Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse

G/F Eastwood Mall, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), Eastwood City, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse
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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

They've been open for 2 years and we haven't tried this restaurant out so my boyfriend and I had dinner here instead.

Tuna Shoyo Poke (Php 345 - chilled ahi tuna, ginger shoyu dressing and toasted cashew) it was our appetizer haha he knew I was hungry and they had limited appetizers so i picked out the first dish he saw. It was the littler version kilawin.

Kalua Pulled Pork Bowl (Php 285 - pineapple brined pulled pork, buttered cabbage, huli huli sauce, steamed rice and stir-fry vegetables) I liked the sweetness of the sauce thanks to pineapple mixed into the sauce of pulled pork.

Classic Kahuku Shrimp Truck (Php 595 - garlic butter shrimp, Hawaiian fried rice, macaroni salad, sweet and sour sauce) they also have 9pcs for Php 735. Php 595 for 6 pcs of shrimp. It included a taro soup which was refreshingly unique. Wish the shrimp was bigger though other than that we both liked the dish.

Have to admit their food are somewhat pricey but we did certainly paid for quality food.

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Jomarie A.
4.0 Stars

I met up with Josh last Saturday (my last free Saturday this 2017, because my work sched is M-S for this month!), mainly so we can watch Coco (more about this later). 128513 We did not plan much on where we'll be having lunch, so it was only when we got to Eastwood that we started to search for a place to have lunch.

We stumbled upon Johnny Kahuku, a colorful Hawaiian restaurant, and it called our attention. After a quick peek on the online reviews, we decided to have our lunch here.

Johnny Kahuku serves seafood and meat Hawaiian-inspired dishes, as well as a wide selection of comfort food. When talking about Hawaiian food, Poke Bowls usually come to mind. 9786 A Poke Bowl is a Hawaiian dish with Asian influence. "Poke" means to cut or to slice, and these bowls typically contain cubed raw fish, and other ingredients such as tropical fruits and vegetables. Since I've never had a Poke Bowl in my life, I grabbed this opportunity to give it a try! Here's what we got:

✔ FOR ME: SALMON AND CHEESE PUFF POKE BOWL (Php 325) - 110881108811088
This is a modernized version of this Hawaiian favorite -- with salmon sashimi, mangoes, oranges, and fried cheese puffs for an added texture and creaminess. 128521 I loved how the salmon cubes are fresh, sweet, and not frozen. The fresh ripe mangoes gave the bowl a sweet twist, but I did not enjoy the orange slices as much... Seemed like it was a bit out of place for me. Overall, the dish was a bit underwhelming for me, considering the price tag. The only *really* good thing was it wasn't heavy to eat, and felt like the dish was really "healthy". 128513 For even less guilt, you may swap the Japanese rice with brown rice, just like I did. 128514

✔ FOR JOSH: AHI TUNA SHOYU POKE BOWL (Php 335) - 11088110881108811088
Since we wanted to try two different bowls, Josh opted for the tuna poke bowl. I tasted this too, and for once, I actually liked this Tuna Poke Bowl better -- because each bite was super fresh! 128514 The ingredients weren't that complicated -- just the usual Tuna Sashimi, cucumber, and fish roe, on top of short-grain Japanese rice. But the finished product is quite awesome! Truly, sometimes it's the simpler things that bring greater impact. Josh commented on this, too. Here's what he had to say: "Fresh and light 128076. Then the sriracha adds another layer to the flavor 128525. Though I recommend not pouring everything with sriracha. Just when you need to taste something different so your tastebuds won't get tired. 128513"

Service was great! I loved how our server was attentive enough to remember to give me warm water for my water refill. 128077 (Sometimes [in other restaurants], I request for warm water at the start of the meal, but they eventually refill it with cold water. 128531)

I also enjoyed the ambiance, which was lively, and colorful -- it is a really happy place to be in! 128149 While I felt a bit underwhelmed with my first Poke Bowl experience, I'll keep on trying other poke bowls 'til I find the yummiest one! 128521


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Gracielle R.
5.0 Stars

We got the Combo meal and replaced the wings with the baby squid! Super sarap! 128077🏻

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Reg G.
2.0 Stars

Mr. Steady and I have been jumping on the Poke bandwagon and are on the lookout for the best Poke bowl out there which led to us trying this restaurant out.

We were meant to order a Poke bowl each but was told the serving was really just for an appetizer Albet having rice. So we went ahead and ordered a tuna bowl, a shrimp bag (they had no corn that day by the way) and crispy squid. Food was meh and not worth the high price. The crispy squid saved the night but will likely go elsewhere for a Poke bowl and shrimp.

