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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

Final stop of the “Restaurants Against Hunger X RainTree” food crawl was at the Izakaya Sensu and Chotto Matte – two of Raintree’s Japanese concept that are both labelled as Japanese gastropub that serves specialty drinks and of course, food!

Just like other Raintree restaurants that participated in the campaign, both Izakaya Sensu and Chotto Matte are having the Fruit Jelly as the nominated solidarity dish that provides profit in every purchase. The Fruit Jelly was a bit squishy which makes it a perfect match to the drinks we had. I got to try the Sakura Smile from Chotto Matte and gotta love the sweetness from the cherry-infused sake and vodka.

So, the next time you’ll turn Japanese and have a few cocktails, be sure to get the Fruit Jelly to pair with your drinks. It’s one of the dishes that feed more as it’s part of the Restaurants Against Hunger campaign by the Action Against Hunger organization.

Thanks again, Raintree Restaurants & Action Against Hunger for organizing this event! Big thanks to EJ B for the invite!!!

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5.0 Stars

Izakaya Sensu supports Action Against Hunger to fight against child malnutrition in the Philippines . Starting October 1, 2018 until December 31, 2018. For every order of Fruit Jelly, a portion is donated to Restaurant Against Hunger campaign.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Herl C.
4.0 Stars

Izakaya Sensu was our third stop for the Raintree Restaurants Foodcrawl. Thanks EJ B for the invite. ♥️

The strong Japanese vibe of Izakaya Sensu makes it a go-to place if you want to have a taste of Japan in the busy street of Net Park, BGC. This restaurant is a dual concept of Chotto Matte where both caters good Japanese cuisine and alcoholic beverages. Alongside with other Raintree Restaurants, Izakaya Sensu tied up with Action Againsts Hunger to provide a portion that will be donated to Restaurants Against Hunger to fight againsts child malnutrition in the Philippines. So every solidarity dishes that you order, it will go to the said foundation. For this restaurant, their dish is Fruit Jelly. Aside from that, I also got to try their Sakura Smile drink. It's an alcoholic beverage with a strong kick of vodka.

I can't wait to come back to try other dishes, most especially their line of fresh sushis! 127843

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Earl J.
4.0 Stars

Although a bit pricey, Izakaya Sensu will surely give you the value you deserve. Every dish served is guaranteed freshly made and of top quality.

The place looks modern but needs a little more ventilation.

Servers are relatively friendly and fast.

Place is just a few steps away from the parking lot (Fort Strip).

They seem to have the most comprehensive menu I’ve ever seen in a Japanese Restaurant.

Here’s my top picks:

-U.S. Beef Gyudon-
Thin beef slices served on top of warm rice with some chives on top. It comes with a sweet sauce that adds the needed moisture to the dish. It binds everything well so don’t hesitate to try it with the sauce.

Perfectly cooked pork with very very light sauce and warm rice. Very simple yet tasty and filling. It’s that dish you’d really appreciate on a warm, gloomy day.

-Miso Chocolate Cake-
I really find Japanese desserts weird and intimidating but whenever forced to try some, it would always surprise me with weird and indescribable but delicious taste. Who would have thought miso can be used in cake, diba?

Though I’m not a fan of shabu-shabu, I can say that their version is one of those on top of my list. It’s uncomplicated and unlimited 128514.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

It could have been a better dining experience if wait staff was more willing to serve us. I think she was the head waiter or manager that evening, and I took confidence in her at the start knowing she can attend to me and my girl friend well.

I am not a fan of deep fried food. And I know Gyoza can be prepared pan fried or even steamed. She finally gave in to my request with a big frustrating yes. And after that she was dragging her feet to serve us.

Anyway, Gyoza was decent. It could use a thinner wrap though to make its taste stand out. Tempura was on the greasy side and quite small for Php 595 (5 pieces). For carbs, Chahan or Japanese Fried Rice could use more seasoning.

Their plate of assorted Sashimi, however was fresh and refreshing to have. It had few slices of Salmon, Tuna and Squid for Php 495

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Odessa G.
5.0 Stars

Had dinner here for Valentines because it's in the same building where I work. 128514

Nonetheless, i was a great dinner! Good food! Good place! It was not overcrowded like the other restaurants in town that night.

A place where I will definitely go back to!

P.S.: because of my hunger I forgot to remember the names nor the prices of the food I chose!

