Izakaya Sensu

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Izakaya Sensu
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Kristin A.
5.0 Stars

I love coming here with my friends when we get the chance. Seafood is always fresh, which makes for great sashimi and tempura. We also love the grilled barbecue sticks of (bacon) pork with cherry tomato, enoki and quail egg.

I was invited to take a sneak peek at Izakaya's bento boxes, which are now available for takeout, not only during lunch but all day. This is great for when you can't decide on ordering just one item from the menu, and want a taste of everything (like I am most of the time). We tried the 128020 Karaage and the 128055 Buta Saikyo Yaki and the were delish 128523

We also tried some of the other staples:

Sensu Roll - this is the king of rolls, and you get tuna, crab and prawn in one order. Always a goot bet.

Sushi Omakase 6 - the chef's recommendations for the day, looking fresh as always.

Yakitori Omakase 7 - for when you can't choose among the yummy pork sticks, get them all 128514

Wagyu sticks - I tried this once before and it was heavenly 128525 wagyu on a budget just because.

We also tried a selection of their desserts:
Matcha Belgian White Chocolate Cheesecake, Miso Chocolate Cake and Fluffy Matcha Chiffon Cake. Not a big matcha fan, so I was really drawn to the miso (!) chocolate cake. I didn't really get a strong taste of miso though, which might be good for the non adventurous eaters.

Thank you to Mika and Mich of Raintree group for hosting us! We had a really great time (and full tummies too) 128523

*This was an eatup sponsored by Izakaya Sensu/Raintree restaurants. #teamkaladkarin

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Sensu Roll - Definitely get this one! 6 rolls of Asparagus Tempura wtih Spicy Tuna and Mayo plus 6 rolls of Crabmeat with Flying Fish Roe and Mango all drizzled with heavenly Unagi Sauce 128525. I could down this one entirely by myself, each roll in succession to alternate spicy and refreshing flavors.

Sushi Omakase 6 - Quality ingredients. Loved the Salmon and the Mackerel 128525

Yakitori Omakase 7 - Perfect partner for their Suntory Cocktails! 128525

Sensu Kawari Kusi 5 - 5 sticks of Chicken Breast topped with different sauces. I particularly liked the Mentaiko and the Wasabi.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

What's new with izakaya sensu? Aside from its very delicious sensu roll and yakitori, bento box is now available for take out!

Yes folks, enjoy a complete meal for to go
128204 Buta-saikyo yaki @395PhP
Broiled Miso Pork Belly
128204 Sawara-saikyo yaki @620PhP
Broiled Spanish Mackarel
128204 Sushi @550PhP
128204 Sashimi @595PhP
128204 Tempura @495PhP
128204 128525Kara-Age @375PhP
128204 128525Chicken Teriyaki @350PhP

Special mention
128204128525 Wagyu Katsu
Best katsu i've tried because of its soft meat.

Also try their desserts
128204128525 Miso Chocolate Cake @250PhP
Simple but very delicious. It has a caramel center. Very moist.
128204 Matcha Belgian White Chocolate Cheesecake @295PhP
I find it too sweet. The matcha is not that tasty.
128204 Fluffy Matcha Chiffon Cake @195PhP
The most affordable, simple and fluffy.

What they serve here is not your ordinary. All are tasty, although price is may be a little steep, all are made special.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

When you visit Chotto Matte for happy hour it's not complete if you don't have a taste of the savory dishes by Izakaya Sensu. Just a curtain seperating Chotto Matte and Izakaya Sensu. Sensu got a more vibrant vibe. On this 2nd visit we got some of our old favorite and go to try some other new dishes.

失Sushi Omakase 6 - a delectable plate of fresh sushi. Sushi lover can't go wrong with this. A perfect combination of six favorite variant of sushi.

失Sensu Roll - in my 1st visit this was one of my fave and still on the 2nd try it was still so good. A combination of Tempura Asparagus Spicy Tuna Roll and Mango Crabmeat roll. A perfect combination.

失Yakitori Omakase 7 - this what made me fell in love with Izakaya Sensu. Their Yakitori are just so simple yet so flavorful. Everything on it was just so yummy.

失Sensu Kawari Kusi 5 - five sticks of BBQ chicken breast topped with different japanese sauces. My fave amon the five was the Mune wasabi. Love the spicy wasabi flavor. Another fave of mine is the Mune Mentaiko. Flavorful pink cod roe and mayo gave the chicken breast a powerful delicious flavor.

