Johneva Beach Resort

San Narciso, Zambales

Johneva Beach Resort
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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Going home north, to the place where I grew up, means so much fun! I'm from a big family - being the eldest of 6 children. Each day at home is chaos! As we touch down in Tarlac for my birthday weekend, my siblings asked for a weekend treat - a trip to the beach! It was totally unplanned.

Since the nearest that we can go to is Subic, we decided to brave the place with hopes of finding a resort that's decent and would still have a couple of rooms to spare for us. I knew it would be difficult since it's summer season and most resorts are fully booked.

One resort after the other, Subic was packed! From high end to mediocre, resorts were as expected booked! We even went out of Subic, onto Baloy beach strip but the decent resorts were full and we were left with substandard rooms for rent. I also didn't like the beach front in this area - somewhat dirty, crowded and the shoreline was (how do I say it..) short? Ahahha! 128540128513128541127946127907127940

We decided to drive some more. Resort after resort and it was getting a little late for beach bumming. I was determined to take whatever the next resort can offer. Then we found Johneva - tucked away from the crowd and a little far from our original destination.

The resort was humble. It has no swimming pool but has a lush greenery that made it look so homey and peaceful. The rooms were not extravagantly furnished but were clean and decent. The bathrooms were spacious. You can opt for aircon or electric fan rooms. No TVs here but they have wifi that was surprisingly fast and reliable! Whiw!

The beach front was clean with long stretch of shore line. No white sand here - this is Zambales. You'll get grayish black sand that's as fine as powder and glistens when the sun shines. The neighborhood also has a lush growth of pine trees. More like those you'll find in Anawangin. Greenery, mountains, sand, sea and sun - it's a total submission to nature. I spent hours just looking at the surroundings, leaving all the worries of the Metro behind.

The resort owner, Eva, was very hands on and accommodating too. She took care of our meals and charged us very little for the feast that she served! The other staff were attentive too and quick to action.

It wasn't my dream vacation at all - hotel setting in a white sand beach front with swimming pool to boot - but it was worth the trip. I think being with my siblings and my lovely family made it all better. 128109128108128107128106128143128145

I love summer!!! 100841008410084

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