I think it's best to say everything is a 5/5 for me so just try it out! 128522

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Christina R.
5.0 Stars

Izakaya Sensu brings our local eels to the spotlight with a limited run of their Unagi Festival. I happen to love teriyaki glazed unagi over hot Japanese rice. I’ve never had it any other way, never wondered if I could have it any other way, and I was happy to see that Izakaya Sensu had 8 signature specials for us to try.  

There’s a subtle difference with each dish we tried. Your favorite will probably depend on what you like pairing your protein with.


Here’s what we had:

Uzaku. 350.00
Unagi & Vinegared Cucumber Salad
It’s a small dish for you to sample their unagi. More like an appetizer. I liked the contrast of the sour vinegar with the grilled eel.

Unagi Shira-Yaki. 650.00
Grilled Unagi with Wasabi & Soy Sauce
Love how simple this dish is. Just grilled eel with a helping of wasabi to balance out the fatty fish.

Unagi Chawammushi. 220.00
Japanese Steamed Egg Custard with Unagi
Loved this! Well I love egg custard so this was a given favorite. The custard was very creamy. Must to eat this with wasabi.

Unagi Bo-Sushi. 425.00
Pressed Sushi Topped with Unagi
A smaller, bite-sized version of the una-don.

Kurikara 80.00/piece
Grilled Stick Unagi with Teriyaki Sauce &/or “Sansho - Japanese Pepper” Miso Sauce
Loved this. Pretty good barbeque that they skewered to look like a dragon. I liked the charred parts.

Umaki. 400.00
Japanese Omelette Wrapped Unagi
Very light omelette. Like breakfast in every bite.

Unagi Tempura. 620.00
Deep-fried Battered Unagi & Okra
Loved this. Batter was light and it gave the unagi an added texture. I even enjoyed the okra as it wasn’t slimy.

Una-Don. 620.00
A Bowl of Rice topped with Unagi
The way Im used to it. However, they said it is a must to add the Sansho pepper to it and I think I am going to have it this way all the time. The sansho has a lemony flavor but gives produces a weird tingly sensation on your tongue. (Tip: We also tried it with the sake and we liked it.”)  

Hot Matcha Tea Latte.
Yum! I usually like mine cold but veered away from my usual as everyone wanted their cold. Hit the jackpot with this one as the hot is way better than the cold one, which needs more matcha and cream for me.


It’s great to know that they use local fresh water unagi. Less carbon footprint, supporting local fishermen too. I had maybe 2 dishes where the eel was a bit muddy, though the others didn't experience this.

While the dishes can be ordered ala carte, they should have a degustation of the unagi festival too to allow one to try all the dishes. I loved how they were able to give us small portions of everything.

Unagi Festival ends this October.


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Angelia B.
5.0 Stars

I love it. Very fresh and cheap. No words. Haha

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5.0 Stars

Team Kaladkarin was invited to the Grand Launch of Izakaya Sensu's Unagi Festival. Launching 8 amazing and mouthwatering eel dishes. It was started with a little background talk and orientation regarding the festival and followed by the demonstration of Izakaya Sensu's Japanese chef deboning the live eel before they cooked the snake like fish.

We were served 8 Unagi dishes:

127887Uzaku for Php350.00- 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Vinegared eel and cucumber)

127887Umaki for Php400.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Egg wrapped with eel)

127887Unagi Chawan Mushi for Php220.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Egg custard dish with eel)

127887Unagi Bo-Sushi for Php425.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Sushi with Unagi)

127887Kurikara for Php80.00/stick - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Grilled Stick Unagi with Teriyaki Sauce & Sansho - Japanese Pepper Miso Sauce)

127887Unagi Shira-yaki for Php650.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
(Grilled Unagi with Wasabi & Soy Sauce)

127887Unagi Tempura for Php620.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Deep-fried Battered Unagi & Okra)

127887Una-Don for Php620.00 - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
(Rice topped with Unagi)

Honestly speaking the unagi dishes tasted almost the same but they were so good. The only thing that differentiate is the ingredients and style of cooking. If I will recommend some unagi dishes... you should try the Umaki, Una-don and Kurikara.

Overall, we had so much fun trying the delightful Unagi dishes while the staff provided us excellent service during the event.

By the way, Unagi Festival will be until October 2017.

