2/F Forum Robinsons, EDSA cor. Pioneer St., Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

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Cel C.
4.0 Stars

Been here a few times already whenever I crave for good ol' kanto-style pares. No waiting time and table is always available during dinner time. Their fried rice is really good! With bits of chorizo, fried egg and toasted garlic. You can choose beef or pork, I always choose beef coz same price anyway (P145). Meat is tender and flavorful. Big enough serving for one. The free clear soup is actually flavorful too. Definitely my go-to place for good pares. 128076🏼

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Jasper T.
3.0 Stars

Ok lang. The service is fast.

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Gilbert T.
2.0 Stars

a far cry from their original recipe. the retiro/mayon branch was good. unFortunately this branch has failed my taste buds.

garlic rice is a bit hard, beef tastes like medicine. 129

dinuguan a failure. tasted bad.

kikiam was bad. tasted cheap.

pork siomai was bad too! texture and taste are just like the 5 peso street siomai.

I give them 1stars. the second star is a bonus because it's Christmas season. hehe

  • No. of Comments: 6
Maynard C.
5.0 Stars

First time here and also my first time to ate beef pares. I wasn't expecting anything, but after a few taste..... It taste good or maybe i was just hungry. Lol.....though i can still say this is a must try! I will try their pork tomorrow! Lol. I can't wait :) I'm starving already. Lol (auto correct is killing

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Arrah D.
4.0 Stars

Food choices are simple but delicious! I love their kikiam and beef pares :)

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Conrad Phol L.
4.0 Stars

Authentic pares! My wife and I always eat in here everytime maligaw kame sa robs pioneer. Rapsa!

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Albert T.
5.0 Stars

The die has been cast
Peanut's challenge accepted
Review through a rhyme
With no thoughts intercepted

Let me begin then by saying
I was looking for a quick meal
So off to Jonas I went
To get me the best deal

Large bowl of Chicken Mami
Plus Bola-bola to boot
They look larger than life
Worthy of Running Man's loot

The noodles were firm
And the broth was divine
The chicken was plentiful
The pleasure was mine

The siopao was jammed
Full of wonderful treats
Each bite was pure heaven
The stuff of good eats

The service was awesome
Such an affordable price
What more could you ask
No need to think twice

The call has been answered
Through these words I attest
This lyrical challenge
I throw to the rest 128516

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4.0 Stars

As a newbie in the Mandaluyong area, I asked my friend to suggest places that offer affordable and non-fast food grub.

He brought me to Jonas. He swears it's a "high class karinderia." Whatever that is, I'll never know. :))

The beef pares was highly recommended by the guy behind the counter. For Php 124, you get a bigass bowl of fried rice, a bowl of beef pares, and a bowl of clear broth soup. My verdict (on the taste)? Pretty tasty! Reminds me so much of my mom's cooking. However, I wasn't able to touch the soup as I was too full from the pares+rice combo.

One thing that is holding me back from giving the place 5 stars is the overpriced drinks. I needed a quick caffeine fix to stay awake that day, so I opted to get a can of Pepsi to go with my meal. I paid Php 32 for a can of Pepsi... Not worth it :(

On a random note, I told my kuya about my pares place discovery because he's a pares lover. I'm not surprised that he has tried Jonas for his pares fix. He also told me that the way to have a more enjoyable meal is to get a spoonful of the liquid from the pares, then mix it with the clear broth soup. He swears it tastes heavenly! I'll probably try that technique when I go there next time :)

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Aza A.
3.0 Stars

This used to be our "im-bored-lets-go-get-some-pares" place. Haha but not anymore. That was around 4 yrs ago.

First of all, they used to have really really big servings of rice and pares! Now you still get full, but not that bloated.

Also, their pares is not really great anymore! The sauce is like beef stew! It's really different many years ago. "Malabnaw" to the highest level ang sauce :(

But I must say that I still like their fried rice, spring roll, and siomai! Hehe will still go back for these once in a while 128061

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Jay S.
4.0 Stars

This is one of those original Pares joint in the metro that stay true to what Pares dish is all about. It's a bit pricey here but the serving's all worth it. I never leave the place without having a hard time walking back to the office. 128540

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Summer S.
4.0 Stars

The Fried Rice with Pares is the best'

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Miki A.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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