Izakaya Kenta

Maria Clara St., Sto. Domingo, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Izakaya Kenta
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Jomarie A.
3.0 Stars

Whenever there is a national holiday, I usually spend the time to eat out with my family, bringing them to new restaurants we haven't been to. Last May 1, I invited my mom to have lunch at Izakaya Kenta, since we miss eating Japanese food (we have been eating a lot of Chinese food lately...)! Too bad my sister wasn't able to join us. 128542

We got there at a bit past noon time, and I was quite surprised that the restaurant is really small. It can probably fit around 25 people, at most. It is located quite for from the central area of Banawe which is where most of the restaurants are located.

We were promptly seated, and we proceeded to order the following:

✅ SALMON SASHIMI (Php 380) - 11088110881108811088
Basically, I gauge the authenticity of a Japanese restaurant through the taste of their Salmon Sashimi! 128513 Albeit a bit pricey at Php 380 per order, their Salmon Sashimi is fresh and sweet. I could probably eat 3 orders on my own! 128586 Yummy!

✅ SPICY TUNA MAKI (Php 180) - 110881108811088
The spicy tuna maki tasted good, and the tuna cubes were really fresh. The spice level was just right, too! 128077 But, I was a bit surprised that this came in 4 pcs only. Quite expensive, if you ask me. 128543

✅ GYOZA (Php 150) - 110881108811088
Their gyoza was just okay. It was a bit oily, as in the oil seeps into the meat inside the wrapper. 128542 I've had much better gyoza than this. But at least, it's not too expensive.

✅ For Me: TONKOTSU RAMEN JR (Php 190) - 1108811088
I was craving for noodles, so I got this. I was pleasantly surprised when I was served with a big bowl of noodles, despite getting the "junior" size. I even asked the server again if it's the junior size, fearing they might have given me the regular sized one. 128517 Anyway. I have always loved the meaty taste of Tonkotsu broth, so I was surprised when I took a sip of the soup and it tasted like mussels / clams. It wasn't what I was expecting. 128543 The chashu slice was okay, but nothing spectacular. I'm not sure if it was because they put in too much ginger, or they really cook their broth differently. Didn't like it, though. 128557 At least the tamago was good.

✅ For Mama: GYUDON (Php 300) - 1108811088110881108811088
This was the best dish of the day! 128525 I have read a couple of reviews praising their Gyudon, so I ordered this for mom. And it was definitely a good choice! Upon placing your order, they'd ask you whether you want your egg raw or cooked. I wanted to have it raw, ut my mom preferred having it cooked, so cooked it is. 128522 The beef strips were so tender, and juicy, and flavorful! I love how it wasn't dry, and didn't have too much onions. The sauce was yummy, too! I also appreciated the rice they use -- good quality short grain rice. Serving size was big! Aaand, it comes with free miso soup. 128525 Recommended! 128077

Service was actually really good, and the servers were very attentive. 128076 I appreciate how they would give us refills of water, without being asked. Place looked clean and well-lit, which I highly appreciated.

If you plan to visit, make sure to get their Gyudon! It's really good. 128525 The others dishes we got, you may opt to skip. 128522


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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Izakaya kenta, i almost thought theyre no longer within the vicinity but good thing they still are, maybe they are closed for renovation or closer early when i last visited here. I remember they serve sumptuous lunch set at a very competitive price. So one afternoon when were looking for lunch place, its good that we passed by this place and noticed that all lights were up.

Since we missed their lunch set so we settled to dine here, it seems they offer new lunch set on their new menu but old lunch sets are still available, you just need to ask for it. My tip is that old lunch set worth better than the new one.

At 300plus it came with regular size ramen, gohan, 3 pieces chicken karaage, potato salad and some side dishes and desserts.

A sample of their new menu is the salmon with plain rice, desserts and side dishes. All for almost the same price.

Their miso ramen was really good. Its at par with some good ramen places in the metro and comes with a size fit for a hungry stomach. Chicken karaage was crunchy at the same time juicy.