*The event was paid and sponsored by Izakaya Sensu.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Angela Marie C.
5.0 Stars

I am so happy to be talking about my favorite Japanese food, Unagi. (The state of total awareness! Hahaha Only a true fan of the FRIENDS TV show will get that. And if you do, I love you already!) If you know me well, I can eat this freshwater eel any day! And I am happy I was invited to join Raintree Restraurants' launch of the Unagi Festival in Izakaya Sensu / Chotto Matte in Net Park, BGC last August 26, 2017 along with some members of Team Kaladkarin and other foodies. It was so nice to be in the same place as other people with the same love for food! 10084

Let me just put it out there, ok. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED EVERYTHING! Let’s run down the unagi items and get to know them one by one! 128571

1.) Uzaku PHP 350 (Unagi & Vinegared Cucumber Salad)
This was a very light starter for a salad. Rich and slightly sweet because of the piece of unagi, balanced out with the sour based salad, it was a very refreshing take on a salad. It’s also a very pretty bowl with all the colors in that bowl.

2.) Kurikara PHP 80 per stick (Grilled Stick Unagi with Teriyaki Sauce & “Sansho - Japanese Pepper” Miso Sauce)
This was my favorite from all the unagi dishes served to us. Both sauces went so well with the freshwater eel, although I liked the Miso sauce better by a hair. They were tender and grilled to a wonderful texture. It was sweet, savory, and a tad spicy with the sauce. I loved it!

3.) Unagi Shira-Yaki PHP 650 (Grilled Unagi with Wasabi & Soy Sauce)
Simple yet delicious, this is how unagi is best enjoyed with your cocktail. This humble looking dish is perfectly cooked and just fantastic.

4.) Umaki PHP 400 (Japanese Omelette Wrapped Unagi)
If you’re a fan of Tamago, then this is the dish for you. It was like the best of both worlds. My favorite unagi, wrapped inside a wonderful layer of Japanese egg omelette. It was kind of sweet and salty and well balanced with the different flavors. I really liked it!

5.) Unagi Chawan Mushi PHP 220 (Japanese Steamed Egg Custard with Unagi)
I remember took a basic Japanese cuisine class and we made this dish. Definitely not the easiest to make, this savory custard is very tasty and light. The unagi went so well with the smooth custard and gave it a richer flavor. It was amazing!

6.) Unagi Tempura PHP 620 (Deep-fried Battered Unagi & Okra)
This was my second favorite of the unagi roster of recipes. Their tempura batter had a wonderful texture, light yet still crispy. It was not at all oily, not cloying and just a tad crunchy. The eel was still soft on the inside, a wonderful contrast to the crispy breading of the tempura. With the okra, it was absolutely divine!

7.) Unagi Bo-Sushi PHP 425 (Pressed Sushi Topped with Unagi)
This was such a pretty array of sushi! They use a mold which is why it was very well portioned and made. The colors were lovely with the nice and subtle caramelization of the eel from grilling, the thin layer of unagi sauce and wasabi on top was a bite-size explosion of flavors. I absolutely love it!

8.) Una-Don PHP 620 (A Bowl of Rice topped with Unagi)
This is probably the one most Filipinos would appreciate since it comes with rice. This bowl is very filling and hearty and very delicious. I liked that they only use the sticky Japanese rice which is absolutely delicious with the generous slab of unagi on top. I can have this everyday!

They only use locally-sourced Live Fresh Unagi, and it manifests well on their dishes because there’s not a hint of “lansa” on them. I was very happy and impressed! It was such a nice experience to see a live demo of how to fillet an eel too! It was an absolutely exhilarating sight and I was so honored to have been invited to witness it too.

It’s always a good time with Team Kaladkarin! Thank you, Raintree for the invitation! I can’t wait to come back for more! Do visit Izakaya Sensu and celebrate with their Unagi Festival until the end of October 2017! 128571

***Note: This was a sponsored event of Izakaya Sensu. All food items have been chosen by the restaurant based on their own discretion.

Midz S Dennis O Elaine O Patrick V Mich M
Flatlay by master EJ B 128571

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

Sukiyaki is one of my favorite Japanese dishes. I always look forward to slurping some of its sweet yet salty broth and munching on some thinly sliced tender beef dipped in egg, crunchy greens, assorted mushrooms and noodles. To date, I could only name a handful of restaurants in Manila that serves great tasting sukiyaki. And I'm glad to have discovered another one.

Hello again, Izakaya Sensu.

