The Landmark, Makati Ave., Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

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PiaP E.
3.0 Stars

Finally, I was able to try it! Good thing we came in early for mass and guards at the Landmark Chapel wouldn't allow folks to enter so we decided to take a seat first at the food court which gave me the chance to try it!

127860 Adobo Flakes Yum - It was 128076🏻. Just like the usual Yum Burger. The only difference here is the sauces and the toppings that goes with it. My take away, not to much tanginess like the real adobo, it seem a bit sweet for me and it reminds me of prok floss with sauce or pulled pork which is sweet and hints of tanginess. But overall, I enjoyed the burger.

Service was the usual. Although I must commend the cashier that I lined up at was faster than the other queues.

Overall, this is a 110881108811088️ for me! 128077🏻

Just a 128221, you can get this ska carte, with fries and drinks, or you can order it with their halo-halo 127847sundae, which I must try too!

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Clarisse D.
3.0 Stars

Fast foodin' for lunch. Got to try the Glazed chicken for the first time. It was good but I expected more hahahaha para siyang naging sweet and sour and chilli 128514
Ugu service? 128078

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Hazel S.
5.0 Stars

Had Jollibee's Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Yum Burger for lunch yesterday and requested for double patty 127828 -- I really loved it :)

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Vicvic M.
1.0 Stars

If Jollibee wanted to test the "slowfood" idea, it would be here. My fries were cold by the time the burgers arrived. I wish they told me it'd take a while to get them before I paid.

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Maudie V.
1.0 Stars

Piqued!!! Finally, I thought there's a reason for me to eat in Jollibee because they came out with their yummy cheesy bacon mushroom champ... Wrong! It IS yummy but so not worth the aggravation you get.

First, they will tell you there's a wait of 12 mins. which would be fine by me if they stuck to the 12 mins. This happened to me three times already. Although, one has to wonder if not many people order it because they don't even bother to prepare it ahead. I'll grant them the benefit of the doubt -- it's how long it takes to melt the cheese perfectly!

Second, my fries were not yet ready so I actually came away with just our drinks and one poor excuse for the regular fries (it was barely full- they put it on your tray lying down so you won't notice that if you stood up the container, it's only half-full). The two more order of fries will be delivered with the burgers. Ok, no problem.... Wrong!

After 25 mins. of distracting myself with my gadgets, I finally remembered that my orders were taking too long! My soda was almost gone. What is the point of a value-meal if you can't even consume them together? So I sent one of my minion to follow-up our order in case I am unable to contain the Dragon beneath.

She arrives with our burgers but STILL NO FRIES!!! Ok, this is seriously irritating me... They're not even that good enough for me to wait that long for... I just want what I had paid for...

Finally, one of their personnel delivers it to our table, instead of two regular fries, she said they had put it together in the large fries container (which suspiciously looks like the same size as the regular except now it's more full- compared to the pathetic first one that was barely full). The dragon lady is immediately suspicious that they're trying to cheat me out of my poor-excuse-for-fries (their fries is not worth waiting for if you go by taste alone but since I paid for it...).

I express my distrust and my disappointment that the service needs much to be improved. I told her it took longer than expected and asked why in the world would the fries take longer to prepare than the so-much-more-complicated burger we ordered.

She didn't even bother to apologize for the poor service nor offer to placate me with more of their fries... They must really be running out of it then.

And so, once again, I realize this is one of the major reason for why I don't patronize Jollibee. It wasn't just that I didn't like their food then, the poor service coupled with the high price (173.00 for a CBM value meal) just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

I've always been a big fan of their competitor where I've never had to put up with paying that much for poor service and.... sorry-excuse-for fries! That CBM would have turned me around from my dislike of Jollibee but now that I think about it, another competitor (the one who first thought of bacon mushroom melt) sells their equivalent value meal at a cheaper price.

Okay! It was really all about the fries! I love fries (from their competitor - so loved it when I was a teenager, I even made an ode to it). So sue me! But this dragon lady is NOT going back to waste my hard-earned money on the bee!

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

We accumulated several BPI receipts from our previous trips to the grocery so we decided to claim them today after we got stuff from Landmark. Mom has two P2000 and one P6000 receipts (max. we can redeem in a branch is 3 receipts). We got the following meals for free: two 1-pc Chickenjoy with rice and two Chickenjoy & Spaghetti combo. 127831127837 #sulit

We just added an order of spaghetti and Jolly Hotdog ala carte. 9757

Noticed that they didn't have the appropriate packaging for every item. The Chicken & Spaghetti combo was placed inside the box used for the Super Value Meal. The hotdog sandwich was inside the burger steak box. Di ko natiis so I asked the manager why, they didn't have delivery of packaging daw. 128528

My sister said the hotdog bun used was different too. It was bigger than usual and matigas daw. I told her baka the branch didn't have delivery of the bun also from the commissary so they just got from the grocery. 128540

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