Was given free matcha ice cream. Lol. That seals the deal for four stars.

Will definitely be back, hoping that old lunch set is still being served. 128513

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I wonder why there's not much customer during a Sunday lunch but definitely this one's underrated.

I like the warm service, clean place and nice looking menu.
128204128525 gyuudon @390PhP
You could choose either cooked egg or raw egg. I chose the latter. The beef cutlets were thin and got some pieces of fat to taste. The ruce is somewhat round making it a little legit. I like the sweet-sweet sauce that made the rice a little glutinous--perfect for chopsticks. To go with that is their likable miso soup.

128204128525 tofu dish
Sarreh. I forgot the name of the dish. But it's really good. Very very Soft tofu covered by crispy batter in rich mushroom tasting sauce.

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Tried out this small japanese resto in banawe. This is similar to the one in malate. Price was friendly and tastewise wasnt bad. I tried their Sake Shioyaki set. For 200php, I got a big serving of fried salmon and good portion of veggies. I love great distinct taste of the salmon and for 200 it was worth it. I also got to try their 4pcs Tako Potato for 180PHP. This one reminds me when I use to love the potato balls of Tokyo Tokyo but this one is like a tokoyaki balls. I love it at first I thought it was a simple potato balls and then there inside a bits of octopus. Yummy! What i didn't like is their california maki. It was crumbling. It was like some homemade maki very bad.

Another thing that I love about this place is their service hot tea was green tea. Taste bitter good!!! Got a few round of teapots for this hahaha.

Overall I love their foods except for the maki. A great japanese resto option. Take note credit card isnot accepted.128076

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

Went back after xx months, this time i ordered miso ramen though i really want to try out their tonkotsu but the miso ramen was good so i stick with the safe ones. 128522

Their gyudon is a must, go with their raw egg on it. 128522

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Will C.
4.0 Stars

This is my second time here and just in time for their lunch time set items, we dine here before and i noticed that their lunch items are worth the price and as you can see it in the picture its really worth it. I ordered their fried ebi, chicken and pork on stick combo with shoyu ramen, fried gohan, mango salad, apple pudding, and fried noodles. This is good for 2 person.

So here's the tip: having tried numerous ramen joint before their miso based are good and it tasted similar to shinjukus miso and so i must say that order their miso based either their spicy miso or plain miso... oh wait, i suggest telling them to lower the spiciness of the miso. 2nd visit you may gamble with shoyu based. :) Their shoyu is not that good :( im still with their miso.

Their fried gohan was good, dont ever order extra rice coz extra gohan cost P90. I know.. WHAT... instead order their gyozo which cost 150 only a few bucks more than a cup of rice.

Mango Salad was really good. This one was my favorite, i didnt bother finishing the apple pudding cause im so full.

Overall it was really good and a place i will come back during lunch time.. lunch time :)

All of these cost me P350. A good price for these much of food.

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

Fairly new to the street of maria clara, this aspiring japanese resto has caught our eyes today for lunch. It was just right for our sunday meeting for next years' activities at church. The place looks just fine. Wooden tables and chairs. The place could accomodate about 5 groups of 5.
I get to order the mix kushikatsu set for 350 php. (skewed katsu) .What i could say more is that the serving was a lot. For set order, you could choose either miso or shoyu ramen, a serving of potato salad, and a serving of fried rice, and your main. (either karaage or gyouza or mized kushikatsu)
128204mixed kushikatsu
In a skewer, it contains pork, shrimp and chicken meat. The taste was ok. As is. It has some sort of sauce that has been absorbed by the breading already.
128204fried rice.
Mejo lasang sunog.
128204Potato salad
This was the star for me. I liked the taste. Very light
128204miso ramen
Not authentic. I expect thicker soup but this one's just malabnaw.
Not coming back anytime soon. They have good wifi though.service sakto sakto lang. Mejo mejo pwede na.


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