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Most Recent Reviews

Rosan L.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Yina M.
4.0 Stars

Our resident vegan has gotten most of us on the team to try and order with her some vegan items. Last Friday's lunch was brought to us by Juicesabel’s delivery. I’ve previously tried their Gangnam chicken and liked it a lot better the next day. Feeling a little bit under the weather and a good remedy for this is also to resort to going green. I went with their Vegan Cheeseburger today for P100.

It is a 4.5 inch vegetarian burger patty and plant-based cheese on a bun. There is a fair amount of onions and shredded cabbage also at the bottom to help with the crunch. Flavor is not as rich as a beef burger but enough to know that it tastes like one. It is quite filling, actually , but am not sure how long it will hold. Let’s see in a couple of hours.

Am still willing to try the other items on their menu to make me get rid of some accumulated guilt from other food trips.

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

One of my clinics opted for fast food for lunch but another of my workmates and I weren't really in the
mood for that so we decided to order elsewhere. I remembered we ordered vegan burgers before (and I liked them!) so since I had a longer breaktime, I decided to go and visit their actual restaurant located at The Collective, a tricycle ride away from my Wednesday clinic.

When I got there, there was no electricity in the entire area! For some reason though, Juicesabel was still open and was still accepting orders wuw. They took my orders and prepared them by candlelight. 128517 128079

This place specializes in purely vegan food as well as cold-pressed juices. They also deliver! 128077 The menu includes vegan and cheese (plant-based cheese!) burgers for only 100-140 pesos, depending on if you want single or double patties. They also have vegan pastas and red rice meals (including sisig, adobo, etc.) all for 150 pesos. Super affordable! Their juices are all 150 pesos each as well and they offer detox packages. Pluuuus they have daily meals that change weekly.

127828 Vegan cheeseburger for my workmate tasted good, di halata na no meat! Haha. Buns were soft and toasty, patty held together nicely and the cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, ooh la la!

127835 I got their vegan adobo which was made up of tofu and mushrooms + coconut adobo sauce + red rice + some veggies. Big servings of "ulam" and rice! I was full about half-way through. Of course, I still missed them meaty feelzzz but this was a good substitute. 128077

This place is a good choice if you're looking to cut out a bit of meat from your diet or if you're simply looking for good healthy vegan meals and juices at pretty affordable prices.

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Yina M.
3.0 Stars

They deliver!! These are magic words at 2:00 p.m. when you've skipped lunch. My co-worker has turned vegan for more than a month now so her food is always cooked from home or ordered from a vegetarian place. Juicesabel focuses on cold pressed juices but also has an array of dishes.

My friend previously ordered the vegan cheeseburger P100. This is a hearty burger made out of veggies, no shortening and no mock meat. The make it fresh so today when she ordered for a double cheeseburger, they said that they were out of grains.

I ordered the plant based gangnam chicken for P150. It is a banana blossom chicken with red rice, a couple of sliced tomatoes and onions. I Found that the "chicken" wasn't brined and flavored and they made bawi with the spicy gangnam sauce. I was surprised that it was banana blossom but more disappointed with the flavor.

Another colleague got the macaroni and cheese P150. It's super sulit because the tub is hug and full but it sort of lacks in flavor.

Delivery charge is P50 and minimum delivery is P300.

Not ready to go vegan yet, but i do appreciate eating creative meals to make myself eat veggies.

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Jaq A.
5.0 Stars

It's a small but inviting place. You get to talk to the owners while they cook your food. Servings are huge! If you dine there, you can avail of their dish of the day for P150 plus a free refill of the dish! San ka pa?

Menu changes everyday but they have regular staples in their menu including their vegan burger and vegan longganisa.

You can also order lunch meals from them if you're in BGC or Makati. They also have cold pressed juices available all day.

Their place is small and easy to miss but it's definitely a must try!

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