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Most Recent Reviews

Angela Marie C.
3.0 Stars

The third stop of day 2 (10th out of 16 in total) of the |ooloo X Parkmall Food Tour was Japengo. Obviously form its name, their main cuisine is Japanese food. I had high expectation for this place only because I am an avid fan of Japanese food. Sadly, this was my least favorite from the places we went to that day. The food wasn’t bad, but I guess Japanese cuisine is really still underdeveloped in Cebu. I think the closest to a wow I had was for a number of ramen places here. Other than that, the makimono and yakiniku scene in Cebu still needs a lot of improvement. 128575

1.) Japengo Bento
Everything on this set was just ok. The Beef Yakiniku was quite tasty but the tenderness of the meat was awful, quite rubbery already. There was supposed to be gyoza on this bento, but sadly they ran out when we visited and so these were replaced by Chicken Lollipop, which I thought was as hard as rocks. The tempura was the saving grace for the set for me, only there were only two in the box. The iced tea was not bad either. 128569

2.) Japengo Platter Special
Huhuhu 128575 I so wanted to like this, but still cannot. My general comment is that the raw food were not fresh. The best thing on the plate was the Salmon Sashimi. All the rest were just ok.

3.) Seafood Ramen
It tasted like Lomi. Hehehe 128569 I just tried it, but the small amount of ramen has got me thinking of Lomi already, what with the texture and appearance of the noodles. The soup was very thick, I think too much will be cloying. This was just ok too.

I probably won’t come back here anytime soon. Hopefully they revamp some of their recipes for more authentic tastes and feels of a Japanese restaurant. 128575

***Note: The event is sponsored by Parkmall in Mandaue, Cebu as partnership with |ooloo. All food items have been chosen by each restaurant based on their own discretion.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Kathleen E.
1.0 Stars

Delightful turned DISGUSTING.

Enjoyed the Seafood Ramen, Sushi and Maki. UNTIL....

We noticed that there as a cockroach on the Ramen and we already ate half of it. My 1 yr old baby also ate a lot of the Ramen.

We did not pay for the food. BUT, it is not about paying or not. It is about FOOD SANITATION.

Wala man lay apology and reason was wala daw ok-ok sa ilang sabaw. But ngano naa man ni sa among bowl 127836. We were asked to pay for the Sushi 127843 but nag decline ug bayad ang dad ni Mumai. So we only paid for the bottled drink. 127864

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Chris C.
2.0 Stars

It's probably one of those typical commercial japanese restos. The Chicken curry wasn't that good cos the gravy tasted kinda weird and had a chunky consistency and there was barely any chicken in it. The Shoyu ramen i got was kind of salty and the broth is quite thin but the pork is alright. The california maki is good. But lets just say the food is as bad as their service.

  • No. of Comments: 1
NoelDada R.
3.0 Stars

Just had their milk tea and it was ok, although a bit too sweet for my taste. Didn't try the food but the menu looks interesting and prices are affordable.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Samantha Kate C.
1.0 Stars

Worst Japanese restaurant ever. Service was so poor. It took 40 mins to serve our food. Its pricey for its taste. Its not worth it.

  • No. of Comments: 4