Jose Karlo's Cafe

Juan Luna St., Tacloban, Leyte

Jose Karlo's Cafe
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Maricar H.
3.0 Stars

We ordered:

Sanz Rival - less if no butter(tasted more like margarine), bread inside tasted like a cheap version of eggnog, no nuts inside; if you are a sanz rival lover, set your expectations low.

Oreo Cheesecake - filling too sweet, less cheesy taste

Brazo de Mercedes - the meringue was too dry and sweet and wasn’t fine, the egg yolk filling was starchy and not creamy

White Chocolate Mocha, Caffe Greco, Caffe Roscas - tasted pretty mich the same

Service - the guy at the cashier was impatient with getting my order and computed the cost of my order incorrectly. At first he said it was over a thousand pesos and the next it was about four hundred pesos and when he came to serve my order he said I needed to pay extra Php120 pesos. He said he was using a defective calculator at the counter. He apologized so it made me less bitchy. 🙂

Wifi - slow up to no connection even when there are few customers, they use pldt so I am not sure if it is really that slow in Tacloban

Ambience - good

Sustainability - they reused old steel as doors, some other metals in the store were either used as decors or furniture

Store - it was cute and appealing; I just really hope they improve on their food, drinks and service because they make business last longer.

Overall, I may come back because of the comfy couch and homey ambience.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

We love the interior of the place. Bits and pieces of art worked well together. It also has a homey feel with a touch of creativity.

Ordered coffee crumble slice (70PHp) and cafe latte (110PHp). Yum!

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