Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse

2/F Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Newport Blvd., Newport City, Pasay, Metro Manila

Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse
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Floyd D.
4.0 Stars

The place is homey, comfortable and a place where you can be yourself. The service was more than ok however not the best one. The attendants were very courteous and helpful. The Food, is "a delish" though it could do some more variety. Overall, it was a good place to hang out and a good place for a change from a typical resto.

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Anna G.
1.0 Stars

Worst service we've ever encountered! Waitress directed us to our table and promptly forgot about us. We were waving at every single waitress, but all of them were like horses with blinders. They would turn the other way or pass their gazes over us. Wow. After twenty something minutes of them ignoring us and taking orders from two groups who came after us, we stood up and left. And they still didn't notice. Great job! 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻

P.S. Sorry I had no food pictures to post because.... yeah. 128513

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Aaron Lee A.
4.0 Stars

Okay, I'm not gonna lie, I am not a fan of crabs. I just think that there's too much work for it to be eaten. And as a customer, I just think that food should be consumed easily. So I'm either stuck with crab sticks or I'll bother my mom into extracting the meat for me. Johnny Kahuku's crab combo has gotten my attention when I savored the smell of the Garlic Crab they are serving, that is why I ordered the same. It was actually a tasty crab despite my dislike of the efforts to eat it. I should give it four stars for that. P.S. they say that the shrimp buckets there are the best. And try to order the Singapore Style Crab- smells great!

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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

Exactly one week ago, shy of an hour or two, i had dinner here. All i really wanted from the universe was good salmon sushi in a bowl. Ta-da! The universe heard my call, but it took me a round to get Nikkei to see that it was full, pick up my friend since we had plans after dinner, go to RW and settle for something other than - HUWAAAAAAAT? Here's Johnny whatsisface and they serve freaking POKEs!!!

I was in a rush because I was going to hear mass after. So i ordered the salmon poke and plain rice. I had also wanted the tuna sashimi but they came back to say that the chef wasn't happy about the quality of the tuna. Nice, right? Orders were made but they were not repeated. So we flag another dude to ask of the orders were taken correctly. He checks and comes back to say, yes.

So here come the POKEs! Wait, we only ordered one. Apparently, the kitchen made two, we also asked if they may have just served it to us but was intended for another table. Hmmm, no, because in his hand was another set of rice. You know, i was hungry and nice, so i asked them to set down the second salmon poke. The rice, he could pay for. I know I sorta saved someone from paying for that extra order (that was wrong in the first place) but why didn't he even apologize?! I don't get it.

To describe the dish, it was presented well. Fresh looking salmon, sitting in sauce calling out to you, garnished with flowers and sesame seeds. Fried lotus slices also accompanied the dish. Man, this looked so Hawaiian!!! I was ready to dig in!! The rice was hot but it wasn't at par with the food. I felt that it could have just been any rice at a jolly jeep, wait they have nice rice there!! The salmon is good, it's quite refreshing and it hit my craving well enough!

The other dishes looked pricey and they weren't too appealing. I would like to go back for the buy one take one on margaritas but if i'm going to get the same service, parang wag nalang.

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Judith O.
3.0 Stars

We probably made the wrong choice in ordering; we got their Mochiko Chicken, Loco Moco Beef and grilled corn (not sure if I got the names right haha). Not a single seafood dish on the table even if their specialty is seafood, because we had too much shrimp the night before.

Food was so-so for me; serving was huge, though!

And I like the beachy vibes of their interiors :)

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Mel Jervy M.
5.0 Stars

Located at the Second Floor of The Newport Mall, Resorts World Manila, Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimp House is indeed a must try within the area. The restaurant is a part of The Red Crab Group of restaurants which includes The Red Crab Alimango House, Clawdaddy's, Blackbeard's Seafood
Island and Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters.

What we had:

For starter, you could try their Molokai Sweet Sizzling Corn (P285.00), well-cooked roasted Japanese corn with sweet mayo butter, Bonito Flakes and Togarashi Dust. Masarap without reservations.

When you’re dining here, it is a must that you order theirTropical Tuna Salad (P295.00), a generous serving of fresh Seared Ahi Tuna, Mixed Greens, Watermelon, Edamame, Fruits in Season in Sesame Miso Dressing. A delightful salad that look and taste good. A great combination of fresh and crispy greens together with the lightly flavored tuna. Masarap without reservations.

Or you can try their Asian Crispy Squid (P290.00), made from Fried Baby Squids, Caramel Tamarind Glaze, Crunchy Dilis and Adobo Peanuts. This will keep you munching until it’s empty. Masarap without reservations.

We also had their Classic Kahuku Shrimp Truck (P535.00 for 6 pcs. / P599.00 for 9 pcs.), a combination of Garlic Butter Shrimps, Hawaiian Rice, Macaroni Salad, Tuna Ahi Poke). Good tasting shrimps with rich and creamy macaroni salad. It is also served with their flavorful Hawaiian rice and the Tuna Ahi Poke. Definitely masarap without reservations.