失Bento Box - their bento box is a perfect heavy meal for the heavy eater. The Chicken karaage variant is my bet. The sesame coated chicken was juicy delicious and perfect when dipped in their japanese mayo. Another variant was the Buta Saikyo. This one is miso pork belly it was also good just not too good for the healthy conscious peeps.

失Wagyu Harami Steak - Wow wagyu steak perfectly cooked. Love that pinkish color of this juicy meat. Yummy!

失Matcha Belgian Chocolate - I love this but for a matcha lover this one was lacking the bitterness that we love in our matcha. Maybe the sweetness of the Belgian chocolate overpowered it a bit. But as a dessert this one is good!

失Miso Chocolate Cake - this one is my fave among the dessert. Simple delicious chocolate cake. Yummy!

Overall Izakaya Sensu serve real delicious Japanese dishes. They also serve lovely bento boxes for take-out at only 320PH. Perfect for peeps on the go that need some tasty delicious heavy meal.

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Daylight M.
5.0 Stars

about last Friday night...
forgot to book at the nearby resto, and we luckily ended up here 128076
had the ffg..
127844 dragon roll - that cucumber, unagi, tempura flakes and fish roe.. yum!
127844 ebi tempura roll, well, who can skip that tempura..:)
127859 aonori dashimaki, tried this for the love of seaweeds 128523
127842 yakitori omakase, yes.. that glorious finger food on a stick, a platter combination of hmmm.. some chicken, veggies and pork too! i had the veggie, it's soft and chewy and tasty!
127831 chicken namban, the deep fried chicken perfectly paired with the sweet & sour with tartar sauce!
127834 yaki meshi rice
we also had some pork dish and squid with rice in it (forgot the names)
everything we tried are all good! burp burp! 128523

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Cezar R.
5.0 Stars

We have a winner! The most decent highball I had in a long time. The avocado dragon roll is so good that ordering a second round should be a requirement.

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Jem C.
5.0 Stars

At first we thought that this place was just another fancy, overrated resto here in bgc,but you'll never know till you try. So when we tried it... haissttt!!! I stand corrected!!! Place is good and specially their food are great1!! Really worth the price.. We ordered California Roll( P175.00), Wagyu Harami Salad ( P575.00), Sensu Kawari Kusi ( P195.00), Sensu Kara age( P 175.00).

Everything that we ordered are appetisingly good but my favorite is the Sensu Kawari Kusi( jap skewers). Pork grilled just right, with every bite it brings a thousand taste.. ( sorry could not explain it right..hahahaha!!!) Next to my list is Four Season one of their refreshments.. Fresh water melon juice and pineapple juice for 120..Never knew that there exist such resto like this here in BGC...They really deserve a 5 star rating!!!128525128525128525128525

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

A couple of reviews of this place coming up!

First time I went I was meeting EJ B, Angela Marie C and Josh G for the first time as well. After having drinks at Chotto Matte, we moved on to the brighter-lit Izakaya for real food. The space itself wasn't that big but was efficiently used. Since there were 9 of us, we were seated at the middle and smaller tables were hastily arranged to accommodate the big group. Not bad.

There are cheap and pricey items in the menu, which was good. The place can cater to tipid-mode eaters (their makis and lunch sets are good bets), while those looking for the premium Japanese experience won't be disappointed either with the fresh sashimi and sukiyaki bowl.

We chose some common orders for the whole group, and each chose another couple of items for themselves. So we shared the 12-pc roll, actually a combination of shrimp maki and tuna maki, and salmon skin maki 128031. Then I ordered salmon sushi 127843 grilled cherry tomato 127813 and enoki 127812 wrapped in bacon, and shared an order of onigiri 127833 with Christina R. The grilled sticks basted in salt is great. But I was disappointed I wasn't allowed to order the chicken skin-wrapped garlic stick a la carte 128542

Service was great. We were given a teensy bowl of broth with a meatball, sort of their version of misua without the noodles 128522. The wait staff were always on hand, ready to provide advice on the menu and proactive in fetching sauces and refilling our water glasses. They also accommodated a late request to split the bill in two.

It was a very pleasant experience dining here, and you just need to choose your orders wisely if budget is an issue.