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Mary Love S.
3.0 Stars

I first spotted Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse in the South but never had the chance to visit as I had dinner plans elsewhere. But food gods want me to drop by this place and soon, I found myself in front of this colourful establishment’s North branch one Saturday afternoon.

Hello, Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse!

It was like being transported to Hawaii as soon as you step foot inside the restaurant designed as a shrimp shack. The colorful wall decor, warm lights and wooden furniture are so inviting and cozy making it a nice place for family lunches or dinners or a nice catch up meal with friends.

Johnny Kahuku is known for its seafood fare so we went with Tuna Ahi Poke (PHP365), Island Pride (PHP595, 6 pcs of shrimp | PHP645, 9 pcs of shrimp), Fiesta Paella (PHP899) and Tropical Chill (PHP285).

First served was the tuna ahi poke bowls which was chilled ahi tuna drizzled with ginger shoyu sauce on top of rice. You may opt for brown rice for no additional cost.

The tuna cubes were undeniably fresh. I loved the subtle sweet taste from the dressing which went so well with the Japanese rice. Drizzling it with a bit of lemon juice added contrast of flavors and delighted my tastebuds.

The Island Pride was served next and I was impressed with the size of the of the garlic shrimps. It was huge and that alone was such a feast. Make sure you put some crab fat sauce with every bite for a party-in-your-mouth experience. The pork belly was your usual tender grilled meat but pair it with some lato salad and you have an islander's staple dish.

The Fiesta Paella was so photogenic that every bit of it screams Instagram-worthy. One serving was packed with paella rice topped with mussels, chorizo, prawns, bell pepper, peas, chicken fillet, pork loin and one hefty crab. (If you're lazy removing the crab shell, the staff could do it for you and serve just the crab meat.)

The paella rice seemed to be wetter than the usual paella but it was still firm and not mushy at all. The seafoods were fresh and the meats were tender. The faint sweet taste of the seafood and salty taste of chicken, pork and chorizo paired with the crunchy bell peppers and paella rice made this dish a winner!

After a while, we signaled for our dessert to be served.

The chilled pineapples were plated nicely and had salt on the side to contrast the pineapple’s sweetness. But if you fancy sweeter meal enders, they also offer chocolate brownies and turon.

This place is definitely a great option for family gatherings and reunions given its generous serving sizes.

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Triggerhappyfoodie C.
4.0 Stars

We were supposed to have a seafood feast at Dampa sa Libis but we made a wrong turn. We didn't want to go around anymore and brave the Friday night C5 traffic so we settled for Eastwood.

We browsed through our ever reliable restaurant apps and found Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House. They must be relatively new as the security guards led us on a wild goose chase. Imagine how amused and frustrated we were when we finally found it just a few doors to the left of Eastwood Mall's entrance, the same area where we exited, the one facing the plaza.

I loved the colorful cheerful feel of the place. The servers were even wearing Hawaiian inspired outfits. The girls were in grass skirts and the guys were in tropical polos.

On the table
🔹Island Pride Shrimp Truck - We told the server that we weren't in the mood to peel shrimps so she said that they could cook the Garlic Butter Shrimps without the shells. The shrimps were so delicious but some were not completely de-shelled. It was flavorful on its own but the Crab Fat Sauce elevated the flavor profile even more. I loved the Crab Fat Sauce so much that I kept on putting it on my rice even after the shrimps were long gone. The Island Ceviche's acidity was just right. I think they used Mahi Mahi. The corn was sweet and juicy. The very thinly sliced grilled pork belly bits were seasoned well. We weren't that impressed with the Lato Salad. The rice was a bit dry, the type that would be perfect for Fried Rice. The menu indicates that the Shrimp Trucks are good for 2-3 persons but I guess we were extremely hungry thus we had other orders.

🔹Oyster Rockefeller - This was cheesy and creamy but I could not find the bacon.

🔹Mixed Poke Bowl - The server recommended their Poke Rice Bowls. It is Hawaii's version of Sushi but deconstructed. The sashimi pieces were ok but I've had better. The sauce was on the sweet side.

🔹Asian Crispy Squid - This was an after thought. We wanted a quick, not so heavy dish so we chose from the appetizers. This is basically fried squid with sweet dilis.

Overall, most of the food were delicious and fresh, service was good but we didn't expect to shell out that much. Part of me feels sad for passing the wrong way and missing our chance to go to Dampa sa Libis.

