UG/F Fisher Mall, Quezon Ave. cor. Roosevelt Ave., Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Fast Food

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₱25 - ₱130

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Mid-night snack! 128521 Trying the new Banana Langka Sundae 11088110881108811088️ 4/5 of Jollibee 127846128540

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #JollibeePh

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Michelle A.
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128525 for the chicken
128525 for the spaghetti
128525 for the palabok
128525 for the fries
128516 for the service
128516 for the price

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Marilyn M.
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As a new shop of a well established chain, we would expect the staff to be more 'bibo' than usual --- but no! The counters doesn't listen to orders, gives you a blank face, and when u have them repeat the orders, its not even what you said, duh?!? How do you train your staff nowadays?!? Good thing, chickenjoy is good.

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Mei O.
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If there was an option not to give this branch a star, I would take that. And since I don't really review fastfood, I'll make an exception for this place.

- Order was their bangus meal (brewed coffee as the drink) plus peach mango pie and coffee float. Ice cream was not yet available so I opted to go with their iced coffee. I asked how much and girl said, "Php40 po." Ok just a peso more than with McDo's. Food arrived late and in dine-in set up. So I asked them to have it packed since I mentioned it's for take out. For some reason, it took them such a long time to prepare it. I was the only person in the counter!! I was already halfway done with my instakopi drink when they got back to me.

How was the food? I'll just repeat the receipt.
PMP - good but not warm! 128530
Iced coffee - this is instant coffee, not brewed. 128545 Oh yeah, it said Php44 instead of the mentioned Php40 price.
Garlic Bangus - my friend said it tasted funny. And food tasting funny is not a good thing. It's never a good thing.
Premium Brew - bland! Watered down coffee!!! It's a bad morning. 128534

- I decided to give them another chance with their fries and float coupon this time. Ice cream machine still not working! Dang it. They didn't allow me to have any other options to replace the float. 128128128128128128 I semi-stormed off and bought Monster Float at McDo instead.

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