Izakaya Sensu opened its doors last year and spoiled us with its scrumptious and value for money Japanese rolls, yakitori, bento meals and more. Now on its first year, it continues to delight its patrons with its new menu.

I was lucky to be one of the first foodies to taste some of Izakaya Sensu's new dishes. I sampled Rainbow Roll (PHP450), Aburi Uni and Ika Roll (PHP450), Wagyu Sukiyaki (PHP1,499), and Anmitsu (PHP295). I also ordered Izakaya Sensu Iced Tea (PHP195).

First served was this beautiful plate of Rainbow Roll. The alternating colors of blue fin tuna, salmon, white meat fish, horse mackerel and squid made this dish so captivating.

It was so stunning that I had to pause and stare at it for a few minutes to admire its beauty.

And taste-wise, it did not disappoint. The roll was stuffed with cucumber, flying fish roe, yuzu skin and avocado creating a lovely blend of flavors and textures which further highlighted the delicate taste of the various fish toppings.

The Aburi Uni and Ika Roll was great too. As a huge fan of sea urchin, I really liked how they turned this gooey and delectable seafood into a marvelous maki.

The stuffed ika added texture to the dish making it extra addicting.

Torched to perfection, this dish is best eaten warm.

The star of my visit was the Wagyu Sukiyaki. One order of this is good for three to four but I wouldn't mind finishing an order by myself.

I like how Izakaya Sensu let us have a feel of prepping our sukiyaki on our own.

They serve the scrumptious dish uncooked and placed on a pot without the broth. The staff then prepare the sukiyaki in front of you and all you have to do is be patient for a few minutes and try not to eat the fragrant dish raw.

After ten minutes or so, my piping hot pot of wagyu sukiyaki was ready.

It was love at first sip. The broth was the sweet yet salty kind that I love.

The wagyu dipped in raw egg was great too. It was tender and undeniably fresh. I also liked that there was generous serving of mushrooms and greens.

They also serve udon noodles in case you have extra broth.

My glass of Izakaya Sensu Iced Tea looked like multiple layers of flavor.

The dominant taste of matcha tickled my taste buds and went well with all the food I indulged in.

My dessert was equally spectacular! The matcha ice cream topped with seasonal fruits, red bean paste and mochi was divine! I also enjoyed drizzling it with dark caramel for that lovely sweet taste. I can't wait to indulge in more of this amazing dessert.

Overall, it was a great meal. I can't wait for these dishes to be available. I'd definitely swing by for more wagyu sukiyaki and anmitsu.

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5.0 Stars

Izakaya Sensu recently launches their Take-out Bentos for Lunch for Php320.00 per bento. Yes, you heard it right... all sets at Php320.00 per Bento.

127857Karaage - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

127857Katsu Curry - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

It comes with rice, tamago and vegetable. Just add Php50.00 for iced tea & dessert.

Aside from that we also tried some Izakaya Sensu's bestselling dishes from Bento Boxes, Sushis and other Japanese favorites.

127857Bento (available everyday from 11:30AM to 2:00PM). Served with Miso Soup, Sides and Desserts.
127843Sushi Bento for Php550.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127843Buta Saikyo-yaki for Php395.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127857The Sensu Roll for Php575.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127857Yakitori Omakase for Php275.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

127857Sensu Kawari Kusi for Php195.00 - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

"All the dishes we had were beautiful and they presented it well. Both bentos were so good. I suggest if you're dining alone you go for their bento boxes... it is very reasonable to choose if you want varieties of Japanese food in one serving. You can also try the amazing The Sensu Roll, its like you're having a two flavored rolls in one plate. Other recommendable dishes were the Yakitoris... the grilled chicken breast and butabara were my favorites."

The staff provided excellent service during our visit. I'll be back soon for the bento boxes again.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

Izakaya Sensu once again brings tradition of Japan here in the Philippines. We are so lucky to have them because at least for those who has not been to Japan can now experience authentic Japanese food and tradition. Every July 25, Japan celebrates its Unagi or Eel fest. It's a one day event but Sensu extends the "eel festivity" upro three months.

128204 Uzaku @350PhP
Starting up with a salad, this is eel with vinegared cucumber. It's light and refreshing.

128204128525 Kurikara @50 per stick
I love how hearty these unagis are. This one's grilled. You could choose to either glaze it with miso or teriyaki sauce. I like the teriyaki sauce better because it's sweet.

