Jing Si Books and Café

G/F Soler Tower, 1342 cor. Soler St., Tondo, Manila, Metro Manila

Jing Si Books and Café
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Most Recent Reviews

Jerome T.
5.0 Stars

Relaxing place to have a cup of coffee

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

I thought library and cafe fusion was just recently invented or founded. But this place.. has been 8 years ago in the streets of old manila pa! Near to my parking place at Soler, this is an all drinks and book reading cafe.

Thing is, if you can read its books because they are mostly written in Chinese!!! Well, there's a newspaper with english translation, the one and only server will offer you upon sitting.

The place can only accommodate 10 pax and is really a conducive place for reading. It's cool to find such a place amidst the very busy trading place.

So having known it's only a drinks place, here's the contents of their menu

Cafe latte
Cafe mocha

127811Teas @100PhP per pot
Still thoughts - oolong black tea
Contentment - roasted barely tea
Gratitude - brown rice tea
Understanding - lavander tea
Forgiveness - honey citron tea
Good days - green tea

Their best seller daw is understanding.

11088️special drink @100php
Writer's tea - milk tea
Multigrain health drink
128204 chocolate
Now here's an insider. I asked kung masarap ba ang chocolate nila, the sever told me yes, galing Switzerland daw. So i immediately ordered this. So i waited. And she served me this cup of drink which smells very familiar. I tasted. Wth it's SWISSMISS! 128563
Ooooookaaay. Don't get this. Gs2 ko itanong kung talagang nanggaling ba sa Switzerland swissmiss na iyon.

There's no wifi. Because it was sooo quiet in there (aside from the owner's mandarin speaking with her friends -tita talks) nahiya ako magsalita. My words almost did not come out.

But the ambience was really tranquil. They have CR on the second floor. They also sell specialty cookies from china (or taiwan maybe) and other stuff like soap and towel on oneside. Don't bother trying to talk with the owner because she speaks mandarin and baroque filipino. Lol.

No smoking allowed.

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Dennis S.
4.0 Stars

2nd best coffee shop in Binondo. Their iced americano is the best in the area. Also try their forgiveness tea. Donate stuff on mondays, you'll get a 50% off coupon.

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Lizeine G.
5.0 Stars

Are you a nature lover? Do you want to help save our mother earth? Do you want to help the less fortunate ones? Well this is the place to go to!

Jing Si Books and cafe is a part of a Charity Foundation named TZU CHI. They serve coffee and teas from Taiwan. They also have vegetarian instant noodles that tastes great and doesn't have preservatives. They also have health drinks that are carefully made with love by the monks in Taiwan. The instant noodles and the health drinks are made for their living.

These coffee shop also sell inspirational books that can be used in our daily lives. All of which are written carefully by the founder of the foundation.

They have clothes, jackets, scarf, bags, blankets and etc that are especially made to help our mother earth. These stuffs are made out of plastic bottles (e.g. 7up bottles, mountain due bottles, summit bottles, and etc.) It's how amazing and innovative they are!

The ambiance of this bookstore and cafe is zen like. Very calm and peaceful, considering that you are in Manila where the place is a very busy place!

I recommend that you all try to visit this place! They are located at 1342 Soler St. Binondo Manila! :)

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Lizeine G.
5.0 Stars

Want a peaceful place to hang out? This is the best place to visit! :-)

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