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Marjorie G.
4.0 Stars

One of my favorite Korean dramas is Dae Jang Geum, which was shown in local television under the title, "Jewel in the Palace." Aside from the beautiful plot and great acting, the thing that really glued me to this show is the food. I was particularly fascinated with Banchan, the side dishes, which they like to have in abundance. And so I have always wanted to try the Korean cuisine and what do you know, I finally did at Jeonju Korean Restaurant.

There was nothing fancy about the design of the resto, but I sure loved this elevated area with low tables and throw pillows. It sort of made things feel more authentic.

I noticed that there are some posters on the wall, of Korean artists, and they were even signed. According to the waitress (who by the way is a Filipina), those were the celebrities who have already gone to their resto. So I was like, "Ooh..." Wait, what?! Rain has been in the Philippines?

I was able to try Bulgogi Bekban (PHP300), which includes the side dishes. Bulgogi is grilled marinated beef that is sweet, with a little hint of saltiness. If you're familiar with Korean barbecue, well this pretty much tastes like that, only this one is juicy and peppered with vegetables.

Side dishes to Koreans is what sauces are to Pinoys; they augment the taste of the main dish. Bulgogi Bekban comes with these side dishes: Potato salad, Korean spinach II, Seasoned eggplant, Shredded scallion salad, Bean sprout salad, and Kimchi

Kimchi Jjigae (PHP250) was really really good. It's like the Korean version of sinigang but spicier. It has pork, tofu, and some veggies.

Ramyeon (PHP150) is basically, just instant noodles. I didn't mind that it was instant, because it was good and the serving was big.

Korean cuisine, I noticed, is generally sweet and spicy. I remember that Thai food falls under the same taste category but I didn't like it that much. It was a different story with the Korean food, I just loved it. The food presentation is good and with with side dishes alone, you could satiate yourself .

I might say that my first Korean gastronomic experience was more than I expected. The food was great, the price was reasonable, and since it was my first time to try this cuisine, it made everything all the more enjoyable.

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Christelle Anne A.
4.0 Stars

One of the favorite Korean restos in Ermita

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Mario M.
1.0 Stars

I hated it.

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Jeandie C.
3.0 Stars

Food was okay.. They dont serve free appetizers which is kinda disappointing.. Enjoyed grilling! What i dont really like is that they allow smoking here!

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Sharmelle T.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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