128204 Unagi Shira-yaki @650PhP
If you want to try just the grilled protein, this one's recommended. It's best to pair it with a pinch of wasabi. It blends with the fat portion of the eel.

128204 Umaki @400PhP
You want tamago? Get this! Though the portion of the unagi maybe small, the egg is tasty enough.

128204128525 Unagi Chawammushi @220PhP
I love this Japanese steamed egg custard! The unagi sitting pretty on top of the dish. Add wasabi to enhance the unagi taste.

128204128525 Unagi Tempura @620PhP
Best tempura that i have tasted! Double crunchiness of the batter and the unagi. It also got some yasai (veggie) tempura.

128204128525 Unagi Bo- Sushi @425PhP
After having sake, these cute rectangular rice buri is recommended. Of course the unagi with wasabi adds to the exciting taste of the sweet rice.

128204128525 Una Don @620 PhP
This is quite a no brainer order, but do order this because it got a special teriyaki sauce just made for the unagi. THEN sprinkle on some SANSHO or Japanese pepper to create a euphoric sensation in the mouth that magnifies the unagi taste.

IMHO unagi closely resembles to our milkfish, but definitely worth the try because unagi are richer in taste because of the fat portions.

Pricey? But it's REASONABLE. No other restaurant can prepare Unagi dishes like Sensu does-- they're a pro on this.

What are you waiting for? If you aren't a fan of unagi, this is an opportunity to learn how to eat unagi. Unagi fest is only until September 2017.


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Kristin A.
5.0 Stars

I love coming here with my friends when we get the chance. Seafood is always fresh, which makes for great sashimi and tempura. We also love the grilled barbecue sticks of (bacon) pork with cherry tomato, enoki and quail egg.

I was invited to take a sneak peek at Izakaya's bento boxes, which are now available for takeout, not only during lunch but all day. This is great for when you can't decide on ordering just one item from the menu, and want a taste of everything (like I am most of the time). We tried the 128020 Karaage and the 128055 Buta Saikyo Yaki and the were delish 128523

We also tried some of the other staples:

Sensu Roll - this is the king of rolls, and you get tuna, crab and prawn in one order. Always a goot bet.

Sushi Omakase 6 - the chef's recommendations for the day, looking fresh as always.

Yakitori Omakase 7 - for when you can't choose among the yummy pork sticks, get them all 128514

Wagyu sticks - I tried this once before and it was heavenly 128525 wagyu on a budget just because.

We also tried a selection of their desserts:
Matcha Belgian White Chocolate Cheesecake, Miso Chocolate Cake and Fluffy Matcha Chiffon Cake. Not a big matcha fan, so I was really drawn to the miso (!) chocolate cake. I didn't really get a strong taste of miso though, which might be good for the non adventurous eaters.

Thank you to Mika and Mich of Raintree group for hosting us! We had a really great time (and full tummies too) 128523

*This was an eatup sponsored by Izakaya Sensu/Raintree restaurants. #teamkaladkarin

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Sensu Roll - Definitely get this one! 6 rolls of Asparagus Tempura wtih Spicy Tuna and Mayo plus 6 rolls of Crabmeat with Flying Fish Roe and Mango all drizzled with heavenly Unagi Sauce 128525. I could down this one entirely by myself, each roll in succession to alternate spicy and refreshing flavors.

Sushi Omakase 6 - Quality ingredients. Loved the Salmon and the Mackerel 128525

Yakitori Omakase 7 - Perfect partner for their Suntory Cocktails! 128525

Sensu Kawari Kusi 5 - 5 sticks of Chicken Breast topped with different sauces. I particularly liked the Mentaiko and the Wasabi.

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Jayson J.
5.0 Stars

What's new with izakaya sensu? Aside from its very delicious sensu roll and yakitori, bento box is now available for take out!

Yes folks, enjoy a complete meal for to go
128204 Buta-saikyo yaki @395PhP
Broiled Miso Pork Belly
128204 Sawara-saikyo yaki @620PhP
Broiled Spanish Mackarel
128204 Sushi @550PhP
128204 Sashimi @595PhP
128204 Tempura @495PhP
128204 128525Kara-Age @375PhP
128204 128525Chicken Teriyaki @350PhP

Special mention
128204128525 Wagyu Katsu
Best katsu i've tried because of its soft meat.

