Aparri Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

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April H.
5.0 Stars

This is a fun place to visit for adventure seekers!128156

Went here with my family for a quick trip out of the city... My mom booked an overnight stay at Subic with lots of activities... When we got to Subic, we immediately went to the JEST camp for their basic survival training course... We joined other people in a simple training program where we got to learn how to make fire by briskly turning a bamboo stick atop another piece of wood... It was difficult to do and I really appreciated the invention of matches and lighters!128514 We also tried to make utensils from bamboo shoots... I mostly watched because it's not that easy to weild the knives!128517 I bought a set of utensils-- a makeshift drinking container with a spoon and fork, because I was convinced that it might come in handy someday! It's not just a cool souvenir mind you!128518

We also joined a jungle trek-- an easy walk thru the jungle, wherein we had a crash course on which plants to consume in case we were left in the jungle... We were also shown medicinal plants, but for the life of me, I cannot remember what they looked like!128513 There was even a picnic lunch set-up for us in the middle of the trek... The guides were really knowledgable and they made me have doomsday themed daydreams while I was there!128517

The next day was reserved for the aerial adventure and canopy walk... It's a typical obstacle course, a few feet above ground... Nothing beats the adventure park in Misamis, which was the most authentic one that I have tried... As in any treetop adventure, you have on helmets and you are strapped to safety harnesses as you traverse the whole course... Wear rubber shoes with a non-skid sole... Come prepared! Unfortunately, the Goliath swing was not open that day for some reason, but I would have loved to try it too...

I thought it was a unique experience to be honest... I particularly enjoyed the jungle training course! They said that they had a lot of team buildings there during the summertime, even field trips... You guys might want to check it out...

*That's my brother, dad and myself, waiting for our turn at the aerial walk... My mom didn't want to try it!128513 so she took pics!*
Oh, bring mosquito repellent!!! This is one of the places wherein you can contract malaria... Safety above all else!

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Precious Jewel G.
5.0 Stars

If you are looking for a bit of adventure, adrenaline, and physical activities, well they all have here. We only paid for 750 included entrance fee (entrance fee is not sulit)128529, anyway we had the chance to experience 3 activities.
Goliath Swing- My goal was to be the 1st to try this for I might back-out if I will see everyone's reaction , but nah I was the 2nd to try. They're gonna lift you up 30ft high and I just love the adrenaline rush and exhilarating feeling of being swinged up and down.128514
Aerial adventure- Included here are burma bridge, barrelling, etc. All stations are 10ft above the ground, that's my approximation.128522 Better if you will be the last one to do the challenge, because the challenges included balancing and strength of upper body, It wont help if someone behind you is moving.
Trekking- adviseable to wear long sleeves and leggings, insect repellent, because it's
really bushy, jungle talaga, uphill, downhill 3 hour walk, I enjoyed it.End of the trek is a small falls, not majestic, not breathtaking it was ok, just don't expect.
Ill definetly go back for the jungle overnight survival.128522

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Abegail H.
5.0 Stars

If you love nature plus adventure and everything around, then this is your must-go-to place. This is my second time here and am willing to come again.

The place was previously government owned until last year when it was privatize and became open to the public. previously, it served as a training camp for students from pmma, and police men.

at present, it does not only serve as a training camp, the place now has a lot to offer. for a cheap entrance of 150php.

this includes:
- zoo tour with own guide (with real-extremely indigenous species of birds), and other animals like the musang, alamid, monkeys, mouse deer, sheep, owls, and a whole lot more.

-walk-in aviary (but be warned coz they have parrots attracted to jewels).

-maze, where you try and find your way out to the other side.

-bird interaction you get to actually feed and carry then around

- butterfly sanctuary (its like a walk in sanctuary of birds. they also have a display of creepy live tarantulas)

- and the second best is the survival demo, you'll be thought how to make utensils out of bamboo, make a fire, cook rice in the jungle you'll also get to try to drink from a vein and use vein as soap / shampoo.

what else? they also have a restaurant where food are cooked using the bamboo. but sad part is you have to order before the tour coz it takes 45mins for them to prepare, that is why we didn't tried to dine here coz we were starving.

they're also open for team building, they also have this veranda over looking sbma, and beside is a huge swing where you'll be push from 12ft high towards a cliff. hahahaha!

next time we will try their overnight survival trekking on the jungles of subic :)

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