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Athina Janelle U.
4.0 Stars

Everything was fine until we got the overpriced matcha cheesecake (not worth it, made our bill expensive, lacks the bitter leafy taste that I am so fond of). Hahaha! We enjoyed the sensu roll... It has that spicy kick that makes you want to eat more. There are two kinds of rolls in this dish that is why it you wouldn't get "umay".

The karaage has a unique taste in it, at first the sesame seeds would kind of get in the way of actually enjoying the dish, but after dipping it into the sauce, it will taste better eventually.

We love the potato salad! We were hesitant at first, since we wanted to eat something new. It looked like your typical mashed potato. We were enticed by the "dilis" chips which we thought would be big (but turned out to be small-- a bit of a disappointment). The way it tasted redeemed this dish though, I cannot describe it.. I am not familiar with the kinds of spices that they use! Basta, masarap sya!

It was nice that we were able to avail the buy one take one on the cocktails. I forgot what we ordered (Sakura something). It tasted like juice! I like the lychee however, they could have added something else to make it more flavorful. When it arrived, I sipped immediately since I saw that they put lots of ice. But no, it was really bland from the very start. Quite pricey if you would avail it outside of the happy hour.

Service time was just right. Servers were nice bur seemed hesitant in answering questions about the dishes, wouldn't blame them since our companion Roy, has lots of questions! Hahaha! Overall, it was a good experience.

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Maya M.
5.0 Stars

Nice place. Good bargain if you catch their 11-2 daily Bento Box deals. 1281539996

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Emma Jane C.
3.0 Stars

Service was top notch. Interiors clean but i did notice flies. Food was just ok for its price. I guess i've never had salmon sashimi that could come close to ogawa. Would i come back, maybe. But this place was forgettable.

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Angela Marie C.
4.0 Stars

After a few drinks in the bar, we were shown to our seats in Izakaya Sensu. The restaurant was super bright! I liked how minimalist but elegant the place was. 128571 My boyfriend and I are so into Japanese food so to be invited for a |ooloo meet up in no less than a Japanese resto was just exciting!

We all shared an order of their Sensu Roll (Php 575). I only got to try the one with tempura Asparagus, spicy mayo topped with spicy tuna, green chili and unagi sauce. If I'm being honest, I was hoping for more flavor. (Omakase pa rin talaga for me... 128569) But then again maybe I'm more Pinoy too and so looking for more saucy dishes. It tasted clean and fresh and well balanced though. We also shared their Salmon Skin Roll, off the menu. It was ok for me.

Na-judge na kami ng ibang |ooloo people sa lakas namin kumain ni Josh G hahaha 128568 I really wanted to try as much as I can cause I probably won't be able to come back soon. 128569 The |ooloo foodies are so nice to hang out with! Daming minutes dedicated for food photos! 128571

No Japanese dinner would be complete for me without my unagi fix, so we ordered their Dragon Roll. Again it was delicious, but I was expecting more flavor. We also had the Soft Shell Crab Roll which I thought was just ok too.

Before our individual orders came out, we were served an amuse bouche that tasted like miswa at patola. Weird. 128569

We had the Sensu Kawari Kusi and they all just fell short on flavor for me. But it was a nice dish to get because you get to sample more of their creations. We also ordered their Yakitori Omakase 7, which is 7 sticks of the Chef's daily selection. We were asked if we wanted it salted or with sauce and we chose with sauce, but it somehow still tasted dry. I'm not sure but there must have been a miscommunication there. 128569 From the Yakitori sampler, I only loved the Bacon Wrapped Enoki Mushrooms. Everything else was ok, and I also had to skip the one with Jalape簽o cause when my bf had it, he practically burnt his tongue. Spicy food is definitely my cup of tea. 128569

Generally, I liked it here, but I'd go for less next time. Hahaha 128569 It was good I got to try a lot bow so I'd know what I'd come back for. I'll return, but not too soon. There are so much more places to try in BGC's neighborhood! 128571

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Patrick V.
5.0 Stars

We decided to take our drinks from Chotto Matte to Izakaya Sensu and drink while ordering. Izakaya is really bright compared to Chotto but I still prefer Chotto's ambience. We decided to order the Sensu Roll (P575) and two orders of Salmon Skin Rolls (P160) for sharing and just add whatever we wanted for ourselves. I decided to get the Sensu Kawari Kusi 5 (P195).