Also try their desserts
128204128525 Miso Chocolate Cake @250PhP
Simple but very delicious. It has a caramel center. Very moist.
128204 Matcha Belgian White Chocolate Cheesecake @295PhP
I find it too sweet. The matcha is not that tasty.
128204 Fluffy Matcha Chiffon Cake @195PhP
The most affordable, simple and fluffy.

What they serve here is not your ordinary. All are tasty, although price is may be a little steep, all are made special.

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

When you visit Chotto Matte for happy hour it's not complete if you don't have a taste of the savory dishes by Izakaya Sensu. Just a curtain seperating Chotto Matte and Izakaya Sensu. Sensu got a more vibrant vibe. On this 2nd visit we got some of our old favorite and go to try some other new dishes.

🥢Sushi Omakase 6 - a delectable plate of fresh sushi. Sushi lover can't go wrong with this. A perfect combination of six favorite variant of sushi.

🥢Sensu Roll - in my 1st visit this was one of my fave and still on the 2nd try it was still so good. A combination of Tempura Asparagus Spicy Tuna Roll and Mango Crabmeat roll. A perfect combination.

🥢Yakitori Omakase 7 - this what made me fell in love with Izakaya Sensu. Their Yakitori are just so simple yet so flavorful. Everything on it was just so yummy.

🥢Sensu Kawari Kusi 5 - five sticks of BBQ chicken breast topped with different japanese sauces. My fave amon the five was the Mune wasabi. Love the spicy wasabi flavor. Another fave of mine is the Mune Mentaiko. Flavorful pink cod roe and mayo gave the chicken breast a powerful delicious flavor.

🥢Bento Box - their bento box is a perfect heavy meal for the heavy eater. The Chicken karaage variant is my bet. The sesame coated chicken was juicy delicious and perfect when dipped in their japanese mayo. Another variant was the Buta Saikyo. This one is miso pork belly it was also good just not too good for the healthy conscious peeps.

🥢Wagyu Harami Steak - Wow wagyu steak perfectly cooked. Love that pinkish color of this juicy meat. Yummy!

🥢Matcha Belgian Chocolate - I love this but for a matcha lover this one was lacking the bitterness that we love in our matcha. Maybe the sweetness of the Belgian chocolate overpowered it a bit. But as a dessert this one is good!

🥢Miso Chocolate Cake - this one is my fave among the dessert. Simple delicious chocolate cake. Yummy!

Overall Izakaya Sensu serve real delicious Japanese dishes. They also serve lovely bento boxes for take-out at only 320PH. Perfect for peeps on the go that need some tasty delicious heavy meal.

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Daylight M.
5.0 Stars

about last Friday night...
forgot to book at the nearby resto, and we luckily ended up here 128076🏻
had the ffg..
127844 dragon roll - that cucumber, unagi, tempura flakes and fish roe.. yum!
127844 ebi tempura roll, well, who can skip that tempura..:)
127859 aonori dashimaki, tried this for the love of seaweeds 128523
127842 yakitori omakase, yes.. that glorious finger food on a stick, a platter combination of hmmm.. some chicken, veggies and pork too! i had the veggie, it's soft and chewy and tasty!
127831 chicken namban, the deep fried chicken perfectly paired with the sweet & sour with tartar sauce!
127834 yaki meshi rice
we also had some pork dish and squid with rice in it (forgot the names)
everything we tried are all good! burp burp! 128523

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Cezar R.
5.0 Stars

We have a winner! The most decent highball I had in a long time. The avocado dragon roll is so good that ordering a second round should be a requirement.

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Jem C.
5.0 Stars

At first we thought that this place was just another fancy, overrated resto here in bgc,but you'll never know till you try. So when we tried it... haissttt!!! I stand corrected!!! Place is good and specially their food are great1!! Really worth the price.. We ordered California Roll( P175.00), Wagyu Harami Salad ( P575.00), Sensu Kawari Kusi ( P195.00), Sensu Kara age( P 175.00).

Everything that we ordered are appetisingly good but my favorite is the Sensu Kawari Kusi( jap skewers). Pork grilled just right, with every bite it brings a thousand taste.. ( sorry could not explain it right..hahahaha!!!) Next to my list is Four Season one of their refreshments.. Fresh water melon juice and pineapple juice for 120..Never knew that there exist such resto like this here in BGC...They really deserve a 5 star rating!!!128525128525128525128525

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