Petron McKinley, C5, Taguig, Metro Manila

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Yna N.
5.0 Stars

I really loved jollibee! One of my favorite fast food chain... Jollibee doesn't fail to give us the best fried chicken in town.. That's why kids really like jollibee not just because of their mascots but also the food.. 128525128077 we often order food now at jollibee because its fast compare to other food chain, jollibee has a 30 minutes delivery now, when they didn't meet the exact delivery time they said to you, You will receive a gift certificate worth Php200.. Its really good because after 30minutes you got your order just as fast as it is 128522 two thumbs up!! 128077

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Gianne C.
4.0 Stars

I normally drive-thru to order my food in this branch. Spaghetti is rarely not included in my list when I tell them my order. There was once that the cashier lacked a hundred peso bill when my change was handed to me. I only realized it after a few minutes while waiting for my food, and so I quickly told them about it. I'm thankful for they trusted me and I got my remaining change 9786️.

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

Weekend cravings! Jollibee longganisa meal 128076 my cheap thrill. 128522 I used a P100 GC to pay, so I also ordered a chocolate sundae so I can consume the entire amount.

#backlogpost 128517

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

After working for two consecutive weekends, I finally had a chance to enjoy a rest day yesterday.128134 Since no one was home and as usual, I was lazy to prepare lunch, I called 1279088-7000 Jollibee Delivery!127926 and have food delivered. I still have my P200 GC to use anyway. 128522

I wanted to order tapa but I have to stay away from high cholesterol (and deep fried) food... so no eggs first!🚫 I ended up getting 2-pc Burger Steak. It was surprisingly good. Didn't have the weird aftertaste which I hated before. The mushroom gravy was kinda addicting. Really good to mix with the rice!

My sister asked me to get her 1-pc chicken and spag meal plus Jolly Hotdog. What an appetite! 128540 Unfortunately, the branch didn't have Jolly Hotdog available. Boo! 128078 I requested for thigh or breast part, but they only had wing part available. Boo! 128078 My sister told me they order from this branch too when they have food delivered at work and they experience the same thing. Paging the owner, I think you have problems with your stock inventory. 128574 -1 star!!!

My order arrived after 25 minutes. Thank God they weren't late coz bingo na sila samin.

Off topic: my looloo looks weird on iPad. It's upside down.128542 then on my iPhone, I get an error that it cannot search locations... my 3g is okay naman since I can browse reviews and other apps. 128531 Been trying to post this review since 6:30am. I successfully posted it at 8am after several tries. Wheeww!

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Bj C.
4.0 Stars

If your about to hit C5 heading the service road, grabbing some food here would be a great move!!! 128522128522128522

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