Aguirre Ave. cor. L. Avelino St., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Free Tuna Pie! What's not to love? No purchase required, we just asked for the coupons from the staff and was given one per person. I like Jollibee's Tuna Pie, served hot, crisp and with a creamy cheese Tuna filled center. Very good.

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5.0 Stars

The ultimate birthday meal lol. Can't believe I've been craving this for 3 weeks already and to think, I've got a flu pa right now! Was almost wishing to lose a bit of my appetite but guess it would take a more complex illness to affect my tastebuds. Lol

Jollibee is spag looks so bad as it's so red from coloring but I don't mind. I like it. Lol. The chicken joy? You know how it is? Uhuh! Lol. I'm not one to save the skin though for last. It's better enjoyed together. What I recently discovered though is I hate their sundae. It's amazingly sweet, like the synthetic sweet kind. Disgusting. Anyway, there goes our pambansang fastfood for me! Made me a notch unhealthier but a bit happier. Lol.

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4.0 Stars

...well, i really wouldnt give my 2 cents on a resto the whole country knows about (yep, jollibee). But i just had to when i decided to grab a quick, cheap meal at this place. myself a cheezy bacon mushroom melt jr (not even the champ version). Didnt really expect much til i unwrapped it. Lo and behold it was loaded with bacon. Lots of it! More than what those fancy pricey gourmet burger joints would put in their bacon burgers. I was impressed.

...well, the burger patty is still the same patty that gives off a really funky smell when you burp.

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Michael A.
5.0 Stars

Chicken Joy... Never Fail... 128077

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Albert T.
1.0 Stars

While the corporate image of Jollibee is that of a strong Filipino brand for service and quality, this branch seems to have not gotten the memo.

I'm not even goint to talk about the quality of the food and service because I left after being "assaulted" by their restroom.

From a previous review, I said and truly believe that the state of an establishment's restrooms say how much they care for the customer. This branch does not seem to care at all!!! Aside from the strong stench 128567128567128567, the floors were wet and slippery and the trash bins were overflowing!!! I slipped, lost my balance and almost hit the sink. Unlike other branches, this branch did not bother to inform the customer that the restroom was "under maintenance" and "being serviced". I couldn't help myself and gave the manager a piece of mind.

Please get your act together! Thank God Anthony Bourdain didn't visit this branch for his Amazing Aloha Burger!

  • No. of Comments: 7
Donna K.
1.0 Stars

In all honesty there are only two things I like here; Peach Mango Pie and Criss-Cut Fries.

This review is about Ultimate Burger Steak. Eck! I cannot believe I let my friend talk me into trying it. I've brushed my teeth and gargled three times but the smell lingers in my breath, I want to cry. Is it just me or are the burger patties really funky smelling and weird tasting?

This is by far the most horrible fast food meal I have ever tasted. First, it was messy. The burger was floating on fries which was swimming in a pool of gravy topped with what is supposed to be toasted garlic but sadly tasted like pencil shavings. Secondly, what on earth could be the 'role' of the egg in this dish? It was pointless, bland and over-cooked. And lastly, why the heck is this such a fad? Did everyone's tastebuds die? This dish can be compared to the junk they feed pigs in backyard farms.

Lesson learned.

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