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Tenten C.
4.0 Stars

Tried this one. For the Poke. I was expecting to be mind blown. But its just a simple all around dish. Tasty too! 128522128522128522

Would really wanna try their other poke bowls. 128521

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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Aloha |! Balita ko people have been busy hunting for poké, di na masyado maka review. 128123

We came in here for merienda. We rarely go to Eastwood and we took the chance to use our gift certificate. Thank you | and Johnny Kahuku!!!10084127800

First impression was the very appetizing menu - photos on every page and in full vivid color. We only had enough belly space for dessert and felt a pang of regret we couldn't order the crabs and shrimp.

We got the Golden Calamari 395.00, Macadamia Chocolate Brownie 340.00, coffee 80, vanilla milkshake for 120. Total bill was a little less than 1100.

Calamari was pretty good. We wanted to try something savory to test how they make their food. The batter was light and crunchy, not too oily, well seasoned. Squid itself was just ok, I had one which was a bit chewy. Dip had mango, I think. Maybe I'll ask for vinegar or something sour next time.

Brownie was a dud. For 340, I had 2 small pieces of floury brownies that had sesame seeds instead of macadamia nuts. We actually wanted the turon but they didn't have it. I could've gotten a delicious slice of cake with that price.

Vanilla milkshake was more like a milk + ice shake, with a scoop of ice cream on top. It wasn't on the menu but manager said he can make one for us. Kudos! It's not a shake we'll order again, it's a bit icy, but we do appreciate it having real ice cream and them making it for our toddler who was asking for one.

For the total bill we were given, parang what we ordered seems expensive - 2 plates & 2 drinks. However maybe you should just choose wisely here. Avoid the brownies. I saw the seafood from the other tables and were definitely going to come back to try them.

4 for the calamari and the service.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Luisa E.
4.0 Stars

The place had a good ambiance and soundtrack. It was good poke, a bit expensive. I got the seafood special bowl, it had squid, tuna and salmon. The squid was cooked perfectly. Over all. tasty bowl, just not enough portion for the price of PhP 315. Onti pang cubes of salmon like 3 more and it would've been 5 stars 128523

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Julie J.
3.0 Stars

Had lunch here on Father's Day 128084 Thanks to Looloo for the gift certificate 128149

128026 Seafood Poke [Pou'kei] @315 - a raw salad/appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine composed of Seared tuna, salmon sashimi, grilled squid, white shrimp in misi shoyu dressing. Yummy but small order 128517 4/5

128026 Sunset Seafood chowder @215 - lacked creaminess and I didn't quite enjoy the taste 2/5

128026 Oyster Tropicana @395 - pretty expensive for 6 pcs of average sized oysters 128529 3/5

128026 Rib eye beef bowl @495 - Angus beef cutlets, sautéed mushrooms and onions rice bowl. This tasted ok but the meat was overdone, we specifically asked it to be done rare 128542 3/5

128026 Crab Palabok [700 grams of crab] @1,400 - i liked the palabok but the crab was super payat 128521 we were told they were "malaman"... Anyways, the server was very apologetic and promptly gave as an additional 300 grams. The gesture was very much appreciated.

Overall the food was ok, i had higher expectations though, maybe it was just an off day or they were just overwhelmed with the Father's day crowd 128533 it was also quite expensive IMO...Also noticed a couple of flies buzzing around 128521 I really liked our server who was very nice & accommodating.

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars


It's nice to be back at my favorite Hawaiian Shrimphouse place. Thanks to the most generous and most thoughtful Looloo Team Peanut D Odell R Roegan T Pam L Nesty A Gwen I for my Johnny Kahuku GC 128522

My first Johnny Kahuku experience was last February at Resorts World where I celebrated my birthday. So when I received a package from the awesome Looloo team I was so happy that I can visit once again Johnny Kahuku. They have a branch also in Eastwood so I decided to used it with my family 3 days ago.

We got the following :

127800 Kung Pao Shrimp Linguine
- garlic shrimps.sweet and spicy kung pao sauce, roasted peanuts , linguine pasta, fried bao

127800 combination BBQ platter 1 (for kids)

127800 combination BBQ platter 2 - beef shortribs, shrimp kahuku ,mohiko chicken , Hawaiian rice and macaroni salad

Everything was so good! They are not only good in seafoods but even the mohiko chicken and beef shortribs was so good128076

ONO128076128076128076 means delicious

Service was fast, and staffs were accommodating

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Camille R.
5.0 Stars

Since I love seafood, I didn't think twice when my friend suggested this place for my post birthday dinner treat.

The interior of the restaurant is nice! Haven't been to Hawaii but I felt like I was there. (Or at the film set of 50 first dates) Haha!

