Shell Station, E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (C5) cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Pasig, Metro Manila

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Kwokie K.
5.0 Stars

This I believe in the first review I'll be making for a fast food joint. Simply because what can you say about fast food? Aside from it already being "comfort food" and practically a staple in our society.

But every now and then, they do try to come up with new things to offer. Most of them seasonal depending on the time of year to boost sales for that time, so those end up being lost after.

Jollibee has been trying to pick-up burger sales for quite some time now. They have really good chicken joy sales, that when they transitioned into a new ERP system which wasn't migrated properly - the #chickensad phenomenon happened and JFC stock prices actually dipped since some stores had to close. Their offering the champ patty as a burger steak was actually quite a good idea but it didn't really pick-up among the masses since it was still pretty pricey - but they sure did a good job on this new offering in my opinion.

Meet the regular Yum reborn into the "Adobo Flakes Yumburger." I thought of just trying it since I went for drive through for my usual spaghetti and chicken joy order - she offered the new burger. Why not? I could use a snack for later. But wow, it really did taste good!

Of course it will likely appeal only to the Philippine stores of Jollibee since it's Adobo Flakes but it was surprisingly tasty. Flavor wasn't too powerful, you don't get the oily flavor, meat flakes weren't rubbery. In my opinion they could've made this into another rice meal but they needed to boost burger sales more than having another rice meal. So I predict that this Yumburger reborn will likely stay.

One can only eat so much Jollibee per meal - but now, instead of maybe getting fries or the peach mango pie, I might end up getting this burger on the side. 128522

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Jackie S.
4.0 Stars

The location of this Jollibee is just perfect to all drivers stuck in traffic along C5. Service is quite fast as well.

Tried Jollibee's Adobo burger, and I like it. It gives their yum burger more flavor and taste. I'll order this again on my next visit.

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4.0 Stars

Was craving for something savory and comforting the other night because was feeling so stressed. But at 1030pm, your choices are limited.

Luckily Jollibee was open and I've sorely missed the world renowned chicken joy. Lo and behold, the crispylicious juicylicious chicken did not disappoint. Pair their chicken (especially the crunchy skin) with their gravy and I am sold! 128523128523

Got an ala carte of Jollibee spaghetti as well. IMO, their spaghetti is one of the best, if not the best, spaghettis in the country. 128077

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

Ohyeaaaah!!!! I wanted thigh or leg. I ended up getting both! 128076

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Abbey A.
5.0 Stars

I love love Jollibee's hotdog with rice for breakfast. I especially love their sinangag!!! 1008410084

Oh and I'm sad they phased out the chicken sausages. 128148

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