Insular Life Bldg., Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas, Salcedo Village, Makati, Metro Manila

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Patti A.
1.0 Stars

This branch doesn't allow changes or upgrades because "na punch ko na po yung order nyo eh". Jollibee Management -- please teach your crew to accommodate customer requests.

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Sierra S.
3.0 Stars

Almost 10pm. How cliche that this fastfood joint has only one counter open. There are eight people in line. An attendant on the next counter was busy stacking paper bags, arranging them neatly by size. She smiled, pleased with her little pile of brown paper, printed with an ogly-eyed bee that smiled back at her. She set them under the counter and opened a lane, "Good evening, sir!"

Those ahead me were still in a daze, and were too slow to react to the freshly opened counter. While their too-slow-to-process-ive-been-working-since-nine brains were trying to comprehend the situation, I have already taken two giant, obnoxious steps to the kid who was probably gleaming because he was addressed as a sir.

About two minutes later, miss stacker was greeting me. I greeted her back and asked for a Jolly Hotdog to go. She replied with an enthusiastic, "43 pesos, ma'am!".

I take my jeepney ride home, careful not to make it obvious that I've got a laptop and a steaming hotdog perfectly resting, right-side up, in my backpack.

Home. I start an episode of Fringe. Second of the first season to be exact. I take out the box from the brown bag, crumpling it on my side. I didn't want anything wide-eyed and toothless with an abnormally red tongue, smiling at me this time of the night.

I had to start the entire episode over because I kind of stared at the hotdog trying to figure out what's wrong with the cheese.

I picked up piece of grated cheese that looked like a yellow, broken toothpick.


It didn't even bend!

Some pieces are a bit more flexible because they've been resting on the yellow dressing that nourished them with some moisture. The rest just crumbled miserably.

Another weird thing is that these grated cheese are practically the same size! Notice that I refer to them as pieces of grated cheese. Only in Jollibee, that you can count grated cheese.

I took a bite anyway. Great. I nitpick on your cheese, but you still come out delicious. I don't care for that campaign for more sauce, I just want fresh cheese for my Jolly Hotdog!

A few cycles of - No! I hate your cheese. Mmm sarrrap... - and it's all gone.

With nothing left to do, I relax, pillow on my back, 10 minutes through Fringe. A woman conceives and gives birth at the same night. Her new born ages and dies an old man in four hours. All that before I finish my bipolar-inducing mini meal.

Now somebody get that glass of water on the table across the room. Please?

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Geph T.
4.0 Stars

I have experienced good customer service in this branch. The manager and crew actually helped me find a seat because it was too crowded on a lunch time. I enjoyed everyeal that I ordered in this particular branch.

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Jeri M.
3.0 Stars

When in doubt--- Jollibee is there to the rescue... If you are on a graveyard shift u can count on JOLLIBEE INSULAR! 128521

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Cocoy C.
1.0 Stars

This is probably the worst Jollibee that serves the smallest big parts ever. You know Jollibee sells more Chicken Joys during lunch than Hamburgers. I just couldn't imagine why of all things why would you make your Chicken Joys more inferior than the Jollibee right across Ayala (just a good 5mins away) by cutting a thigh part in half and say its still a thigh. Its not. Their rib parts are half ribs and their breast parts, boobs lang. Id rather go to Chowking.

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Jeri M.
2.0 Stars

The crew always make me nuts! No customer service at all..aghh!128545

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