The Sensu Roll consists of twelve rolls. 6 rolls of tempura asparagus & spicy mayonnaise topped with spicy tuna, green chili and unagi sauce. Then 6 rolls of crabmeat mayonnaise, yuzu skin & cucumber topped with mango, flying fish roe & unagi sauce. I was only able to taste the crabmeat roll since I'm allergic to shrimp. It was good. I'm really not a big fan of sushi but I really liked it.

The salmon skin rolls were good too! But my favorite were the chicken breasts! They were really good!!! 10084儭 They were really flavorful and not dry at all. One was with Cheese, one was with Pink Cod Roe & Mayonnaise, one was with Wasabi, one was with Japanese Plum & Shiso Leaf then one was with Sichimi Chili Mayonnaise. I loved all of them but the two that stood out were the Pink Cod Roe & Chili! 128076

Overall, it was a great experience. I will definitely come back. 128077

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

When the happy hours were over, we went to the very bright and formal side of izakaya sensu. We occupied 1/6 of the room. Izakaya can accommodate 52 pax. Tgey also have the sushi bar where in Japanese chef can prepare for you fresh sushi or sashimi. It shares CR and wifi access with chotto matte and yes, you can also bring chotto's drinks to sensu. I love the lights here. it kinda makes your skin redder and alive.

128204128525 tomato soba
My order of cold soba with local tomatoes, onions and garnished by dried togarashi on top. There's the soba sauce, green onions and sesame seeds. You have to put it in altogether and just slurp everything! Mmmm... Tomato beginnings with soy and soba endings!

128204128525 sensu roll
6 rolls of mango kani and tuna. I like the tuna roll it tasted like tuna tartare. It's good without soy sauce. Good for sharing.

128204 salmon skin roll
Good thing Christina R was intuitive enough. This is a roll with crispy salmon skin. I think this one is more affordable.

The chicken tori is a must try too! Especially while hot! Super tender! The tip part aint tender though.

The service, much seen and better here than chotto. The servers were like agents with radio sa ears. Kulang nalang shades. They do 'rei' or bowing down everytime they start or end conversing with you. Very formal. I love it. Inculcating real Japanese culture.

Good for business meetings more than casual meets or dates, but why not? 128521

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4.0 Stars

After a few drinks at Chotto Matte, the server assisted us to our table at Izakaya Sensu. It's a long table... we are nine. 127884

If the lighting of Chotto Matte is dim, Izakaya Sensu is bright. The place is not that big but they managed to look it spacious and comfy. 127886

For sharing we got Sensu Roll (12 pcs rolls with Salmon and Mango) and Salmon Skin Roll. 127843

For individual orders, I got Yasai Sushi Omakase, it's a vegetable sushi composed of Edamame (green soy bean), Mango, Ume and Okra, Avocado, Roasted Red and Yellow Bell Pepper. 127833

Sensu Roll - 1108811088110881108811088儭 5/5

Salmon Skin Roll - 1108811088110881108811088儭 5/5

Yasai Sushi Omakase
Edamame - 11088110881108811088儭 4/5
Ume & Okra - 110881108811088儭 3/5
Roasted Red Bell Pepper - 11088110881108811088儭 4/5
Roasted Yellow Bell Pepper - 11088110881108811088儭 4/5
Mango - 1108811088110881108811088儭 5/5
Avocado - 1108811088110881108811088儭 5/5

The average range of their price is from Php75.00 to Php600.00 per order.128522

If I will going back again? Yes, I will bring friends and business partners here. 128521

#ilovetoeat 12851510084

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Next stop was on to the brighter side the sister of Chotto Matte, Izakaya Sensu. This place is for the japanese dinning side. It got a more well lit lightings and very nice hanging lights. Its a great contrast that compliment the intertwining two japanese concept.

We order a variety of dishes here are some that I remember:

127841Sensu Roll - this one is served in a long plate and got at least 12 rolls if I remember it correctly. There are two kinds of roll in here the Spicy Tuna Roll and the Mango Crabmeat Roll. I love both of them but spicy tuna roll being the better for me for its mix of flavor of unagi sauce, spicy mayo and tempura asparagus.128522

127841Omakase Yakitori - a sampler platter of their yakitori. The bacon wrapped mushroom stood out among the yakitori on this plate. But I also like the bacon wrapped bacon. Underwhelming was the chicken skin. I expected it to be a bit more crunchy.

