Jeong Ga Ne Korean Cafe & Restaurant

Pres. Sergio Osmeña Ave., General Santos, South Cotabato

Jeong Ga Ne Korean Cafe & Restaurant
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Ivy T.
4.0 Stars

My brother and I were craving for some legit Korean food and so, we visited this place! So far there are 3 Korean restaurants here in GSC (well, as far as I know! 128514)

So here are the dishes that struck me the most:

Samgyeopsal 110881108811088
The meat was too thin and the lettuces' quality was very poor. They also allowed only 2 refills for the side dishes that were to be shared among the diners.

Shrimp Fried Rice 11088
Unfortunately,I don't recommend this because it was too moist and was not tasty in my opinion. It tasted weird because it was too moist.

Bibimbap 11088110881108811088
It's good 128077. It may be shared by 2-3 persons considering if you have other orders.

If you're a fan for Gimbap, then try this! 128522

MUST TRY! I loved how authentic this was. They were generous with the seafood in the soup. The shrimp gave a distinct taste which I loved the most. 12817010084128139

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Roy T.
4.0 Stars

Back here for Sunday lunch with the family earlier.
Though I'm giving them 4 stars only, I can say that this is by far the most authentic Korean restaurant in General Santos. 128077🏻

We were the first group to enter the restaurant at lunch time and there were only three other tables occupied when we left. Learned that more people, Korean nationals, visit during dinner time. So if you're into more quiet time, visit them during lunch.

We ordered the following:

This one is not marinated, so it tasted pretty much the same with other Korean grill places. Not too fatty meat, and they slice the meat smaller than strips in other places.

This one is their marinated beef. Good mix and it was not too salty. Liked that I can feel the sesame oil in it. Careful with cooking this as overcooking leads to tough meat texture.

I don't know what name they put it in their menu, thus the lack of price, but I loved this dish. Requested for mild spicy level but it still arrived spicy. The kind of spicy I can tolerate though. It was spicy upon intake but does not linger too long, one that usually makes me cry or drink and drink water. Loved the mix of seafoods and them no skimping on the shrimps, squids, and shells (idk the names). A must try!

The famous rice bowl with everything on it. Difference with the regular bibimbaps, this one is served in a stone pot. Their version is a pretty decent one, tasted similar to one of the bap resto I’ve been to in Seoul recently. Their rice though was too sticky, probably undercooked. A bit more samjang sauce and sesame oil would be nice also.

Shrimp fried rice was just an okay dish for me. I’m not getting it next time. Again, very sticky and wet rice. Shrimp taste was not too noticeable, imho.

Not bad gimbaps! 128077🏻

Giving them only a four star review for now because of the not fresh lettuce they were serving. Also for the sticky/wet rice.

Overall, if I compare them with other K grills in the city, I think this one’s the best and they have a huge selection of dishes in their menu! Some Filipino dishes are also being served.

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Jude N.
5.0 Stars

Try their sangyapsul and squid beef bulgogi..
So delicious! But its kinda expensive.. but the taste is good.

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Raymond H.
5.0 Stars

As one of the first Korean restaurants in General Santos City, I half expected Jeong Ga Ne to have average quality food and service since there is no trace of the competition here to set the bar, but I was I wrong. The menu is extensive, ranging from the standard sangyeopsal platters to more obscure Korean dishes that are strangely delicous even to the untested tongue. The cuts of their meat platters are very lean, which is a big plus for me since i tend to cut away fatty portions :). Their spicy squid, fried chicken and fried chicken in sweet sauce are must tries. You can also never go wrong with their soup dishes but take note, other than their meat platters, their other dishes have big serving portions so it's best to keep your orders to a minimum if you are a company of 2 or 3. One thing you can take away from this restaurant is that they do not skimp on the ingredients. The food is quite expensive but well worth it.

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Jeong Ga Ne is one of the two new Korean grill restaurants in Gensan. I think they opened just last year and I've always wanted to try if it's authentic because I heard it's owned by Koreans. Wow, GenSan! 128512

Place is pretty simple and can accommodate quite a lot of people. There were only three to four tables occupied on today's lunch.

We got the Samgyupsal Jeongsik - a few slices of the pork strips cut to smaller pieces with big onion slices and thin-cut garlic. Meat was quite tough but taste was generally okay. This came with a small bowl of Dean Jang Jjigae which to me tasted just okay. The others liked it btw. Not a big fan of spicy Korean food so yeah.

I loved the Squid and Beef Bulgogi! So yummy and I kept on eating despite being very spicy! 128525 One serving fed all five of us and even had leftovers which I had the honors of finishing. Yummy!

I also liked their fried chicken. We got half an order which consists of at least 8 pieces. Pretty good deal for the serving size! It was yummy because I felt the spices they added making it a bit different to your usual piniritong manok. It came with their sweet and spicy sauce I preferred not use. Overall, it was crunchy, a bit salty, but pretty good!

They also serve the usual Korean appetizers - kimchi, pickled veggies, those veggie potato balls (idk what exactly they call it), peanuts, etc. theirs is not unlimited, only allow up to two refills. Potato balls were a hit! 128523

Giving them a 5 star because they could possibly be the best Korean resto in the area and I believe the food they serve is authentic! 128077🏻 Also five stars for the squid and beef bulgogi 128077🏻128077🏻

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Jude N.
5.0 Stars

If you seek korean food. This restaurant is the best for me here in Gensan.
Good food.. and the place is spacious 128522

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