We ordered the following:

Pete's Triple Combination- The fusion of garlic, sambal and butter makes it really mouthwatering. Among the three, I liked this the most.

Mango Chili Crab- a twist in the usual chili crab.

Bucket of Mussels- The sauce is spicy and delicious but a bit salty. The shells are big but the meat is small. And a lot of shells are empty. But they're fresh so it's okay.

I usually prefer simple recipes for seafood because sometimes the flavor/sauce is too overwhelming that you don't enjoy the seafood anymore. But hey this one did not disappoint!

My friend who's on a diet went, "Napakanin ako sa sarap!" :)

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Denise R.
5.0 Stars

Late review: I was super giddy upon receiving my looloo GCs that, that same weekend, went straight to Eastwood to try Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House.

The place was slightly reminiscent of Shrimp Bucket, in the context of the food they serve (ie., shrimp, shells, crabs), as well as the look and feel of the place. There were much more menu options here though than said resto.

A friend and I were greeted warmly and sat at one of the nicer areas, as there were only a few people dining at that time. I noticed that each of the tables had a set of condiments, including a large bottle of Sriracha. From that moment, Johnny Kahuku--whoever he is--already won my heart 128525

Since it was my first time here and the menu was a bit overwhelming, I appreciated their staff who patiently explained the types of food they serve, the bestsellers and difference in taste of each.

We had an order of Pete's Triple Combination, a cup of rice, a side dish of Pacific Chicken Wings and drinks (soda for me and a four-seasonish type of drink, the name of which I forgot, for my friend 128513). It was seafood heaven! The dish's flavor was amazing--sweet, garlicky and slightly spicy. The combination of shrimps, mussels, grilled pork belly, baby potatoes and corn was superb. The chicken wings was also a complementary dish; loved it! 128077🏼128077🏼128077🏼

Everything we ordered was actually good for 2-3 persons, but my friend and I finished everything off! Our total bill was at around PHP1,200 which is slightly more expensive than a meal I'm willing to pay for (haha), so I'm glad I had GCs with me 128522

Overall, it was an excellent, delish, dining experience. Would definitely be back 9786

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Maureen L.
4.0 Stars

Question: what do you order from a restaurant called "Hawaiian Shrimphouse"

Answer: crab!! 128514

My friend and I were actually craving for crabs so we decided to go to Eastwood for our usual crab maritess in Red Crab. But noticed this new joint beside it - Hawaiian Shrimphouse - which tickled our curiosity.

So we got their gambas for starter and their garlic crab for our main:

Gambas 11088110881108811088
Deliciously swimming in olive oil best paired with white rice! Can serve as a viand with its garlicky shrimpy goodness

Garlic crab 11088110881108811088
As you can see in the picture, it was indeed GARLIC overload! And their crab was gigantic! Very meaty and cooked just perfectly that it was falling off the shell easily.

The only concern that I have is that it's quite pricey than Red Crab. Having spent P2,000 for our meal. However, looking back at how big and juicy their crab was, I guess the price is okay too. 128521


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Elvis T.
5.0 Stars

First time we tried this restaurant and We loved it. We had the platter and island pride. The shrimps and beef was superb. The sauces had a different twist to it. The beef ribs was tender and oh so good. Highly recommended.

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Janice C.
5.0 Stars

I super love this place!!!

They have shrimp trucks which is a complete meal of hawaiian rice, kahuku shrimps, corn on a cob, macaroni salad and tuna poke!

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Kathryna d.
1.0 Stars

I really expected a lot from this place! Plus, this was my first dinner with my mom after almost five years. So you can just imagine my frustration when this restaurant did not meet my expectations.

I recently wrote this article on poké bowls which put this resto on my radar. Good thing they recently opened a new branch aside from the one in Newport.

We got the Salmon Poké, Hawaiian rice, and the boiling shrimp bag. The poké was served warm, the rice was meh, and the seafood bag was simply disappointing. The shakes were obviously not fresh. I was really underwhelmed.

Their service was bad, we had to ask for everything. Their AC was leaking! Did I mention that the place was absolutely dirty. They did not clear tables once customers vacated them. No one greeted us when we entered the restaurant.

Gusto ko na talaga mag mura pero nagpipigil lang ako.

We paid 2k for all of that! Kahit mom ko nagulat because we really didn't get the quality that we expected. How disappointing. Their poké bowl was so small as well, nag expect ako na good for one meal na sana siya pero pagdating, 300++ nato?? No way.

Not eating here again.

Adios! 128111

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