Check out their Combination BBQ Platter 2 (P989.00), a good mix of Beef Short Ribs, Shrimp Kahuku, Mochiko Chicken, Hawaiian Rice and Macaroni Salad. Just like the Shrimp Truck without the Ahi Tuna Poke but this has the Beef Short Ribs and their Mochiko Chicken. Shrimps are still good while the Mochiko Chicken was a surprise too, tender and juicy chicken that is tasty inside and out. The Beef Short Ribs though was a bit tough to cut. Masarap with a bit of reservations.

Their Pete's Triple Combination (P599.00) is made from White Shrimps, Black Mussels, Grilled Pork Belly, Sweet Garlic Sambal Butter, Potatoes and Corn. This dish is sweet with a spicy, a bucket of good shrimps, mussels and pork belly. Masarap without reservations.

If you like some noodles, check out their Kung Pao Shrimp Linguine (P395.00), it has Garlic Shrimps, Sweet and Spicy Kung Pao Sauce, Roasted Peanuts, Linguine Pasta and Fried Bao. The pasta dish is a bit spicy and tasted a bit like Charlie Chan pasta. This was masarap with a bit of reservation.

For dessert, check out Turon Turon (P265.00), Chocolate Banana Turon, Toasted Coconut, Sweetened Jackfruit and a scoop of Sorbetes Ice Cream. It tasted very Pinoy especially with the turon with Jackfruit. Masarap without reservations.

Or you could try their Kahuku Dirty Chocolate Brownie (P340.00), Macadamia Nut Brownie, Warm Caramel and Macaroon Ice Cream. I love the brownie together with the ice cream. Masarap without reservations.

And of course, you should have some cool and refreshing Piña Coladas.

My personal rating to the restaurant:

Food: 4.0
Service: -
Place: 4.5

For more of Foodie Day Out Adventures, follow me on my Facebook Page, Instagram or Twitter #foodiedayout .

Happy Eating,
Foodie Day Out


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Miss Tala I.
3.0 Stars

Thai Shrimp Pasta 127844127837

Delish. Could have been better if sauce was creamier as how i was craving for it.
Good for 1 to 2 ladies.

It ain't spicy. So I added in Tabasco myself. I wonder if i could ask them next time to make it a little chillier as per request.

And there are alot more tempting plates on the menu. I'll be back for more shrimps! :)

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

Aloha! My 36th Hawaiian birthday dinner celebration last February 20 at Johnny Kahuku's at Resorts World Manila.

Done with my bunny breakfast bday celebration, second was staycation at Belmont, so for the third part of my 36th bday celebration, I thought of this Hawiian dinner. Johnny Kahuku's is a Hawiian inspired restaurant and serves delish shrimps , crabs, squids, barbecue and a lot more!

My family and I of course was wearing Hawiian attire as it was an obligatory if they will join me for dinner. The place was almost full and glad we had good seats even without reservation because I forgot to call when we were still at the hotel .

Since we were 5 in a group, we ordered their Aloha Feast. Good for 4-5 people. 2,999 exclusive for 10% service charge. I treat my family with these shrimptastic Aloha Feast which includes the following: Oriental Shrimpsalad, bucket of crabs (3pcs 300grams), bucket of mussels but because hubby and my son was allergic to it they replaced it with liempo instead , Coconut Red Curry bucket of shrimps , Hawiian rice platter, pitcher of iced tea, we had extra fish fillet order for my son and extra rice. The food has a very generous serving and the taste was excellent, all of them were fantastic, shrimptastic!

We were so full, the price was worth it128077 before we left the staffs surprised me, gave me a free bday cake dessert ! They even sing a birthday song for me and put this Hawiian crown at top of my head and I had no idea about this. I was really happy and satisfied that night! My 36th bday celebration was a blast ! Thanks Johnny Kahuku's for a memorable Hawiian bday dinner theme experience .

Good food, nice ambience , friendly staff and price speak for itself . Shrimptastic !128077

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Mark C.
5.0 Stars

We got to try this exquisite selection as part of our date for the week. There were several things to love about the place:
1.) the shrimp preparation was really top notch. Granted, it was a little oily but it was also very satisfying. I haven't eaten in a lot of places that have been able to match Bubba Gump but this was one of them.
2.) in spite of the unfortunate name, the Poke (pronounced po kei) turned out to be quite excellent. It's supposed to be an island salad so it was pretty strong. It really worked for us.
3.) the corn pictures here was grilled rather perfectly, even if it was slightly burned on one side (that side was the best part actually)
4.) the crab fat sauce may or may not give me a myocardial infarction one day but it is quite a lovely addition to the meal.
5.) the Kilawin was pretty good although it could have used some more spices.
All in all it was an excellent experience punctuated by great service. #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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4.0 Stars

Johnny Kahuku's Hawaiian Shrimphouse:

Southern Cajun Shrimps - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

The Ultimate Hawaiian Burger - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5


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