127841Soba - love the perfect texture of the noodle that blends well with the nori and wasabi flavor.128522128077

I love that their servings are big and it is good for sharing. Price might be quite on the high end but the serving size complimented it. Would love to try their Sensu Omakase Special sashimi next time128513

Improvement might be doing something with those mosquitoes.128528

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I have been waiting for Izakaya Sensu to open for months! Ever since I saw its board up last May, I counted the days, weeks and months that passed. It was no exaggeration at all as I was confident that this restaurant will deliver given that it is under the Raintree group of restaurants. And finally, after confirming that Izakaya Sensu will open on July 9, I cleared my weekend plans just to visit this place. Sadly, the place was still not open to the public just yet. July 9 and 10 were exclusive to media and friends of the owners. With a broken heart, I had dinner elsewhere and messaged one of the owners (who used to be a former colleague of mine) how sad I was for not getting my uni sashimi fix. She sure knows how to mend broken hearts though as she asked me to head back if I was still around and that it'll be their treat! Unfortunately, I already had a huge bento for dinner and told her I'll drop by Monday instead. And I did 3 hours ago.

Hello, Izakaya Sensu!

We were greeted by a well-lit Japanese restaurant with high ceiling adorned with wooden lighting fixtures.

We sat at the brightest spot best for food shots and ordered the following: SENSU Kawari Kusi 5 (PHP195), Butabara Aspara (PHP60), Butabara Enoki (PHP70), Uni Isobe Age (PHP495), Dragon Roll, Soft Shell Crab Roll and Ebi Tempura Roll (I was so giddy to be finally here that I forgot to take note of the prices but these are within the PHP250-300 price range).

While waiting, we had a wait snack made of salmon with tuna and veggies. It had a light flavor and was great to whet one's appetite.

I also managed to have a quick chat with one of the owners, Andrej. He said that originally, the Japanese chef wanted to get all the ingredients abroad and most of the seafood from Tsukiji Market. But that would entail high costs and they would have to charge so much. Luckily, they found some local (and quality) suppliers for some ingredients like uni. But for others like salmon and hamachi, they have to get it elsewhere to ensure top quality dishes . He also told me that they are still testing the waters so Izakaya will be open just for dinner this week and will start to serve lunch meals next week. (Note: They close after lunch service and will resume operations for dinner service. So no Japanese afternoon breaks for now.)

First served was the huge plate with all the rolls. (I sure had a hard time taking photo of this one!)

The Dragon Roll was my favorite as it had a lovely play of different textures. The combination of soft avocado topping with roe, firm Japanese rice and crunchy cucumber was heaven! I enjoyed each bite of it. (Tip: Izakaya Sensu offers two types of soy sauce, the standard Kikoman and a lighter version created by the restaurants wizard chefs.)

The Soft Shell Crab Roll was very filling. It was wider compared to Dragon Roll with soft shell crab in the middle. It wasn't as crunchy or flavorful as I hoped but its light taste had a certain appeal that made us finish the whole thing in a jiffy.

The Ebi Tempura Roll had a generous portion of prawns. It was undeniable that they used fresh prawns as each bite had a nice crunch. And no, it was not because of the breading but the firmness of the prawn chunks.

The Butabara Aspara and Butabara Enoki were served next and both were delightful! These may be considered simple dishes as these were just grilled, brushed with yakitori sauce and lightly salted. But each bite made my taste buds dance for joy. The soft and flavorful thinly sliced pork complemented the crunchy enoki and asparagus so well that I wanted to order more. But I had to practice self control as I also ordered SENSU Kawari Kusi 5.

The platter of chicken breast yakiniku was served next and it was bigger than I thought. One order comes with 5 chicken breast skewers featuring 5 different toppings--cheese, pink cod roe and mayonnaise, wasabi, Japanese plum and Shiso leaf, and Sichimi Chili Mayonnaise. For PHP195, this was a steal!!!

The chicken breasts were seasoned and grilled to perfection and each topping was great. But I loved the pink cod roe and mayonnaise topping best. (R liked the Japanese plum with Shiso leaf least as it had a tangy and stronger taste.)

The Uni Isobe Age was an interesting way to enjoy uni (sea urchin) as it was served in nori parcels or pockets. It was actually quite adorable. We were given three types of salt--nori, bonito and curry along with the tempura sauce to dip each pocket in.

I enjoyed it best with the nori salt as it didn't drown the natural sweetness of the uni.

Overall, it was an awesome dinner. Service was quick and the staff members are familiar with the dishes. I'll definitely be back for more and for the bestseller karaage!

Thank you, Myrza and Andrej for the treat! 10084

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