how to eat Korean. I love everything i have tasted here, i can taste almost every flavor of the dishes unlike if its from a Korean resto; great flavor but the spiciness of the dish is undeniably spicy, that the whole time you're eating its there in your mouth.

I can see that they have 2 Japanese Chefs which is a plus to me. I need to return here to try out thier famous Beppinkan Tepanyaki. Staff are friendly and very attentive.

  • No. of Comments: 2
DinoKid's M.
5.0 Stars

It's a new Korean Japanese restaurant in Aguirre St.
Staff is very accommodating and friendly.

Food is really good and price is reasonable!
As first timers, we tried the burudakku ( Php 340). It's an ultra spicy dish involves stir frying chicken meat and Ishiyaki Bibinba ( Php 290) a dish made from various namul, kimchi and their special sauce

It's a must-try dear friends

  • No. of Comments: 5
Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Apparently, the story behind Beppinkan is there was this Japanese man who went to Korea. He fell in love with the cuisine so much that he learned how to cook and brought his experiences back with him to Japan. Once back, he took his Korean culinary influences and re-applied them with a Japanese twist. Japanese food is my #1 favorite, but i'm still a Korean at heart. So this seemed perfect for me to try.

You have to try their unique specialty - what they call teppanyaki. It's a large tray with 4 kinds of meat (beef, chicken, pork, and beef intestines?) surrounding a heap of large beansprouts. The tray is heated and the ingredients mixed in front of you with a sauce. You can smell the sweet aroma while it's cooking and its sure to get that appetite going! It actually ends up and tastes somewhat like bulgogi... but not really... but its good! 128514

They've also got their own version of kimchi chigae, pajeon, and dolsot bibimbap which they gave Japanese names to in their menu. The bibimbap and chigae were alright and quite close to their Korean counterparts, but I'd still go for the real deal. Still good though and you can taste the quality of their rice!

Their pajeon with cheese was the absolute 128163128163128163... Like holy sh!t that pajeon was f*cking amazing, I was swearing my brains out with every bite (in a good way). Its just like Korean pajeon... but with cheese in it 128517... trust me it works perfectly, I can't explain why. The added saltiness of the cheese just has that perfect complimenting flavor.

Their Korean fresh spring rolls were delicious too. Its sort of like the Vietnamese spring rolls but with more Korean inspired fillers like sesame leaves, kimchi, and the like. The rolls sit on a slightly spicy sauce and some Japanese mayo.

Their green tea ice cream is an excellent way to end the meal. Flown in from Japan according to them.

Now, the only reason I'm raving but still giving this only 4 stars, and not 5, is because I find it quite expensive. Maybe too expensive even. Or maybe its just my preference prevailing for hole-in-the-wall but authentic Korean/Japanese fare over fine dining. And believe me, the prices here are quite steep for the type of food on the menu in my opinion. However, you can really taste the quality of their ingredients (even the rice) and the ambience of the place does exude a more upscale vibe. I say its definitely worth a try! 128077

  • No. of Comments: 4
Joycehad C.
3.0 Stars

I tried their korean dishes.. But i liked most is their own version of Jap chae/ Chap chae. 128525128525
For the service, since it was my first time i don't know what to order and im not so familiar on their dishes. The server don't know how to introduce their menu/dishes. Serving time took longer than i expected.. They should improve their service.
One more thing, even waiting for the change (sukli 128514128514) took super long.. When we noticed we waited too long, we go directly to the cashier which is near to exit door and only they process our payment 128548128548128548.....

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5.0 Stars

First of all this is japanese-korean restau. So looloo, I hope you're listing them under the right categories :) and found out from their staff that Beppin Kan means beautiful girl and is actually a franchise from japan. 9786

The long wait is over for this very flashy bldg inside BF Homes. (Yes, you'll see various flashy cars parked here from time to time). Seriously, you have got to try this place. I'm thinking that this is a specialty house but I'm not quite sure. Anyway, everything that's on the photo is marvelous. Especially the pork with the greens. It was so beautifully delicious with the kimchi, garlic, kimchi and red soy dip. Haven't had that good of a meat in a korean restau for a long time and to think, I don't even like pork much! :) we tried the best seller which is the huge dish that they cook in a square pan. You can choose your meat for that, from chicken, beef, pork and a type of fat. That was really new for me. (Sorry I can't remember the names of the dishes. Lol.) The appetizers are really small by the way like shrimp and the fish organs but I dnt think it's meant for large consumption anyway. As for the cheese sticks, it was good bec of the type of wrapper they used :) loved the fresh roll and the pancake with cheese! Dnt forget to ask for the dip :) the kimchi rice was superb btw and good for 2 or 3 if you're willing to share haha

As for dessert, my friend had to have two scoops of their green tea ice cream which they said after was flown in from japan. It was a little too sweet & creamy for me. Lacked a but of bitterness to it.

I think, this establishment is way too fancy from the usual HITW restaus around BF. Literally, our bill was arounf 4k for everything. But I don't mind having them nearby since they close pretty late, up to 2 am I think, perfect for those late night tummy grumbles128514.

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