Jong Lo

J. Bocobo St., Malate, Manila, Metro Manila

Jong Lo
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Jam C.
5.0 Stars


My inner kdrama fan girl spirit has been awoken when we tried this restaurant. It's my first time ordering korean foods that i don't even know how to pronounce the names. I was hesitating a little bit if i would order those familiar dishes that i've seen in kdramas or if i should try those unfamiliar dishes that i haven't heard of even the ingredients. And being my matakaw self, ang ending? I think we ordered almost everything in the menu. 128517

I want to write here the name of the dishes that we tried (to reach the 1000 character for looloo giveaway 128521 hahaha! - just kidding) but i already forgot the names 128542 from all the dishes that i've tried the best one for me was the omurice (too bad i can't eat eggs again now) it was reminded me of that korean drama Rooftop Prince. But all the dishes were so good and affordable that I think we only spent 300 pesos each for the 6 of us. The staffs were so friendly that even if i accidentally pressed the buzzer that's for customer support they didn't get mad at us. The music inside, is of course, all kpop music.

Tip: You can also wear traditional korean clothings here for "instagram and Facebook purposes 128521" you just have to make sure that you don't wear it while eating.

Tip: ask to be seated at 2nd floor if you want to try wearing their korean clothings. Kaya lang, you won't be able to cook samgyupsal for yourself since nasa 1st floor lang daw yung griller nila.

Tip: we went here at night so medyo hindi crowded yung place. So i think that's one of the best time to go there.

I will be sure to go back here again if may time. I have yet to try those other dishes that's hard to pronounce hehe 128522

  • No. of Comments: 7
Leeya G.
3.0 Stars

The house has its own korean vibe!

☑️Venue: Small place. Not thay crowded but can be very noisy. Shoes aren't allowed in the dining area so you will definitely have that korean feeling!
☑️Ambience: It was okay not to mention that the place is noisy when its packed
☑️Staff: Okay.
☑️Cleanliness: Clean but not that tidy especially the korena costumes in the racks.
☑️Food: Delicious and very heavy!
☑️Price: affordable, you have to reach 350php to use the korean costumes for free.

The place brings you to korean drama fever!

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Tan M.
5.0 Stars

Ever Since college Jong Lo has been there for us (especially when we're so stressed)!! I haven't been there for quite some time but surely I'll be back!128522

The best dishes that I've tasted so far was the following:

10084️Dolsot Bibimbap
10084️Kimchi Chigae

10084️plus I love their Banchans especially their kimchi!128523

  • No. of Comments: 3
Pauline C.
5.0 Stars

I love how underrated this place is! It just means no overcrowding and easy to get a seat! This has become our staple food for korean cravings. Their food are all delicious!

I recommend their cheese dukbokki (idk the spelling) the most. Their side dishes are unli refills too! 300 pesos per person is already a lot.

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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Bf and friends were raving about jampeong here so one night, they bought me here. Place was small and canteen-like.

We ordered jampeong 127836 spicy noodleas with seafoods- it was really good 128077

Samgyupsal, curry and sorry I forgot the others 128517 but everything wa good and affordable 128077128077

  • No. of Comments: 2
Tommy E.
3.0 Stars

Went here for dinner after my friend said this was one of the better, cheaper Korean places in the Malate area. It's situated alongside several other Korean establishments near Robinsons Ermita/Pedro Gil, but if you're coming from Taft it's a bit of a walk to get here.

I ordered their dookbaegi bulgogi with rice for 300 php. Taste and serving is decent, atmosphere is fair, and the bathrooms are clean. On the second floor there are low table seatings as well. Price range is around 200-400 per dish with unlimited appetizers/side dishes.

All in all, a so-so place. I probably would've given it half a point more if it were a little more accessible. Coming and living from the South, I am definitely more partial to the Korean places in BF Homes :)

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Chua M.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Diana Kathrina L.
3.0 Stars

Unlimited refills on side dishes. It was okay. Their ddeokboki is a little nakaka-umay but surprisingly good sa first few spoonfuls. I liked Jeonju's better. (Jeonju is the restaurant beside it)

For some 500php, you'll be so full you can't wait but sleep it off. Their soup is okay, though. It's wonderful.

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