Jijimi Korean Bar

Legarda Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Jijimi Korean Bar
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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

Legarda Rd. is regarded as the Korea Town of Baguio City. This particular road is filled with plenty of Korean restaurants showcasing the variety of food the country has to offer. There are so many restaurants on Legarda Rd., one would have to dine with Korean friends to know which place serves the most authentic dishes. And so I did.

My friends brought me here to Jijimi. Now, I've been here before with my local and Fil-Am friends, but never did appreciate it fully, because I didn't know how the dishes we ordered were really suppose to taste like. So when my friends brought me back here after four years, I was able to ask them about the authenticity of the dishes being served here in Jijimi. Their reply, "It tastes like home." That response, to me is legitimate as it would get, especially coming from Koreans. 9786

While sipping on soju, we ordered Jjolmyeon and Chulpan.

Jjolmyeon, is a cold noodle dish that has both unique textures and taste. The wheat flour and and starch used in making the noodles gives it a chewy and bouncy texture. Complimented by the crunchiness of carrots and cabbage, the varying textures makes this cold dish very addicting.

The taste itself is remarkably delicious. It's a mixture of salty, spicy, tangy sweet--all things synonymous to Korean cuisine. I love the fact that they use three different kinds of sesame (leaves, seeds, and oil). Each of these gives three different flavors that works so well with each other.

Chulpan (cheolpan) is a pork stir fry. My friends say this is very similar to teppanyaki. I love the sweet and salty flavor chulpan has. It makes great pulutan for the soju.

I'm was very happy with Jijimi and that I was able to converse with my Korean friends about food, and how their food is suppose to be like. To learn these things will definitely give me a better understanding about the authenticity of Korean cuisine, and maybe share what I've learned to my Filipino friends, if ever they have cravings for Korean food.

Happy Eating!!!

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